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Questions for conference call March 25, 2008: Please add any questions you want to be sure to ask Steve in this call)

If you'd like to listen to the conversation in our conference call you can download it here. It's in 2 parts (Part A & B) because we lost our connection part way through and had to reconnect.
This is the link to the Google Form we used during the call to prioritize topics for the workshop. Steve will be working on refining those and pre-populating the agenda to give it a little more structure. It may not make sense to you if you didn't participate in the call until you listen to the audio. Basically the yellow highlights are those we prioritized higher but Steve thought we could use strands A & B to incorporate most topics.

How should we begin promoting this event and inviting people to join us as learners and facilitators? How do we communicate the collaborative mindset that goes beyond presenting the tool?

Is there any particular language we should use to describe this event since it is so "untraditional." I found the blog entry by Sylvia Martinez to be very helpful.

Should we use the San Francisco agenda as our model for adding detail to ours?

Are the "lightning" demos of tools videos prepared in advance or live demos?

Any thoughts about people we could Skype in for our sessions? Do we pay them for their time or is it just done in the spirit of sharing in Web 2.0?

Can we use online video tutorials created by other educators as intro/focus for our sessions? Example: Skype in Classroom tutorial by Vicki Davis/CoolCatTeacher

Do we need to be doing anything related to vendor contacts/funding in the Phoenix area?

Unanswered questions from last week's call:
Which specific websites do we need to make sure are not blocked during the workshops?

Should we be making plans for dinner on Wednesday or Thursday evening for workshop planners/presenters with Steve or is that important personal time for people?
Not necessary

Do we need to provide professional development certificates for participants or are those unnecessary because they occur during the contract day? Yes, we'll provide PD certificates--need to decide how to determine the number of hours and how to distribute.

Which sessions will we be ustreaming and what equipment do we need to have available to do this? Plan to ustream most of the event.

Date/time for next conference call? We agreed that we wouldn't need another call until about Mid-April. We'll schedule the date/time as soon as you all enter your availability on this Doodle page...please. :-)