Friday (workshop and Classroom 2.0 Live):
Little Black Pearl Art and Design Center
1060 East 47th Street
Chicago, Illinois 60653
The DYN studio where we will meet is actually a door or two west of the LBP entrance.The actual address is 1050 E 47th.

For the Lab School Tours, please meet at 1362 E. 59th Street at 2:30 PM. Email Curt Lieneckif you are planning to attend.

Saturday: North Kenwood Oakland Charter School 1119 E. 46th Street
Park on the street in front of the school and enter at the 46th Street entrance. We will be meeting in room 204, which actually on the third floor of the school, although it's technically called the 2nd floor.

Note that there are two schools in one building; Ariel Community Academy uses the west entrance and NKO uses the east entrance. Enter at the east entrace.

Bring snacks and drinks to share.

Map of reasonable hotels Lucy created for the GTA: