Manchester City has reversed its rival QPR with a score 3-2 in the finale of the Premier League last night, ending a 44-year wait since it won the first place in the top league.

In the last game, City has experienced a thrilling battle. It was in the backward situation of 1 to 2 until 89 minutes. However, the forward players began to set off the frenzy of attack suddenly. Edin Dzeko incredibly thundered in a header to equalise in the 92th minute. Just a few seconds before the end, Sergio Aguero, who is the son-in-law of Maradona, scored the winning goal, which made them grasp the cup the this season and the first Premier League Title!

Manchester City has not been regarded as a formidable opponent for many year since it has always been named as a foil of Manchester United. Arab consortium has controlled this club since last year. It has bought many football stars, such as Tevez, Dzeko, Aguero, David Silva and so on. These players has played importand roles and they led the team to victory at last.

Manchester City has defeated Manchester United twice this season, which cleared the way for them to win the title. The first one was held in its home and defeated its opponent with a score of 6 to 1! As a crazy fan of City, I have watched this game for many times and I love it very much. However, Ifeel that it is not convenient to search for this match on the Internet with my Macintosh. Thus I determine to burn a DVD for it. I download a swf format video of this match and convert it to MPEG-2 DVD Video with a Mac SWF to DVD Converter. Then I burn it onto a DVD disc. Thanks to this software, I am able to enjoy it at any time.