Word is that those of us in World Languages are slow to take up the torch of teaching in a Web2.0 environment. Yet, what subject matter lends itself more to opening minds and learning from the world? This site will give us all a chance to discuss and share resources as we explore the limitless possibilities of the 21st century challenge to change.

Not at my campus!! I'm the torch bearer! Check out my space at http://sraburden.wikispaces.com and my students' spaces on the links on the navigation bar! I've already given my colleagues a tour and some have followed, and today I presented to the president of our School Board and I'm going to be teaching it to others in my school district too! My students also presented today and they are psyched! They've taught me how to do this and students choose how to integrate it into their learning! i love wikispaces! I just requested permission to go and asked about the possibility of taking students! --Lisa Burden, Killeen ISD, Texas.

Yo también estoy aquí para ayudar a cambiar las cosas. Si hay poco para adolescentes y adultos hay aún menos para niños pequeños. I hope to post things soon :-). Ana Lomba, Ana Lomba Early Languages LLC.

If you are interested, visit my Moodle. It is an interactive site where my students learn and upload assignments. OOPS! The wiki doesn't allow me to use alt keys to add spanish accents, etc!

Hola, Sra. Burden - I led a workshop introducing World Language teachers to some basic Web 2.0 tools that might impact their classroom. We had a "wikishop", actually - if you had time to peruse what they created. teachertechbits.wikispaces.com Karen Philabaum-Maginnis, University High School, Tucson, AZ

¡Hola, y un saludo! I really like the way you organized your information for your wikishop.... My informational section for teachers was thrown together so fast that it really is not well-organized! When is the Phoenix Conversation? If it has not already passed I'd like to try to get to it! BTW, I checked out your wiki earlier but I got lost on one of the links and didn't understand what you guys were doing, so I didn't respond earlier.... but I DID check it. =)
Lisa Burden,My Wiki!!

Hola! Estoy en busca de maestros que quieren aprender de las herramientas de la red tambien. Tengo un wiki que quisiera compartir con ustedes.Spanishforum Wiki, Susan, Herricks Middle School, NY.

¡Hola! I've been constantly adding things to my site for almost 2 years and have accumulated a ton of awesome tools for teachers. I also post all of my stuff for my classes. You should check out my site and look at the "Teacher" page for really great links to tools that I love.

I work for the Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition (CARLA) and every year we have a week-long institute on technology for language teachers. Here is the wiki where we are collecting the resources we teach with - you are welcome to come and look around!! carlatech.pbworks.com Marlene Johnshoy, CARLA, University of Minnesota