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Fred Delventhal / Riptide_Furse

Annette Sheehy shared the wiki project she did with students to teach organization and study skills. She did (it's private)

Paul Smith asked about how to handle public display of students and their work issue.

How was this taught before doing it online? Annette felt they were motivated.

Brain Woods talked about how teaching is not moving forward and he thought technology added to research, communication, and productivity (how about data analysis too?), but that teaching has changed much in 100 years.

How do we get kids to discussion on the web, Alice (me) shared transition to appropriate discussion norms by starting with class discussion, moving to podcast, then written online discussion.

What good is podcasting? It's the oral language practice (required for ELLs). Jane shared concern that it should be the learning NOT the tool. If you're podcasting just to podcast, that's not educational.

Diane Wallis share what she is doing with Adult ESL learners. and adding it to blogging ( hey there is a podcast session tomorrow a.m.

Here is a partial recording of discussion
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