Oct 3, 2009 9:03:33 AM - 1 LEARNCENTRAL.TV CHANNEL
00:00 - barbara

hi I am from montreal quebec

00:07 - Tina
Hi from Adelaide in South Australia

00:10 - Sal
From NJ

00:11 - Joel
Joel. This is my first time from the Upper Peninsula in Michigan

00:12 - Paula Naugle
Hi Peggy, Kim, Lorna, and Tom. Looking forwar to another great session.

00:13 - mary
hi Paula, it's mary here glad to see you online I looked for you on skye this am

00:13 - Peggy George
We're so excited to have Tom Barrett with us today!!

00:15 - MaryFran
San Jose, CA is sunny and will be warm

00:18 - maryfarrag
Saying hello to all from Cairo, Egypt

00:20 - Marcia
Hi from MA

00:33 - kcercone
Hello from Connecticut

00:38 - Tom Barrett
Should be fun!

00:39 - Peggy George

00:40 - Jon Fisher
Hello from gelid Colorado

00:45 - Mary Lewis
Hello from FL

00:50 - Maureen(bcdtech)
Hello from relatively warm, but wet and dreary western MA

00:51 - BethStill
Hello from Nebraska!

01:00 - Peggy George
technology is always such a great adventure!!

01:00 - Paula Naugle
Hi Mary. I've been online all morning. maybe we can talk after this session.

01:06 - maryfarrag
Hello Kim, Lorna & Peggy.

01:09 - Kathy
Kathy: Hi from Vermont

01:13 - BethStill
@PaulaNaugle Good morning!

01:14 - Rob LaBanca
Rhode Island

01:16 - Deborah Boatwright
Fyi the screen that contained the music and a link to Weebly made Microsoft Script editor come up

01:20 - janet Sanderson
Hi from Janet in the SanFrancisco Area

01:34 - Merryl
merryl: Hi from California, this is my first time particpating

01:38 - McTeach
Good morning! I'm also from SF Bay Area!

01:46 - Sal
Beth I am a Social Studies teacher from NJ and would love to share some ideas - I follow you on Twitter

01:50 - Paula Naugle
@BethStill Good morning. Check is in the mail. Sorry I was late.

02:17 - Sabine
Yes TOm you tweet quite a bit thank you for all your great ways...

02:18 - Deborah Boatwright
why do i have a red mark next to my name

02:46 - BethStill
@paulanaugle No worries. You aren't late. :-) Are you excited?

02:50 - Tom Barrett
Hey Sabine no probs :-)

02:53 - Peggy George
Welcome everyone!

02:55 - Cory2112
does anyone know if these sessions are captured to watch later?

03:01 - Cory2112
this is my first time

03:02 - Paula Naugle
@BethStill. YES!!!

03:02 - Jill
this is going to be geat!

03:08 - MaryFran
Yes they are recorded

03:15 - Peggy George
we always start our sessions with a short elluminate introduction in case people are new users

03:24 - Paula Naugle
Hi Cory2112. Welcome and have fun.

03:28 - maryfarrag
Jill, isn't it always? I love the webinars here.

03:41 - Cory2112
do u get sessions, to watch later at classroom 2.0 or elluminate?

03:48 - shaninge
Susan Haninger from Columbus, Ohio

03:49 - Sabine
Love them- thanks for all you do

03:56 - greg lumb
These webinars are always incredible. Thanks.

04:09 - Paula Naugle
@cory2112 Classroom 2.0 Live archives.

04:17 - Tellio
Glad to step in for first time.

04:23 - maryfarrag
Yes Cory they are recorded & available later in the weekend.

04:27 - Sheri Edwards
Oops this room: Sheri from Coulee Dam/Nespelem Writing Teacher 5-8

04:33 - Cory2112
Thank you!

04:47 - Paula Naugle
Hi Mary Beth.

04:51 - Paula Naugle
Hi Sheri.

05:01 - mary
what is the twitter hashtag?

05:12 - Tom Barrett

05:17 - Peggy George
you can find all of our show recordings here: http://live.classroom20.com/archive-and-resources.html

05:34 - Kevin Mc Laughlin
This is a great way to start the webinar, with a demonstration of how to use the tools.

05:34 - Sheri Edwards
Is the classroom20 wiki closed? When I go to http://www.classroom20wiki.com/ a godaddy page appears

06:05 - Jill
anyone from south carolina

06:10 - NAM
yes, korea

06:13 - Tom Barrett
Wow busy today!

06:23 - Peggy George
so excited to have all of you here with us!

06:28 - Sheri Edwards
Hello to Washington State I'm from Nespelem/Coulee Dam

06:39 - joanne
Laser tag was very cool.

06:45 - Sheri Edwards
Hi Paula!

06:48 - Tellio
Anyone from Kentucky?

06:50 - Juli Russell
I am in Richland, WA Sheri

07:10 - mretuck232
Graduate of Western ....go Hilltoppers! living in Oregon...boo Ducks

07:22 - Tellio
I teach at WKU

07:22 - Sheri Edwards
Hello Juli -- good to "meet" you :)

07:24 - Cory2112
I cannot stay today, but this is AWESOME. will definitely be back

07:26 - chickenman
hi everyone 1st time ever on illuminate

07:53 - Peggy George
if you use a flip camera at all--anywhere--say yes :-)

07:53 - Sylvianne - Dorset UK
I've got hold of a Flip Cam, but not yet used it.

08:00 - Matt
We use digiblues

08:06 - Matt
Not the best, but OK

08:17 - Laura Gonzalez
I just got mine (used) off ebay last week. Still learning about it.

08:21 - Tellio
Use cellphone vid

08:22 - CyndiDannerKuhn
large group today

08:24 - chickenman
chickenman is from Cornwall hello everyone is it just the moderators who can talk on here?

08:26 - Rob LaBanca
I use a standard video cam

08:29 - Peggy George
I love the way I can send emails with my flip videos to friends :-)

08:34 - Sabine
I use a digital camera from canoun with a hard drive

08:39 - Sheri Edwards
Hello chickenman

08:41 - Paula Naugle
I won a Flip Camera last year from our Tech Dept.

08:43 - maryfarrag
Not yet available in Egypt :(

08:56 - Eileen K
Wish I had one, maybe I can convince my administator to include one in our next budget

09:04 - chickenman
hello sheri where you from?

09:08 - barbara
what is the cost of one

09:22 - CyndiDannerKuhn
You can find them for less than $100

09:24 - Sheri Edwards
I'm from Nespelem/Coulee Dam Washington USA

09:30 - joanne
150.oo canadian

09:32 - Peggy George
there is quite a range in prices depending on features

09:36 - Tellio
Amazon has refurb and older gen flips for $50

09:46 - Peggy George
mine is a little old and was about $120

09:47 - Jill
you can also purchace a pocket tripod. pretty cool

09:49 - lfeld52
just started a tech club at my MS will be using them soon!

09:56 - Brenda Muench
i have had kids make the video but not edit it yet

09:59 - Tom Barrett
nice pic :-)

10:02 - MaryFran
I found one at a "drug store" for $40. Not great quality but easy to use.

10:07 - Peggy George
awesome pic Tom :-)

10:10 - BethStill
@lori52 Good morniing Lori.

10:15 - lfeld52
Hi roomie!

10:19 - chickenman
sheri were you at NECC this year? am i already following you on twitter?

10:41 - Peggy George
we're trying something new today--hope you can see this youtube video

10:44 - Tom Barrett

10:45 - mretuck232
digitalwish.org has them 2 for $150

10:49 - Caroline - Florida
Yes Good here!

10:54 - CyndiDannerKuhn
looks good

10:54 - Sabine

10:55 - Deborah Boatwright
we loss kim

10:56 - McTeach
so far so good

10:56 - Jill
i can see it

10:59 - Tellio
no prob

11:03 - Peggy George
it's not playing for me when I click on play

11:05 - Kevin Mc Laughlin
yes, I can see it here

11:07 - Tina
i can see it too

11:10 - Peggy
looks good to me

11:24 - Sylvianne - Dorset UK
can see it fine

11:28 - mretuck232

11:29 - Maureen(bcdtech)
volume is really low

11:31 - Tellio
no audio

11:35 - mretuck232
Sorry about the caps

11:36 - Peggy George
let's try a web tour Lorna

11:36 - barbara
the sound is not coming through

11:38 - Laura Gonzalez
Can we raise the volume?

11:42 - Eileen K
can only see the video

11:47 - Kevin Mc Laughlin
no audio, slow frames

11:50 - Janine
Very slow refresh, can't hear audio.

11:50 - Juli Russell
I have one coming from Verizon. I just bundled my phone, internet and tv and got one for free

11:51 - Sheri Edwards
@chickenman I was not at NECC my twitter is grammasheri

11:53 - kcercone
audio poor and graphic is not smooth

11:58 - ZPM
no audio and choppy, no volume

11:59 - Matt
sound is coming thriough your mic - place mic at computer's speakers

12:00 - Sabine
Will you send the link

12:00 - Peggy
audio volume very low

12:01 - Tellio
maxed audio on ellum. audio

12:08 - Bob S.
mine is stuttering

12:10 - Tellio
still low souds

12:11 - Merryl
video not working, choppy, no sound

12:13 - shaninge
this is not working well, but it is nice to know I can go to You Tube later and view this.

12:14 - virginia alberti
no audio for me

12:17 - mireille
i can barely hear it but thats okay i have one . very easy to use my sister has one for her class. she suggested i get one for the fun of it. it is fun

12:30 - Laura Gonzalez
I wish I'd looked on youtube when I first got my camera. I've just been stumbling around playing with it.

12:39 - Peggy George
try web tour Lorna

12:44 - mretuck232
Discontinue please

12:49 - Shamblesguru
Hoow about putting url in here and viewing in own browsers

13:06 - CyndiDannerKuhn
Ir is pretty much a no brainer to use, point and shoot

13:07 - Tellio
plan b ;-)

13:20 - Peggy George

13:26 - Mary Lewis
can you just tell us about the video since it's hard to see & hear

13:26 - Russel Montgomery
we coul dhave just gone to the you tube video on our own browsers

13:30 - Peggy George
watch it here on your browser--Plan C...

13:37 - Brenda Muench
thanks for the link

13:49 - Russel Montgomery
Ah! You tube is down for maintenance

14:06 - Paula Naugle
I have my students take turns being the camera person when we are doing projects. They love how easy it is to use.

14:07 - Peggy George
no wonder it's not playing--thanks Russel

14:11 - Peggy George
We'll forget it

14:14 - LesleyE
The tech gods are angry!

14:25 - CyndiDannerKuhn
pass it by

14:26 - mireille
just pass it by

14:29 - ZPM
It's all good... stuff happens

14:32 - Maureen(bcdtech)

14:34 - shaninge

14:36 - Paula Naugle
Yes, Tom is great.

14:36 - mireille
put the link to the chat

14:47 - Caroline - Florida
Thanks for highlighting the You Tube Resource! We can watch later!

14:53 - Paula Naugle
Thank you we can watch the video later.

15:27 - Sal
Youtube is down for maintenance

15:34 - Russel Montgomery
I have done video projects but I found the editting very time consuming

15:37 - Peggy George
all of our show links for you to check out later will be here: http://gl.am/JnovL

15:52 - Shamblesguru
How to Use a Flip Camera video also at http://www.shambles.net/pages/learning/Photo/digitalvid/

15:54 - Sylvianne - Dorset UK
5pm over here

16:11 - Janine
Midnight here!

16:18 - Sylvianne - Dorset UK
2 of you talking at the same time

16:31 - Tina
2am here in Adelaide :)

16:41 - Jill

16:42 - Paula Naugle

16:42 - Peggy George
yes Tom

16:42 - Amanda McHugh

16:44 - Tammy

16:48 - kyteacher

16:49 - Viper

16:54 - Caroline - Florida
Yes - editing can be a bear. That's why it is important to have a storyboard about what you want before you shoot if possible. I tell my students about the importance of editing while you are shooting...to get what you want. This way, all you may need to edit is the beginning and the ending point!

16:58 - Paula Naugle
Hi Angela.

17:02 - Peggy George
cute slide!! :-)

17:26 - Paula Naugle
Love that slide.

17:27 - Sheri Edwards
Great point Caroline -- thanks for sharing

17:28 - Russel Montgomery
Yep Midninght here in Perth

17:28 - kyteacher
Hi Paula...see lots of tweeps here this afternoon.

17:40 - Peggy George
We're so glad to have all of you here!

17:41 - Jill
alright.Im going to follow you

17:45 - Russel Montgomery
Story boards sounds good. I will bear that in mind for next time

17:49 - Kathy
I can't get rid of the web tour blank screen

17:52 - Shamblesguru
me also

17:55 - Brenda Muench
you have a very thoughtful blog! I enjoy reading your process as you try something new

18:08 - Peggy George
I love my flip video camera! Very easy to add title slides and credits and save/share it!

18:10 - Lorna Costantini
@ Kathy close the window

18:26 - Kathy
I tried. Didn't work

18:27 - Russel Montgomery
Flip is now avaibleble in Austraila

18:33 - Jill
it is so easy to use. the children love it

18:44 - Lorna Costantini
@ Kathy you may have to exit and come back in

18:52 - Sheri Edwards
Works with pc and mac?

18:54 - Jill
I have the one with HD

18:54 - Laura Gonzalez
@Tom What's your twitter name?

18:57 - Peggy George
we included a couple of flip video examples in our gl.am links that were created by young kids so you can see how easy it is to use

18:59 - Maureen(bcdtech)
Is digital wish still doing the buy one get one offer for teachers?

19:31 - Russel Montgomery
Good question. From Memory about $200

19:32 - chickenman
yes Tom they are the best qulaity for video and audio for that price without doubt

19:34 - mretuck232
Still on the site as of Thursday 2 @ 150 dollars

19:34 - Jill
I have difficulty editing the videos

19:41 - Russel Montgomery
But I'd have to look it up

19:46 - Laura Gonzalez
@Kevin Thanks!

19:47 - MaryFran
Yes, it works with pc and mac, pretty easy

19:52 - Jon Fisher
Buy one get one: http://www.digitalwish.com/dw/digitalwish/news?id=46

20:05 - Merryl
What's digital wish

20:10 - Peggy George
I think it's so amazing that they plug right into your USB port to download video!

20:11 - Jill
can software load on more than one computer?

20:24 - Paula Naugle
@Jill yes

20:24 - Lorna Costantini
@ JIll

20:26 - Jon Fisher
Even my first and second graders can use them

20:31 - Jill

20:39 - pgrier
ebay has good prices

20:40 - Sylvianne - Dorset UK
is there anything like Digital Wish in the UK?

20:42 - Lorna Costantini
software installs when you connect the camera

20:50 - joanne
I use in Kindergarten, they love seeing themselves

20:52 - Maureen(bcdtech)
I have had gr 1-9 use them independently... easy peasy

20:55 - Paula Naugle
@jill just plug in USB.

20:58 - Shamblesguru
Comparisons of Down arrowAdd a linkUp arrowTop of page
Creative Vado HD vs Flip Mino HD vs Kodak Zi6 at http://www.shambles.net/pages/learning/Photo/digitalvid/

21:12 - Lorna Costantini
sometimes the system computer image will block the installation of the software

21:14 - Peggy George
you can also check out Grant Wrangler for ideas to find funding sources: http://www.grantwrangler.com

21:15 - Jill
but once loaded on one computer it won't load on another

21:18 - janet Sanderson
Costco has them in SF for $175

21:23 - Tellio
heard good things about the VADO

21:33 - Lorna Costantini
# Jill yest t will

21:50 - Leslie D.
I love that it does not have a chord (to lose)

21:57 - kyteacher
Easy enough that I can even get teachers in my building to use them with classes.

21:57 - Lorna Costantini
Flip has both built in mac and PC software

21:59 - joanne
Software loads and updates everytime you connect the usb

22:00 - Maureen(bcdtech)
@Jill ANy computer I have tried it on- it just downloads the software when you plug int

22:00 - Kevin Mc Laughlin
It's a tool that children of any age can basically pick up, record video then plug into a pc.

22:00 - Sylvianne - Dorset UK
I've used mine on at least 3 different pc's so far with no problem

22:02 - Shamblesguru
Can also download software from their website ... software looks exactly the same on Windows and Mac

22:08 - maryfarrag
So they are used for video & still pics???

22:10 - Paula Naugle
@jill Did you have them removed from camera after you downloaded to first computer?

22:22 - Lorna Costantini

22:22 - Maureen(bcdtech)
The stills are kind of crappy

22:25 - joanne
@maryfarrag used for both

22:30 - danr
What about the new iPod nano camera?

22:31 - Peggy George
I only use mine for video

22:33 - Jill
hmmm i must being doing something wrong

22:35 - Kim Caise
yes you can use for still and video

22:36 - Lorna Costantini

22:39 - MaryFran
wht do you do to connect it to an iMac? It hangs out the back so I'm worried about using it

22:41 - maryfarrag

22:54 - aforgrave (Andrew) 1
Also new Kodak Zi8 -- supports external microphone http://gizmodo.com/5325151/kodak-zi8-wallops-flip-with-1080p-image-stabilizer-and-sd-slot

22:54 - Paula Naugle
I have used it to capture stills from the videos.

22:55 - Peggy George
that is such a fantastic presentation!!

22:56 - Juli Russell
This is all new to me

22:56 - Shamblesguru
Only downside for me is the digital zoom ..... usually just ignore it

23:00 - McTeach
Yup...love these!!

23:05 - Peggy George
thousands of people have downloaded it!!

23:10 - Kim Caise
great resources and ideas in that presentation

23:14 - Lorna Costantini
use a connector if your usm input is at the back of the computer

23:27 - Laura Gonzalez
Caveat: Requires high power USB port. My laptop USB doesn't have enough power.

23:36 - Peggy George
you can download them here: http://docs.google.com/present/view?id=dhn2vcv5_6tv55j7g9

23:47 - Maureen(bcdtech)
@Paula I have gotten a few stills when I needed them, but would not recommend them- poor quality vs regular camera

23:52 - Paula Naugle
Tom's use of Google Docs for these shares are great. He has lots of them at Ideas to Inspire.

23:55 - Lorna Costantini
Peggy is always on it

24:06 - Russel Montgomery
Can't locate a link for a perth store that supplies flip sorry

24:11 - CraigM
laura - have you tried a USB power doubler "Y" cable?

24:18 - Peggy George
don't you LOVE the way you can collaborate with google docs and presentations??!!

24:22 - Shamblesguru
Order from Amazon .....

24:33 - Laura Gonzalez
@CraigM Had to buy one. Cost $20. Usually just use desk computer.

24:37 - Melissa Techman
teacher took one to zoo and couldn't hear students over background noise - playback wasn't good - advice?

24:45 - Paula Naugle
I know I added to his VoiceThread one. I might have added to the one on Flip cameras too.

24:46 - jackiegerstein
Here is a slideshare version - http://www.slideshare.net/mbelinsky/forty-interesting-ways-to-use-your-pocket-video-camera-in-the-classroom

24:51 - Peggy George
many of our links in gl.am today have suggestions for classroom uses for flip cams

25:08 - Peggy George

25:21 - Shamblesguru
BUT order from Amazon USA not Uk ..... cheaper from USA and they have the HD 2 hour top version ..... they even sent to Thailand

25:32 - Peggy George
thanks Jackie for the slideshare version--it's in our gl.am links too

25:48 - Maureen(bcdtech)
Tripods are very handy, unless you have steady hands. My kids did a lot of seasick videos til I gave them tripods

26:07 - mretuck232
I use the gorilla grip type

26:21 - jackiegerstein
I had a hunch Peggy - you never miss a thing!

26:33 - Jill
the little tripods the work with flip cameras are cool

26:37 - Paula Naugle
@mretuck232 What is gorilla grip?

26:45 - aforgrave (Andrew) 1
@Maureen(bcdtech) -- no camera mount -- a downside of the new Apple video Nano

26:45 - ZPM
What type of student/parent permissions are required to film students and publish their work?

27:00 - Juli Russell
Great question!

27:01 - ZPM
An example forms out there?

27:09 - Jill
your district should have an aup

27:11 - mretuck232
Gorilla pods wrap around just about anything or act as a small tripod

27:15 - Laura Gonzalez
@ZPM Depends on the district. In mine, parents have to opt out.

27:16 - LesleyE
I interviewed Gr. 8s asking them what had surprised them about the school that they didn't expect. Compiled all into a short video to show incoming gr. 8s the following year.

27:20 - Shamblesguru
90% of the videos in my YouTube Channel were taken with the Flip .... http://www.youtube.com/shamblesguru .... including 'How to tell the sex of an elephant'

27:32 - ZPM
Charter school..have to create most of our own stuff

27:34 - Lorna Costantini
sent home student specific permission forms

27:38 - Paula Naugle
@mretuck232 Thanks, I'll look into that.

27:40 - kcercone
gorilla does that- it can grip onto anything, it is flexible, then the picture taking the pictures can get into them too

27:56 - maryfarrag
Anyone using Skype to teach online???

27:57 - ZPM
we do have a percentage of the students that opt out but I wonder if parents really understand the difference between photos and videos?

28:06 - Paula Naugle
I use Skype.

28:17 - Shamblesguru

28:19 - Laura Gonzalez
@maryfarrag Using Skype for videoconferencing.

28:23 - Tellio
homemade tripods at Make magazine

28:25 - aforgrave (Andrew) 1
Gorilla grip http://www.flickr.com/photos/sounddelivery/3795340698/

28:27 - Lorna Costantini
we are using a password protected portal to show videos to parents

28:27 - Kevin Mc Laughlin
It's great Tom

28:50 - maryfarrag
Well, I started teaching only online 7 need some help later. If that is possible.

28:55 - mretuck232
Love the idea of documenting trip

28:56 - Sylvianne - Dorset UK
wow, just looked on amazon.com and that's a real difference in price with the UK, love the purple flourish version of the mino

29:00 - Peggy George
thanks for the gorilla grip image Andrew!

29:07 - Shamblesguru
This is great ... I'll be linking to the recording ....

29:22 - Yvonne Mattix
Can you edit, shorten video once movie is in movie maker?

29:23 - Deborah Boatwright
Good for students with LD

29:25 - CyndiDannerKuhn
found Gorilla grips at Big lots for $5

29:40 - Lorna Costantini
you can edit the movie using the flip software

29:40 - Brenda Muench
yes you can edit the movie in movie maker

29:43 - Russel Montgomery
I think the explaingi to camera would be great for the kids who talk to learn

29:49 - mretuck232
Actual brand for $5?

29:50 - Lorna Costantini
built in audio clips

29:50 - Peggy George
if you have good lighting the video is excellent quality--like outdoors. It's hard to get inside plays on a stage if the light is down in the room. :-)

29:58 - CyndiDannerKuhn

30:04 - CyndiDannerKuhn
I am sure it was fluke

30:07 - aforgrave (Andrew) 1
Actually, Gorillapod http://joby.com/gorillapod

30:07 - Merryl
I like the idea of taking it on a fieldtrip

30:10 - Brenda Muench
the flip software won't let you edit out of the middle of the film though

30:17 - CyndiDannerKuhn
bhut bought three, they had about 50 of them

30:19 - ZPM
Has anyone used Viddix?

30:22 - Peggy George
I have had great success editing flip videos in iMovie on my Mac

30:46 - CyndiDannerKuhn
using iMovie 09?

30:50 - Peggy George
a wooly day?? :-)

30:50 - Merryl
can you edit in another program

30:55 - Jon Fisher
Wellies = mud boots

30:56 - Shamblesguru

31:02 - Yvonne Mattix
does it allow you to edit out clips in middle of the movie

31:02 - Peggy George
oh thanks!! :-)

31:10 - Russel Montgomery
I movie 09 is better. It is improving with each version

31:18 - CyndiDannerKuhn
ye you can edit anything in iMovie

31:26 - Peggy George
I agree Russel!! Love iMovie 09!!

31:37 - Russel Montgomery
Editting of vidoe woul need 1:1 classrooms

31:44 - Travis Powell
iMovie has worked GREAT for me!

31:50 - Deborah Boatwright
does anyone use flip with linux

31:53 - Lorna Costantini
PC folks can use windows movie maker or Adobe Premier elements

31:53 - Russel Montgomery
otherwise the editting load falls on the teacher

31:59 - Sabine
window movie maker is easy for student to use

32:08 - Melissa Techman
help w. audio too quiet when recording in public setting?

32:10 - greg lumb
We are tota;;y pc but one of our teachers wants a Mac. Any advice?

32:18 - Viper
What's the best freeware software to edit movies taken with flip cameras?

32:22 - MaryFran
Right, Russell. With a 3rd grade, I do all the editing.

32:32 - CyndiDannerKuhn
Yes, buy a Mac, best computer in the world

32:34 - aforgrave (Andrew) 1
@greg lumb -- let them get a Mac!

32:39 - Kevin Mc Laughlin
Problem we had with Movie Maker was that it would have a constant habit of freezing and crashing

32:48 - Shamblesguru
Windows MovieMaker

32:54 - CyndiDannerKuhn
MovieMaker sucks

33:00 - Russel Montgomery
Beware... one MAc will convert you all :)

33:06 - Kim Caise
mary if you check the archives at the live site we did a show on using skype with wes fryer http://live.classroom20.com

33:13 - Paula Naugle
I had Windows installed my my Mac because my school is all pc.

33:16 - kyteacher
Hate MovieMaker

33:18 - Dorie
I love my Mac!

33:18 - Lorna Costantini
Adobe Premier Elements - the light version

33:22 - Yvonne Mattix
any other suggestions instead of movie maker if we are all PC at my school?

33:30 - aforgrave (Andrew) 1
One rebel in the midst of the Empire peace ...

33:34 - Merryl
macs are amazing for movies and intergrating photos, and keynote (macs) powerpoint

33:35 - Peggy George
there are so many fantastic, free online video editing tools now

33:36 - Lorna Costantini
adaobe is PC only

33:40 - Jon Fisher
Movie Maker is for PC

33:40 - Deborah Boatwright
photo story might work

33:41 - greg lumb
Good ideas thanks

33:41 - Paula Naugle
I have used PhotoStory3.

33:49 - Maureen(bcdtech)
I use camtasia- not free, but ever so useful

33:50 - Sylvianne - Dorset UK
Corel also make Video Studio Pro

33:52 - Kevin Mc Laughlin
Documenting with a video camera is such a brilliant way to get children to use the tool, use speaking and listening skills and plan and design their own approaches

33:53 - CyndiDannerKuhn
there is an online program called Jaycut that is not too bad

34:01 - Peggy George
would anyone like to take the mic to share how you use flip cameras?

34:02 - Jon Fisher
Great for ELLs too.

34:03 - Deborah Boatwright
anyone linux out there??

34:06 - joanne
photo story is so user friendly

34:07 - Russel Montgomery
Yep. Editting afterwards would be good to talk about

34:12 - Kim Caise
i was going to suggest photo story 3 too paula

34:14 - Sylvianne - Dorset UK
I use Camtasia too, brilliant for recording screen and presentations too, so well worth the investment

34:17 - aforgrave (Andrew) 1
We use Windows at school ....

34:22 - Peggy George
if you'd like to speak, raise your hand and we'll give you the mic

34:25 - jackiegerstein
Peggy - my edtech students are starting their videos next week - do you have a list of online video editors somewhere?

34:32 - Kim Caise
very easy to use and kids adapt quickly

34:40 - ZPM
Yes, there are some many editing tools, what's best for the students, e.g., easiest to use.

34:51 - lolly
i am going to use it to have the students create fire safety videos next week.

35:01 - janet Sanderson
Is there a storage issue with saving the imovie final product?

35:11 - CyndiDannerKuhn

35:25 - CyndiDannerKuhn

35:28 - Melissa Techman
is external HD big enough?

35:33 - jackiegerstein
Have identified jaycut - haven't tried it yet - have you?

35:36 - LesleyE
just noticed there is a TV jack on my flip - more possibilities for viewing in class.

35:38 - Shamblesguru
Using the Flip editing software is fine .... does quite a good job... very easy to use .... means can focus on content rather than spending hours on editing

35:39 - CyndiDannerKuhn

35:43 - Tina
we are totally Mac at our school...love using iMovie

35:46 - Peggy George
fantastic Paula!!

36:13 - CyndiDannerKuhn
YouTube Launches Online Video Editor & Remixer http://blogoscoped.com/forum/99338.html

36:21 - mireille
i'm glad someone mentioned Camtasia. I just got it.

36:25 - MaryFran
How old are your students?

36:31 - Jon Fisher
My first student camera project was akin to Blair Witch Project.

36:39 - Peggy George
I think it would be so much fun if you could send a flip cam home with kids to interview their parents or grandparents about something!

36:40 - CyndiDannerKuhn
Video Editing 2.0: 8 Ways to Remix Online Videos http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/video_editing_20_8_ways_to_remix_videos.php

36:46 - Maureen(bcdtech)
I used them a lot in science- great for recording process.

36:49 - mireille
can you use voice over and add captions on these flip videos with camtasia

36:50 - Tellio
jaycut looks pretty handy

36:53 - Bob S.
How much is Camtasia?

37:01 - Peggy George
how exciting Paula!!!! you won a camera!!

37:05 - Sylvianne - Dorset UK
camtasia allows you to record over, add titles etc

37:10 - joanne
Early grades, have kids interview each other for oral language development.

37:19 - Peggy George
great Melissa

37:20 - Maureen(bcdtech)
@Bob- it retails for 300, but I think I paid 169 as educator

37:25 - Jill
I'm going to let my students explain how they solve math problems. a good strategy for struggling learners

37:30 - Bob S.

37:30 - ZPM
Go to:http://blog.wikispaces.com/2009/08/cool-tools-for-school-and-getting-tricky-with-wikis-two-exceptional-resources.html, click on Cool Tools and then select the Video link on the table for an exhaustive list of editing tools

37:36 - Paula Naugle
Yes, Peggy I was so excited to win my own Flip.

37:49 - jackiegerstein
Those darn animal noises ; )

37:55 - Marie Rush

38:05 - Paula Naugle
lol, jackie.

38:10 - Russel Montgomery
Does the flip camera have facility for external mic?

38:11 - jackiegerstein
; )

38:12 - Peggy George
it really just picks up whatever the sounds are

38:14 - aforgrave (Andrew) 1
darn zoo noises -- can't hear the kids!

38:16 - Shamblesguru
I'm over the moon with the Flip audio quality . briliant

38:20 - Sabine
can you add a microphone?

38:22 - Peggy George
some flip cams have external mic ports

38:27 - Maureen(bcdtech)
I haven't had any audio problems with mine... But mostly inside or the kids will go off on the playground in a small grp to work

38:33 - Paula Naugle
Can you record over the video when you are editing?

38:50 - Maureen(bcdtech)
@Paula good idea

38:55 - Kim Caise
no @jackie i just checked. it only has a tv output

38:56 - Shamblesguru
OH ... din't know Flip had audio jack for external mic

39:00 - joanne
Early grades, retelling of stories/poems

39:04 - CyndiDannerKuhn
in iMovie you can delete the audio and re record, swhich would solve the issue

39:05 - Melissa Techman
Andrew, : )

39:17 - Peggy George
not sure what you mean Paula but I'm sure you can silence the background audio and add voice-over in iMovie

39:20 - LesleyE
I use the flip in planning meetings with teachers to capture salient comments, great ideas

39:20 - Deborah Boatwright
Anyone using cameras and studying impact on learning?

39:29 - Maureen(bcdtech)
We're having grandparents day next Friday- hoping to have 5th graders interview them on flips

39:33 - joanne
Early grades, spotlight a new area in classroom and add to blog for the parents to have a glimpse of inside the classroom

39:36 - Paula Naugle
Yes, Peggy that is what I meant.

39:44 - ZPM
I want to have students film PSAs on boring research topics, e.g., life in Elizabethan Times. Any creative thoughts out there on how to make this more insteresting so it's not a bunch of kids talking about data or facts?

39:49 - Melissa Techman
Our principal uses one on her classroom walk-throughs, to assess learning

39:54 - aforgrave (Andrew) 1
new Kodak Zi8 supports external mic http://store.kodak.com/store/ekconsus/en_US/list/Digital_Video_Cameras/categoryID.28889100

39:57 - Peggy George
some pocket video cameras have a plug for an external mic but mine doesn't

39:59 - Sabine
skits so far

40:08 - Shamblesguru
mine do not have external mic socket

40:15 - pgrier
interesting use..evaluation tool

40:19 - Sheri Edwards
juli are you on twitter?

40:27 - Leslie D.
My newest flip came with rechargeable batteries, how do I recharge it?

40:31 - Peggy George
hooray Jill!!

40:31 - Juli Russell
yes, julirussell

40:42 - Sheri Edwards
I am grammasheri

40:43 - Paula Naugle
@ZPM Use a greenscreen and then add interesting pictures from that time behind using Chromakey.

40:46 - Maureen(bcdtech)
@Leslie- Lithium? or?

40:49 - Peggy George
video tour of the building--great idea!

40:54 - Melissa Techman
love that idea - must hv students make video tour of my library

41:04 - Deborah Boatwright
Nice to see people taking the mic! :)

41:07 - Lorna Costantini
@ Leslie - camera charges from computer

41:14 - Maureen(bcdtech)
@paula- what program are you using with chromakey?

41:15 - KofPLibrarian
rechargeable batteries plug into USB ports and charge

41:20 - Peggy George
kids could even create a welcome to our classroom video to post on the class blog

41:21 - ZPM
Love it! So Chromakey on SMART Board then film in front of it?

41:33 - shaninge
That is a great idea we teach mandarin at our schoola and we could have our students create a school tour in Cinese!

41:34 - jamie
@melissatechman I'm working on a library tour now

41:34 - Leslie D.
@maureen not sure.

41:46 - Leslie D.
OK, thanks!

41:48 - Sylvianne - Dorset UK
great idea, I must think of this, we have a fantastic student, but she's not allowed ground floor in her special wheelchair, the students could take video for her of their adventures. Not ideal

41:53 - Paula Naugle
I have not used it yet but watched some great videos on YouTube about the process.

41:54 - Kevin Mc Laughlin
@ZPM you can even use a large bit peice of green poster paper

41:58 - Maureen(bcdtech)
@Leslie- the black flat ones recharge with usb, not the AA

42:03 - Peggy George
that rechargeable battery is a great idea!! mine doesn't have that and I'm ready to upgrade just for that reason!

42:06 - jackiegerstein
Bron Stuckley bought some for reflective procssing of content - in the cooperative learning of pair share, students are given flip cameras and interview their partners during pair share about their key ideas learned.

42:11 - Deborah Boatwright
anyone using it to market what is happening to school board or community at large?

42:11 - Yvonne Mattix
Had students make video of the library and different promotions to share with feeder elementary schools before they came to junior high the next fall.

42:14 - Maureen(bcdtech)
The minos have smaller screens tho

42:21 - Peggy
love the idea of video tour of library!

42:22 - Melissa Techman
not sure what that means - Chromakey on SB - anyone have more to say ? or link?

42:26 - Don Samuelson
how usintg with electronic white boards?

42:30 - Peggy George
it's worth the extra price and you easily make it up by not having to keep buying batteries

42:40 - kyteacher
Used cameras to record our own In Plain English videos.

42:44 - mary
Cyndi - I want to try jaycut. does it work well with the flip?

42:45 - joanne
going to use flip to correspond with our cyper pals in Quebec. Emailing messages back and forth.

42:56 - Peggy George
@kyteacher--do you have a link for your Plan English videos?

42:58 - Maureen(bcdtech)
I have a small fleet of AA rechargers in my computer lab- when a camera goes out- I send an extra set of batteries along

42:58 - Juli Russell
I am following you now

42:58 - jackiegerstein
great idea joanne

43:02 - kyteacher
Our video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYeC3DnmIfA

43:09 - Merryl
I have a parent teachng Italian to my kindergarten class, it would be great to film and put on our website for review

43:10 - Paula Naugle
@Deborah Boatwright that is a great idea especially to get sites unblocked at schools.

43:10 - Melissa Techman
Joanne, are you on Twittter - do I follow you?

43:11 - Jill
That's a geat idea

43:12 - Peggy George

43:29 - shaninge
will there be a log of the chat anad or a collection of the recommended web sites?

43:38 - Shamblesguru
2 weeks ago I used the Flip for an evaluation (reflections) from the students and teachers on a Flat Clasroom Project session at a Hong Kong Conf .... see http://vimeo.com/user1432134/videos

43:42 - Maureen(bcdtech)
Is jaycut now appropriate for kids to access? It never used to be/

43:44 - Jon Fisher
My first graders last year filmed questions they had about what it is like in second grade. They put the video questions in Voicethread and the 2nd grade class filmed their answers back.

43:48 - Sabine
#joanneHow do you do it? I want to do something like taht with Germany

44:10 - maryfarrag
Yes both are available @Shaninge

44:14 - joanne
@Merryl that is very cool

44:14 - ZPM
@Kevin Mc Laughlin: Thanks! I guess I need to experiment

44:15 - Jill
voicethread is awesome! especially when you invite other classes to join

44:19 - Rob LaBanca
I find this mini tripod useful for small cameras. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/18/Mini_tripod.jpg

44:19 - Maureen(bcdtech)
@Jon- great idea! we've done that with books for the upcoming class, but videos would be great

44:28 - Paula Naugle
Check out our video of a Skype call with a class in Kansas reading Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. http://pnaugle.blogspot.com.

44:28 - Laura Gonzalez
I use storyboards for photostories. Does anyone have storyboard planning sheets for videos?

44:30 - janet Sanderson
I have never used voice thread; any support/help sites to get me started?

44:36 - joanne
@Melissa jmcmcmahon, who are you on twitter

44:40 - Maureen(bcdtech)

44:50 - Leslie D.
@Jon Fisher Cool!

44:51 - Sabine
I use the inspiration software for storyboards

44:59 - Russel Montgomery
looking at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYeC3DnmIfA great quaility

44:59 - Jill
go to voicethread.com and look around.

45:03 - Peggy George
@Shamblesguru--you used a flip cam for those videos?

45:03 - ZPM
Digitales has loads of video production resources including story boards templates.

45:03 - Maureen(bcdtech)
@janet- check their site- lots of tutorials

45:13 - Rob LaBanca
Laura: www.creatley.com has some easy ones

45:18 - Melissa Techman
@mtechman - thanks, Joanne

45:24 - Jon Fisher
First grade questions for second grade class: http://voicethread.com/#q.b487074.i2594992

45:25 - ZPM
@tombarrett---ME TOO

45:29 - janet Sanderson
thanks, new to this; a little overwhelming

45:36 - Jill
animoto is fantastic. I made a video with it an it was cool

45:38 - Naomi Griffiths
@tom - animoto is well worth the wait! my yr.10 love it!

45:38 - CyndiDannerKuhn
I have a long list on my course site, just di it last week. http:..www.cyndidannerkuhn.info, click on DED 318, fall09, Week 5 tond there about VoiceThread

45:39 - ZPM
Why is Animoto taking SO long to reply?

45:40 - Maureen(bcdtech)
The video quality on voice thread with the flip was disappointing this past week, but haven't used it enough to say

45:43 - joanne
@Sabine, the software leads you right through it, just record, upload, click on email and off it goes, makes it real for the little ones

45:47 - Sylvianne - Dorset UK
had a play yesterday with animoto, but I think they are limited in length, very short

45:52 - Peggy George
thank you all for sharing your ideas and links!!

45:53 - CyndiDannerKuhn

45:55 - LesleyE
Gotta go, thanks Tom, I've learned loads this morning.

45:55 - jackiegerstein
Interesting - didn't know that video can be uploaded into Animoto - exciting!

46:06 - ZPM
@tombarrett--will you let me know when you hear from them? ZPM

46:06 - mary
do the flip camera videos seem very large in size?

46:14 - jackiegerstein
Google certified in UK?

46:15 - Maureen(bcdtech)
I think Animoto is getting very popular- used to be an overnight turnaround, now takes weeks and weeks

46:20 - BethStill
Anomoto takes a very long time...sometimes weeks. Email them at theguys@animoto.com

46:22 - Paula Naugle
@janet sanderson Check out this Google site I have for VoiceTread http://sites.google.com/site/voicethreadresources/

46:23 - kyteacher
New feature in Animoto...can't wait to try it!

46:23 - Kathie Lewis
A educ. tech. suggested I get a Ipod Nano to do this - any thoughts?

46:25 - Sabine
@joanne Thanks :)

46:28 - MaryFran
There are GCTs in the UK, but they've come to the US to attend the GTA

46:31 - janet Sanderson
I am chickadee0923 on twitter

46:36 - Leslie D.
You can use just a little bit of video in Animoto but it makes a big difference.

46:50 - Merryl
I would love some ideas on how to use Wikis for my kindergarten class

46:55 - Kim Caise
tom has a great presentation to use google docs

46:59 - jackiegerstein
Someone suggested that Google certified teacher training should be online for greater representation - I agree

47:07 - Paula Naugle
Need to use your school email address to get animoto edu account. Love animoto.

47:14 - Sheri Edwards
storyboard links here from last year http://whatelse.pbworks.com/W8-MIT-Vocabulary-Contest

47:16 - Maureen(bcdtech)
@jackiegerstein- I second that!!

47:26 - Peggy George
you can upload flip videos to many online video applications--works great in http://www.onetruemedia.com

47:52 - MaryFran
What is the link to get the :"Interesting Ways?"

48:05 - joanne
@Merryl are you on twitter?

48:26 - katran
iPod Touch great to use educ apps

48:27 - Merryl
no but I can join

48:30 - Tammy
@maryfran...can you google it?

48:31 - Peggy George
@MaryFran-it's in our gl.am links http://gl.am/JnovL

48:34 - ZPM
More on Digitaleshttp:www.digitales.us/resources/storymaking_files.php

48:39 -
@peggyg- I've used uploaded to blip, vimeo, youtube, etc... never a problem with quality. One of my 8th graders used it on a voicethread this past week- yucky quality- but it may not have been good going in.

48:40 -
the links for these presentations?

48:42 -
any social studies teachers

48:48 -
haven't used animoto lately. It's really taking weeks to get your final product back these days???

48:58 -
Peggy George

49:00 -
@merryl, I am jmcmcmahon, follow me and I will connect you to some amazing KDG teachers!

49:06 -
@jamie- not product- getting educator access

49:09 -
Paula Naugle
@Sal I teach 4th grade SS.

49:11 -
I think they meant their educational account Jamie

49:16 -
@Sal I teach HS social studies.

49:16 -
Oh! thank goodness!

49:19 -

49:20 -

49:23 -
thanks so much joanne

49:41 -
Peggy George
@Maureen-I haven't tried uploading to Voicethread from my flip cam but I will--the quality should be as good as the video going in

49:41 -
Ideas to inspire is the best

49:51 -
Yvonne Mattix
great info. I agree...Animoto isn't keeping up with the demand for the projects we do.

49:58 -
Kathie Lewis
I came late - is this podcast available in archives?

49:59 -
How did you use DC?

50:04 -
Paula Naugle
We have Ideas to Inspire linked on our school website.

50:05 -
Does anyone use flip camera with glogster?

50:10 -
I recorded my students on the first day of school and then on the last and made a DVD to send to parents

50:10 -
janet Sanderson
thanks Paula

50:12 -
Russel Montgomery

50:16 -
Thanks Tom .Have learnt loads!

50:18 -
@peggyg- you're right, I should check what the original was and see if I can figure it out

50:19 -
Yvonne Mattix
thanks for great ideas.

50:19 -
Peggy George
if you have links to student flip video examples, please share them!!

50:20 -
brilliant Tom--thank for all the resources!

50:21 -
Deborah Boatwright
Anyone have data about these technologies improving learning?

50:22 -
Melissa Techman
thanks, Tom - wonderful overview and ideas!

50:25 -
Excellent, thanks for the great information and ideas

50:25 -
Paula Naugle
@Mary Yes I've put videos on Glogster.

50:30 -
Thanks Tom it was brilliant to hear about all this.

50:31 -
aforgrave (Andrew) 1
Thanks so much, Tom!

50:32 -
Thanks so much, Tom. I'm inspired

50:34 -
Thanks Tom :-D

50:35 -
Sylvianne - Dorset UK
thanks tom

50:35 -
thanks tom

50:36 -
my district blocked glogster.

50:38 -
Thank you. I learned a lot!

50:41 -
thanks Tom - great presentation and ideas :)

50:42 -

50:42 -
Russel Montgomery
Thanks very much :)

50:47 -
Jon Fisher
Thank you very much, Tom!

50:49 -
whats the links for ideas to inspire

50:50 -
Laura Gonzalez
@Jill Why did they block glogster?

50:51 -
greg lumb
Great job Tom!

50:52 -
Paula Naugle
Thank you, Tom.

50:54 -
Peggy George
@MaryFran-I love that idea of recording students on first/last day of school---I'll bet they love seeing themselves!

50:55 -
out of curiousity how many people here teach grade 9-12

50:56 -

50:59 -
Thanks Tom, our new camera arrives any minute so great to have all these ideas

51:02 -
Karen Green
thanks all!!!

51:05 -
Jan Wells
Hi Paula

51:07 -
IDK I begged to get it unblocked

51:10 -
Thanks Tom, the Kindergarten kids in Alberta will benefit from your knowledge!

51:10 -
@mikeretz I teach 9th grade.

51:12 -
Sheri Edwards
Thanks so much -- I could not keep up with the chat :) Great links and resources!

51:16 -
I am SOO excited about Weebly

51:18 -
Paula Naugle
Hi Jan.

51:21 -
Same time?

51:22 -
Interesting ideas and discussion today. Thanks Tom!

51:22 -
Wow- I feel rushed....But thanks anyway

51:30 -
Peggy George
we're going to be talking about Weebly next week--now have educator version for creating websites!!

51:39 -
greg lumb
fastest hour of the week, great stuff:)

51:39 -
@Sal I'll follow back in a few.

51:39 -
Kevin Mc Laughlin
Excellent presentation Tom, really enjoyed it and learned a few more things for class use

51:47 -
One of my grad students is having her students created Weebly websites on human body systems - she emailed me today saying that they are Loving it

51:49 -
Russel Montgomery
you will tweet about these coming up to thetime?

51:55 -
thanks for sharing Wordle--i just checked it out-very cool

52:07 -
Seems like primary techers use these new technologies more than secondary

52:12 -
Peggy George
@jackiegerstein--can you share the link for Weebly so we can add it to our gl.am next week?

52:14 -
I LOVE Wordle!

52:15 -
I have a ton of mostly elementary science videos done with flips on vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/user495523

52:17 -
I can't believe a whole hour went by this was great!

52:21 -
primary teachers ROCK!

52:26 -
Paula Naugle
@plnaugle on Twitter. 4th grade teacher of math and social studies.

52:28 -
How would we go about using this program that we are all using now? Is it free to anyone?

52:36 -
Boy - Steve is getting some amazing folks in his series

52:41 -
Tom - it was great listen to you! Following on twitter is fun :)and inspiring

52:43 -
Peggy George
so many fantastic ideas today!! Huge thanks to Tom and all of you in the chat room!!!

52:44 -
janet Sanderson
thanks for all of the help !!!!

52:59 -
Russel Montgomery
Learning games network? Sounds great

53:01 -
Timothy M. Wall
Does this channel have a link to these future sessions?

53:07 -
Lots of great chat room energy today - lots of great sharing

53:11 -
Thanks all! great morning!

53:11 -
Tom you have some incredible ideas

53:14 -
@mikegretz I teach 4-9 this year

53:19 -
Paula Naugle
@Joel You can get a free Elluminate room for 3 users at LearnCentral.org

53:21 -
Deborah Boatwright
Any certificates available for continuing ed from the 2.0 sessions?

53:26 -
This was great, I am hooked!

53:37 -
Peggy George
still having a few issues with our survey form--please fill it in though--we really appreciate your feedback and suggestions for future topics on the survey!

53:39 -
Tom rocks

53:47 -
elluminate is impressive

53:47 -
Thank you Tom for today and all the resources you share!

53:53 -
Paula Naugle
@Sal Thanks will follow after session.

54:05 -
aforgrave (Andrew) 1
Thanks, Tom, Kim, Lorna, Peggy, Elluminate ...

54:09 -
Tom Barrett
Thanks everyone for joining me!

54:09 -
Deborah Boatwright
It would be great if teh evaluation form would generate a certificate after you fill is out for CE credits.

54:10 -
Peggy George
Thank you all for joining us today and for sharing!!

54:21 -
Deborah Boatwright
thanks tom

54:28 -
tom are you on twitter?

54:29 -
thanks for such an awesome session

54:32 -
Laura Gonzalez
I was inspired!

54:37 -
Lots of ideas thanks again

54:38 -
Thanks everyone! Hope I can join you again, time-zones permitting! :-)

54:39 -
Paula Naugle
Peggy where can we put ideas for future sessions?

54:49 -
Tom Barrett
I am @tombarrett on Twitter by the way

54:54 -
janet Sanderson
This was amazing. I am not working in isolation anymore.

55:06 -
Peggy George
that slide has Tom's twitter and blog info

55:16 -
Tom Barrett
thanks Peggy

55:17 -
Sheri Edwards
Be sure to check out tom's blog too! http://tbarrett.edublogs.org

55:19 -
@janet :-)

55:19 -
Russel Montgomery
cya l8r all. Thans for the opportunity to join in. :)

55:27 -
Thanks Tom ... appreciated

55:29 -
Peggy George
ideas for future sessions can go right in the survey form that will pop up after you exit Elluminate

55:34 -
Tom Barrett
Thanks Chris

55:42 -

55:43 -
Peggy George
Thanks everyone! Have a great weekend!!!

55:45 -
Paula Naugle
Thanks Peggy. Bye.

55:47 -
virginia alberti

55:47 -

55:50 -
Sheri Edwards
thanks all..

55:51 -
Kevin Mc Laughlin
Bye, it was great

55:55 -
Hope you will do this soon again!

55:56 -
Great as always

56:26 -
Peggy George//
I always leave these shows so energized and excited about trying new things and checking out the links!! http://gl.am/JnovL