CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE webinar Earning Your Learning: iPad Apps and Accessibility

Presenter: Toni Plourde
June 7, 2014

00:01 - Peggy George
Hi Patti R!! Great to see you!

00:02 - Patti R
Hi everyone

00:08 - Toni Plourde
THanks Peggy Excited to be here!!!!!

00:13 - Patti R
looking forward to Toni's presentation

00:13 - Dejan Kreculj

00:20 - Carolyn Stanley
Hi, all! Just joined on iPad. Hoping I can go to back yard and still get signal. Lovely day here in CT.

00:20 - Peggy George
Here's our Livebinder link for today:

00:39 - Peggy George
So thankful for Tammy and our closed captioning!!

00:40 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Hello Maureen.

00:47 - Peggy George
Hi Maureen! Great to see you!

01:05 - Peggy George
I'll repost the Livebinder link a few times for people just joining us

01:06 - Peggy George

01:13 - Peggy George
Archives for all recordings:

01:29 - @bcdtech Maureen
Hi Paula and Peggy!

01:40 - Peggy George
Greetings to all of you from Phoenix AZ!

01:43 - Dejan Kreculj
Serbia, Europe

01:46 - Sofí Segurola
Portland or

01:51 - Carolyn Stanley
Anxious to hear about OS7 - don't intend to upgrade on my iPhone 4gs /thinking about upgrading old iPad 2

01:57 - Toni Plourde
Hi all from around the world!

02:02 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Joining in from New Orleans.

02:04 - Oronoque
Click on cc at the top of the Audio & Video box for closed captioning. This is the only web conference I know that ALWYAS provides wonderful!

02:06 - Peggy George
if you're on an ipad you don't have whiteboard tools but you can type your location in the chat :-)

02:16 - Sofí Segurola

02:30 - Oronoque
I don't students have to self-identify.

02:32 - Peggy George
Many of these students are mainstreamed in regular classrooms

02:39 - Carolyn Stanley
Yes! Had many in my computer club.

02:39 - Peggy George
good point Oronoque!

02:43 - Dejan Kreculj

02:53 - Peggy George
sometimes they are undiagnosed too

03:09 - Dejan Kreculj

03:13 - Sofí Segurola
YES amazing!

03:19 - Peggy George
if I had iPads when I was teaching I would definitely have used them!!

03:36 - @bcdtech Maureen
Went to an awesome workshop the other day with Madalaine Pugliese. Seriously thinking about applying to new AT masters program.

03:42 - Carolyn Stanley
All of our special needs kids are mainstreamed.

03:50 - Peggy George
that sounds fantastic Maureen!!

03:56 - Sofí Segurola

03:57 - Oronoque
My univ students may have used them, but I was not proactive in using them

04:03 - Doug Henry
For Online classes

04:06 - Peggy George
UDL is just good teaching!!!

04:16 - Peggy George
it works for everyone!

04:23 - Peggy George
Hi Lisa! Welcome!!

04:26 - Sofí Segurola
Maybe not sure

04:33 - Carolyn Stanley
@Peggy -agreed.

04:42 - Oronoque
at univ we are SMES moreso than trained teachers, this is a challenge

04:44 - Peggy George
Toni will explain about UDL :-)

04:57 - @bcdtech Maureen
@Peggy- it seems that most of the "stuff" we have thought of as for Special Needs is really much more universal and would be great for all kids

05:01 - Sofí Segurola
Lost you

05:06 - Peggy George
Toni has some great strategies, tools and stories to share with us today!!

05:14 - Peggy George
totally agree Maureen!!

05:28 - Peggy George
All of Toni's links are in our Livebinder for today

05:40 - Carolyn Stanley
Many Canadian educators are sooo on the cutting edge.

05:42 - Peggy George
I love that quote!!!

06:05 - @plnaugle (Paula)
WooHoo for Toni!

06:14 - Doug Henry
But there are lots of fire-extinguishers out there!

06:15 - Peggy George
accessibility doesn't just refer to technology... :-)

06:20 - Peggy George

06:31 - @bcdtech Maureen
Hi Jackie

06:33 - Peggy George
Hi Jackie! So glad you could join us today!!

06:35 - Carolyn Stanley
With my arthritic knees, I am so grateful for think

06:39 - @JackieGerstein
Hi Maureen!

06:42 - Peggy George
Welcome Eileen and Cindy!

06:45 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Hi Jackie. :)

06:51 - @JackieGerstein
Hi Paula

07:05 - Eileen
Hello Peggy!

07:05 - Carolyn Stanley
Grateful for handicapped accommodations.

07:11 - Peggy George
you may have a short lag and lose audio briefly as the slides load for you when you log in

07:17 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Hi Cindy. Nice to see another LA educator here. :)

07:32 - _CindyWallace_
Hey Peggy and Paula. Nice to be here this AM:)

07:37 - @JackieGerstein
ipads are such a great tool to assist with UDL

07:47 - Peggy George
earning the learning doesn't mean rewarding kids by letting them use the computer when they finish their work!

07:59 - Peggy George
Welcome Angie! So glad you could join us!

08:09 - Peggy George

08:12 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Love the pic of student draped over exercise ball reading a book.

08:29 - Peggy George
me too! :-)

08:45 - Peggy George
interesting view of the brain!

09:23 - Peggy George
Temple Grandin is my hero! What an amazing lady!!

09:32 - Doug Henry
Temple's TED talks are great

09:36 - Peggy George

09:47 - Peggy George Q & A with Temple Grandin on The Autistic Brain By Scott Barry Kaufman, June 26, 2013)

09:58 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Yes, Temple Grandin is so inspiring.

10:01 - Carolyn Stanley
I remember years ago when Megan Wilson (iPodsibilities) worked so hard to get iPods for her special needs readers.

10:03 - Peggy George
how lucky she was to have a mother who understood!!

10:18 - @JackieGerstein
Temple Grandin on how the autistic 'think different'

10:23 - Peggy George

10:48 - Peggy George
Thanks Jackie! I love the resources you share with us! I'll add them to the Livebinder later.

11:14 - Peggy George
video link:

11:23 - Carolyn Stanley
If you go to archives on Discovery Education, there is a terrific interview of Temple Grandin with Steve Dembo.

11:27 - @JackieGerstein
Thanks, Peggy!

11:28 - Peggy George

11:47 - @JackieGerstein
Temple Grandin is one of my heroes (esp, since I have a brother with Aspergers)

11:54 - Peggy George
Carolyn could you share that link? :-)

12:00 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Thanks for that info, Carolyn.

12:18 - Peggy George

12:27 - Peggy George

12:46 - Dejan Kreculj
link to Prezi?

12:48 - Peggy George
Hi technoclown! Welcome

12:50 - Carolyn Stanley
I'll have to find it later, Peggy! On iPad, and I'll lose stream if I leave. :(

13:11 - Peggy George “arning the Learning”rezi for Discovery Education Spring Virtual Conference 2014

13:18 - Dejan Kreculj

13:20 - Carolyn Stanley
Oh, I'll check on iPhone.

13:20 - Peggy George
no problem Carolyn! Thanks!

14:12 - Peggy George
Temple Grandin's brain map:

14:36 - Peggy George
Chase is our shining star today! So grateful for his sharing!

15:05 - @JackieGerstein
Maximizing the Effectiveness of the iPad for People with Autism from @autismspeaks

15:12 - Peggy George
this gives us such an appreciation of the challenges for autistic students!

15:31 - @JackieGerstein
highly recommend following Autism Speaks on twitter and FB

15:35 - Peggy George
the visuals provide tremendous support for their learning!

15:58 - Peggy George
hahaha!!! singing works too :-)

16:42 - Peggy George
there was a fantastic webinar on last week about how to create visual tools for autistic students.

17:14 - Peggy George
Thhis is an awesome community for terrific webinars and resources. Free to join! (Teaching Students with Autism Community)

17:27 - @JackieGerstein
thanks Peggy

17:32 - Peggy George
Welcome SusanSi!

17:46 - @bcdtech Maureen
Agree Peggy- You're the one who turned me on to this year- amazing resource!

18:24 - SusanSi
Better late...gkids here

18:25 - Peggy George
it helps so much when they can have the visual schedules to help with transitions!

18:35 - Doug Henry
Seems like personalizing might be a way to deal with other behaviors, like bullying?

18:41 - Peggy George
no problem @SusanSi so glad you could join us!

20:05 - @bcdtech Maureen
The patience of educator and parents! Congratulations!

21:15 - Peggy George
those pictures are terrific! tell such a great story!

21:51 - Sofí Segurola
I wish i could take notes on the ipad as i watch and listen on the ipad..

22:01 - Peggy George
Hi Thomas! So glad you could join us!

22:04 - @JackieGerstein
that's why in this age of so many technologies - it is so important to provide choice. I had a 6th grader with Aspergers - he hated the hands-on. The class was making human size skeletons by cutting and and connecting. H, was offered a similar activity via a video game - he loved computers - same goal, different method.

22:28 - Peggy George
Our Livebinder link for today with all of Toni's links:

22:34 - @bcdtech Maureen
@Sofia- does the side by side browser allow you to do that? I've never tried

22:53 - Peggy George
that is such a great point Jackie! choice is empowering!

23:07 - @JackieGerstein
. . and self-differentiating

23:47 - Peggy George
are there resources to help with social stories? please share any links you are aware of :-)

24:18 - @plnaugle (Paula)
@Sofia, if you use Dual Browser on iPad you can use a Google Doc open on one side to take notes while you watch and listen.

24:37 - @bcdtech Maureen
I know I have seen apps to help create them- don't have a list off hand.

25:02 - Peggy George
there is also a Notes feature right here in Blackboard Collaborate (under the menu item Window) It works great on a computer but don't know about iPad

25:22 - Carolyn Stanley
@Paula - wow, never heard of dual browser.

25:23 - Peggy George
thanks for that tip Paula

25:33 - Peggy George
this is an awesome cartoon!!

25:51 - @JackieGerstein
Identifying Emotions Apps

25:59 - Oronoque
Second Life has been a positive experience for many adults with special needs

26:05 - Carolyn Stanley
@Peggy - emailed you link to Temple Grandin webinar

26:19 - Peggy George
thanks Carolyn :-) I'll share it here.

26:57 - Sofí Segurola
Please see short film Strings with English subtitles Cuerdas short in Spanish

27:14 - Peggy George
Carolyn looks like you have to log in to Discovery Ed to see it.

27:24 - Peggy George (CAST is an educational research & development organization that works to expand learning opportunities for all individuals through Universal Design for Learning)

27:27 - Sofí Segurola
Paula I'll by the app

27:40 - @JackieGerstein
Yes- Oronoque - Virual Abilities Once I read someones' profile. He said that in real life, he had MS and couldn't walk anymore =- but in SL, he could dance; and he was dancing - I cried.

27:42 - Peggy George

27:57 - Peggy George
Hi Geoff. Welcome!

28:23 - @JackieGerstein
UDL Toolkit - one of my fav resources

28:27 - Peggy George
key word is multiple!!!! back to Jackie's point about choice :-)

28:36 - Carolyn Stanley
What great resource sharing! Thanks to all in chat!

28:38 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Yes, Peggy, you have to have a Discovery Education account to access the Temple Grandin webinar.

28:47 - Peggy George

28:53 - Peggy George
that's the link to the wheel

29:11 - @bcdtech Maureen
This is a great resource for apps for stages

29:13 - Peggy George
that is a fantastic UDL resource Jackie!

29:28 - @JackieGerstein

29:37 - Peggy George
I love how interactive that wheel is! lots of great suggestions!

29:42 - Sofí Segurola
In and out I can not hear?

29:45 - Peggy George (Visuwords: Visual Dictionary and Thesaurus)

29:58 - Carolyn Stanley
I'll check with Steve. I'll bet they have a way to make it accessible for all. It's such a good interview.

30:07 - Peggy George
if audio is coming in and out that is a bandwidth problem

30:09 - Peggy George

30:13 - Dejan Kreculj

30:33 - Peggy George
this Visuwords site is fantastic for learners of all ages!!

30:34 - @JackieGerstein
UDL in Your Classroom

31:29 - Carolyn Stanley
@Peggy. This will be a fabulous Livebinder.

31:39 - Peggy George
in app sharing you have a choice to "scale to fit" when the whole screen fits but if you uncheck it you can see it much larger :-)

32:00 - @plnaugle (Paula)
iOS Apps to Support Reading and Writing - UDL Resource

32:06 - Peggy George
Thanks for all of these wonderful links! I'll add them to the Livebinder after the show! This will be such a valuable resource!

32:14 - @bcdtech Maureen
This is from the workshop I attended the other day- it will only be up for about a month... so help yourself... the professor said we could share away.- tons of resources in these links.

32:16 - Peggy George

32:26 - Peggy George

32:33 - Peggy George (Toni’ Symbaloo: iPad in Class)

32:37 - @plnaugle (Paula)
I love my Symbaloo start page. I'm definitely a visual learner.

33:09 - Dejan Kreculj

33:15 - Peggy George
Symbaloo makes it so easy to curate and share resources!

33:35 - @bcdtech Maureen
I use it for the whole school I do have others that I share with teachers as well.

33:45 - Peggy George
awesome Symbaloo: via Kendra Grant

34:10 - Peggy George (Science Update shows on the latest and most fascinating brain research.)

34:42 - Peggy George
fabulous resources all embedded in the Symbaloo links on our Livebinder for today :-)

34:47 - @bcdtech Maureen
This is my symbaloo for sped teachers at my school

34:56 - Peggy George (Sublime Learning: PD to help teachers master common core)

35:03 - Peggy George
thanks Maureen!!

35:13 - Peggy George via Kendra Grant

35:26 - @bcdtech Maureen
KarenJan introduced us to the creator of voice dream last year at edcamp boston

35:35 - Peggy George
look at all of those video tutorials on that Symbaloo :-)

35:58 - @bcdtech Maureen
Is voice dream a better option than subtext app Or is it for a different purpose?

36:11 - Peggy George
these tools will work with all learners :-) Explain Everything is awesome!

36:22 - Peggy George (Prezi Viewer iPad app)

36:42 - Peggy George (Prezi saved as PDF: Free; tutorial)

36:49 - Oronoque
I have trouble viewing a Prezi due to vertigo.

36:56 - @bcdtech Maureen
I just got bitsboard the other day! Haven't jumped to the pro version yet- but great possibilities- like the ABA apps, but all in one spot.

37:12 - Peggy George
@Oronoque then you would love seeing the PDF version :-)

37:15 - @bcdtech Maureen
@Oronoque- Prezis make me dizzy too!

38:05 - Sofí Segurola
What is her prezi

38:09 - Peggy George

38:13 - Peggy George
Earning the Learning

38:15 - Oronoque
Great to know about this resource since Prezis are becoming so popular.

38:52 - Peggy George
all of Toni's public Prezis are here: (Toni’ public Prezi’)

39:01 - Peggy George
he looks sooooo happy and proud!

39:15 - @plnaugle (Paula)
UDL Placemats of Core Apps

39:35 - Peggy George (an introduction by Apple,Inc. to show all the accessibility features on the iPad)

39:51 - Peggy George
thanks Paula! That looks great!

39:53 - @bcdtech Maureen
Could you use a TV and chromecast it? I think it would work... you can broadcast any tab... not sure about all the apps

40:12 - Peggy George
I love seeing how Toni uses these tools with him!

40:41 - Patti R
@Maureen I have used chromecast and as long as it is in the browser window you can cast it

40:58 - Peggy George
thanks for that tip Patti!

41:03 - Sofí Segurola
Air play with apple tv?

41:09 - @bcdtech Maureen
wow Paula- love the placemats!

41:50 - Peggy George
field trips are such valuable learning experiences! so sad that many school budgets have eliminated funding for these trips!

41:59 - Peggy George
thank goodness for virtual field trips!

42:02 - @bcdtech Maureen
@patti I have only used it to watch the world series- no cable here- so I opened it on computer and broadcasted to my rarely turned on TV :-)

42:22 - Peggy George (AirServer)

42:30 - Peggy George (Teach with your Ipad wiki: Presentation Apps)

42:50 - Peggy George
hahaha!!! it is ALL about learning!! :-)

43:03 - Peggy George (How to Save a Prezi: 6 Useful Things Prezi can do (which even experienced users miss)

44:04 - Peggy George
ipads definitely help to give students a voice!

44:07 - @bcdtech Maureen
@Peggy- now if I could only get the IT guy to put the ipads on the same network as the laptops... we could project- it is a pita at the moment- novell network and different networks for different devices/different populations in the district. ugh! maybe next year

44:08 - @JackieGerstein
that's cool

44:29 - Peggy George (StoryCreator app for iPhone/iPad (free) (Story Creator Pro: $1.99)

44:46 - @JackieGerstein
funny - I used to spend money on classroom supplies - now it's more on technology-apps for kids

45:11 - Peggy George

46:00 - @bcdtech Maureen
I like the way it syncs. I use camtasia to sync narration... not an app- software

46:10 - Peggy George (Bitsboard Pro: $9.99)

46:32 - Sofí Segurola
In Spanish?

46:48 - @bcdtech Maureen
This is one of the best most versatile apps I have seen- even only using it for a week. I think there are different languages

47:07 - Peggy George
great question Sofia! Lorie will ask Toni for you :-)

47:21 - Sofí Segurola

47:28 - Peggy George
Bitsboard Pro: Languages: English, German, Romanian, Spanish

47:41 - Peggy George (Evaluating iPad apps by Silvia Tolisano/Langwitches)

47:53 - Peggy George (Evaluating apps with transformative use in mind)

48:07 - Sofí Segurola
Yes but I can only buy one app

48:11 - Peggy George
that's really easy to use!

48:34 - Peggy George
@Sofia then maybe you could project it for everyone???

49:02 - Sofí Segurola

49:08 - Peggy George (an introduction by Apple,Inc. to show all the accessibility features on the iPad)

49:32 - @bcdtech Maureen
@Sofia- bitboard is very very versatile. Get the free version and play around with it for a bit before you commit to buying.

49:46 - Peggy George
important to know how to find all of these settings! I know I don't use them the way I should/could!

50:13 - Peggy George (Model Me Going Places app: visual teaching tool for helping your child learn to navigate challenging locations in the community. Each location contains a photo slideshow of children modeling appropriate behavior)

51:21 - @bcdtech Maureen
I am so going to send the recording and livebinder links to all the specialists at my school. Toni is amazing!

51:35 - Peggy George
this is a great ipad evaluation tool from Silvia Tolisano/Langwitches (iPad App Evaluation)

52:31 - Sofí Segurola
Great advice this

52:33 - Peggy George (Teach with your Ipad wiki: Presentation Apps)

52:55 - Peggy George (AirServer)

53:01 - Sofí Segurola
Ipad 2?

53:31 - @bcdtech Maureen
I didn't know that the reflection app is now also available for PCs now.. thought it was only on macs

54:02 - Peggy George
compatability for airserver:
iPad (2nd generation or newer, including retina models)
iPad mini (all versions, including retina models)
iPhone (4s or newer, including 5s)
iPod touch (5th generation or newer)

54:06 - Carolyn Stanley
Is it only available for IOS7?

54:10 - Sofí Segurola
Mirrors on ipad to screen

54:27 - Sofí Segurola
Not the other way around

54:28 - Peggy George
Operating System:
All versions of iOS 4 starting iOS 4.3
All versions of iOS 5
All versions of iOS 6
iOS 7 - iOS 7.1

54:31 - @bcdtech Maureen
@Carolyn I used it last year- before iOS 7

54:40 - Dejan Kreculj

54:48 - @JackieGerstein
question - what did you try that didn't work (failures??) and how did you "handle" it?

54:54 - Carolyn Stanley

55:14 - Peggy George
they are often afraid of what they don't know

55:16 - Patti R
I have just discovered when I went to order 5 more iPad2 for our school that they are now selling the iPad 4th gen for 399; has a lightning conector

55:39 - Peggy George
all of Toni's links are in our Livebinder today:

56:04 - Peggy George
I'll add all of the links you have shared in the chat to the Livebinder after the show. This will be a fabulous resource to share with others!

56:16 - Carolyn Stanley
That is so great! Can't remember failures!

56:21 - Peggy George
Interesting Patti!

56:35 - @bcdtech Maureen
@patti when I have talked with folks at Burlington High- the kids are beginning to find problems with iPad2... slow and not all apps work with it now.

56:54 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Failure - Frequent
Learning with
Reflection, and

56:59 - Peggy George (iTunes U Course: This course is a collection of resources aimed at supporting the educational community in the creation of learning environments that are accessible and inclusive of all learners.)

57:10 - Patti R
@maureen, yes sadly with tech by the time you are able to buy as many as you need the early devices are out of date

57:37 - Carolyn Stanley
@plnaugle - love it!

57:45 - Peggy George
subtext vs voice dream? :-) anyone know?

58:14 - Peggy George
if you'd like to share or ask a question on the mic please raise your hand and we'll give you the mic :-)

58:29 - Sofí Segurola
You have to put the text in voice dream right?

58:31 - @bcdtech Maureen
subtext link,d.cWc

58:53 - @bcdtech Maureen
sorry- that was messy

59:01 - Peggy George

59:24 - Peggy George
what a fantastic presentation Toni!!! Thank you so much!

59:24 - @bcdtech Maureen
virtual applause for Toni

59:30 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Virtual applause for Toni!

59:31 - @JackieGerstein
thanks - great infor

59:36 - Sofí Segurola
When teaching a new app...

59:47 - Patti R
@toni wonderful resources! thank you so much

59:50 - Carolyn Stanley
Thanks so much, Toni! What a wonderful learning experience.

59:54 - technoclown #2
Wonderful! Thanks

1:00:02 - Peggy George
I have learned so much from Toni and definitely plan to explore further with all of these resources!

1:00:09 - Sofí Segurola
Yes... Two several children with ld..

1:00:14 - Eileen
Thank you Toni great information

1:00:40 - Sofí Segurola

1:00:40 - Peggy George
your student wasn't actually manipulating on the ipad, right Toni?

1:00:46 - Sofí Segurola

1:01:18 - Peggy George

1:01:34 - Peggy George
thank you all for joining us today!

1:02:12 - Sofí Segurola
Thank you! I have great ideas starting with personalization!

1:02:15 - @bcdtech Maureen
This dovetails so nicely with the AT stuff I have been learning! Thank you Toni!!

1:02:31 - Toni Plourde
Thank you everyone! I appreciate your kindness!!!

1:03:20 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Have a great weekend everyone. :)

1:03:20 - Carolyn Stanley
I just wanted to tell everyone how much I'm enjoying my SanDisk wireless drive for backing up iPad and iPhone a

1:03:44 - @bcdtech Maureen
have a link Carolyn?

1:03:47 - Toni Plourde
Wonderful! Carolyn...I remember you sharing that on our smackdown!

1:03:50 - Carolyn Stanley
They have fixed the music feature.

1:03:58 - Sofí Segurola
Carolyn what is this?

1:04:15 - @bcdtech Maureen
no ISTE for me... will miss seeing friends!

1:04:37 - Carolyn Stanley
Just go to BestBuy or Amazon and search on SanDisk Wireless Drive.

1:05:11 - Carolyn Stanley
Peggy, can I take mike about the drive?

1:05:28 - Sofí Segurola
I need to take all my videos ans skits off my ipad too much memory to a hard drive how do I do this not enough memory on drop box or do not know how to out on cloud whic I paid more storage

1:06:04 - Peggy George
you can definitely store them in the cloud Sofia :-)

1:06:17 - Peggy George
yes Carolyn!! raise your hand :-)

1:06:20 - Sofí Segurola
I do not know how?

1:06:40 - Peggy George

1:06:55 - Peggy George
please nominate a featured teacher for our show! we love learning from them!

1:07:04 - Peggy George

1:07:17 - Peggy George
Archives for all recordings:

1:07:28 - Peggy George
recording and links will be posted here later today

1:07:43 - Sofí Segurola
I want to put the videos on macs in my room for student led conferences, take off ipad so I can film in Peru

1:07:43 - Peggy George

1:07:58 - Peggy George
some people like to listen to the audio version when they're exercising :-)

1:08:18 - Peggy George
Carolyn you can take the mic now :-)

1:08:27 - Carolyn Stanley
@Sofia - hang on a minute. They will let me take the mic.

1:08:28 - Peggy George
Huge thanks to Toni!!

1:08:32 - Peggy George

1:08:35 - Sofí Segurola

1:08:36 - technoclown #2

1:08:49 - Peggy George
Sandisk wireless drive :-)

1:08:53 - Toni Plourde
iCloud Apple instructions,d.aWw

1:08:59 - Peggy George
thanks Carolyn for sharing this with us!

1:10:08 - Peggy George
I'll add the link to that in the Livebinder if you'd like to explore it further :-) wireless drive...

1:10:23 - Peggy George
that should free up a ton of space on your ipad!

1:10:44 - Toni Plourde
That would be great! I'm now thinking this would be great to have.

1:10:56 - Peggy George
me too Toni!!! I see a purchase coming...

1:11:13 - Peggy George
thank you so much Carolyn!!!

1:11:14 - Sofí Segurola

1:11:15 - @bcdtech Maureen
thanks Carolyn!

1:11:19 - Toni Plourde
Thanks a ton, Carolyn!