Classroom 2.0 LIVE webinar, "Charge Up Your PLN! A Credit Card with no expiration date!" with special guest

presenters: Dr. Peggy George and Kim Thomas.

January 21, 2017

00:07 - Kim T. AZ
Patti - I know, hard to find one she isn't in!

00:12 - Fern
MMOCsaholic, that's a good one! I think I qualify also.

00:13 - Susie @shighley 1
Doug, I'd be interested to hear about your MOOCS. I have started several, finished none

00:27 - Fern
MOOCsaholic, pardon my spelling!

00:30 - Peggy George
Thank you Tammy for faithfully doing closed captioning every week!!

01:13 - Kim T. AZ
Apologize ahead of time for coughing

01:23 - Doug Henry in San Leandro, CA
@Susie, Fern - I'm in the same boat - haven't finished one yet. UDEMY has me pegged...

01:27 - Kim T. AZ
Hi Beverly

01:37 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
Great idea to convert good F2F conference breakout sessions to webinars!

01:48 - Kim T. AZ
Wes - so true

01:57 - Kim T. AZ
stidmama - good morning!

02:05 - stidmama
good morning! :-)

02:17 - Annette Whitby
love it!

02:20 - Patti Ruffing
No credit check necessary

02:27 - Kim T. AZ
Patti :)

02:32 - Kim T. AZ
No limit either

02:32 - Lorie Moffat (Livebinder shared in our presentation)

02:41 - Fern
I managed to complete one Coursera course, otherwise just sample lots.

02:43 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
not a chip card reader that only works certain places, either!

03:00 - Kim T. AZ
Wes ;)

03:15 - Lorie Moffat
Hello Eileen and kg. Welcome!

03:15 - Kim T. AZ
Eileen Good Morning

03:22 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
I started a MOOC on MakerEd a couple years ago but didn't finish. I guess I'm a "MOOC fader..."

03:28 - Kg
Hi Lorie

03:33 - Doug Henry in San Leandro, CA
@Fern - I'd say that marks you as a pro!

03:38 - Eileen
Hello everyone😃

03:39 - Kg
@Wfryer: MOOC grit is tough

03:45 - Lorie Moffat
Hello Mary, welcome!

04:05 - Peg Volak
Hello everyone! Peg from PA, 2nd grade

04:05 - Peggy George
hahaha!!!! Kim and I love to co-present :-)

04:16 - Patti Ruffing
Hi Peg from PA

04:31 - Peg Volak

04:46 - Lorie Moffat
Hello Alexis, welcome!

04:50 - Peggy George
Welcome to everyone just joining us! We'll be sharing two Livebinders today--a Livebinder within a Livebinder!

04:57 - Lorie Moffat (Livebinder shared in our presentation)

05:06 - Suzanne Sallee
Arizona is very proud of these two ed tech leaders - Peggy and Kim!

05:10 - Kg
Very cool concept with the charge card :)

05:16 - Kim T. AZ
Ah shucks, Suzanne....

05:17 - Doug Henry in San Leandro, CA
This is great!

05:24 - Kim T. AZ
KG - I agree, clever

05:29 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
oh it IS a chip card!

05:48 - Lorie Moffat (Livebinder shared in our presentation)

05:51 - Kg
@Wfryer: So...very secure :)

06:03 - Susie @shighley 1
And this has the right kind of interest

06:03 - Kim T. AZ
Secure, but for public use

06:16 - Kg
@Kim: haha

06:33 - Suzanne Sallee
And great interest rates! It pays you.

06:41 - Kim T. AZ
I love that she says "our" Livebinder. She did all the work....

07:44 - Susie @shighley 1
Welcome, Virginia. Glad you could join us!

07:44 - Lorie Moffat
Hello Sally and Virginia, welcome!

08:16 - Kim T. AZ
This is so good for trainers...will be sharing this with admin in my district

08:22 - Patti Ruffing
great resource!

08:39 - Kim T. AZ
Free - we love FREE!

08:40 - Kg
newbie for me...woohoo

09:08 - Susie @shighley 1
I almost think I could use another session on Livebinders. I still don't take advantage of so many of the features.

09:17 - Fern
Wow! What a list.

09:32 - Peg Volak
Look at all of them! I need to retire to participate/watch them all!

09:36 - Kim T. AZ
Susie - too true. I have done several trainings and still am learning.

09:45 - Kim T. AZ trianings

09:47 - Susie @shighley 1
Such a great resource we could share with our colleagues

09:55 - Kg
@Susie: me, too...I was an early adopter. But have been using other curation tools.

10:32 - Patti Ruffing
I always have some trouble hearing what they are saying in the EduCon webinars

10:51 - Kim T. AZ
Patti - I agree. It will probably get better with each passing year.

10:55 - Susie @shighley 1
Peggy is definitely the best one to share all of this with us.

11:40 - Patti Ruffing
What would we do today without video tutorials!

11:57 - Kim T. AZ
Livebinders has some of the best "help" info out there. Easy to read and follow.

12:16 - Susie @shighley 1
And Barbara and Tina are so responsive when you ask questions

12:46 - Peggy George
so true Susie!!!

12:46 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
I have to admit I haven't embraced the "Livebinder Love" yet as a creator... Do they work ok on an iPad?

13:03 - Peggy George
You can get PD certificates for watching recordings too :-)

13:17 - Patti Ruffing
I have never tried to access on the iPad Wes, I will have to try it

13:24 - Peggy George
We have had so many fantastic presenters on Classroom 2.0 LIVE!

13:40 - Susie @shighley 1
Wes, I've had some problems on the iPad, but I'm still on an iPad 2 and not most current ioS

13:53 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
I'm mostly on my laptop but just wonder about cross-platform usability

14:06 - Peggy George
You can watch live shows on the iPad but I don't think you can watch recorded shows.

14:18 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
I definitely LOVE LOVE the way every #liveclass20 session has such great resources shared on Livebinder, like this session!!!

14:23 - Peggy George
there are limitations to the iPad app--no whiteboard tools.

14:36 - Susie @shighley 1
Peggy, I think he was asking about Livebinders on an iPad. What is your experience with that?

14:41 - Peggy George
this is such a great way to share learning with your teaching colleagues

14:54 - Peggy George
Livebinders can definitely be used on iPads!!! They have an app.

15:12 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
yes you should make that t-shirt Kim!

15:13 - Peggy George
All of our video recordings are on YouTube and iTunesU and you can subscribe to them.

15:24 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
Love that everything is cross-posted to YouTube!

15:25 - stidmama
:-) Archives are GREAT! The only problem I have had is when I watch some from more than a couple years ago the tech has changed SO much. But the ideas for how to use the tech are always valuable!

15:29 - Peggy George
hahaha! we have that effect on people!!

15:52 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
yes good nickname for Peggy "Queen of LiveBinders!"

15:57 - Peggy George
Yes @stidmama! And we lost some of our very early videos when we lost :-(

16:26 - Virginia McGRegor
edweb is great with many groups

16:34 - Susie @shighley 1
My integration specialist told me she's been using this a lot for church because of the strong preschool communities

16:41 - Peggy George
I love edWeb webinars!!!! I go to 3-4 every week! They often have 200-400 people in them!

17:02 - Susie @shighley 1
I've found them to be uniformly good. Only had one I quit because they were definitely trying to sell something

17:03 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
wow, that's huge numbers for a webinar!

17:29 - Suzanne Sallee
EdWeb also webinars that could appeal to any educators - not just technology.

17:49 - Susie @shighley 1

18:07 - Kim T. AZ
The more you participate in, the more you are able to find the "good ones". Not just people talking, but truly sharing resources that are useful.

18:27 - Susie @shighley 1
I've been to lots of his sessions. Shannon Holden

18:40 - Kim T. AZ
Shannon is remarkable!

18:54 - Peggy George
Shannon is definitely amazing!!!

19:04 - stidmama
dead air?

19:11 - Fern
Just lost the audio.

19:12 - Peggy George
The librarian's community on edWeb is fabulous! Every webinar is so powerful!

19:14 - Patti Ruffing
Did kim turn off her talk button?

19:16 - Eileen
No audio

19:22 - stidmama

19:25 - Peggy George

19:28 - Peg Volak
EdWeb does have helpful webinars! How do you get teachers to WANT to expand and grow? I share often but find nobody is really interested.

19:28 - Peggy George
lag I think

19:36 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
audio off for me again

19:48 - Fern
also for me

19:49 - Peggy George
that is a challenge Peg but the PD certificates sometimes help to encourage them.

19:50 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
cut out, back in, now audio off again

20:02 - Virginia McGRegor
Teachers are very full up with all that is expected from them from their districts and testing.

20:04 - Fern
slides OK, though; audio spotty

20:29 - Susie @shighley 1
Peg: I agree. Some look at it as taking away from their time because they don't realize how much it will benefit and save time later

20:34 - Lorie Moffat
Hello Erica, welcome!

20:58 - Lorie Moffat
Hello Dotty, welcome!

20:58 - stidmama
I am hamstrung by many webinars that are offered at 5 or 6 pm east coast time on weekdays. I am in school on the clock (usually in meetings) until 6:30 east coast time... so I cannot attend live sessions regularly. Happened again just this last week.

20:59 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
hearing you great now Peggy

21:03 - Virginia McGRegor
They would like to participate in webinars but many have not a spare minute except during the summer.

21:21 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
Wow it's pretty overwhelming to see how much is available now!

21:28 - Susie @shighley 1
That's why the archives are so great; listen when you can

21:31 - Patti Ruffing
@stidmama you can watch the Edweb webinar recordings and still get a certificate

22:05 - Kim T. AZ
Virginia - so true. Makes me think I need to put a group of links for teachers to use for their summer listening. :)

22:19 - Susie @shighley 1
Our district has moved more toward personalized PD, and gives credit for webinars like these. It takes the place of having to spend hours in meetings/workshops after school.

22:30 - Virginia McGRegor
I sub at all grade levels and see the pressures. It is too bad. Student needs are many and communications with parents take up many hours.

22:33 - Kim T. AZ

22:40 - Patti Ruffing
If your state requires a certain number of PD hours to maintain certification these hours can add up

22:42 - stidmama
I don't need certificates to document PD (my state doesn't accept them for clock hours), and do often watch archives, but so often I find it is the chat log and side talk that gives me the most important info.

22:44 - Peggy George

22:47 - Peggy George
I can hear her now

22:52 - Peggy George
hope you can!!

23:13 - Susie @shighley 1
she sounds great

23:16 - Lorie Moffat
yes, Kim's sound is fine, now.

23:16 - Peggy George
This is an example of how you can use these online webinars and conferences to share with your teachers at school.

23:25 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
yes Kim's audio is great now

23:57 - Peggy George
It really personalizes the learning and they are more interested when they can do it together with a colleague or group f2f in your own school.

24:05 - Peggy George

24:16 - Virginia McGRegor
There are required district workshops that may not be as valuable as suggestions here but out of teacher control to get out of.

24:49 - Virginia McGRegor
Great list!

24:52 - Peggy George
I know Virginia!! Always so sad! It needs to be timely and what teachers want/need to learn--on demand :-)

24:55 - Patti Ruffing
@Virgina - some administrators are not even aware of all the great PD available that they could be using with their teachers

25:13 - Susie @shighley 1
Patti, that is so true!

25:17 - Virginia McGRegor
That is the really sad part about the administrators.

25:19 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
It's a great idea to encourage local PD departments to accept credit for online PD, especially as teachers are creating, reflecting and sharing

25:25 - Peggy George
this is how you can extend their learning beyond just watching the recording! Ask them to do an activity to demonstrate their learning.

25:42 - Eileen
Sounds great!

26:03 - Susie @shighley 1
This is great! It helps the learning "stick"

26:13 - Peggy George
The mini-geekfest was such a fun time for sharing new tech tools and resources!

26:13 - Susie @shighley 1
Welcome, Mykel!

26:31 - Erica Jordan (Houston, TX) 1
Hello Lorie! Thanks for the welcome!

26:40 - Peggy George
This is now called Hack Ed and is the unconference the day before ISTE

26:45 - Virginia McGRegor
When I try to show a colleague something new that could save them time, her eyes glaze over.

27:01 - Peggy George
All free and a perfect way to get started at ISTE without such a large crowd of people!

27:06 - Peggy George
Hahahaha :-)

27:11 - Peggy George
so much fun!!!

27:51 - Kg
Woot woot for #NotAtISTE!

28:00 - Patti Ruffing
@Virgina yes, teachers are so overwhelmed and it is so hard for them to jump into something new with so much to juggle. They need some one on one to get started.

28:20 - Peg Volak
It is so fun when you meet the people in the PLN! When I first met Richard Byrne at ISTE, I was like a teenager! He has taught me so much over the years!

28:44 - Patti Ruffing
I was excited to get to meet Peggy in person at ISTE2015

28:49 - Kim T. AZ
It was a so exciting seeing people using Periscope to share what was going on at ISTE. I asked a presenter if I could do this for his presentation. It helped that I said it was for Peggy George!

29:07 - Susie @shighley 1
One time I saw someone at school right after ISTE; they asked me how I'd been, and I said I'd just got back from ISTE, although I then realized I'd actually spent several days on my couch watching.

29:17 - Virginia McGRegor
Wow that looks great for ISTE. Thanks

29:49 - Kim T. AZ
Susie, that is a hoot!

29:59 - Susie @shighley 1
#NOTatISTE is how I really got used to using Google+ too

30:42 - Peg Volak
couch watching and ISTE, it's a plan for this year!

30:43 - Kim T. AZ
Someday I want to be able to use this tool as well as Peggy. I still get confused.

31:23 - Susie @shighley 1
I thought it was too dizzying at first, but looked around at a conference and saw so many using it and tried again. Now I love it. Even if you just start with 2-3 columns

31:31 - stidmama
:-) I am using Learnzillion while our district looks for CCSS curricula!

31:49 - Kim T. AZ
Susie, yes, 2 works for me. Not ready for all the columns that Peggy has open.

32:05 - Susie @shighley 1

32:31 - Eileen
Peggy makes it sound so easy!

32:41 - Kim T. AZ
@Eileen - so true.

33:06 - stidmama
so pretty!

33:17 - Peggy George
I put the link to this image in the Livebinder so you can see it bigger and close up!!

33:24 - Eileen
Yes it is a great graphic!

33:31 - Susie @shighley 1
2009. My first one

33:36 - Peggy George
hahaha! funny story for sure!!!

33:56 - Annette Whitby

34:13 - Peggy George
I always have a ton of tabs open!!!!

34:23 - Peggy George
My record was 239 tabs in Firefox I think :-)

34:27 - Eileen
Tabmaster Peggy

34:37 - Peggy George
I really love Tweetdeck!

34:54 - Fern
Twitter has not really caught on in Germany, so I don't use it (yet?).

35:00 - Susie @shighley 1
I always just change my second column into whatever chat I might be participating in.

35:14 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
I use Hootsuite a litte, not as much as I used to. Still use Buffer some.

35:16 - Peggy George
you'll love it!!!

35:41 - Peggy George
any kind of management tool helps a lot! HootSuite is very similar to Tweetdeck and also great!

35:50 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
Flipboard and Pocket are my most useful web tools/apps pairing them with Twitter & especially Twitter lists. I LOVE Twitter lists.

36:11 - Peggy George
I love Flipboard too Wes!

36:32 - Lorie Moffat
Hello Laura, welcome!

37:25 - Susie @shighley 1
I made a twitter list with people in my district; really helped me see what was going on. I really have a lot of people I should add now

37:28 - Peggy George
You can rearrange the columns to put them in any order you like

37:28 - Peg Volak
My son is always yelling at me with so many tabs open. Goodness, Peggy, 239, that's a record! I only had like 9 followers on Twitter in my classroom; I find more success posting on Seesaw or Class DoJo....I see the power in learning from Twitter, just not so good at using it yet.

37:35 - Virginia McGRegor
is there a webinar just on twitter and tweetdeck?

37:38 - Peggy George
yes!!!! start small

37:47 - Susie @shighley 1

37:57 - Peggy George
yes Virginia. We've had several webinars on Twitter/Tweetdeck. :-)

38:13 - Susie @shighley 1
Now that he's written a book with Paula and Billy Krakow, we should have them on a show!

38:13 - stidmama
<3 So much good info at!

38:20 - Peggy George
I laughed so hard at his cape at ISTE!!

38:21 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
This is my Twitter list of educational Yodas to follow

38:52 - Peggy George

39:05 - Peggy George
lots of information about hashtags on that site

39:49 - Peggy George
there are so many hashtags to follow but you don't HAVE to participate at a specific time

39:52 - Peg Volak
Yes @susie, great idea! The book looks great

41:34 - Virginia McGRegor
How to get to this?

41:49 - Susie @shighley 1

42:23 - Susie @shighley 1
And we are having Brad Spirrison from Participate on our show next month

42:30 - Virginia McGRegor

43:09 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
OK, Peggy has just persuaded me to take a serious look at Participate Learning!

43:20 - Susie @shighley 1
You can spend hours looking around

43:31 - Kim T. AZ
:) She is persuasive that way!

43:41 - Susie @shighley 1
But she never gives us a bum steer!

43:46 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
I think we all can suffer from "digital tool overload" and sometimes it's challenging to know what to try out and spend time with...

44:07 - Susie @shighley 1
Yes, Wes. I think some teachers are overwhelmed if we throw too much at them at once

44:11 - Kim T. AZ
Wes, amen!

44:49 - Kim T. AZ
Susie - I agree, we need to be sure to not overload teachers with this info.

44:51 - Suzanne Sallee
Laura Candler has been sharing great things for a long time. Never get tired of checking out what she offers.

45:08 - Susie @shighley 1
I remember when she was still teaching. Now she's become her own industry!

45:38 - Peggy George
Laura Candler is absolutely incredible and she does regular webinars so I included that link under the webinar tab. :-)

45:49 - Susie @shighley 1
He's so patient about explaining and re-explaining

45:51 - Peggy George
This is the best site for learning about Periscope!

45:55 - Peggy George
I agree Susie!!

45:59 - Suzanne Sallee
Arizona loves Tony too! We still claim him as one of our own.

46:23 - Peggy George
absolutely Suzanne!!!!

47:21 - Kim T. AZ
This is a teacher to follow...she is amazing!

47:28 - Susie @shighley 1

47:36 - Kim T. AZ
Thanks Susie

47:59 - Mary Herring
So appreciate your sharing of such wonderful resources! You give a very thorough overview of PLN opportunities plus the links to use to expand our personal PLN's. Thanks for sharing!

48:17 - Kim T. AZ
Mary - so happy this is proving to be beneficial!

48:20 - Susie @shighley 1

48:22 - Erica Jordan (Houston, TX) 1

48:51 - Peggy George
We have a lot of resources for blogging as teachers or with your students in the Livebinder :-)

48:57 - Kg
Is anyone using the Edublogs blog club? I am trying :)

49:04 - Susie @shighley 1

49:14 - Peggy George
Hi Paula!! So glad you could pop in!!!!

49:19 - Kg
We LOVE paper blogging...use it at all age levels.

49:46 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Love paper blogging!

50:07 - Peggy George
I agree Kg!!! That was one of our most popular shows with @McTeach telling about her paper blogging

50:08 - Suzanne Sallee
Gives them a real world authentic audience.

50:46 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Remember to use #comments4kids when sharing blog URLs on Twitter.

50:49 - Peggy George
Can you imagine??? students with a PLN :-)

50:50 - Kg
Yippee for Comments4kids

51:05 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
audio cut out

51:08 - Patti Ruffing
I really keep meaning to use Comments4kids but haven't yet

51:22 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
hearing you fine Peggy

51:34 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
you both are doing a GREAT job btw :-)

51:43 - Patti Ruffing
thinking of switching to Edublogs from Kidblog

52:25 - Peggy George

52:27 - Peggy George
she's back!

52:38 - Peggy George
starting small is so important!!

52:42 - Kg
Coolcatteacher: "Innovate like a turtle."

53:09 - Peg Volak
@Wes, I just signed up with Participate too!

53:19 - Peggy George
Yes!!! CoolCatTeacher was one of the very first teachers I followed on Twitter and she followed me back!! :-) Oh happy day!

53:33 - Virginia McGRegor
can the slides be downloaded

53:36 - Kg
virtual shirt that would be a cool meme

53:43 - Peggy George
yes the slides are all on a PDF in the Livebinder

53:44 - Kg
@Peggy: yeppirs!

53:52 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Thanks for the shout-out, Kim. It is unbelievable how my life changed after I became a connected educator.

54:22 - Lorie Moffat (Livebinder shared in our presentation)

54:22 - Susie @shighley 1
Love that! Netflix? No, Peggy George!

54:29 - Peggy George
Doing these side by side with your principal or teachers is the best!

54:38 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
thanks for mentioning the "Imagineering" show - I want to watch the archive of that too! I'm going to add the YouTube version to my YouTube "Watch Later" playlist - then I can see it on AppleTV at home :-)

55:12 - Peggy George
I know our time is almost up so we'll blitz through the remaining slides and you can continue exploring them on your own.

55:37 - Lorie Moffat (Livebinder shared in our presentation)

55:55 - Kim T. AZ
PBS continues to grow and grow

56:07 - stidmama
LOL was just thinking about the PBS Learning Media site -- I use it several times a month (would do more if I had time to browse...)

56:30 - Patti Ruffing
I recommend visiting the World's Largest Lesson for having your students learn about the Global Goals

56:45 - Lorie Moffat (Livebinder shared in our presentation)

57:19 - Peggy George
Madison student Livebinder

57:38 - Susie @shighley 1
You can apply to be a PBS Digitial Innovator.

57:48 - Peggy George
thanks for mentioning that Susie!

58:08 - Peggy George
sorry we're running overtime so if you need to leave everything is being recorded and you can view it later. :-)

58:42 - stidmama
This has (as usual) been so wonderful. Thank you for making and maintaining this "space" to share and learn.

58:45 - Eileen
All terrific suggestions!

59:01 - Susie @shighley 1
I watched it that day. It was amazing! I didn't realize it was still available.

59:03 - @plnaugle (Paula)
I spy Kyle Pace.

59:08 - Patti Ruffing
We have just learned from 2 very incredible educators!

59:14 - Kim T. AZ
Thanks to all for joining us...thanks to Peggy for having the patience of a saint with me!

59:22 - Annette Whitby
Two thumbs up, Kim and Peggy!

59:23 - Fern
Lifelong learning, hurrah!

59:30 - Suzanne Sallee
Can't wait to check out Participate - been putting that off for too long. Thanks Ladies!

59:44 - Susie @shighley 1
Thanks for creating such a great show that can be shared with many!

59:51 - Kg
TY for the Participate reminder. And for the enthusiastic reminders about all.

59:55 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
what a fantastic session ladies! Thank you both so much - so great to have the links to all these gathered in the LiveBinder too!

1:00:00 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Wish I could have been here for the whole webinar. Can't wait to view the recording.

1:00:19 - Kg

1:00:29 - Peggy George

1:00:29 - Kg
They pace you through the blog startup process

1:00:31 - Peg Volak
21st century educators take control of their learning. For years, PD was done TO us, now, PD is something you seek out as an educator!! I love this way of learning, thanks so much, as usual, I'm leaving today with much to investigate and try/learn from! Thank you!

1:00:34 - Patti Ruffing
Edublog Blogging Challenge

1:00:34 - Peggy George
hahaha! a new task!

1:00:35 - Kg
Go Peggy.

1:00:44 - Kg
@Patti: Right name :)

1:00:46 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
Yes Peg V!

1:00:58 - @wfryer Wes Fryer

1:01:03 - Kim T. AZ
Thanks to all!

1:01:04 - Virginia McGRegor
thanks so much! what a full head I have!

1:01:04 - Fern
Thanks for the zillions of good ideas!

1:01:06 - Patti Ruffing
abundant thanks!

1:01:10 - Eileen
Thanks so much ladies!

1:01:21 - Sally 1
Can I see the livebinider link again?

1:01:23 - Kim T. AZ
Monica Burns....wahoo!

1:01:28 - Lorie Moffat (Livebinder shared in our presentation)

1:01:39 - Dejan Kreculj
Thanks ...

1:01:39 - Kg
Monica is a pearl :)

1:01:42 - Suzanne Sallee
Monica Burns is great

1:02:02 - Kg
WOW...Participate here :)

1:02:44 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
my brain is full. thank you.

1:02:46 - Susie @shighley 1

1:03:02 - Peggy George (The Learning Revolution Network created by Steve Hargadon.

1:03:07 - Kim T. AZ
also on YouTube :)

1:03:11 - Peggy George (Classroom 2.0 LIVE survey link to request PD certificates for live or recorded webinars)

1:03:21 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Have a great weekend everyone. :)

1:03:22 - Peggy George
Archives for all recordings:

1:03:25 - stidmama
I have so many tabs open in my browser... LOL Going to make my day much more full. :-) Have a wonderful weekend, all!

1:03:26 - Susie @shighley 1
Great idea about watching these on youtube, Wes

1:03:30 - Peggy George
The recording will be posted in a few hours

1:03:30 - Kim T. AZ
another great benefit of this show

1:03:35 - Kg
TY so much for spicing up our PLNS today.

1:03:46 - Peggy George
Thank you ALL for joining us today!!!!