Concept: World geography/ cultural diversity
Grade Level:6
Detail: We have a Bi-annual Cultural Fair which focuses on family history and living in a land of immigrants. The 6th grade students researched their cultural background and the story of their families migration to the United States. They recorded a one minute podcast and then the tech coordinator helped them create a short Google movie which transports us from our school site to the country and city from which their family came. It made a great show for the families and the other classes.
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Submitted by: Barbara Barreda
School/Organization:St Elisabeth
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Concept: World History- Women's RIghts
Grade Level: 10
Detail: Students are using Diigo to annotate and bookmark webpages as they research one of 6 topics. They blog about their topic and comment on the blogs of other topics. They readily figured out how to add video from youtube to their blog. The Women's Right group did their presentation using google earth. They inserted a marker for locations of interest and added information, images, and links to the description to make a very effective presentation.

Link(s): The link to the groups blog.
Submitted by: Helfant
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Concept: Biomes of the World
Grade Level: 7th - Secondary
Detail: Students are in groups researching specific biomes, plants, animals, climate, location and description. From their research, they will create a biome tour of the world of their biome. We will have tours of arctic, coral reef, desert, tiaga, rainforest, and wetlands/swamp. The kmz files will be available on Google Earth education site near June 10th. Each student is creating at least two place marks with information and two active links to their sites. When all of the tours are complete, the teacher can use it as a scavenger hunt for a test or review. Right now the students are finishing their place marks and next week we begin the tours. I am co-teaching this unit with a science teacher and we are creating the rubric.

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Submitted by: Robin Martin (rmom352 on Twitter)
School/Organization: Charles F. Patton Middle School, Unionville-Chadds Ford School District
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