Widely known by all the football fans around the world, Messi and C. Ronaldo are giants in the field of football. They have created many wonderful goals and dedicated many wonderful matches, which of them could be regarded as epic.
In the last week, these two teams had dedicated three wonderful matches: the La Liga countries Derby and two semi-finals of UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE. In the first match, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona had adopted different strategies. The former sent all of their key players while the latter did not make every effort to win the match since FCB Club prefered to win the second semi-final with Chelsea. However, it lost both of the two games. Real Madrid made every effort to win the two matches. Althouth it lost the semi-final with Bayen Munich, we could realize that there was a heart of champion and I was shocked by the performance of the two giants. I love the two teams very much, so I want to store these three matches forever. I downloaded them from YouTube and converted them into DVD format with a YouTube Video Converter. These classic matches and the wonderful performance of Messi and C. Ronaldo worth storing forever.