Jun 6, 2009 9:01:13 AM - Google Search Tips

00:09 - Ellsbeth
Thank you for the wonderful Miles!

00:25 - Peggy George
Here we go!! :-) So glad you're here!

00:26 - Lisa Thumann
I don't know if I can follow Miles Davis

00:37 - Peggy George
absolutely you can Lisa!!

00:43 - Rushton
You can do it! Bee-bop, scooby-doo.

00:43 - Lisa Thumann

01:24 - Peggy George
We're recording everything so you'll be able to hear this again and share it with your colleagues :-)

02:16 - plnaugle
Good da everyone. Paula from sunny New Orleans.

02:32 - Peggy George
welcome Paula!

02:54 - Jeanette
Hi Paula and everyone else. I'm Jeanette from rainy Wisconsin.

02:59 - plnaugle
Hi Peggy.

03:14 - cindytuaz
Good morning. this is Cindy from Tucson

03:15 - Peggy George
let us know if you have any questions about using elluminate

03:17 - Janeil
Janeil is here from rainy Wisconsin too.

03:22 - Lisa Thumann
I prefer the Default layout to see the slides bigger

03:35 - Peggy George
beautiful sunny day in Pittsboro NC--great place for my vacation!!

03:55 - SusanSi
howdy from sunny Texas!

04:14 - plnaugle
@Jeanette I'll try to send some sun your way.

04:16 - Peggy George
if the chat room is full and moving quickly the wide view works best but when you want to see the full slide view, default is best

04:50 - Ray J.
Big hi to Texas!

04:54 - Barbara O
I'm still hearing Miles...a little too loud for background music. How can I turn it off?

04:56 - Jim Lerman
Jim Lerman, sunny NYC, low-mid 70's

04:56 - Lisa Thumann
very cool tool!

05:00 - Jill Lambert
hello from Nashville, TN

05:08 - Peggy George
I have to vote twice--once for Phoenix AZ and once for Pittsboro NC :-)

05:23 - Steve Guditus
Boston, MA here: http://twitter.com/sguditus

05:25 - vickie
Hello from rainy Iowa

05:27 - Jeanette
@ Paula - Thanks!

05:30 - ChrisGR
Chris GR - Nebraska - Rainy...Finally

05:32 - SueH
SueH from Surrey, BC (finally cool enough to do my online course homework)

05:40 - jeffmason
pensacola. FL sunny expecting 80+º

06:01 - Susan Rardin
hello from Susan in NJ

06:06 - Don
Don, Ridgeland, Ms. Sunny 77

06:25 - Peggy George
Lisa has some awesome tips for us today! I know we're going to learn some exciting new things!!!

06:29 - Cristy
Hello from South Carolina!

06:48 - SueH
Where are you doing your master's, kim?

06:56 - Lisa Thumann
I'm so glad to see Susan Rardin in the room - how exciting!! She's one of the teachers I work with in NJ!!

07:00 - Kim Caise

07:03 - Sheri Edwards
Coulee Dam WA a little cooler today 79

07:18 - SueH

07:34 - Kim Caise
western governors university online program

07:37 - Peggy George
the google alerts are fantastic for helping me to stay current with topics of interest to me!

07:46 - Susan Rardin
Susan R. NJ

07:59 - sue
Are they similar to RSS feeds?

08:06 - Alex
I am clicking on yes but it is not showing ?

08:06 - Peggy George
this is such valuable feedback for us!! Lisa will know just what to do with it!!

08:13 - Marie Coleman
Students use google alerts to have current research at their fingertips!

08:18 - Peggy George
@sue-similar but they come into your email

08:36 - Ed Warkentin
Google Custom Search is AWESOME!!!

08:36 - plnaugle
I use 4th grade, fourth grade, and elementary math for Google alerts.

08:36 - Susan Rardin
Susan R. Not yet

08:54 - Cristy
Customized search for students sounds interesting!

08:56 - Marie Coleman
You can also have google alerts come via RSS

09:15 - Tammie
Wow, I'm learning a lot already!

09:17 - ChrisGR
I generally use RSS

09:19 - Marie Coleman
Interested in knowing how to customize search

09:27 - Peggy George
yes Marie--that's a very cool feature of google alerts!

10:18 - George M.
Really like Google Reader

10:19 - plnaugle
Thanks Kim.

10:28 - Kim Caise
peggy we aren't hearing

10:29 - Kim Caise

10:42 - DebH2U
whoa - bog echo

10:49 - Peggy George
oh no--I'll do a quick audio test

10:52 - SueH
interesting sound effect? and am hearing Kim and her echo

11:02 - Janeil

11:02 - Lisa Thumann
Should I just start?

11:18 - plnaugle
Peggy's vacation location must be messing with her audio.

11:34 - Donelle
hi lisa!

11:36 - Donelle

11:37 - Janeil
Sounds good

11:38 - plnaugle
Welcome. Lisa.

11:40 - George M.

11:40 - Tammie

11:45 - Susan Rardin
yes good

11:45 - cindytuaz

11:46 - rob m
yes both of you

11:53 - plnaugle
Yeah it's Peggy.

12:16 - Barbara O
I'm still hearing the music which is overpowering anyone talking!

12:27 - Rushton

12:29 - Susan Rardin
susan- I am one of her students!

12:32 - Janeil
I cannot hear any music only talking

12:59 - Sheri Edwards
I also only hear talking - no music

13:05 - Barbara O
Miles loud and clear!

13:11 - matt montagne
what is Lisa's twitter ID??

13:12 - Donelle
what's lisa's twitter name?

13:19 - Lisa Thumann

13:41 - plnaugle
@barbara Why not end your session and log in again?

14:05 - Peggy George
you can definitely live up to it!!!

14:20 - Barbara O
Thanks...I think I have a window open somewhere still playing the music!

14:31 - Peggy George
all of our links for today's show will be here: http://gl.am/LlS0v

14:36 - Cristy
Following Lisa on Twitter now.

14:44 - Donelle
me too

15:01 - Peggy George

15:31 - Peggy George
time is such a big issue for teachers!!!

15:31 - plnaugle
Amen to that. Time is so short.

15:52 - Lisa Thumann

15:58 - sal

16:00 - Kim Caise

16:16 - Peggy George

16:18 - Kim Caise
we are glamorous women!

16:35 - plnaugle
I like that gl.am doesn't have ads.

16:37 - Peggy George

17:10 - Peggy George
I THOUGHT I knew about Google resources until I saw Lisa's presentation!!! So much more for teachers!!

17:19 - Kim Caise
we do to @plnaugle

17:39 - Carol Arc
Attended the GLI last week with Lisa - amazing!

18:03 - plnaugle
Peggy the link to Lisa's blog doesn't open for me.

18:08 - Peggy George

18:26 - Peggy George
which link plnaugle?

18:41 - sue
yea! Colorado! How can we find out when and where?

18:51 - plnaugle
This one.

19:00 - Peggy George

19:09 - Peggy George
try again--it's working for me right now

19:28 - Lisa Thumann

19:30 - Peggy George
what an amazing multitasker Lisa!

19:53 - Steve Guditus
Will we have a chance to discuss using GoogleDocs in schools today?

20:19 - Peggy George
today is all about google search tools and not google docs

20:42 - Lisa Thumann

20:45 - Kim Caise
we will be featuring a show on googledocs in the future

20:46 - Peggy George
those posters are fantastic!!

20:47 - Donelle
@steve u should add google docs to the wiki for topic ideas

21:03 - Donelle
coooool posters

21:18 - Peggy George
they've done all of the work for us--just have to print it out!!

21:20 - Steve Guditus
@Donelle - yes, good idea - what is the wiki http again?

21:21 - Ed Warkentin
In my county, we are able to send them files such as these posters and have them print and laminate them.

21:30 - Peggy George
you can send them to Kinko's to print larger and laminate!

21:44 - Lisa Thumann

21:53 - plnaugle
I couldn't open the link to Lisa's website, so I did a Google search for her and got there.

22:19 - Donelle
@steve http://wiki.classroom20.com/Classroom+2.0+LIVE!+Show

22:43 - Susan Rardin
susan- the screen shot is very blury

22:44 - Peggy George
thanks Donelle! we definitely welcome topic suggestions for our shows!!

23:15 - Tammie
yes blurry for me too

23:30 - Susan Rardin
susan- I was just letting you know

23:36 - Peggy George
how valuable for students to be able to get information from different resources to learn to validate the news stuff!

23:43 - Kim Caise
you can resize the window too and make it larger

23:52 - Tammie
me too, not complaining..:)

23:56 - matt montagne
this is incredible

24:02 - matt montagne
fantastic stuff

24:12 - Peggy George
isn't this exciting stuff??!! :-)

24:27 - Carol Arc
Not sure if kids can access them from the classroom.

24:30 - micki
YES !!!

24:33 - Lisa Thumann

24:33 - Kim Caise
it is, i was at lisa's preso at the den in sl and i told peggy we had to have her on our show!

24:38 - Peggy George
perfect segueway--can't speel it though!

25:11 - Donelle
i've been to 3 workshops on google searches, so i almost didn't come today. but... i never heard about posters and the last few tips. awesome!

25:31 - Carol Arc
@donelle - there's always

25:36 - Peggy George
you're going to have a LOT of tabs open by the end of the show if you're clicking on all of them :-)

25:37 - Carol Arc
somehting new!

25:50 - Peggy George

25:59 - Donelle
i am

26:23 - George M.
Google Translator is great for my ESL kids

26:33 - plnaugle
This is great to teach to my ESL students. WOW.

26:35 - SueH
how good are the translations?

26:36 - Marie Coleman
great for world language classes, too!

26:44 - SueH

26:48 - matt montagne
translator is going to make our language teachers nervous!

26:49 - DebH2U
I use Google translator to tralslate tweet form overseas twitter followers

26:57 - Peggy George
even if the translation is "adequate" it helps!

27:06 - Donelle
i've used this with my students' parents... very helpful

27:09 - Susan Rardin
Susan- I wish I could have used this when I tried to communicate with a school in Mongolia!

27:12 - matt montagne
google wave's on-the-fly IM translator looks unreal

27:14 - Marie Coleman
also gives students a chance to 'perfect' it!

27:30 - Peggy George
I"m really looking forward to Google WAVE!! Sounds amazing!

27:37 - Kim Caise
me too!

27:37 - Rushton
For example (on the right) "golpear" means "to hit" - it's a starter, and useful for that reason. To use it well, one must be ready to simplify one's English if going to another language.

27:39 - Donelle
@matt i was wondering how long it would take for someone to mention wave

27:40 - Shamblesguru
Smiling at the enthusiasm ;-) ... contagious

27:46 - Peggy George
Matt started it!!!

27:48 - SueH
how wonderful for ESL classes

27:52 - Tammie
spent an hour yesterday watching the WAVE video

27:52 - Ed Warkentin
We have this embedded in our school webpage, allowing viewers to translate the website...

27:54 - rob m
oops we all want to wave

27:55 - sroseman
google wave if you have time please

28:00 - George M.
Google sqaured ???

28:15 - matt montagne
I'm excited about the possibility of installing Wave on our own LAN

28:19 - cindytuaz
I teach Spanish--I was impressed with the Google wave translator

28:21 - Sheri Edwards
@Rushton thanks for the tip

28:25 - SueH
or math when ESL students are in math class and cannot understand the word problems

28:26 - Kim Caise
awesome idea about research

28:28 - Donelle
@matt... i want the tshirt

28:34 - cindytuaz
This Spanish isn't bad

28:38 - Peggy George
you can't help but get excited about these tools when you hear about them from Lisa! Her enthusiasm is so contagious!!!!

28:41 - matt montagne
@donelle...the T shirt is cool...I totally agree!!!!

28:43 - Michelle TG
I haven't found the translation to be very accurate... try typing in spanish and see the english--it's difficult to read. BUT, very SIMPLE phrases work okay.

28:52 - Lisa Thumann

29:14 - Donelle
love the advanced search

29:21 - micki
Use this ALL the time !!!

29:36 - Rushton
One more quick thought on the language translation - you can always plug the results back into the translator and see what comes back in English. Can be pretty funny.

29:36 - Ed Warkentin
.swf (flash animations) are good too

29:41 - plnaugle
I use this feature all the time.

29:42 - Peggy George
it's great for searching for google earth documents that you can use directly with your students!

29:59 - rob m
What is search google code?

30:00 - Donelle
the google start page should just go straight to this

30:09 - Cristy
Rushton: That sounds like a good lesson for students. I do not use translators in the classroom.

30:10 - plnaugle
What is KMZ?

30:14 - rob m

30:30 - matt montagne
I wished they allowed .mp3 .mov etc

30:30 - plnaugle
Thanks Lisa.

30:32 - Rushton
Will both KML and KMZ open in Google Maps?

30:41 - Ed Warkentin
KMZ = a tour, and KML = a single placemark...is this right?

30:42 - Peggy George
if you search for KMZ you'll find already created google earth docs like the google lit trips!

31:29 - plnaugle
@Ed Thanks for that info.

31:37 - Kim Caise
i created one on the classroom 2.0 live.com site

31:45 - Rushton
@Matt Montagne - agreed - do any other search engines do that (mp3 and mov and others) that anyone knows?

31:49 - Kim Caise
thank you

32:16 - clinds
can you search for creative commons images like you can in yahoo?

32:18 - Peggy George
just a simple google search with topic and mp3 will bring up lots

32:32 - Peggy George
dogs are welcome on our shows too!!

32:36 - Ed Warkentin
Google Books can do mags, books, etc.

32:40 - Kim Caise
and cats!

32:49 - Sheri Edwards
My husband just took our dog for a walk :)

32:55 - Jill Lambert
let me in, let me out, let me in, let me out

33:06 - Rushton
@clinds - The best place for that is http://search.creativecommons.org (I think)

33:07 - Ed Warkentin

33:08 - Peggy George
this is very helpful info about what you WON'T find on Google Search!

33:25 - Lisa Thumann

33:28 - Donelle
love the blog search tool

33:36 - Peggy George
that's coming Donelle!!

33:58 - Jim Lerman
instead of going to the library

34:19 - Jim Lerman
except you can do it at 2 am

34:25 - Rushton

34:33 - Donelle
and can have coffee with u

34:36 - Peggy George
it's so helpful to have the dates and know you're getting current/recent articles

35:25 - Carol Arc

35:33 - Kim Caise

35:48 - Rushton
Not that there's anything wrong with libraries - some of our best friends are librarians. Bless their hearts.

35:48 - Peggy George
we are so lucky to have these resources now!!!

35:49 - Donelle
me too. i totally remember that

35:49 - Cristy
Can you search Scholar in other languages? Wondering if I should recommend it to my French students.

35:51 - Janeil
I don't even remember how to do that after the internet

35:53 - Peggy George

35:55 - Jill Lambert

35:55 - plnaugle

35:59 - Jeanette

35:59 - Vicky Sedgwick

36:00 - SueH
ERIC searches were so complicated

36:06 - Don

36:06 - Peggy George
incredible isn't it????

36:10 - Susan Rardin
Susan : FREE

36:12 - #liveclass20
with some ads :-)

36:14 - Caroline - Florida

36:18 - Janeil
Me too this would have been so much easier

36:26 - Peggy George
I never read the ads!!

36:31 - Shamblesguru
Ask a Librarian !

36:36 - Kim Caise
me either, i ignore them

36:46 - Rushton

36:48 - Donelle
i guess this is one benefit that i put my masters off until now

36:51 - Jill Lambert

36:52 - Kim Caise
no i ignore the ads

36:52 - Peggy George
not the librarians--the ads!

36:53 - Jim Lerman
librarians are very important!

36:54 - Ed Warkentin
To what extent does this 100% replace that? Is this as complete as the old way. Isn't what you get here limited sometimes (like just the abstracts, etc.)?

36:58 - Shamblesguru
or "he"

36:58 - Ellsbeth
I love my librarians!

37:12 - Peggy George
librarians are indispensible!!!!!!!

37:21 - Jim Lerman
It's great, but not the only thing

37:31 - matt montagne
I think teachers can learn alot from librarians...the librarian role has changed dramatically in the age of google.

37:52 - George M.
power librarians are great

37:58 - Jill Lambert
that's one reason I'm here today...I need to stay ahead of the curve

38:16 - Shamblesguru
.. and they are more important NOT less ... a few senior managers think Google will replace Librarians ..... wrong!

38:21 - matt montagne
@george...yep, I totally agree...an effective librarian in the age of google is a HUGE asset to the learning environment.

38:22 - Peggy George
I think I want to create an igoogle page just for all of these tools on my own page--fantastic resources!

38:35 - micki
The job of librarians has changed - same as teachers

38:37 - matt montagne

38:49 - Lisa Thumann

39:11 - Peggy George
Can you save a google news search as an RSS feed?

39:13 - matt montagne
@micki...I would argue that librarians have done a much, much better job of adapting to the new learning environment

39:33 - matt montagne
@peggy...I think you can save a news search as an RSS feed

39:39 - micki
sadly...I agree. how do we get the teachers to catch up ?

39:40 - Marie Coleman
@matt - some have, but not all...not yet anyway!

39:45 - Sheri Edwards
or teachers are also librarians too

39:47 - Peggy George

40:05 - Steve Guditus
Even with Google News, though, you must be careful about the even-handedness of the sources. I've had to teach my students a lot of source discrimination with using Google News.

40:32 - Peggy George
excellent advice Steve! do you have a presentation or blog post about how you do that?

40:33 - Jim Lerman
It's also valuable to read news from different countries to get varied perspectives

40:39 - matt montagne
@marie...I guess I'm looking thru rose colored lenses because our librarian is incredible

41:18 - Sheri Edwards
Yes Steve -- we need to also teach source validity and bias -- if we always choose the sites, they won't get that. Thanks for bring that up.

41:20 - Peggy George
I've seen the link for the front page of newspapers around the world. That is great!

41:47 - Marie Coleman
@matt - good for you - I'm a media spec myself, but most in my district are not on board despite my push!

41:51 - sal

41:57 - micki

42:01 - SueH
you must have a fast connection!

42:09 - Carol Arc

42:11 - Ed Warkentin
Here's something to consider as you teach students (and yourselves) about this trend of news customization: http://epic.makingithappen.co.uk/

42:15 - Carol Arc
what's standardized

42:18 - Howie DiBlasi
Is Lisa going to show the Wonder Wheel?

42:18 - #liveclass20
you nee to be log into google to do that

42:27 - Rushton
Hmm. I'm not showing the personalized edition button - how do we get that to appear?

42:50 - micki
I do this with igoogle

43:00 - Peggy George

43:02 - Steve Guditus
@ #liveclass20 - I've had kids sign up for a Google acct to use w/Google Docs, but not everyone has an email, so I've relied on Mailinator.com as a solution

43:21 - Howie DiBlasi
use e-pals for FREE e-mail

43:35 - Peggy George
being able to personalize the news is a wonderful feature! can we do that on an iphone?

43:39 - #liveclass20
the personalize feature is not avail in singapore

43:53 - Peggy George
great tip Howie--epals for free email

44:00 - Steve Guditus
@ Howie - Mailinator eliminates email need - it is only an inbox so as to allow confirmation of Google accts

44:11 - Rushton
I just noticed that it was in the upper right of the page for me - perhaps that link at the bottom appears when you set something up.

44:22 - Howie DiBlasi
Tks I will check it out

44:29 - micki

44:35 - Sheri Edwards
Steve what is mailnator?

44:35 - Donelle
@steve g. did not know that. cool

44:58 - Susan Rardin
Susan: Incredible!

45:07 - Jim Lerman
how do you turn it off?

45:12 - Peggy George

45:20 - Donelle
do u get a ton of emails though?

45:27 - Ed Warkentin
Like the paperboy (RSS)

45:29 - Steve Guditus
Mailinator.com - upon signup for Google Accts, use any mailinator address you want - go to mailinator and the confirmation email will be there, but only for a few hours

45:37 - Lisa Thumann

45:37 - Rushton
Timeline - very cool indeed!

45:40 - Peggy George

45:49 - Susan Rardin

45:56 - webman

45:59 - Lisa Thumann

45:59 - Peggy George
I learned about google labs from Lisa :-)

46:05 - Sheri Edwards
thanks Steve

46:33 - Steve Guditus
Mailinator - has no privacy, but allows kids to signup for Google Accts without need for an email, since it doesn't allow you to send out emails from mailinator

46:35 - Peggy George
the timeline makes it so valuable!!

47:12 - Marie Coleman
This is very cool!

47:24 - Kim Caise
you can use your google email and the + sign to modify your email for student email that filters through your email account

47:35 - plnaugle
The timeline is a valuable learning tool.

47:42 - Steve Guditus
This seems like a great way to assess source validity and potential media bias

47:46 - Lisa Thumann

47:52 - matt montagne
labs must be "Alpha" because everything google has out there is "beta" !

48:11 - Peggy George
funny Matt!!!

48:29 - Ed Warkentin
Labs..."released"... doesn't "labs" just mean that they can yank it at any time? versus more established tools - less of a threat that if you start depending on it, it will go away?

48:46 - Donelle

48:48 - Peggy George

48:49 - mcteach
Whoa! That's way cool!!!

48:52 - George M.

48:53 - Jim Lerman

48:54 - roxanne c

48:54 - plnaugle
Love it!

48:56 - Jill Lambert
hard to believe

48:57 - Janeil
very cool.

48:58 - DebH2U

48:58 - rob m
so cool.....

49:00 - Gail
Love it!

49:02 - Sheri Edwards

49:03 - matt montagne
big deal...

49:06 - matt montagne
just kidding!!!

49:15 - Carol Arc
our students can't access images

49:15 - matt montagne

49:18 - SueH
can you filter it for CC images?

49:19 - Peggy George
can you do a similar images search with just Creative Commons images?

49:33 - DebH2U
yes - CC filter?

49:33 - Peggy George
@SueH--we're on the same wavelength!

49:43 - Ed Warkentin
"safe search" is a good option to consider

49:45 - Steve Guditus
WOW. I do a ton of pictures-as-symbolism to ramp up higher order thinking....this makes it easier to accomplish

50:13 - micki
It IS a playground!

50:18 - plnaugle
I use Google Labs to add Twitter widget to my gmail page.

50:27 - SueH
@ Peggy -- I want kids only to use CC images

50:56 - David Blair
Wonder what Lisa thinks of Wolfram Alpha?

51:06 - Peggy George
aren't you just bursting with all of these suggestions??!! I sure am!

51:08 - Lisa Thumann

51:12 - SueH
sometimes the tools in labs are withdrawn

51:32 - Peggy George
need some more of that Miles Davis jazz music to settle me down!

51:35 - Jim Lerman
I so mourn the loss of Notebook!

51:45 - Alex
Is there something like web md / googel health ?

51:46 - Donelle
me too

51:52 - Steve Guditus
You can create a custom database to preview sources with kids

52:07 - Ed Warkentin
My Google Custom Search re: "All Things Google" is at http://tinyurl.com/o4pbuu

52:57 - micki
@Ed - thanks !!

53:04 - Ed Warkentin
My Google Custom Search re: "Elementary Math" is at http://tinyurl.com/elementarymath

53:16 - Peggy George
thank you Ed!! just discovered I can add your search engine right on my igoogle home page with one click!!

53:25 - Shamblesguru
The search boxes on www.shambles.net are using Google ... FREE!

54:05 - Ed Warkentin
I wish the list of sites were visible to all those using the Custom Search (not just the owner)

54:32 - Donelle
am i the only one that didn't know about this?

54:35 - Peggy George
good point--is there a way to find out which sites are being searched?

54:42 - Howie DiBlasi
Lisa>>>Mention Wonder Wheel if you have time

54:44 - Kim Caise
no you aren't @donelle

54:46 - Jill Lambert
no I didn't either

54:46 - matt montagne
My librarian and I had an alternative to the typical bibliography that we have students submit after the research process is over...

54:54 - Steve Guditus
@Lisa - does the custom search bar automatically rely on your preset standards?

54:56 - plnaugle
@Donelle No I'm with you.

55:01 - Peggy George
wow! where did the time go??!!

55:08 - Howie DiBlasi
tks lisa

55:09 - Carol Arc
will you share this pp?

55:20 - Peggy George
yes it is on slideshare

55:24 - matt montagne
...we thought we would have the students create their own custom search engine of the sites they used in their research...to me, that is so much more valuable than a MLA formatted bib..

55:25 - Carol Arc

55:29 - micki
Thank you Lisa !!

55:41 - Jim Lerman

55:43 - Cristy
Nice question on the screen!

55:47 - Peggy George

55:48 - Shamblesguru

55:49 - Marie Coleman
@matt great idea!

56:00 - Sheri Edwards
Matt -- agree

56:05 - Marie Coleman
Super preso Lisa!

56:06 - Peggy George
thank you sooooo much Lisa!!!

56:06 - Jim Lerman
great job Lisa!!!

56:07 - Jill Lambert
Thanks so much everyone! This was sooo valuable!

56:09 - DebH2U

56:11 - Steve Guditus

56:11 - Rushton
Yay! Great stuff.

56:13 - Susan Rardin
Susan: Thank you very much!!

56:16 - Andrea Drinkwine

56:18 - Howie DiBlasi
GREAT!!!! job LISA

56:18 - rob m
Thanks Lisa

56:22 - Shamblesguru
.. all without breathing .. am so impressed ;-)

56:22 - George M.
Can you say a few words about google squared

56:23 - Janeil
THank you Lisa!

56:25 - Steve Guditus
Fellow tweeters: http://twitter.com/sguditus

56:30 - Lisa Thumann
Susan - Thank you for coming - and tahnks for the jump drove!!

56:31 - clinds
I know I'm not supposed to bring it up but does anyone have the link for the Google Wave video? I'd love to check it out!

56:32 - SueH
thanks lisa

56:34 - Lisa Thumann
I mean drive!

56:35 - plnaugle
Boy am I going to be busy today playing with Google.

56:43 - Jim Lerman
bye everyone!

56:48 - Carol Arc
I guess I missed 2

56:52 - Donelle
can u use cc in that google images search?

56:54 - Lisa Thumann
Thank you everyone for being such a great audience

56:56 - matt montagne
cheers for Lisa...great presentation!!!

57:00 - rob m
Good bye

57:05 - Janeil

57:07 - cindytuaz
wave--on youtube just do search

57:07 - Cristy
This was a practical webinar. Thanks!

57:10 - Donelle
@matt what's your twitter id

57:18 - Lisa Thumann
Yes, Donelle, you can.

57:28 - Donelle

57:30 - matt montagne
@Donelle... mjmontagne on twitter

57:36 - clinds
Is part 2 of wild with wikis now archived? I couldn't find it a few days ago and haven't had time to check. Thanks!

57:44 - Marie Coleman
Applause! Applause! Great topic well done and thanks to Classroom 2.0 - you're doing some great shows!

57:50 - Peggy George
Carla Arena has been doing some fantastic things with images4education! Be sure to come and join us next week!

57:57 - Rushton
C2.0Live from EduBloggerCon?

58:00 - Kim Caise

58:00 - Caroline - Florida
Lisa - Thank you for the great overview of what is available on Google!

58:04 - Peggy George
yes Part 2 of wikis is now archived for you

58:10 - Jill Lambert
classroom 2.9 webinars have changed my life!

58:20 - Jill Lambert
oops 2.0

58:25 - Peggy George
thanks Jill!! they have definitely changed my life!!

58:28 - plnaugle
Another overwhelming presentaition. Great job, Lisa. Thank you so much for sharing.

58:34 - Carol Arc
@Lisa - how do you teach, be a mother, wife and gle all at the same time?

58:36 - Sheri Edwards
Thanks Lisa -- learned so much

58:46 - Ed Warkentin
My Google Custom Search re: "Ancient China" is at http://tinyurl.com/ancientchina
My Google Custom Search re: "Biomes, for 6th graders" is at http://tinyurl.com/biomes6
My Google Custom Search re: "Ancient Greece" is at http://tinyurl.com/ancientgreece6

58:46 - Shamblesguru
hey ... what about glamourous avatars ;-) ... no not really

58:57 - Ed Warkentin
Just in case anyone was interested...

58:57 - Lisa Thumann
It was my pleasure :)

58:58 - Peggy George
you'll be able to explore all of Lisa's links to the tools today from the gl.am link

59:03 - Donelle
is lisa presenting at necc

59:03 - matt montagne
@donelle - I'm on left coast too!!

59:05 - roxanne c
brain is bursting

59:11 - Cristy
How do you become a Google certified teacher?

59:13 - roxanne c
in a good way

59:16 - Donelle
@matt dobrien917

59:24 - Rushton
@Cristy - good info at google.com/educators

59:26 - Lisa Thumann
I will be presneting at BLC this year and attending NECC

59:32 - Cristy
Thanks, Rushton.

59:34 - Kim Caise

59:41 - roxanne c
can we still apply to attend google teacher certification?

59:48 - Peggy George
when you view the recording of this session you can pause and click on the links that have been shared in the chat log. Thank you all for sharing your links!!

1:00:06 - Lisa Thumann
Cristy - find info at http://www.google.com/educators/gta.html

1:00:18 - Donelle
just found out today that i'm going to necc

1:00:20 - Lisa Thumann
GTA applications due by July 3rd

1:00:21 - Donelle
so excited

1:00:22 - Peggy George
there is a link for google certified teachers in the gl.am links too

1:00:38 - Peggy George
yeah Donelle! Let's try to connect at NECC!

1:01:06 - Donelle
@peggy sounds good

1:01:31 - Tammie
wish they would have more google academies...not much chance of getting to one the way it is now

1:01:32 - Cristy
Thank you, Lisa.

1:01:34 - George M.
can you say a few words about use of google squared?

1:01:41 - Rushton
Hey Lisa, have you tried out any of the really new things (Wonder Wheel, etc.) and been impressed or not impressed?

1:01:43 - SueH

1:01:58 - SueH
sorry -- wonderwheel?

1:02:05 - Peggy George
shhh!! we're not supposed to talk about this today but here's the video for Google WAVE. http://wave.google.com/

1:02:14 - Lisa Thumann

1:02:15 - matt montagne
you gotta be within 75 miles of boulder though, correct??

1:02:43 - SueH
last one said I could come from Canada

1:02:44 - Peggy George
Rushton you should take the mic and tell us about those really new things like Wonder Wheel :-)

1:02:45 - cindytuaz
I don't think so. I know someone here in tucson who is applying.

1:03:01 - Rushton
I don't think so - I think it's open to everyone. At the last one in Mt. View, only seven of the fifty or so were from our area.

1:03:08 - Sheri Edwards
Any comingt to Pacific Northwest?

1:03:08 - Tammie
how many apply for each available spot?

1:03:10 - plnaugle
It is open to everyone. Something new for this one.

1:03:11 - Carol Arc
Lisa - can you briefly explain wave and wonder wheel?

1:03:13 - matt montagne
OK, cool...I think I'll give it a shot

1:03:38 - sal
What is the cost?

1:03:40 - Rushton
@ Tammie - not sure, but I'm guessing about 5-6 applicants for each accepted.

1:03:42 - Barbara O
Any planned for D.C. or Atlanta?

1:03:48 - Rushton
You have to get yourself to the site.

1:03:54 - Peggy George
the Google Academy always sounds like such an incredible learning experience and everyone leaves with a new PLN!!

1:04:01 - Rushton
(They don't pay for your travel and lodging.)

1:04:22 - sal
is it close to the airport

1:04:26 - Rushton

1:04:31 - sroseman
anything in Ottawa, Ontario Canada

1:04:39 - Rushton
Agreed, and the most useful.

1:05:07 - Rushton
They don't say much about where the next ones will be, nor when - just keep watching the GTA link.

1:05:22 - Rushton

1:05:26 - plnaugle
Can you use PhotoStory?

1:05:42 - Peggy George
isn't it amazing how time consuming a 1-minute video can be when you're creating it?? :-)

1:05:57 - Rushton
Yes - the key is the content, not how flashy it is. That said, great content presented in an amazing way is a huge plus.

1:06:24 - matt montagne
@plnaugle...I'm sure you could use facebook to make your video

1:06:24 - plnaugle
Pick me I want to go!!!

1:06:30 - Barbara O
Thanks for the info and will keep fingers crossed that one is held MidAtlantic or Southeast!

1:06:35 - matt montagne
I don't think it really matters what video tool you use

1:06:40 - Kim Caise
good point @matt

1:06:41 - Lisa Thumann

1:06:46 - Peggy George
oh great Lisa--the video link from your Google Teacher's application :-)

1:06:55 - Steve Guditus
Does one become Google-certified by attending one session or is a longer process?

1:06:59 - Sheri Edwards
I thought I might complete a video based on google ct app just for my profile

1:07:04 - Carol Arc
Lisa - can you briefly explain wave and wonder wheel?

1:07:05 - Lisa Thumann
It's just the one day

1:07:23 - matt montagne
boulder in August would make for a nice road trip :-)

1:07:26 - Peggy George
wow! there are a FEW familiar names on that page of videos!!! all inspiring web 2.0 leaders!!

1:07:34 - Steve Guditus
@Lisa - does the custom google search engine bar that you imbed in a webpage/wiki automatically give results based on the customized search you have created? Or does it just bring you back to the Google page?

1:07:36 - Barbara O
Would love to have my name on that list!

1:07:46 - Peggy George
yes Matt-swing through Phoenix on your way to Colorado :-)

1:07:48 - cindytuaz
Wave is best to see using the vdieo

1:07:49 - Carol Arc
That's ok:-)

1:08:05 - Rushton
For Wonder Wheel, do a search, and near the top of the results is a link, "Show options"

1:08:08 - cindytuaz
There's too much involved in wave to explain quickly

1:08:09 - Tammie
check out the video that google put out about wave

1:08:26 - Peggy George

1:08:35 - Steve Guditus
Yes - thankyou!

1:08:36 - wcdaley
thanks all. love these shows. need to go.

1:08:42 - Rushton
Once you've clicked on that, on the left will be an option called, "Wonder Wheel." Play with that - pretty amazing ability to move among commonly linked tags.

1:09:13 - cindytuaz
Wonder wheel will give you a web effect that you can help narrow down your search. Good for those kids who don't like to read and filter

1:09:14 - Carol Arc
Lisa you were great! gotta go

1:09:17 - sandramd
what is google wave?

1:09:19 - Lisa Thumann
Bye Carol

1:09:23 - sal
Can you give an elluminate session on google apps?

1:09:34 - Peggy George
I can see what I'm going to be doing for the rest of the day!!! Such great tools to explore!!

1:09:37 - Lisa Thumann
Google Apps Ed Edition or Just Google Apps

1:09:41 - Kim Caise

1:09:42 - #liveclass20
wave is online collaboration tool

1:09:42 - plnaugle
Bye everyone and thanks.

1:09:42 - Judy
Off the topic a bit, but how do you deal with under 13 getting google accounts?

1:09:43 - Rushton
"Google Wave is a new tool for communication and collaboration on the web, coming later this year. Watch the demo video below, sign up for updates and learn more about how to develop with Google Wave."

1:09:44 - sharon_elin
I came in late (sorry to miss the beginning!) Was Google Squared one of the topics?

1:09:47 - #liveclass20
open source

1:09:50 - matt montagne
the think I'm excited about with Wave is that they are making it open to orgnaizations to install on their own LANs

1:09:58 - Peggy George
@sal--think we'd need several sessions to cover google apps :-)

1:10:00 - sal
educations google apps

1:10:01 - Tammie
Thank you so much! All of these Saturday sessions have been fabulous, but I think this was #1 for me!

1:10:06 - matt montagne
WAVEs from separate LANS can interact with one another...

1:10:09 - matt montagne
that is sweet

1:10:29 - Peggy George
thanks Tammie! I know I learn new things every week!!

1:10:46 - cindytuaz
Google wave takes email, im, etc. to the next level.

1:10:46 - Ed Warkentin
Re: under 13 accounts...Someone shared this earlier: http://mailinator.com/
Mailinator.com - upon signup for Google Accts, use any mailinator address you want - go to mailinator and the confirmation email will be there, but only for a few hours

1:10:58 - Ed Warkentin
I plan on doing this, but not telling my students the passwords.

1:10:59 - Peggy George
that's an interesting thought--create a student email account but don't activate it

1:11:09 - Steve Guditus
@Ed - yes, that was me - and it was relatively success to use http://mailinator.com

1:11:13 - Ed Warkentin
I will log the classroom computers in...

1:11:13 - SueH
our kids all have shool first class accounts

1:11:14 - matt montagne
Our google apps network with email is going live in 9 days!!! We're converting from Firstclass...can't wait!!

1:11:16 - Rushton
Which link?

1:11:21 - Sheri Edwards
link to google educator edition??

1:11:32 - Rushton
somewhere at http://edtechlife.com/

1:11:48 - Sheri Edwards
Lucky you Matt :)

1:11:53 - Rushton

1:11:57 - Lisa Thumann

1:11:59 - Rushton
Team effort!

1:12:02 - Kim Caise
you can create student email accounts with your gmail account like GeorgeBush+anythingyouwant@gmail.com

1:12:05 - Judy

1:12:06 - Ed Warkentin
Thanks, Steve. Sorry to not credit you!! You solved the one problem I was really scratching my head about... :)

1:12:09 - Rushton
Not having to talk at the same time. 8^)

1:12:09 - Kim Caise

1:12:09 - Peggy George
you're both amazing!! thanks!!

1:12:14 - Barbara O
We can't get Google Apps Education to call us back - have tried twice!

1:12:45 - matt montagne
@Barbara...don't be discoraged...they only have a few people in that division

1:12:47 - Jill Lambert
bye--thanks again everyone

1:12:50 - Lisa Thumann

1:12:52 - Sheri Edwards
Any way to increase accounts?? teach writing to 5 6 78

1:12:52 - matt montagne
now is a very busy time for Google Apps Ed team

1:12:53 - Barbara O
Thanks! That would be great!

1:12:56 - Peggy George
definitely Barbara--contact them through Lisa :-)

1:12:57 - matt montagne
losts of transitioning going on

1:13:04 - Steve Guditus
@Lisa - but the teacher+student@gmail doesn't allow one to register for google accounts - it doesn't fall for it's own trick!

1:13:08 - Judy
Barbara it took us a few weeks

1:13:19 - Caroline - Florida
How often is the Google Teacher Academy announced

1:13:31 - Rushton
On their whim. It's random, I'd say.

1:13:33 - Peggy George
click on talk Lisa (if you're talking)

1:13:35 - matt montagne
we'd be happy to answer quesitons about Google Apps for Ed as well...again, we're transitioning fully in 9 days

1:13:38 - Sheri Edwards
If only 20 accounts, I have more students

1:13:46 - Barbara O
We first tried in October and then again 1st of May.

1:13:56 - sharon_elin
Since I was late coming in, I'm looking forward to the archive. Where/how will I be able to access it? Great topic!

1:14:17 - Peggy George
the show will be archived as soon as we're finished and can stop the recording.

1:14:18 - matt montagne
Their culture also encourages "play"

1:14:18 - Barbara O
I created 10 accounts and then I was sent an email and considered spam!

1:14:40 - Peggy George
we get the full recording almost immediately-then we'll post the chat, mp3, mp4 versions later

1:14:43 - Rushton
@Sharon_elin The link you want is: http://live.classroom20.com/archive.html

1:14:55 - sharon_elin

1:15:01 - matt montagne
google had a bunch of people on their lunch break playng around with a fresnel mangifying lense to harness power from the sun

1:15:14 - Howie DiBlasi
Have to run..TKS LISA and Peggy

1:15:16 - plnaugle
@sharon_elin Hi.

1:15:18 - Peggy George
you can subscribe to the RSS feed for the archives and you'll know as soon as the recording links get posted :-)

1:15:25 - Rushton

1:15:26 - Peggy George
bye Howie-great to have you here!

1:15:31 - matt montagne
also an incredibly difficult place to get a job...over 1 million applicants annually, with 2500 hires only!!!!

1:15:58 - Rushton
Great stuff, Lisa - thanks!

1:16:08 - sharon_elin
Hi, @pnaugle!

1:16:10 - Barbara O
Thanks, Lisa! Great search tips!

1:16:11 - Sheri Edwards
Thanks for all the links info sharing -- great session Bye bye

1:16:20 - Andrea Drinkwine
Thanks, Lisa- Bye!

1:16:21 - Peggy George
wonderful conversation/presentation Lisa!!! Can't wait to start exploring!!

1:16:21 - Kim Caise

1:16:23 - Lisa Thumann
Are you going to NECC Rushton?

1:16:31 - Kim Caise

1:16:35 - Judy
Super super super I was late but got lots any way!

1:16:36 - Rushton
Definitely - will you be at EduBloggerCon?

1:16:40 - SueH
great pun

1:16:45 - Lisa Thumann
YES - I look forward to meeting you

1:16:46 - Peggy George
Rushton is doing a byol session--we're hoping to stream it :-)

1:16:50 - Lisa Thumann
and many many others :)

1:16:53 - Rushton
I'll send you an e-mail.

1:17:02 - Lisa Thumann
Peggy - very cool!

1:17:06 - Rushton

1:17:09 - jeffmason
ThanK you. Great session.

1:17:11 - Peggy George
thank you everyone for your great suggestions!

1:17:12 - Lisa Thumann
Thanks Kim and Peggy

1:17:14 - cindytuaz
thank you

1:17:16 - Tammy Moore
Bye everyone. Thanks for the session :)

1:17:17 - roxanne c
thanks it was terrific

1:17:17 - Peggy George
have a great rest of the weekend!!

1:17:21 - Kim Caise
thank you lisa!

1:17:27 - Steve Guditus
Thank you so much! Great resources and conversation...

1:17:28 - sal
thank you, lisa

1:17:32 - Judy
Oh, where is the archive stored?

Jun 6, 2009 10:21:15 AM - 1 LEARNCENTRAL.TV CHANNEL