24:11 - jackiegerstein
Hi Kim

24:14 - jackiegerstein
Hi Peggy

24:23 - Peggy George
Hi Jackie!!

24:29 - Paula Naugle
Hi Kim, Peggy, and Lorna.

24:30 - MB
Hey Guys - good to be back (Mary Beth)

24:43 - Peggy George
I was sharing your websites on the Seedlings show this week re Quest Atlantis :-)

24:44 - Paula Naugle
Hi Mary Beth

24:53 - Peggy George
Hi Paula and MB!

25:34 - Peggy George
we are all going to learn new things today!! I had no idea there were so many incredible tips about searching on Google!!

25:40 - Paula Naugle
Hi Durff just poured my second cup of coffee.

26:10 - MB
Got out from under the H20 and no more mushrooms!

26:20 - Sharon Peters
@DanRussell Hi Dan, we met at NECC - I am the one you passed along the Google cheatsheet resources to - to take to South Africa and Kenya with Teachers Without Borders - they were greatly appreciated!

26:29 - Peggy George
fantastic to have all of you here today!!

26:30 - Daniel M Russell
Hi Sharon!

27:03 - Paula Naugle
Don't forget the K12 Conference Online LAN Party today from 2-5 EDT. More info here

27:38 - durff
listening on ett and typing here, there, everywhere....

27:49 - durff
hi sharon!

27:51 - Peggy George
the K12online conference LAN party is going to be so much fun today!! 3 1/2 hours of streaming on starting right after our show

28:12 - MB
Thanks again, Tammy!

28:17 - Peggy George
great to see you durff!!

28:33 - Paula Naugle
Tammy is so icredible.

28:44 - susanvg
Hi Peggy, Kim and Durff

28:45 - Paula Naugle
Incredible Tammy.

29:02 - KarenJan
excellent feature - CC for hearing impaired

29:18 - Peggy George
Hi susanvg! It is so great to have all of my K12online conference LIVE events team here!!!!

29:24 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
HI Paula & Karen!

29:25 - Sharon Peters
Hi Durff! Yes, am multi-tasking too!

29:31 - KarenJan
Hi, Mary Bethh

29:50 - Peggy George
wow! as soon as the map popped up all of the little red boxes appeared for bandwidth!!

29:57 - matt montagne
coastal US representing

30:01 - durff
PA here

30:04 - Peggy George
look at all of those dots!!!

30:04 - jim vanides
Can we point to where we'd LIKE to be? :)

30:04 - Tammie
Lots of fellow Texans!

30:05 - durff
hi matt

30:07 - Maureen
Maureen newyork cloudy cool

30:16 - Lucy Gray
Wow, nice map!

30:16 - Carlos
Spain & Portugal in Europe

30:17 - matt montagne
@Jim LOL! Why not!

30:21 - Leslie
Beautiful in Maine today!

30:21 - durff
jim = no fair

30:25 - Peggy George
that big red star deserves a big star!!!!!

30:27 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
ooh, there's two Karens! Hi KarenJan & McTeach!

30:31 - MB
Two Mary Beths here, but I am a bit of a quiet "Mary Beth"

30:32 - Bob Caro
Bob in Corpus - finally not as hot as it has been

30:33 - Sierra Inman
Southern Cali here

30:35 - susanvg
Casselman Ontario sunny and cool

30:38 - diana kenney
gorgeous in alameda, california

30:39 - Peggy George
so great to see you Karenjan!

30:43 - Lucy Gray
Chicago, Illinois

30:51 - christine
hello from Missouri

30:51 - Mary Fran
Good morning, all

30:55 - KarenJan
@peggy - and it's great to be here!

30:55 - Peggy George

30:57 - matt montagne
another chilly day here in the Bay is like 68 F

31:06 - Eileen K
Fabulous Fal Day in Pennsylvania

31:06 - Peggy George
welcome Matt!

31:10 - may
Hello from China

31:10 - Cheryl Davis
SF Bay Area beautiful today

31:13 - Suzanne Neuman
Anyone else here from Jeffco Public Schools, Colorado?

31:13 - Sharon Peters
Chilly clear beautiful day here in Montreal

31:14 - LaRae
I couldn't get the star by my town, but I'm here from Tallahassee, Fla.

31:14 - matt montagne
hey peggy

31:16 - Kathleen Porter
Foxborough, Mass. Sunny & cool

31:19 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
Beautiful day in Philly.

31:26 - Paula Naugle
Hi Matt.

31:27 - David B
David Boin Los Angeles, CA Good Morning

31:29 - Tammie
what is the podcast called?

31:34 - Daniel M Russell
Wow. I get to be on iTunes? Woot!

31:36 - jackiegerstein
But is more fun being live here - Hence Classroom 2.0 Live ; )

31:37 - Peggy George
it's great to have so many options for listening to the recordings if you have to miss a live session!

31:42 - Tammie
Classroom 2.0?

31:42 - Barbara O
hello from southeast VA. Overcast and cooler today

32:01 - durff

32:09 - Lucy Gray
I like this poll feature.

32:15 - Peggy George
fantastic! we're going to learn about customized searches today!

32:18 - Suzanne Neuman
Not sure what you mean by customized.

32:29 - Peggy George
then you probably haven't tried it yet :-)

32:34 - matt montagne
thanks for mentioning the blue door ... I couldn't find that green check at first

32:36 - Lucy Gray

33:02 - Peggy George
you'll find links to all of this great information in the today

33:02 - chriswherley
also under tools,polling

33:13 - Daniel M Russell
Sorry. Misclick on my part. ;-)

33:27 - KarenJan
@dan - you're forgiven

33:38 - MB
"misclick" - I like that word

33:42 - Peggy George
that's going to be one long red bar :-)

33:42 - Doug_Henry
Afgan election...

33:43 - Lucy Gray
Here's one I've created

33:45 - Lucy Gray

34:00 - Cheryl Davis
Hey Kyle!

34:06 - Peggy George
oh it's a long green bar :-)

34:31 - Lucy Gray
Since last June

34:41 - Suzanne Neuman
Thanks for the link, Lucy.

34:44 - Mary Fran
Wasn't it releassed during the summer?

34:44 - Peggy George
this is such a fantastic curriculum and they have made it so easy for teachers to use with students!!!!

34:54 - Peggy George
it was announced at NECC 2009 :-)

34:55 - Suzanne Neuman
So good to know about!

35:00 - Sharon Peters
Clearly we need a Google Teacher Academy in Canada... :-)

35:08 - christine
I'm not in the classroom but can't wait to share this info with teachers

35:09 - Peggy George

35:11 - susanvg
and some of us have no students!

35:17 - McTeach
This is perfect timing! Will be starting search lessons this week.

35:23 - chriswherley
hello everyone from central IL

35:23 - cyndidannerkuhn
Clearly we need a Google Teacher Academy for College of Educations too

35:24 - Peggy George
prime audience for our Google team!! eager to learn!!!!

35:28 - Sheri Edwards
I have used a google teacher curriculum on search-- not sure if that's what you mean

35:31 - susanvg
That would be great @Sharon Peters

35:43 - matt montagne
Thanks Chris...appreciated

35:47 - Peggy George

36:00 - Paula Naugle
Hi Sheri.

36:15 - Mary Fran
There are Canadians who participate in the US GTAs

36:19 - Peggy George
we are so excited to have Lucy Gray, Cheryl Davis and Dan Russell with us today!!!

36:47 - Kevin Jarrett
YAY LUCY!!!!!!

36:58 - Kevin Jarrett

37:03 - Kevin Jarrett
Nice to meet you, Dan!

37:05 - Sharon Peters
@MaryFran Haven't heard of any Cdn teachers who were permitted to attend; usually they have been restricted only to Americans....

37:13 - jim vanides
UoC - Hooray!

37:15 - Peggy George
I get tired just trying to follow Lucy around!! She is the most amazing, connected educator!!

37:34 - Sharon Peters
@PeggyG I agree... Lucy is everywhere!

37:40 - Mary Fran
No, in my GTA there were people from Toronto and Vancouver

37:44 - Paula Naugle
LOL Peggy. Lucy is awesome.

38:00 - Sharon Peters
@Mary Fran Lucky them! Montreal is left out again - sigh

38:17 - Mary Fran
Maybe no one from Montreal applied

38:32 - Brumbaugh
Awesome STUFF... get it now....

38:36 - susanvg
@ Sharon how do we get them to do a Google Academy in Montreal for Canada?

38:38 - Sharon Peters
@Mary Fran I keep up with these things, but didn't hear about the opportunity

38:39 - Tammie
too bad the GTA are so limited

38:45 - Peggy George
Kevin is the person who gave me the courage to enter Second Life!!

38:51 - Sheri Edwards
Hi Paula! Good to "see" you here again!

38:52 - Mary Fran
Hi Cheryl

38:58 - Sierra Inman
Hi Cheryl

38:58 - Brumbaugh
You just need to wait and see where the next GTA is...

38:59 - McTeach
Good morning, Cheryl!! (or should I say, "neighbor")

39:02 - Paula Naugle
Thanks, I'll check it out.

39:13 - Deb Boatwright
How does a person become a google certifiied teacher?

39:15 - Sharon Peters
@susanvg I bothered Dan Russell a bit about that at NECC! LOL

39:26 - KarenJan
Has the next GTA location been announced? how many teachers apply/are accepted?

39:31 - Peggy George
Google did it right with such expert teachers developing this curriculum!! It's fantastic!!

39:40 - Sharon Peters
@susanvg I am sure between the two of us we can find enough interested teachers in the Montreal area!

39:44 - Chris Johnston
It must be awesome to get accepted to the Google program

39:46 - Daniel M Russell
@SharonPeters... I didn't drop that particular ball. But the answer is longer that the margin here can accept.

39:49 - Brumbaugh
@DebBoatwright - you have to go to a GTA and there is an application process.

39:51 - Sheri Edwards
I would like to see an online Google Academy so more teachers could be involved -- without needing to travel

39:51 - jim vanides
Does Lucy tweet? Would like to follow!

39:54 - cyndidannerkuhn
Those of us preparing future teachers would really like and need the opportunity to become Google Certified Teachers, PLEASE

39:55 - MB
Banned books

39:57 - Paula Naugle
I applied for GTA Boulder but didn't get in. Hope I have better luck next time.

40:01 - Sid de Haan
@Sharon Peters I'd fly out from Edmonton!

40:19 - jackiegerstein
that's a grea idea Sheri

40:23 - Brumbaugh
@jim vanides - elemenous

40:29 - Sharon Peters
@DanRussell I know no balls were dropped... it is a complex issue

40:31 - Peggy George
Dan knows more about our search habits than we do ourselves!!!

40:46 - Peggy George
there he is :-)

40:46 - Mary Fran
Dan is responsible for "User Happiness"

40:53 - jackiegerstein
he is off doing a google search

41:01 - Sharon Peters
I want that title

41:07 - Sharon Peters
at my school

41:07 - Mary Fran
Hi, Dan

41:11 - Peggy George
I like that term--user happiness :-)

41:22 - Deb Boatwright
a tech psychologist

41:39 - jackiegerstein

41:43 - jim vanides
"Search Anthropologist" - fun!

41:51 - Kim Caise
you can adjust the volume by moving the sliders next to the speaker icon

42:00 - Lucy Gray
More about Dan

42:14 - Lucy Gray
He's a Renaissance kind of guy!

42:20 - Sheri Edwards
What Dan says is so true about so many things --

42:22 - jim vanides
"Teaching Search" - a new literacy?

42:24 - Peggy George
nice description Lucy!

42:24 - MB
It was just coming in and out...thanks, I hear well now.

42:47 - Kim Caise

42:52 - Brumbaugh
Hi Lucy.... Are we OK showing the lessons at the GWA at the Googleplex next week.

43:12 - Peggy George
your bandwidth can sometimes cause the audio to lag but it will catch up with you

43:16 - Brumbaugh
I would think we would, but wanted to check.

43:29 - Lucy Gray

43:32 - Lucy Gray
they are pbulic

43:36 - Corina Long
love Dan's statement to have a "research outlook on life."

43:37 - Brumbaugh

43:41 - Lucy Gray
What's going on at the Googleplex?

44:05 - Brumbaugh
Google Workshop for Administrators - myself and Mark Wagner next week.

44:21 - Peggy George
love the point about thinking about research as an attitude and way of thinking--not just a task

44:22 - KarenJan
@dan do you consider universal design for learning? what you are doing is making content digital and accessible for people with disabilities

44:26 - matt montagne
the digital divide manifests itself in all sorts of ways beyone hardware and connectivity

44:43 - Brumbaugh
Friday at the Googleplex and Saturday at the ACSA (Ca Admin's Group) offices

44:48 - durff

44:49 - Peggy George
we will definitely be spreading the word because this curriculum is fantastic!!!

44:53 - Sharon Peters
Google Wkshop for Admins? Wow, where can I find out more info?

44:56 - durff
I want dark chocolate

45:07 - cyndidannerkuhn
Me too durff

45:13 - durff
with bold coffee

45:23 - Paula Naugle
Did you eat the candybar or save it? It would be hard for me not to eat it.

45:32 - Kim Caise
welcome edtechtalkers participating in the edtechtalk webcastathon!

45:36 - Brumbaugh
We have them in CA now, the second one is next week and there is another scheduled on Dec 12. run by CUE.

45:47 - chriswherley
reminded how much better I feel about my job when I am connected with people like you and the possibilities that exist for students and teachers

45:50 - Kim Caise
special thanks to jeff lebow for streaming for us to today!

45:51 - Sheri Edwards
Peggy and Matt -- I agree with both of you research a way of thinking --- and the digital divide is causing a divide in allowing people to develop the thinking skills that help them

45:52 - Noreen

45:56 - Brumbaugh
If anyone wants to host one contact CUE.

45:56 - Deb Boatwright
Doing a search is like being in a bumper car of keywords

46:04 - Sharon Peters
CUE will be where on Dec. 12th?

46:04 - Peggy George
we are doing something very exciting today. Jeff Lebow is streaming our session on ustream on live as part of the Equinox webcastathon!!!!

46:07 - durff
wow = 100 here + 8 at ett !!

46:11 - matt montagne
I'm at a crossroads with my thinking on Google Search and Proprietary Databases

46:24 - Mark Spieglan
will slides be available?

46:31 - KarenJan
100 participants!

46:32 - matt montagne
I feel that we spend so much time on teaching proprietary database search and the students don't retain it or use it

46:40 - Kim Caise
you can save the slides at the end of the session @mark

46:41 - Sheri Edwards
Wow! streaming...

46:49 - Peggy George
yes slides can be downloaded by clicking on the disc icon in upper left corner--select pdf for download

46:55 - Deb Boatwright
research mind map

46:57 - Brumbaugh
@matt montagne - agreed..... I think the days of paid databases may be coming to an end.

46:59 - Mark Spieglan

47:01 - matt montagne
I think our time would be better spent teaching sophisticated google search

47:07 - Sharon Peters
@matt you mean deep and surface research?

47:13 - Paula Naugle
Mark Wagner is presenting on the K12 Online Lan Party today.

47:17 - matt montagne

47:18 - bbarreda
great line 4 r's

47:33 - McTeach
I completely agree, Matt!

47:41 - Brumbaugh

47:52 - Lucy Gray
Kyle, my slides from GTACO on Search are here

47:55 - matt montagne
plus, the search UI is so different across all these proprietary search databases that we subscribe to

48:00 - Deb Boatwright
what sign are you?

48:03 - Deb Boatwright

48:08 - Kathleen Porter
some of us do remember :-)

48:10 - Brumbaugh
thanks, Lucy!

48:25 - Peggy George
we'll also be hearing from Alec Couros, Mathew Needleman and Kathy Cassidy in the webcastathon for k12online today! Please join us!

48:30 - Lucy Gray
Building on what Dan is saying...

48:41 - Lucy Gray
the level of conversations is elevated because of this access to content

48:46 - Sharon Peters
@Peggy Sounds like a great line-up

48:47 - matt montagne
there are federated search UI's that you can purchase to slap on top of all your databases, but I'm not convinced of proprietary federated search

49:05 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
when I'm at the bar I use my iPhone to get the 'right' answer

49:06 - Peggy George
what a fantastic world we live in with all of these incredible internet resources and the curriculum helps us find them much better!

49:13 - KarenJan
@matt - that would make for interesting research

49:16 - Sharon Peters
@matt UI = ??

49:18 - matt montagne
49:23 - bbarreda
can you put that stat about infor and library of congress in the chat

49:23 - Sheri Edwards
Yes -- research as an attitude -- we are constantly "googleing" the vocab or concepts that arise in discussions

49:27 - matt montagne
UI=user interface

49:47 - Sharon Peters
@matt so, are you talking about something like ProQuest?

49:51 - matt montagne
some of the proprietary databases have ugly User Interfaces (UIs)

49:52 - Peggy George
that is such a key point--shouldn't be taught in isolation but integrated into the content areas

49:59 - cyndidannerkuhn
most people don't even thing about "google it" as research

49:59 - Sheri Edwards
@mbteach -- iPhone rules

50:01 - Deb Boatwright
I have a teacher that constantly has children search for answers during the day

50:06 - matt montagne
@sharon...yes, proquest and many of the others that we often times subscribe to

50:08 - Paula Naugle
@McTeach I do that often with my iPhone too.

50:18 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
@Sheri and now we can send pictures!!

50:19 - Maureen(bcdtech)
I teach in computer lab- would love to see how to help others integrate search lessons in their curriculum- rather than me teaching in isolation.

50:21 - Lucy Gray
Excellent point, Cheryl!

50:30 - Peggy George
the deeper searches in Google are so much more rewarding!!

50:33 - chriswherley
integration for students will be made easier with access. Access to hardware is limitation right now

50:43 - Brumbaugh
Cheryl is my homie.... You go Girl!

50:45 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
@Maureen me, too. I feel isolated often.

51:37 - Cheryl Davis
yep - homie! Kyle and I!

51:59 - Chris Johnston
quotes are not taken out

52:01 - Peggy George
never used c++- new term for me

52:11 - jim vanides
are "quotes" ignored?

52:20 - Chris Johnston
C++ is a computer language

52:29 - Peggy George
thanks Chris!

52:41 - Brumbaugh
@ jim Vanides - Quotes treats as one term.

52:49 - jim vanides

52:55 - Chris Johnston
There is C, C++. C#, objective C, and probably some others

53:11 - Lucy Gray
My own seach abilities have improved so much because of this project

53:17 - Lucy Gray
I need to remember that term

53:21 - Lucy Gray
organic search results

53:25 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
I love the ads on top are yellow. it always helps my students differentiate btwn ads & 'real' results

53:29 - Peggy George
the organic search results--that's where you see millions of entries :-)

53:33 - jim vanides
Dan - pls use the pointer!

53:47 - jim vanides

53:47 - KarenJan

53:48 - Sharon Peters

53:48 - Deb Boatwright

53:51 - Corina Long

53:55 - Eileen K

53:57 - Tammy Moore
Hold down left mouse button

54:13 - Noreen
magic wand

54:14 - Sheila Beck

54:14 - Tammy Moore
Hold down the left mouse button

54:16 - susanvg
magic wand

54:16 - Peggy George
click on the laser pointer and then click on the white board by selecting the icon you want to use like the hand

54:25 - Sheri Edwards
i see the star

54:34 - jim vanides
not to worry - keep on going!

54:37 - Tammy Moore
Tools please -

54:39 - jim vanides

54:41 - Peggy George

54:43 - MB

54:43 - Sharon Peters
I see the sparkly thing!

54:47 - durff
I like sparkly things

54:47 - Maureen(bcdtech)
I have a general google image search ? The new- to me anyway- advanced search piece- licensed for reuse. How are the kids supposed to find the actual license? Or how do they do attribution? Used to using cc license on flickr- but hard to find it on google image seraches.

54:52 - durff
esp diamonds

55:02 - Cheryl Davis
I love the new show options feature in Search - use it all the time

55:16 - Lucy Gray
I'm getting the hang of this

55:17 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
@maureen google has an advanced search where you can search for images labeled for reuse

55:20 - Lucy Gray
Wasn't me! :)

55:35 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
unfortunately, google images is blocked in my district :(

55:46 - Peggy George
oneboxes was new to me :-)

55:50 - Maureen(bcdtech)
@mbteach- but how do the kids do attributiion? They are not always CC.

56:09 - matt montagne
56:16 - MB
oneboxes is new to me

56:18 - Lucy Gray
Try weather 60618, movies 60618

56:18 - artykel
we use for images to get around county issue

56:22 - Lucy Gray
Chicago Bears

56:23 - bbarreda
I'm not tracking what is a one box

56:24 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
the ones that come up in the search for Flickr are labeled for reuse (CC)

56:27 - Peggy George
@Mary Beth-maybe they would allow you to use images if you create a Customized Google Search so you can control exactly which sites the students can access

56:39 - Chris Johnston
@Maureen most pics are not CC unless on Flick

56:44 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
I am definitely going to figure out a way to use them.

56:46 - Lucy Gray
This is a one box

56:46 - Sharon Peters
@artykel That i spretty funny - especially if you are not in Canada

56:47 - sroseman
just discovered show options

56:55 - Mary
How do you get a OneBox result?

56:59 - Brumbaugh
I have used the show options.

57:00 - jim vanides
Would be nice if google added a link to image attribution in image search results

57:05 - bbarreda
what is one box

57:06 - jackiegerstein
found a timeline for my students - was VERY excited

57:07 - Brumbaugh
Wonder Wheel is cool.....

57:07 - matt montagne
I like the new advanced image search tool, but I wish they would've explicity added Creative Commons language

57:10 - MB
Any chance you can explain oneboxes briefly?

57:11 - Cheryl Davis
Show options is super!

57:24 - Corina Long
love the wonder wheel

57:29 - Mary Fran
I love Wonder Wheel

57:36 - Sharon Peters
oo... am liking these show options

57:57 - KarenJan
just explored show otions - looks great

58:00 - Cheryl Davis
Me too Mary Fran - Wonder Wheel is fun to use

58:04 - Lucy Gray
More about Oneboxes:

58:07 - Kathleen Porter
I can't believe there are only 100 of us getting this info

58:12 - Maureen(bcdtech)
@jim vanides- yes! I try to make the kids use only licensed images, but if they can't find the attribution- just use url. Would rather have it really clear.

58:13 - Peggy George
the show options really helps you to drill down and narrow your search

58:15 - MB
Thanks Lucy

58:16 - Sheila Beck
My kids LOVE the wonder wheel

58:32 - Kim Caise
lisa thumann demonstrated this when she was on our show this past june

58:37 - Lorna Costantini
@ Kathleen - people come after the show to teh recording

58:38 - Deb Boatwright

58:41 - Sheri Edwards
Thanks Lucy

58:43 - Sharon Peters
@Kathleen - But the show will be archived - am already thinking of who on my staff that Iwant to pass this to

58:50 - Sheila Beck
The time line is cool for history and weather studies

58:51 - christine
Had no idea about these options - very cool

58:53 - Deb Boatwright
great for increase elementary keyword knowledge

58:59 - Chris Johnston
People use to pay a lot of money for what wonderwheel now provides for free

59:03 - KarenJan
my district is thinking about purchasing questia- is it necessary? does it do more than Google?

59:04 - cyndidannerkuhn
well that will be handy

59:23 - Maureen(bcdtech)
Ctrl F

59:24 - Deb Boatwright
ctrl f

59:27 - matt montagne
command F

59:27 - sroseman
like command f

59:30 - cyndidannerkuhn
no clue

59:33 - Peggy George
you can access all of our show archives on the website--you might want to go back and see the Lisa Thumann Google Search show too :-)

59:38 - Lucy Gray
This is the single more important trick you can teach

59:47 - Mary Fran
love that feature

59:58 - Lucy Gray
I'll give you an example of how useful this is

59:58 - matt montagne
I do that all the time in a PDF document

1:00:05 - Cheryl Davis
Helps me all the time

1:00:06 - sroseman
like google squared

1:00:07 - Sharon Peters
me too

1:00:11 - Maureen(bcdtech)
@ lucy- after ctrl z :-)

1:00:14 - Mary Fran
my third graders have gone on to each their parents about it :-)

1:00:16 - matt montagne
I almost can't even read paper any more because I find myself wanting to search for keywords

1:00:17 - Chris Johnston
@matt yes very useful in a PDF

1:00:21 - Lucy Gray
I have lots of surveys going on right now; data is Google spreadsheets

1:00:26 - Peggy George
link for recording for Lisa's Google Search show:

1:00:40 - Lucy Gray
if I'm looking for how often a certain word is used in the responses, Command + F really helps

1:00:40 - Brumbaugh
Hey.... how do I export the results from Google Squared to Excel or a Google Spreadsheet?

1:00:54 - Lucy Gray
Good question, Kyle, not sure

1:00:57 - Peggy George
all of our archives for past recordings (and today's recording) can be found here:

1:01:00 - Sheri Edwards
Thanks Peggy

1:01:04 - matt montagne
Safari highlighst the words in yellow, which is kinda cool

1:01:22 - Peggy George
the find command is so helpful to quickly find things!

1:01:42 - susanvg
wish I had command F in my real life

1:01:49 - MB

1:01:53 - matt montagne
@susan LOL!

1:01:54 - Peggy George
the recording will include all of the chat and the slides and audio--everything you're seeing now

1:02:01 - Lucy Gray
imagining a search

1:02:01 - Brumbaugh
LOL Susan

1:02:06 - Kathleen Porter
do you have this slide posted somewhere -- or this set?

1:02:12 - Sharon Peters
@susanvg Like for my keys .... almost every day

1:02:14 - Peggy George
you can also access the chat log to get the links shared here today

1:02:17 - Deb Boatwright
Do you share meta names

1:02:18 - matt montagne
1:02:24 - Kim Caise
you can download the slides after the session today

1:02:34 - Deb Boatwright
url please

1:02:43 - Sharon Peters
would love to have this slideshow

1:02:49 - Lucy Gray
You can teach the art of keyword search to young kids

1:02:50 - Deb Boatwright
me too

1:02:51 - Peggy George
choosing the best key words is so important!!

1:02:52 - Paula Naugle
Here is the link to my 4th graders weather survey we did this week

1:03:04 - Lucy Gray
Talk them through the process as you model searching with a comptuer and projector

1:03:06 - Kim Caise
go to file, select save and save the grup as a pdf

1:03:07 - Maureen(bcdtech)
@Lucy aren

1:03:13 - Sheri Edwards
Thanks Paula

1:03:27 - MB
@Paula - Very cool...

1:03:31 - Lucy Gray
Love that survey, Paula

1:03:46 - Bob Caro

1:03:49 - Maureen(bcdtech)
@Lucy- aren't most of these slides part of the curriculum online? Seems like I have seen some of them.

1:03:50 - Paula Naugle
They loved watching the results pile up.

1:04:15 - Lucy Gray
If you need more international people, ask in the Global Education Collaborative

1:04:17 - Tammie
I'm confused

1:04:24 - Tammie
what is he talking about?

1:04:31 - Noreen

1:04:36 - Lucy Gray
Yes, Maureen... we've used them in a Google sponsored webinar

1:04:43 - Lucy Gray
I used them at GTACO

1:04:48 - Peggy George
loved that survey Paula! I participated in it :-)

1:04:49 - Paula Naugle
@Lucy Thank you.

1:04:51 - Tammie
what is a snippet

1:04:54 - LaRae
What is all the typing about?

1:04:56 - Maureen(bcdtech)
@Lucy- thanks- that is where I saw them!

1:05:01 - jim vanides
what does the : do in google search?

1:05:06 - Lucy Gray
Some of the slides are mine; some are Dan's originally

1:05:10 - Sharon Peters
thanks Kim, downloaded the files

1:05:11 - jim vanides
Would define maquette work w/o the :?

1:05:13 - Deb Boatwright

1:05:14 - Paula Naugle
@Peggy Thank you.

1:05:22 - Mary Fran
the snippet is the test in the search result

1:05:22 - Deb Boatwright
please show on slide

1:05:27 - Kathleen Porter
@Sharon - reassuring to develop share strategies, thx!

1:05:34 - Mary Fran

1:05:35 - Peggy George
never thought of using google as a dictionary!!

1:05:35 - Lucy Gray
The colon is necessary, I believe

1:05:47 - Chris Johnston
snippet is the the words under the blue ones in your search results

1:05:47 - Cheryl Davis
Snippet are the words that follow the search term on the search results page

1:05:49 - Corina Long
my 13 y.o. introduced me to that word today

1:05:50 - Sharon Peters
I use google as a dictionary all the time!!

1:06:04 - jim vanides
and if you spell wrong, google tries to help

1:06:06 - bbarreda
me too

1:06:07 - Peggy George
so glad to know about that because I always have google open!!

1:06:08 - Sharon Peters
almost every day

1:06:10 - Cheryl Davis
I use Google Search as a spell checker all the time

1:06:14 - Sheri Edwards
We always use define: quick help in class discussions

1:06:22 - LaRae
pervase? peruse?

1:06:29 - christine
I use the define feature with my 10 yr old too

1:06:34 - Sharon Peters
yes, define: wordiwanttoknow

1:06:46 - christine
to help him with hmwk, not to define him :-)

1:07:08 - Tammie
do you have to put the brackets?

1:07:44 - Lucy Gray
I think it's important to help kids persevere in their searches

1:07:52 - Sheri Edwards
no brackets

1:07:52 - Lucy Gray
Keep adding keywords

1:07:57 - cyndidannerkuhn
well this presentation will be required viewing in my pre-service tech class next week!!

1:08:10 - Maureen(bcdtech)
Kids were trying to use inspiration to do literary web- many did not really know what themes were- looked up themes, added literary, then added list... worked well!

1:08:11 - Peggy George
funny!! you don't type in long phrases :-) even if you do though it somehow finds things--maybe just not all relevant

1:08:29 - jim vanides
LUCY - are you in Twitter? Would like to follow!

1:08:39 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
I find the fewer words you use, the better the results

1:08:54 - Mary Fran
I've seen kids put in a whole sentence

1:09:03 - Lucy Gray
Yes, Jim, I am...

1:09:11 - jim vanides

1:09:17 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
@Mary Fran I teach my kids about keywords to avoid that. they still type sentences anyway!

1:09:25 - cyndidannerkuhn
Lucy, I am coming to Chigo Monday, any chance You would/could let me buy you dinner and talk! I know short notice

1:09:30 - cyndidannerkuhn

1:09:36 - diana kenney
I always start my searches with, "Dear Google....

1:09:57 - Sheri Edwards
diana kenny love that "Dear Google..."

1:10:05 - Peggy George
If Dan, Lucy and Cheryl can stay on we can continue past the hour :-) This is so fantastic!!

1:10:07 - Cheryl Davis
Love that "Dear Google"...

1:10:15 - clinds
I often type in techie questions that I have and get great results very quickly.

1:10:21 - MB
losing you

1:10:23 - McTeach
I'm with Peggy! Would love to hear more!!

1:10:37 - Sharon Peters
Looks like a forget-me-not.... LOL

1:10:42 - Lucy Gray
Hi Cyndi... let me check with my family. Monday is free, but things are getting really hectic around here

1:10:43 - elptuxman- El Paso TX
Is there a way to do private chats or are we all in for Curricular Related Auxiliary Postings content?

1:10:59 - cyndidannerkuhn
understand, my email is

1:11:01 - matt montagne
I try to do this for california spiders as a way to identify some of the critters we find around our place here

1:11:08 - Sharon Peters
@diana kenney LOL

1:11:18 - sroseman
I remember a student telling me he did not need to learn to spell since google will do it for him

1:11:25 - Deb Boatwright

1:11:37 - cyndidannerkuhn

1:11:37 - Lucy Gray
I loved this strategy

1:11:38 - Sheri Edwards
site:edu site:gov added to search also limits to those types

1:11:42 - cyndidannerkuhn
will shoot you an email

1:11:43 - Lucy Gray
using images to get your answer

1:12:03 - Peggy George
brilliant suggestion to shift content types and explore images or diagrams!!

1:12:03 - Lucy Gray
Yes, searching within a site is really an important school

1:12:14 - Lucy Gray
er skill

1:12:25 - Peggy George
these tips for narrowing searches are so valuable!!

1:12:36 - Sharon Peters
wow, that is a cool idea

1:12:39 - Lucy Gray
One thing that all strikes me with all of this

1:12:52 - Lucy Gray
How do we get kids to articulate what they want to find? How do we help them find the language?

1:13:05 - Anna
Do you include the brackets or is this for demonstration to isolate his searches

1:13:07 - Peggy George
that is the big challenge Lucy!!

1:13:10 - Lucy Gray
Not everyone is as sophisticated in their background knowledge like someone like Dan...

1:13:15 - Lucy Gray
you know what i mean?

1:13:17 - Peggy George
I had the same concerns with university students!!

1:13:20 - jim vanides
brackets not needed

1:13:25 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
@Lucy good point. It has to be deliberately taught & modeled.

1:13:30 - Sharon Peters
@Lucy practice? and then more practice?

1:13:30 - Anna

1:13:38 - Mary Fran

1:13:38 - Peggy George
one of my students wanted information about writing and chose to search using the term "pencil" :-(

1:13:40 - Lucy Gray
Yes, and lots of modeling and discussion

1:13:44 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
I teach elementary--they are still learning to read!

1:13:49 - matt montagne
this is my question about teaching sophisticated google search vs spending time on proprietary database instruction...most of our students in k12 know none of this stuff, but get tons of instruction on databases that they don't retain

1:13:59 - Chris Johnston
isn't there a type: operator for google

1:14:01 - Sharon Peters
@matt agreed

1:14:09 - Lucy Gray
Don't you think schools need to adopt this sort of mentality school wide?

1:14:13 - Maureen(bcdtech)
@matt or the databases re not available outside of school

1:14:15 - Kathleen Porter
@matt @sharon me too...

1:14:18 - Deb Boatwright
I think modeling good search skills for elementary students is valuable

1:14:21 - Brumbaugh
@chris filetype:

1:14:22 - Sharon Peters
I find most teachers don't have a clue how to use the database searches as well!

1:14:22 - Lucy Gray
The kindergarten teacher needs to be using this stuff as well as the 8th grade teacher

1:14:29 - Peggy George
what's not working? great question to ask!

1:14:30 - Lucy Gray
A strategic plan for teaching search

1:14:30 - Sheri Edwards
One thing that has helped my students think in terms of key words is to ask them to write "gist" statements. What is the "gist" of this section in 20 words. Then in the next section write a 20 word gist statement of BOTH sections. Kids learn to be concise on concepts.

1:14:41 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
@Deb the earlier they learn how to do searches, the better!

1:14:42 - Chris Johnston
@Brumbaugh thanks

1:14:44 - Lucy Gray
That's interesting, Sheri!

1:14:46 - bbarreda
Amen now to just get my K teacher to do it

1:14:50 - Deb Boatwright

1:14:53 - Peggy George
good idea Sheri!

1:14:57 - matt montagne
1:15:02 - Kathleen Porter
word order matters??? more detail --

1:15:12 - Peggy George
wordles of text also help students to see big ideas :-)

1:15:14 - Maureen(bcdtech)
@Sheri- they should have to tweet it... all keywords- 140 characters or less

1:15:21 - Sharon Peters
ONe thing that might help is ask kids to begin tagging their own content when they put something online

1:15:25 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
@Peggy love the Wordle idea!

1:15:31 - bbarreda
lets teach this rather than spending hours on word and excell ( and keyboarding)

1:15:43 - Sharon Peters
many older kids understand tagging through Facebook.... take advantage of that skill

1:15:49 - Noreen
Wordle is a very useful tool

1:15:50 - matt montagne
I really don't mean to suggest that it is an either or propsistion with google search vs proprietary database, but that fact of the matter is that we don't get much time to do this stuff with our students

1:15:53 - Leila Angod
How do we help ELL students find good search terms? Translators are often misleading.

1:15:56 - Mary Fran
I think it is interesting that we are talking about teaching K students to search, what do they search for?

1:15:59 - Paula Naugle
@Peggy Wordle is such a great tool.

1:16:01 - chriswherley
thanks everyone. later

1:16:01 - Cheryl Davis
Agree - teaching search much more important than teaching Word or Excel

1:16:10 - Sheri Edwards
Great idea Maureen --

1:16:13 - Kathleen Porter
ohhh. Thanks!

1:16:24 - Maureen(bcdtech)
@peggy I like wordle- maybe have the kids do a wordle before they start... get all the key search terms from the group...

1:16:35 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
@MaryFran I start research with 3rd graders, and I use a visual dictionary search with 1st & 2nd graders

1:16:44 - bbarreda
Teacher models for k students for topic or unit searches

1:17:02 - Lucy Gray
The earthquake one is the newest search feature

1:17:13 - Lucy Gray
The wild card one is really cool

1:17:28 - Peggy George
that's great because it gives you definitions in context!!

1:17:29 - Lucy Gray
Christopher Columbus was born in *

1:17:34 - Maureen(bcdtech)
@Lucy- wild card?

1:17:43 - Sheila Beck
Google Spreadsheet has a Gadget that is like wordle and easy to use on the fly in the classroom

1:18:03 - Sheri Edwards
Sheila -- tell me more

1:18:09 - Cheryl Davis
If you go to the search lessons: you'll be able to see the presentations teachers can use with their students (Slide presentations in Google Presentations

1:18:10 - Lucy Gray

1:18:12 - matt montagne
I'm interested to hear Joyce Valenza and Howard Reingold on an upcoming Future of Education broadcast with Steve H...I believe the topic is on the future of libraries

1:18:13 - Maureen(bcdtech)
@Sheila Beck- never saw that gadget- thanks- will have to look for it

1:18:16 - Sharon Peters
how can G Spreadsheet be used like Wordle?

1:18:18 - Sid de Haan
Can you use postal code instead of zip code?

1:18:25 - Paula Naugle
@Shelia What gadget?

1:18:27 - Lucy Gray
Sharon, I just did one

1:18:32 - Lucy Gray
You export the results as text

1:18:34 - Chris Johnston
@Sheila where is that gadget

1:18:35 - susanvg
tried postal code not quite as accurate

1:18:45 - Sid de Haan

1:18:49 - Peggy George
all of those links on the slide are in the links:

1:19:04 - Kathleen Porter
Dan answered my question!

1:19:08 - Kim Caise
the question was about word order

1:19:09 - Sheila Beck
Create the spreadsheet, enter all words you are using to describe an item. then insert Gadget and select Word Gadget

1:19:13 - matt montagne
applause for Dan!!!

1:19:13 - Peggy George
thanks Kathleen :-)

1:19:22 - Noreen
just put it on Diigo :)

1:19:22 - Sheri Edwards
Thanks Sheila!

1:19:34 - Paula Naugle
Thanks Dan.

1:19:37 - Kim Caise

1:19:38 - Noreen
Thanks Sheila

1:20:01 - Paula Naugle
Thanks Shelia.

1:20:22 - Peggy George

1:20:23 - Noreen

1:20:26 - Chris Johnston

1:20:29 - Lucy Gray
Much better Cheryl

1:20:36 - Sheila Beck
You are welcome...I use the spreadsheet gadgets almost everyday

1:20:39 - Myrielle Badio
i teach 6th grade math and the kids are having a hard time reading the text

1:20:44 - Peggy George

1:20:52 - Sharon Peters
I need to find those spreadsheet gadgets!

1:20:56 - Suzanne Neuman
awesome! Thanks!

1:21:05 - Daniel M Russell
@Myirelle -- can you amplify? Hard time reading what text?

1:21:09 - Brumbaugh
remember... there are the 15 second YouTube videos on search tips....

1:21:13 - Suzanne Neuman

1:21:20 - Brumbaugh
on the Google YouTube Channel.

1:21:33 - Sharon Peters
how very cool!

1:21:47 - Noreen
This is great!

1:21:49 - Peggy George
those presentations make it so easy for teachers to use with students!!!!

1:21:53 - susanvg
great stuff

1:22:20 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
Are we going to see how to make a customized search?

1:22:21 - Sharon Peters
I am so delighted Google has developed this stuff for educators! Thanks so much!

1:22:23 - Peggy George
didn't they think of everything???!!!! :-)

1:22:27 - jackiegerstein

1:22:32 - Daniel M Russell
All of the presentations / lesson plans (etc) are free for you to use. Use them as you will!

1:22:41 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
I will definitely be using these resources this year!

1:22:43 - Tammie
those lessons look wonderful!

1:22:52 - Sheri Edwards
Thanks so much to google.

1:22:54 - MB
Have to go, but will go back and listen again - THANKS ALL!

1:22:59 - Paula Naugle
Learn that resource.

1:23:00 - jim vanides
is there a Twitter hashtag where educators are discussing the use of Google in the classroom?

1:23:09 - Lucy Gray
I can stay for about 15 minutes

1:23:10 - Chris Johnston
Where do you learn how to create a personalized search

1:23:14 - Paula Naugle
Sorry, Love that resource.

1:23:16 - Daniel M Russell
I can stay for about 5 mins.

1:23:22 - Lucy Gray
It was great to be here

1:23:22 - Peggy George
we'll keep the recording going if you have to leave!!

1:23:23 - jim vanides
Thank you!

1:23:34 - matt montagne
applause for Peggy, Kim and Lorna for their work with the CR20 series!!

1:23:40 - McTeach
This is awesome stuff!! Thank you!

1:23:41 - Anna
Thank you! It was an enjoyable first Elluminate experience

1:23:41 - Peggy George
thanks Matt!

1:23:48 - Paula Naugle
@Matt I second that.

1:23:48 - Brumbaugh
Lucy / Cheryl / Dan.... thanks.....

1:23:57 - Sharon Peters
Elluminate is growing on me....

1:23:57 - Deb Boatwright
url for all of these slides

1:24:00 - Lucy Gray
Thanks for coming, everyone!

1:24:04 - Peggy George
we just need to officially close the show with a few thanks and reminders and then we'll continue with questions/answers

1:24:04 - Sheri Edwards
Thanks to Lucy, Dan, and Cheryl

1:24:07 - Sheila Beck shows how to use Gadgets

1:24:14 - Sharon Peters
Nice to chat with everyone - thanks Lucy, Dan and Cheryl

1:24:15 - Kathleen Porter
Dan, where do you publish your newest work?

1:24:16 - Sheri Edwards
Thanks to Kim, Petty, Lorna, Tammy

1:24:20 - Suzanne Neuman
excellent choice

1:24:20 - Peggy George
Huge thanks to Dan, Lucy and Cheryl!!! Incredible information!!

1:24:22 - Lucy Gray

1:24:24 - Sharon Peters
Joyce will be great

1:24:29 - Daniel M Russell
Check my website. I try to keep it uptodate.

1:24:30 - Cheryl Davis
Appreciate all of you attending. Thanks so much!

1:24:32 - LaRae
This is my first time joining you. Can I access this slide show later and use it?

1:24:39 - Sheri Edwards
Lost sound

1:24:39 - Peggy George
audio dropped Kim

1:24:43 - Lucy Gray
Can't hear

1:24:43 - Daniel M Russell
audio gone

1:24:43 - Kathleen Porter

1:24:43 - jackiegerstein

1:24:46 - Digin4ed
lost sound

1:24:47 - Chris Johnston
yes no audio

1:24:50 - Sheila Beck
Can anyone stay on for the Custom Search info?

1:24:57 - Digin4ed

1:24:58 - Maureen(bcdtech)

1:24:59 - Chris Johnston

1:24:59 - Sharon Peters

1:24:59 - Noreen

1:24:59 - Myrielle Badio

1:25:00 - Sid de Haan
I can stay

1:25:00 - Suzanne Neuman
yes, I'd like to stay

1:25:00 - jackiegerstein

1:25:00 - Lucy Gray

1:25:00 - Kathleen Porter
yes, Dan

1:25:01 - Paula Naugle

1:25:01 - Peggy George
can hear you Da

1:25:02 - jfano

1:25:02 - Sheila Beck

1:25:07 - Sharon Peters

1:25:08 - Chris Johnston
I will stay for custom search

1:25:09 - cyndidannerkuhn
I can hea Dan

1:25:12 - Peggy George
Kim will be back-

1:25:13 - Sharon Peters
hope she can be found

1:25:14 - Lucy Gray

1:25:16 - Paula Naugle
I will stay.

1:25:19 - Lucy Gray
Go for it dan

1:25:30 - Kathleen Porter
Dan, Q about your current research & publications?

1:25:31 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
I will def stay

1:25:39 - Digin4ed
all back

1:25:53 - Suzanne Neuman
What are your top recommendations for learning intermediate web search techniques?

1:25:54 - Chris Johnston
can images be searched for Creative Commons licensing

1:26:11 - David B
How do you work with school firewalls that block some search terms?

1:26:18 - LaRae
Again, this is my first time joining you. Can I access the slide show and use it later?

1:26:28 - Sheri Edwards
Remember you can save these slides using the save disk at upper left

1:26:31 - Maureen(bcdtech)
@Chris- yes... I want to use CC licensing with google image search too

1:26:33 - Cheryl Davis
Yes images can be searched for creative commons - love that feature it is in advanced search

1:26:42 - Peggy George
if you want to download the slides for today you can click on the blue disc icon in upper left corner-choose pdf download.

1:26:43 - Chris Johnston
@DavidB the black hat way is to run through a proxy

1:26:54 - Mary Fran
In image search preferences, you can limit the search to images not restricted by license

1:26:56 - Digin4ed
clap clap clap

1:26:58 - Noreen
The show was great!

1:27:03 - Paula Naugle
@LaRue THe session will be archived at Classroom 2.0 Live website.

1:27:23 - Peggy George
thank you all for joining us and for sharing your links and comments in the chat!!

1:27:26 - David B
Hi Christ....I know about a proxy...but the District frowns on that approach.

1:27:26 - Daniel M Russell
MaryFran speaks the truth.

1:27:29 - jackiegerstein
K12 Online Conference later today

1:27:46 - Peggy George
click on the mic icon David

1:27:47 - Noreen
that might be applause

1:27:47 - Lucy Gray
Dan's got to depart soon

1:27:58 - Noreen

1:28:00 - Peggy George
we're hearing you now :-)

1:28:12 - Chris Johnston
@DavidB or use a vpn to a remote machine using Hamachi

1:28:13 - Lucy Gray
So if you have a pressing question, email me and I can pass them on to Dan

1:28:18 - Lucy Gray
1:28:26 - Peggy George
can you talk about the customized search option?

1:28:27 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
I have that problem, too, David

1:28:38 - Chris Johnston
no real white hat way

1:28:49 - McTeach
Thank you, Lucy!!!

1:28:53 - Suzanne Neuman
that's for sure. FEAR rules. ugh.

1:28:57 - Sid de Haan
Amen, Lucy!

1:29:05 - jackiegerstein
I am SOOOO tired of coming from a fear base - of the walled gardens

1:29:12 - Sheila Beck
Thank you all for the great information!!

1:29:29 - Noreen
I wish the people who blocked things understood the nature of education

1:29:29 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
every conversation I've had about edtech in the last month has ended up with a discussion about filtering.....

1:29:35 - Peggy George
creating customized searches will allow you to control which sites your students can access when they search for images--really helps with safe searches

1:30:13 - jackiegerstein
I worked with upper elementary - they have a high "yuke" factor - they don't even think about searching for inappropriate content

1:30:15 - Chris Johnston
I setup a webpage for my 6yr old and my wife's nephew who is 11 is not allowed to have even a MySpace page becuase his grandmother thinks the internet is dangerous

1:30:35 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
@Chris you have to be 13 to have a MySpace acct.

1:30:44 - matt montagne
@Peggy...I agree, but kids sometimes don't use the customized searches that we create for them

1:30:59 - Peggy George
Yeah!!! education not blocking/filtering!! they need to learn!!

1:31:01 - Maureen(bcdtech)
@jackiegerstein- my 6th and 7th graders come across some things, but I teach what I expect them to do when... not if.

1:31:03 - matt montagne
The kids just seem to go right to Google, even with the custom searches

1:31:13 - Chris Johnston
I setup a Facebook for my 6yr old but that was just so I coud get her name before someone else did

1:31:20 - Noreen
they see it on the streets, so who are we kidding

1:31:24 - Mary Fran
I agree with Dan. We need to teach the kids those lessons.

1:31:35 - Peggy George
yes we are teaching thinking not tools!!!!

1:31:41 - Lucy Gray
Hear, hear, Dan!

1:31:45 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
We need to teach our kids responsible use. Can't be taught if they can't use it!

1:31:46 - Chris Johnston
I setup a Tumblr for the 11yr old and that was how I found out

1:31:48 - Sheri Edwards
I am a grandma. :) Teaching responsible use. Teach thinking to understand.

1:31:49 - Digin4ed
Thanks Dan, very nice presentation.

1:31:49 - matt montagne
How about having kids create their own customized searches?? Could be used in place of a bibliography (imagine having students create a customized search for all the online resources they use)

1:31:51 - Noreen
it's part of digital citizenship

1:31:52 - Mary Fran
Thanks, Dan

1:31:53 - Peggy George
fantastic closing remark Dan!!

1:31:54 - Cheryl Davis
Thanks Dan!

1:31:55 - Sid de Haan
Thanks Dan

1:31:56 - Paula Naugle
Yes, Dan I agree. Goodbye.

1:31:56 - Kathleen Porter
Thanks, all!

1:32:01 - Lucy Gray
Thank you, Dan

1:32:02 - Sheri Edwards
Thanks Dan

1:32:02 - mbteach (Mary Beth)

1:32:05 - McTeach
Matt....I love that idea!

1:32:05 - leslie

1:32:09 - Maureen(bcdtech)
I can't teach kids how to understand it.... since I don't understand why people put some things online- but I sure can teach them how to deal with it.

1:32:19 - matt montagne
schools, unfortunately, have pushed the problems of the internet into the home by filtering at school

1:32:19 - kmorrissey

1:32:35 - Noreen
certainly part of the NETS-S

1:32:52 - Kathleen Porter
Kathleen, what's your last name?

1:33:00 - Peggy George
can you talk about how copyright information is embedded in the curriculum?

1:33:18 - cyndidannerkuhn
when kids are old enought to drive, we don't just give them the keys, we teach them, we need to do that with the interent, teach them to use it properly and safely

1:33:19 - Paula Naugle
@Noreen I don't think enough teachers even look at NETS-S unfourtunately.

1:33:27 - Maureen(bcdtech)
It's a 2 pronged approach- teach the kids and teach their teachers too!

1:33:40 - Peggy George
yes a webtour would be great!

1:33:47 - Noreen
@Paula, I am afraid I have to agree on that

1:33:56 - Peggy George

1:34:15 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
@Paula @Noreen most ADMINS don't even know about NETS at all!

1:34:16 - Maureen(bcdtech)
@Paula- most teachers think that if it has tech in the title- it's my job, not theirs

1:34:24 - Sheri Edwards
I'm frustrated because I am a classroom teacher who wants to do this -- time and access...

1:34:30 - Peggy George
interesting Maureen!!

1:34:31 - Noreen
I had a mandatory session on the Technology Assessment overview and barely anyone came

1:34:37 - cyndidannerkuhn
I am teaching future teachers, so they are learning this stuff, but...

1:34:41 - Chris Johnston
wow my username is at the top of the webtour window

1:34:52 - Kim Caise
creating a customized search engine is not time consuming

1:35:04 - Paula Naugle
Me too Chris.

1:35:05 - Peggy George
google custom search is what is used when you want people to just search for information on your own blog site

1:35:19 - Noreen
you can set it up so your name is on top

1:35:36 - Kim Caise has a custom search engine on our site

1:35:38 - Peggy George
bookmarking on the fly (google marker) is a great feature!

1:35:41 - Mary Fran
How hard is it to get recognized as an educational intistution so there are no ads?

1:35:41 - Peggy George

1:35:43 - Chris Johnston

1:35:44 - Sheila Beck

1:35:48 - Noreen

1:35:48 - Chris Johnston

1:35:50 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
can't see toolbar

1:35:52 - Peggy George
sign in Lucy

1:35:54 - Paula Naugle
@Noreen I'm a 4th grade teacher and send a lot of time teaching tech standards becasue I believe it is part of my job.

1:35:56 - Mary Fran
Funny, I now seemine

1:36:05 - Chris Johnston
we all see our own accounts if we are signed in

1:36:12 - Peggy George
you can use desktop sharing Lucy

1:36:40 - McTeach
That's awesome!!!!

1:36:55 - Noreen
I can't live without Diigo

1:36:57 - Peggy George
similar to backflip but marker saves that site as part of your custom search setup

1:37:01 - Sheri Edwards
agrree Paula :)

1:37:09 - cyndidannerkuhn
that looks like a handy dandy feature

1:37:17 - mbteach (Mary Beth)

1:37:26 - Kathleen Porter
you can collaborate with this? woot!

1:37:43 - Paula Naugle
Love the collaboration feature.

1:37:44 - kmorrissey
wow, this is really awesome.

1:37:46 - Kim Caise

1:37:50 - Peggy George
yes-Mrs. Gray's Research Sites for Kids :-)

1:38:06 - matt montagne
custom google searches would be great to add to teacher created online digital textbooks

1:38:27 - Tammie
this would seem to solve the problem that the man asked about search terms being blocked

1:38:29 - clinds
I'm sorry I missed that - can we use your custom google search for kids? This would be a great resource!

1:38:37 - Peggy George
great suggestion Matt!

1:38:40 - Lucy Gray

1:39:04 - Noreen
will this extra chat be saved with the show chat?

1:39:10 - Peggy George
yes Noreen

1:39:18 - Noreen
Thanks Peggy :)

1:39:26 - Lucy Gray

1:39:31 - Peggy George
everything will be included in the recording until the recording is stopped :-)

1:39:32 - Paula Naugle
I have a Google alert for my name.

1:39:45 - clinds
Sorry to ask again but can we access Lucy's custom search for kids?

1:39:49 - Peggy George
very helpful Paula!!

1:40:06 - Kim Caise
the chat log, audio recording and video will be posted later this weekend to the live site at

1:40:14 - Peggy George
yes-link is

1:40:40 - Lucy Gray

1:40:43 - Kathleen Porter
Cheryl, would you talk a little more about how you're using custom searches in particular curriculum areas?

1:40:56 - Lucy Gray
@artykel absolutely... effortless

1:41:36 - Lucy Gray
Here's my research site in tinyurl format:

1:41:39 - clinds
Custom searches will be so great for younger students. Thanks for sharing this!!

1:41:50 - Kim Caise
all lins to the recording will be posted at the live site this weekend at

1:41:53 - Mary Fran
I teach 3rd grade, we do a unit on spiders. Black widow can give you results you don't want a third grader to see so I have a CSE for spiders

1:41:56 - Peggy George
We will post the recording as soon as it is available after the show on our website:

1:42:05 - Kathleen Porter
Thank you! Follow-up for anyone --

1:42:06 - Noreen
Kids should really never just be searching the whole web with teacher given broad terms. The teacher really needs to do some pre-searching

1:42:06 - Lucy Gray
How about making a Custom Search Engine for primary source materials!

1:42:19 - Peggy George
sorry posted wrong link!

1:42:28 - Peggy George
love that idea Lucy!!

1:42:38 - Sandra Carswell
No, I'll type.

1:43:00 - Peggy George
yes searching by file types! great reminder!

1:43:09 - Kim Caise

1:43:12 - Chris Johnston
us history filetype:pdf

1:43:17 - Mary Fran
Also, sometimes it is hard to find enough kid-friendly results on a topic, like Ohlone Indians, so I set up a CSE so students only get results they can read

1:43:25 - Lucy Gray
butterfly filetype: ppt

1:43:25 - Peggy George
thanks Chris

1:43:42 - cyndidannerkuhn
gl.m is kinda like Sharetabs, cool

1:43:51 - Peggy George
good point Mary Fran--readability on different web pages is an important consideration!

1:43:53 - Kathleen Porter
CSE: restricting to sites vs emphasizing sites in results?

1:43:56 - Paula Naugle
Thanks, Chris.

1:43:57 - Noreen
do not just search for bears on Tag Galaxy; just a word of caution

1:44:03 - Sandra Carswell
Who do you envision being responsible to teach search strategies in schools? I'm a school librarian so I try to do this within my info lit lessons that are tied to specific classroom projects.

1:44:16 - Peggy George
did you learn that the hard way Noreen?? :-)

1:44:18 - Lucy Gray
Good question Sandra

1:44:28 - Mary Fran
you have a choice of restricting to only what you added or allow Google Search, as well

1:44:33 - Noreen
Yes, in a teacher workshop on 2.0 tools

1:44:47 - Peggy George
search strategies need to be taught by all teachers in all subject areas!! integrated and not as separate curriculum

1:44:48 - andrea
Where will the recording be? Just got here

1:44:51 - Noreen
They had no idea why there were pictures of hairy men

1:45:12 - Paula Naugle
@Noreen I bet that was interesting results.

1:45:24 - LindaN
It has to be part of the everyday conversation- just what we do when we use the web

1:45:38 - Noreen
well there were a lot of regular bear pics too, but teachers really do need to do pre-searching

1:45:49 - Maureen(bcdtech)
@Noreen- shared this before but- 2nd grader doing research on climate in Mexico- used hot and sweaty as keywords... not so good.

1:45:53 - Peggy George
an inservice for entire faculty-great idea! They often don't know what to do or how to do it. This curriculum will really provide support for them!

1:46:03 - Noreen

1:46:26 - Peggy George
anyone can add links to the chat if you have something to share

1:46:34 - Noreen
This has been very valuable

1:46:38 - Chris Johnston
be very careful with the search term bbc in some databases

1:46:41 - Kathleen Porter
CSE: restricting to sites vs emphasizing sites in results?

1:46:41 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
a lot of interest in this, 77 people stayed past the 1:00 end time!

1:46:45 - andrea
thank you!!

1:46:57 - LaRae
Thanks for the great ideas. I can use these with my college students!

1:46:58 - Lucy Gray
FeeThanks for having us Kim, Lorna and Peggy!l free to foll

1:46:58 - cyndidannerkuhn
this was great , thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge. Fantastic.

1:47:02 - Tammie
is it a video podcast?

1:47:03 - Peggy George
Thank you to Dan, Lucy and Cheryl!! So much fantastic information!!

1:47:06 - Kathleen Porter
CSE: restricting to sites vs emphasizing sites in results?

1:47:10 - cyndidannerkuhn
toodle from kansas State University.

1:47:11 - Maureen(bcdtech)
I learn something new every time I tune in... Thank you all so much

1:47:11 - Lucy Gray
Feel free to follow up with us.

1:47:15 - Mary Fran
You can restrict CSE to the sites you've used to make the CSE

1:47:19 - Noreen
You all did a fantastic job

1:47:20 - Lucy Gray
My email is My twitter name is elemenous.

1:47:21 - Peggy George
Thanks to everyone in the chat for sharing your links and ideas too!! Really enriches the conversation!

1:47:27 - Kathleen Porter
Thank you very much!!!

1:47:29 - jfano
Thank you...wish I knew about thias earlier :)

1:47:30 - Lucy Gray
Chery, want to post your info?

1:47:39 - roxanne
lost audio again

1:47:39 - Lucy Gray
Thank you ALL?

1:47:42 - Chris Johnston
lost audio

1:47:48 - Cheryl Davis
Thanks everyone

1:47:50 - Sheri Edwards
Thank you all so much. A great experience.

1:47:53 - joanne f.

1:47:55 - Lucy Gray
I mean !!!!

1:48:04 - Peggy George
everyone come and join us on to listen to presenters about K12online conference immediately following this show

1:48:05 - Yvonne

1:48:07 - Mary Fran
Thanks to everyone

1:48:16 - Paula Naugle
Thank you everyone. Hope to see many of you at the LAN Party.

1:48:17 - Lucy Gray
I'll try and jump into edtechtalk later today

1:48:20 - RoseArnell
Once again...another great Saturday morning.

1:48:24 - Peggy George
Recording linnk will be here:

1:48:43 - roxanne
what's the link for them?

1:48:44 - Cheryl Davis
twitter: digitalteacher

1:48:48 - mbteach (Mary Beth)
Enjoy your weekend every one, and thanks for a great session!

1:48:54 - Peggy George

1:48:56 - JL
Ustream recording at:

1:48:57 - Lucy Gray
I love events like this; wish I had more time to participate in them. That's life of a soccer mom.

1:49:01 - Cheryl Davis

1:49:05 - Peggy George
click on the play button for the stream there

1:49:07 - andrea
its 7:26 am in Hawaii and I haven't had my coffee!

1:49:09 - Kathleen Porter
just put in a follow request: MsPorterAtFHS Thanks!!

1:49:10 - Peggy George
being streamed on ustream

1:49:50 - Peggy George
thanks everyone! hope to see you on the webcastathon for K12online conference!!

1:49:58 - Lucy Gray
Have fun, everyone!!!

1:50:00 - Cheryl Davis
Thank you Kim - this was fun

1:50:03 - Barbara O
Thanks for an awesome session today!

1:50:33 - Saritza
thanks for sharing info about customized search engine

1:50:40 - Peggy George
usually the full recording is posted within a couple of hours and the mp4 and mp3 and chat are posted in a day or so

1:50:40 - Digin4ed
Thank for the webinar

1:50:41 - sroseman
thank you!!!

1:50:48 - CristinaLemos

1:50:48 - miguela
thanks a lot

1:50:48 - Jean King
Thank you all!!

1:50:49 - Peggy George
have a great weekend!!

1:50:49 - Saritza
it is going to be very helpful

1:50:50 - Kathleen Porter
Thank you!

1:50:53 - Saritza

1:50:54 - RoseArnell

1:50:54 - Lucy Gray

1:50:59 - Cheryl Davis

1:50:59 - ColleenS
thank you

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