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Questions for conference call March 18, 2008: Please add any questions you want to be sure to ask Steve in this call)
Link to download audio of the conference call: (note-download is only available for 14 days-until April 1)

Julia Lott: What we need to do to prep. Snacks? Drinks? Paper? Poster? Post-it notes? Will this cost any money? How much?

Cherie Stafford: Any special room configuration? Rows (fits more)? groups? U shape?

Peggy: What kinds of requests/suggestions do we want to make for participants? Bring own laptops with wireless connection? Bring power strips? Lunch plans? Should we have lunch delivered or provide an hour lunch break for people to go out and get lunch on their own? Should we attempt to do some live presentations to allow more people to drop in and join the conversations? Do we build in time for participants to do some hands-on exploration of tools that are presented? Do we need to provide professional development certificates for participants or are those unnecessary because they occur during the contract day? How many topics are reasonable to present in a 2-day workshop? (list below is pretty long) Do we attempt to survey participants for needs or just make the decisions within our planning group? Is pre-registration important to make sure we can accommodate the number of people who are interested in participating? Is 50 a reasonable number to target for the workshop? Are we building on plans that Steve has already developed for previous workshops or are we starting from scratch? Is there a "keynote" speaker? Is there any charge for participants? If we need to find sponsors for the event, what would we be asking them to fund? Which specific websites do we need to make sure are not blocked during the workshops? Will the workshop include some of the "5-7 minute lightning demos" Steve has initiated? Do we need to do anything to prepare for those demos? Should we be making plans for dinner on Wednesday or Thursday evening for workshop planners/presenters with Steve or is that important personal time for people? Do we need to make hotel/travel arrangements for Steve?