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Uses of Interactive Whiteboard in Education

Teaching math: TeacherLED- Interactive Whitboard Resources for Teachers
Spencer has created a large number of interactive resources for teachers to use when presenting math concepts to the whole class or larger groups. Many of the activities are 3D. Topics covered include Algebra, Data Handling, Number, Shape/Space & Measurement, General Math, and Investigations. There are a few other resources for spelling, the alphabet, and maps.

A new kind of SmartBoard: Multi-User, Multi-Touch SMART Table for Education

keep notes/examples from class to class
print out notes/examples for absent students
acts as a basic presentation software
Provide students with "virtual field trips", using links to panoramas of various places around the globe
Provide students with 3D interactivity, via EduSim and similar applications
Through interactive whiteboards, an ordinary lesson can be made highly interactive by integrating audio, video, annotation, graphics and animation to it. Anything drawn or written on the whiteboard screen can be saved for later re-evaluation. It can also be used as projection surface to display text and image from various sources like websites, visualizers, VCDs, TV etc. To make the best use of IWB, invest time in whiteboard usage and explore and share all its features.
The IWB is a fantastic tool for interacting with literacy learning
HP TouchSmart- a 22-inch interactive board that requires no projector, and will soon have "multi-touch" capabilities. Looks good for two students working together, or for a teacher/tutor/speech and language therapist working side-by-side with a student.
USA Today article about the TouchSmart

So you're getting an interactive whiteboard. Now what?
Thirty-Two Interesting Ways (and tips) to Use Your Interactive Whiteboard
Link to khann's bookmarks to interactive websites. Good stuff!
Chill in an on-line 3D tropical paradise from Unity3D
PhET: Physics Education Technology, University of Colorado at Boulder: Good interactive science learning objects. You can download them for free.
Interacting with Literacy Learning- View teaching examples and reflections about different activities.

Possible Uses of Interactive Whiteboards and Displays for Education in the Future
If you haven't heard of Johnny Lee, take a look at my recent blog post about his work hacking the Wii. The post includes one of Johnny's latest videoclips.Johnny is a graduate student in the Human Computer Interaction program at Carnegie-Mellon, and I think his work might hold some promise for education. Most people play Wii applications on large screen displays, and from what I can tell, more and more teachers are finding large-screen displays, in the form of interactive whiteboards, in their classrooms.Interactive Multimedia Technology (Lynn Marentette)

What Interactive Whiteboard Does for Students

students are more apt to use this than regular chalkboard
touch board helps those tactile learners engage
Interactive whiteboards increase student attention, engagement, participation, and test scores!

Resource and Research List, "Interactive Whiteboards", from the National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities (NCEF)

Education World article "Speaking of Electronic Whiteboards?"

Large Display Research Overview from Microsoft Research (PDF)

Lesson Plans & Ideas

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Here's a link to the teacher-created lesson activities from SMART Technologies - there are literally thousands of lesson activities available here - all correlated to state standards and designed for use with Notebook software

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MegaPost - Resources for All: Interactive Multimedia and Universal Design for Learning
Interactive Multimedia Technology

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Other Web Links

  • SMART Exchange Forum for teachers using SMART products. Connect with other teachers, find tips for creating lesson activities, get technical support, or provide input on product development. Lots of activity on this forum.
  • Links to interactive resources - Created by teachers
  • SMART Teacher's Hub Training, networking and content resources specifically designed for teachers using SMART products. Great resource whether you’re just starting to use SMART technology in the classroom or have been teaching with it for years
  • Prometheanplanet For users of Promethean IWB's. Forum and link to pre-prepared flipcharts. Quite an active community.
  • Prometheanlearning link to online courses for users of Promethean boards. The basic level is free.
  • is a rapidly growing bank of free to use tools and resources created for teachers who are teaching with an interactive whiteboard (IWB).

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  • The future of digital whiteboards. From the MIT, a presentation of a new kind of whiteboard software that lets you manipulate -- for real -- objects that you draw on a whiteboard.
  • Two interactive projects using the NextWindow Human Touch interactive display:
    "Poetry Picture Share"

    Photo overlays on Google Earth, with links to corresponding video clips:

    Another view of the same globe:

EduSim Videos:

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