Classroom 2.0 LIVE webinar "Tools, Apps and Augmented Reality"

with Drew Minock from 2Guys and some iPads

March 22, 2014

00:18 - Peggy George
Here we go!!!! Welcome everyone!!!

00:44 - Peggy George

00:56 - Peggy George
you'll find lots of great links in the Livebinder from Drew today!

01:09 - Peggy George
Archives for all recordings:

01:26 - Peggy George
our recording and links from today will be on that link later today

01:44 - Peggy George
Great to be joining you from Phoenix AZ!!

01:45 - Brad Hanks
Lehi UTah

01:53 - Drew Minock
Novi, Michigan

01:54 - @viralber 1
Brescia Italy

01:57 - Peggy George
Hi Patti! So glad you could join us!

01:58 - Eddie Aguilar
Miramar, FL no pointer on iphone

01:58 - Sylvia
Sylvia---Louisville, KY

01:59 - Janet
I think I used the pointer.

02:00 - Drew Minock
Welcome everyone!

02:06 - Sean Cotter
New Milford, CT

02:09 - Ilene Frank
Tampa FL

02:11 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Hello everyone. Joining in from New Orleans.

02:12 - Oronoque

02:13 - Dotty
San Jose/Silicon Valley, Ca

02:15 - Janet
But I'm an Okie - Edmond, OK

02:16 - Peggy George
We love seeing the starbursts to see where all of you are located!

02:17 - Oronoque
Second Life

02:21 - Patti R
Bethlehem PA, Hi Peggy and all!

02:21 - Joanna
Martinsburg, WV

02:22 - Peggy George
love it Janet!!!

02:49 - Peggy George
get ready to use the polling tool now :-)

02:50 - @bcdtech Maureen
Hello from snowy western Massachusetts. Heavy snow squalls going thru- Happy Spring!

02:55 - Rick Speigner
I use an ipad

03:00 - stidmama
just me, not the kids

03:11 - Doug Henry
Kindle HD's

03:12 - Peggy George
hard to answer that one if you don't have a classroom :-)

03:15 - Eddie Aguilar

03:16 - Oronoque
university - BYOD

03:28 - Peggy George
looks like many of you are using ipads! how wonderful!

03:35 - Rick Speigner
Students can bring their technology, some bring an ipad

03:42 - Rick Speigner

03:54 - Patti R
I tried aurasma but had a little trouble with it

03:58 - kimberly johnson

04:00 - Vance in Al AIn
I'm using iPads, have an AR app or two, not using it though

04:02 - @plnaugle (Paula)
We did a BYOD day yesterday in our 4th grade. Kids loved it.

04:04 - @viralber 1
yes with 20 euro

04:11 - Peggy George
I can't wait to hear all about AR from Drew today!!! I guarantee you are going to leave so excited to start using it!!

04:24 - Rick Speigner

04:28 - kimberly johnson

04:40 - Susie @shighley
Haven't heard of it

04:44 - Peggy George
Drew will be telling us all about AR flash cards! Amazing!!

05:07 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Hi Kati. Glad you are joining us. :)

05:08 - Peggy George
@Paula what a fun day!!! Would love to hear more about it!

05:11 - aunttammie
never heard of it...goodie! I'm gonna learn something today!:)

05:16 - Peggy George

05:49 - Dotty
Is anyone using Aurasma

05:57 - Peggy George
@Patti R When we get to the closing slide announcing upcoming shows I would love to have you take the mic to tell people about our show with Brad Hanks next week on LucidChart :-)

05:57 - Kati Searcy
Hi, Paula. AR is my new learning target.

06:07 - Peggy George
Aurasma is amazing!

06:24 - Peggy George
You'll be hearing about all of these things today!!!!

06:42 - Peggy George
Thank you Paula!!!! Drew is definitely a game changer!!!

07:04 - Peggy George
Our Livebinder for today:

07:40 - Peggy George
I am a real newbie when it comes to augmented reality. :-)

07:50 - Peggy George
Welcome everyone just joining us! We're so glad you're here!

08:08 - Peggy George
great way to describe it! QR code on steroids :-)

08:27 - Jdexter
Qr code on steroids:)

08:35 - @plnaugle (Paula)
@Kati well Drew will give you lots of great info on AR to help you get started.

08:43 - Peggy George
I think of AR as a combination of hands-on PBL and technology especially 3D :-)

08:56 - Peggy George (Two Guys and Some iPads blog)

09:09 - Peggy George

09:31 - Peggy George
how exciting! We need to check that out on Tuesday night!!!

10:01 - Peggy George (Remind101)

11:01 - Peggy George
when you text their number you'll be subscribing to their show resources and you'll get lots of great stuff from Drew today :-)

11:08 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Love that you can send all your students or parents info via Remind101 without having to share your personal info with them.

11:21 - Peggy George
(586)690-6819 Message: @2guysclass

11:23 - @bcdtech Maureen
no cell phone here in the boonies

11:40 - Peggy George
you can text that any time to get the resources

11:55 - Peggy George (GoNoodle-short brain break activity for every part of the day. Calm the classroom or energize your students depending on the time of day)

12:08 - Peggy George
that's the link you will get if you scan the QR code

12:17 - Peggy George
don't want to leave anyone out!!!

13:11 - Peggy George
these sound like amazing on-the-spot activities! calming and focusing are important strategies for us!!

13:54 - Peggy George
love the idea of brain breaks!

14:04 - Jdexter
Sounds great!

14:04 - Peggy George
yes that's the link for the QR code...

14:14 - Susie @shighley
I liked this comparison and twitter and Remind101 for family outreach

14:17 - Peggy George (Canva: online graphic design platform, free drag-and-drop design tool). One million images and hundreds of fonts, collaborate with anyone, anywhere)

14:18 - Patti R
I signed up for Canva but i haven't really used it yet

14:27 - Peggy George
yes! I just signed up this week :-)

15:04 - @plnaugle (Paula)
I just signed up for GoNoodle this morning. It will be great to start using in next week with my students.

15:07 - Peggy George
they have so many images to choose from and you can create your flyer or document by collaborating with others :-)

15:19 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Good morning, Sheri. :)

15:30 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
Hi Paula and Peggy

15:40 - Peggy George
I can't wait to try it out! I've been using Smore which sounds similar but this sounds amazing!

15:52 - Peggy George
Hi Sheri and Jackie! Great to have you joining us!

15:58 - @jackiegerstein 1
Hi Peggy!

16:13 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Hello Jackie. So nice to see you today.

16:17 -
Hi all in the room

16:21 - Peggy George
If you're just joining us this is our Livebinder for today:

16:21 - Patti R
There is also Lucid Press made by Lucid Chart that does brochures and other things; currently free in beta I believe

16:23 - Brad Hanks

16:29 - aunttammie
I'm just about to make my book club assignment to create a poster for a book...this looks like something I could use, as long as kids don't have to connect facebook

16:33 - @bcdtech Maureen
A new one to me today wa Glossi Publishing made simple

16:42 - Brad Hanks
Yes Lucidpress will continue to be free for educators with a cap on data

16:42 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
Hello Jackie! Congrats on your blog numbers! We appreciate your info!

17:01 - Peggy George
Cargo-bot was new to me last week--learned about it in another webinar that Drew did :-) Really easy!!!

17:04 - Jdexter
Love the book club cover idea!

17:04 - Carolyn Stanley
I also like -for graphic manipulation

17:07 - @jackiegerstein 1
Sherri - how nice!!

17:08 - Vance in Al AIn
I have this url up

17:15 - Patti R
Hi Brad!

17:18 - Vance in Al AIn
and my wife is calling for dinner

17:23 - Vance in Al AIn
I'll catch the recording

17:26 - Peggy George
thanks for those links Maureen and Vance!!!

17:28 - Vance in Al AIn

17:29 - @bcdtech Maureen
@aunttammie have you looked at smore for the posters?

17:38 - Brad Hanks
Hi Patti!

17:46 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
Lucid Charts integrates with Google Apps for Education

17:59 - aunttammie
@bcdtech no I haven't heard of that...will check it out

18:00 - Brad Hanks
Lucidchart and Lucidpress both integrate with Google Apps yes

18:01 - @jackiegerstein 1
I have been playing with Pikograph - more freedom than Smore

18:09 - Patti R
@sheri next week's show is about Lucid Charts

18:13 - Peggy George
if you have any examples or links you would like to share with us type it in the chat and I'll add them to the Livebinder after the show :-)

18:17 - Peggy George

18:23 - Peggy George
addicted to Cargo-bot!

18:30 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Good morning, Louise. :)

18:33 - Peggy George
Hi Louise! Great to see you!

18:33 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
@Patti Awesome!

18:46 - Brad Hanks
yeah I'm excited :)

18:48 - @mrsmorgansclass Louise
Hi! running a little late this morning.

18:52 - Peggy George
this seems like a really easy way to program :-)

19:04 - @bcdtech Maureen
I haven't played with pikograph yet Jackie. is a sim0ple online flyer/poster creator- easy for kids

19:11 - aunttammie
is cargo bot an app for ipad or a computer site?

19:16 - @bcdtech Maureen

19:21 - @mrsmorgansclass Louise
Just loaded this to our class ipads. Looking forwart to using it with my kids.

19:26 - @plnaugle (Paula)
I will introduce Cargo-bot to my 4th grade after school Computer Science Club next time we meet.

19:28 - Peggy George (Cargo-Bot: a puzzle game where you teach a robot how to move crates. First game programmed entirely on an iPad. 36 clever puzzles, haunting music and stunning retina graphics. You can even record your solutions and share them on YouTube)

19:37 - @shamblesguru [windows laptop]
Will add this to the Shambles coding list #prograqmming #coding

19:45 - @jackiegerstein 1
Hi Maureen - yes, I like using Smore for general announcements; Pikograph for infographics

19:45 - Peggy George
thanks Shambles!

19:58 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Hi Cindy Wallace! Glad you joined us.

20:16 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
@Jackie Is there a link to pikograph or I may have missed it

20:23 - @jackiegerstein 1
Just tweeted this mprning - rather have kids engaged in actively participating with technology rather than passively watching TV

20:46 - @jackiegerstein 1

20:56 - @plnaugle (Paula)
That is great tweet, Jackie.

20:57 - Peggy George
kids don't even know they're learning :-)

21:09 - @jackiegerstein 1

21:14 - @jackiegerstein 1
Thanks Paula

21:28 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
Thanks Jackie

21:35 - Peggy George

22:02 - Oronoque
That dog must have a big belly ache

22:12 - Peggy George

22:18 - Peggy George
hahaha Oronoque :-)

22:27 - Jdexter
Three ring sounds great

22:37 - Peggy George
amazing way for students to create digital portfolios!

22:59 - Peggy George
that happens in every grade I think :-)

23:06 - Brad Hanks
My kindergartener every day

23:07 - Clarissa Reeson
What a great way to stay connected with parents

23:11 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Hi Michael. Nice to have you joining us today!

23:15 - Brad Hanks
can't remember what she does at school

23:16 - @jackiegerstein 1
Looks like Three Ring only works on ios devices

23:20 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
Does this work with students own devices? or for school devices?

23:22 - Brad Hanks
but she loves going :)

23:29 - aunttammie
I got that app long ago, but never did anything with it...maybe because I use livebinders for my 9th grade class, and felt like it would replicate. Will have to check it out again this summer.

23:30 - Michael Medvinsky
Hello Paula. Glad to be here

24:12 - Peggy George
what a wonderful feature!!

24:13 - @bcdtech Maureen
@jackiegerstein- 3ring is a great little app, not as robust as educlipper

24:39 - @teachteKBeck (Kristen)
Can it be used at a district level to share what is going on in the district and post for board members or others?

24:51 - Peggy George
I agree aunttammie! I have always used Livebinders and this sounds similar but I'm eager to check it out.

24:59 - @jackiegerstein 1
thx Maureen - haven't heard of it prior to today

25:08 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
educlipper -- works like three ring?

25:30 - Michael Medvinsky
Three Ring has been transformative in my classroom. Maureen, we tried EduClipper and have had some hang ups. Still working through them with Adam Bellow.

25:35 - aunttammie
Peggy, looks like it would be particularly good for self contained elementary

25:38 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
educlipper works through edmodo as well

25:43 - @jackiegerstein 1
that's because Adam is a phenomenal person :)

26:07 - Peggy George
it makes it really easy to capture those images!

26:26 - Peggy George (eduClipper: powerful curation platform designed specifically for teachers and students by Adam Bellow)

26:48 - Sara Brooks
May need to do more with eduClipper!

27:04 - @jackiegerstein 1
Does educlipper permit clips of videos?

27:12 - Peggy George

27:15 - @jackiegerstein 1

27:22 - Peggy George (Presentation by Adam Bellow re eduCliipper & eduTecher)

27:33 - @bcdtech Maureen
@Michael I used 3ring a little bit last year- but since I was using something else for portfolios, it wasn't as useful as I would have liked. I am not using educlipper for portfolios at my new school- but hope to be able to use edmodo/educlipper with these students

27:36 - Peggy George
Adam gave us a great presentation on all of the features in that recording

27:58 - Cindy Wallace
@plnaugle It is good to be able to learn on a Saturday morning!:)

27:58 - Patti R
I love Explain Everything

28:07 - Michael Medvinsky
Maureen, what are you using for portfolios?

28:08 - Peggy George (eduClipper iPad App)

28:18 - Peggy George (Explain Everything: iPad app-interactive whiteboard and screencasting tool)

28:18 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
Many of these apps have age limits requiring parent permission; that's a lot of parent permission slips. We created a web page on our website with apps used with links to terms of service and privacy docs for each. (COPPA)

28:34 - Peggy George
can you share that link Sheri? :-)

28:42 - @mrsmorgansclass Louise
Great tool!

28:53 - @jackiegerstein 1
Sheri - is it open? Do you have a link?

28:56 - Peggy George (eduClipper iPad App Tutorials)

28:58 - Steve
is there a google doc with all these links ?

29:06 - @bcdtech Maureen
@Michael- not doing them in this new position... yet! I was using Google Sites because we were a GAFE school- clunky

29:10 - Peggy George
all of these links are in our Livebinder today

29:26 - Peggy George

29:29 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
COPPA parent info page

29:39 - @jackiegerstein 1
I have already been having fun :)

29:47 - Peggy George
me too Jackie! :-)

30:25 - Peggy George (Augmented Reality resources on Drew’ blog)

30:40 - Peggy George
love it!!! Hogwarts!

30:57 - @mrsmorgansclass Louise
yes! My kids connect to Night at the Museum in so many ways!

31:01 - @plnaugle (Paula)
We love using the ColAR app on my iPhone to make AR pictures pop off the page.

31:12 - Peggy George
that is definitely a game changer when the images come to life! very engaging!

31:29 - Peggy George
colAR is so much fun! Drew will be sharing that soon :-)

31:41 - Michael Medvinsky
2D augmented reality have been great! Act much like QR codes. I would like to get more fluent with 3D modeling and augmenting with 3D.

31:53 - Peggy George (Daqri: Augmented reality is defined as “ technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’ view of the real world. DAQRI utilizes augmented reality and other technologies to create a broader storytelling medium called 4D.)

32:12 - Peggy George
no special glasses :-)

32:12 - Oronoque
When I was a kid my picture of a bellerina used to come to life at night when I was trying to I can have that experience again as a grandma

32:18 - @plnaugle (Paula)
ColAR app -

32:27 - Peggy George
love that story @Oronoque!

32:49 - aunttammie
still not quite understanding what this does

33:05 - Clarissa Reeson
Would it make word walls come alive?

33:17 - aunttammie
or what augmented reality is..something about pictures coming to life?

33:32 - Michael Medvinsky
Peggy, Pairing colAR and write about this has been awesome for writing prompts.

33:35 - @shamblesguru [windows laptop]

33:35 - Oronoque
@Aunttammie, I think it bring the pictures on your device into your real life physical space

33:52 - Peggy George
fantastic idea Midhael! I'll add that link to the Livebinder!

33:56 - aunttammie
that doesn't make sense to me, Oronoque

34:28 - Oronoque
@Aunttammie, something like a hologram (maybe)

34:38 - @jackiegerstein 1

34:45 - Stella Maris Berdaxagar
Hi from Argentina.Unable to join earlier.

34:53 - Jdexter
Prob something you have to experience

35:02 - aunttammie
ok, if this thing actually makes a physical object appear in my classroom, I'm sold! LOL

35:46 - @mrsmorgansclass Louise
We have the Space Flashcards

36:13 - Peggy George
from wikipedia: Augmented reality (AR) is a live, copy, view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented (or supplemented) by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data.

36:29 - Peggy George

36:44 - Peggy George (AR Flash Cards: make learning fun with the technology of Augmented Reality! When you point your device at the printed flashcard a beautifully rendered 3D animal will pop up on the screen. This app will only work on devices with a camera.)

36:48 - Peggy George (AR Flash Cards: make learning fun with the technology of Augmented Reality! When you point your device at the printed flashcard a beautifully rendered 3D animal will pop up on the screen. This app will only work on devices with a camera.)

36:58 - Peggy George
these are incredible!!!

37:08 - aunttammie
Thanks, Peggy...I guess I'm slow...I'll go to some of these websites and see them, cause I still can't picture it

37:11 - @mrsmorgansclass Louise
Can't wait to show this to our PreK teachers!

37:17 - Peggy George
they want to keep doing it over and over because it's so much fun!!!

37:47 - Peggy George
kids will love to create their own!

38:00 - Peggy George (AR Flash Cards Space)

38:08 - Peggy George
this is amazing!

38:22 - Sara Brooks
The kids love to hold the planets in their hands!

38:39 - Peggy George (ColAR Uses Augmented Reality to Bring your Kids’rawings to Life in full animated 3D)

39:16 - Peggy George
Drew is definitely a big kid!!!!

39:18 - Maggie Bolado 1
Just joined in..whats the app that ia to b downloaded?

39:40 - Peggy George (colAR app: Print, color and see your drawing in beautifully hand-animated 3D worlds)

39:41 - Oronoque
A good teacher never grows up ;)

39:59 - Patti R
We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing. (GB Shaw)

40:16 - Brad Hanks
@Patti so true!

40:22 - aunttammie
I wonder if anyone uses AR for high school classes? He had something about chemistry earlier, so maybe so.

40:30 - Carolyn Stanley
What a bang for our bucks.

40:38 - Peggy George
Erin Klein will be our featured teacher on April 5th :-)

40:50 - Maggie Bolado 1
Midde school science?

41:12 - Oronoque
some of my university colleagues use augmented reality during field trips and outside labs

41:12 - @mrsmorgansclass Louise
Creative writing prompts

41:13 - @jackiegerstein 1
If we don't maintain our "kidness" how can we truly understand the kids with which we are working?

41:45 - Eddie Aguilar
That's a great tip!

41:45 - Peggy George
you just need to try this once and you will understand what it means to "come to life" it jumps right up off from the page or screen!

42:04 - @shamblesguru [windows laptop]
Augmented Reality area on Shambles lists some other case studies ... I'm a BIG A.R. fan ...

42:08 - aunttammie
but you are limited to the pics that come with it, right?

42:08 - Peggy George
love it!!!

42:12 - Maggie Bolado 1
What a great tip incorporating writing!!!

42:17 - Doug Henry
Be neat to combine AR with Chromadepth color-based 3D perception (

42:33 - Peggy George
Shamblesguru's link for all of his AR resources is in the Livebinder today :-)

42:49 - Peggy George (Chromville: Educational app based on augmented reality game. Join the 3D adventure and your paints come alive! Similar to colAR)

42:52 - Susie 1
How do we join the group yo see Erin Klein on the 5th?

43:31 - Peggy George
just come back to the same link you used to join today. Details will be posted on our site after next week's show.

43:33 - @bcdtech Maureen
I played with chromville this week- it seems to do its own thing... not really reacting to movement of paper

43:54 - Peggy George
you have to be a good "colorer" :-) that's funny!

43:57 - aunttammie
Ok, I'm getting it...AR is another name for 3D!

44:08 - Peggy George

44:41 - Peggy George
who wouldn't want to write a story about their character that is popping off the page??? :-)

44:50 - Peggy George (Aurasma: Aurasma is a scanning app that activates when it hovers over a pre-designated trigger image. You can make absolutely ANYTHING a trigger)

45:35 - @plnaugle (Paula)
@Susie 1 You can go to the Classroom 2.0 Live website on April 5 and click on the link to join the webinar with Erin Klein.

45:44 - Sara Brooks
Great to use for book talks using a book cover.

45:47 - Peggy George
This is a fantastic Livebinder about Aurasma. It's in our Livebinder today. (Aurasma-tazz for Your Classroom-Livebinder by Mary Howard)

45:54 - Brad Hanks
My understanding is the AR is anything that layers on top of the physical tactile world around us to the enhancement of your experience

45:56 - Cindy Wallace
Love the Step Inside idea!!!

45:59 - Susie 1
Ok. Thank you!

46:04 - Peggy George
that is fantastic!

46:08 - Brad Hanks
for example Google Glasses would be an example of AR

46:12 - Rose Arnell
Been trying to record students' Aurasma using jing so that you don't need Aurasma to view works.

46:16 - Peggy George
good point Brad!

46:24 - Steve
My students loved the Aurasma treasure hunt ;-)

46:45 - Cindy Wallace
We have taken the idea of interactive math notebooks and made them truly interactive with aurasma

46:46 - Peggy George
Drew is going to share layAR with Google glasses today :-)

46:55 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Kleinspiration: Tons of Classroom Examples Using Augmented Reality with @Aurasma - A Complete How-To Guide!

46:59 - Steve
You can send home worksheets with a symbol on it and the video can explain to the parents how to do the math

47:02 - Peggy George (Aurasma app)

47:24 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
Rose Arnell - Do you have an example or blog post about how you do this?

47:26 - Peggy George
that gives me goosebumps!!!!

47:32 - Rose Arnell
does each student have an ipad at home?

47:45 - Steve
aurasma works with android too

47:52 - @mrsmorgansclass Louise
I know Peggy! Imagine the possiblities and where this will lead!?!?!?

47:59 - Peggy George (Augmented Reality resources on Drew’ blog)

48:00 - clinds
Used Aurasma about a year ago. Loved the idea but found it was finicky with lighting, etc. and didn't always work smoothly. Seems to me like QR codes do the same thing and are more reliable...

48:09 - aunttammie
I guess the only disadvantage to aurasma instead of a QR code is that the parent would have to have an iOS device.

48:15 - Rose Arnell
Just tried this on Fri so not yet. Where can I post it when I do?

48:25 - Sean Cotter
I want to do this with my next high school math homework

48:27 - Peggy George
interesting point @clinds We'll have Drew comment on that during Q/A

48:50 - Steve
Aunttammie.. aurasma works on Android format too (so cell phones with android software works well)

49:00 - Peggy George
@Rose please send me the link and I'll add it to our Livebinder for today

49:01 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
With QR code is there an extra step of clicking link to image / video?

49:03 - Michael Medvinsky
All students may not, but most have some kind of smart device. Or parents device. As long as they are following your channel, they will be able to trigger the image.

49:04 - Sean Cotter
My students say i wish I could bring you with me when I am doing my HW.

49:23 - Peggy George
Lorie will capture your questions to ask Drew during Q/A

49:30 - Peggy George
keep posting them in the chat :-)

49:36 - aunttammie
but the advantage would be that you could tie a book cover rather than having a QR code taped to the book

49:48 - Maggie Bolado 1
Are there tutorials on Aurasma

49:54 - @jackiegerstein 1
World Book Talks with Augmented Reality List -

49:54 - Peggy George (layAR: The Layar App, the world’ most downloaded app for viewing Interactive Print, allows your audience to more deeply engage by scanning, interacting, saving and sharing your print content.

50:03 - Michael Medvinsky
I created student's original compositions to a trigger image and had a musical gallery walk in the arts hallway.

50:07 - Peggy George (layAR for Glass example: 360 Panorama-requires layAR for Glass APK file)

50:13 - aunttammie
Or have the trophy itself the key to a video about the winning of the trophy

50:14 - Peggy George (layAR on Glass FAQ)

50:33 - Peggy George (layAR Creator: perfect do-it-yourself tool to build and manage amazing, engaging Interactive Print experiences –ll on the Web and with just a few clicks)

50:34 - @mrsmorgansclass Louise
We have a fun map to use with Layar

50:46 - Peggy George
cool Louise! Thanks for the link!!

51:16 - Peggy George
This is the link Drew is talking about if you can't scan the QR code at the end Link to all the slides and videos

51:32 - aunttammie
it'll be nice when Google glass is available to all

51:33 - Peggy George (Edudemic: How to Start Using Augmented Reality in the Classroom)

51:46 - Peggy George (Augmented Reality in the Classroom)

51:46 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Augmented Reality Biography Projects - iTeach 1:1

51:56 - @mrsmorgansclass Louise
So true!

52:04 - Peggy George
John Wooden was such an amazing coach and has so many great quotes!!!

52:16 - stidmama
Thanks for doing this -- so many great ideas.

52:20 - Eddie Aguilar
Thank you! Great session!

52:21 - Peggy George
if you have questions for Drew please type them here!

52:24 - Brad Hanks

52:25 - Jdexter
Thank you! Very interesting!

52:32 - Peggy George
Lorie will ask the questions on the mic for Drew

52:36 - @mrsmorgansclass Louise
Can't wait to share the AR flashcards and Chromville with my school!

52:39 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Virtual applause for Drew. Have many new things to check out this weekend. Thank you so much.

52:46 - stidmama
Can't QR on my laptop.

52:52 - Peggy George
) Link to all the slides and videos

52:55 - Patti R
so many things to experiment with. thanks, Drew

52:58 - Peggy George
that's the QR link

52:58 - Sean Cotter
Thank you very much it was interesting

52:58 - stidmama
Thanks Peggy!

52:59 - Steve
thanks Drew ;-)

53:03 - Sylvia
Thanks, that was great!

53:22 - @mrsmorgansclass Louise

53:36 - Susie @shighley
Whew! Learned a lot in a short time.

53:45 - Maggie Bolado 1
What an amazing session

53:52 - stidmama
Thanks all!

53:59 - Brad Hanks
Drew - I am presenting next week on Lucidchart (online diagramming, flowcharts). Would it be appropriate to represent that as AR?

54:06 - Susie @shighley
If you want a John Wooden fix, here are a couple of great podcast interviews with him. (scroll down to get to Wooden)

54:12 - Peggy George
I love hearing the examples and stories of teachers using AR!

54:20 - Peggy George
awesome Susie!!! Thanks!

54:23 - Sean Cotter
Links again to contact Drew or twitter please.

54:34 - @mrsmorgansclass Louise
I have heard some teachers talking about using it in their school yearbooks!

54:49 - @mrsmorgansclass Louise
The 4D anatomy one is cool

54:49 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Drew's Twitter is @TechMinock.

55:03 - Steve
WIth Aurasma, you can create your own library of Auras....

55:07 - Peggy George (layAR blog post by Elissa Malespina)

55:17 - Steve
maybe a few schools can get together and share ideas and make a public library

55:20 - Peggy George (6 Platforms to Create Augmented Reality)

55:30 - aunttammie
interesting time lag in the Q and A

55:48 - Maggie Bolado 1
Thank you Drew!!! Im so excited to take this back to my campus #lovemyPLN

55:51 - Michael Medvinsky
Awesome Drew! It's not about teaching the tech, it's about providing experiences for students to choose tech that best meets their needs.

55:53 - Jdexter

56:00 - Peggy George (eSchool News article - Two ed-tech experts offer tips on how to incorporate apps in more effective ways)

56:32 - Peggy George
awesome tutorials & examples in this Livebinder by Mary Howard (Aurasma-tazz for Your Classroom-Livebinder by Mary Howard)

56:48 - Peggy George

56:51 - Peggy George
Hooray Rose!

57:13 - Susie @shighley
Playing with the AR flashcards right now. What fun!

57:17 - Peggy George
Ward you might need to take the mic to ask Drew your question about LucidChart since he may not be familiar with it

57:35 - Peggy George
that is a great tip Rose!!

58:31 - Peggy George
I'll find that link for the trigger images on his site and add it to the Livebinder :-)

58:51 - Sean Cotter
Are most of these programs I-Pad or can I find Driod and Windows programs?

58:57 - Carolyn Stanley
So much to learn - this classroom 2.0 with Drew has been a real eye-opener.

59:08 - Peggy George
some are also Android

59:25 - Michael Medvinsky
Many are cross platform. Aurasma is web based as well.

59:37 - Sean Cotter
Thank you

59:51 - Peggy George
good point Michael! several of these are web based!

1:00:03 - Peggy George
click on talk Brad

1:00:09 - Peggy George
hooray! there you are!

1:00:27 - Peggy George
Brad is going to be our special guest next week talking about LucidChart :-)

1:00:28 - Steve
what about poor access to Internet....? Could one download a library and allow students to use in class without access to the internet.. I know it's a long shot

1:00:31 - Peggy George
amazing tool!!

1:01:04 - Patti R
i don't think anything will jump off the page with lucid charts though

1:01:26 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
Lucid Charts

1:01:47 - Peggy George
mindmapping wouldn't be 3D would it?

1:02:00 - Peggy George
that's what I was thinking Patti

1:02:00 - @mrsmorgansclass Louise
Thanks for a great presenation Drew! Off to get ready for our monthly #globalclassroom chat at 1:00 pm CST. It's World Water Day!

1:02:05 - Rose Arnell
New ideas are jumping out of my head!!!! Someone grab an AR tool!

1:02:10 - Peggy George

1:02:22 - Patti R
unless you take the mindmap image and link it into an AR image

1:02:24 - Oronoque
I have created 3D mindmaps in Second Life

1:02:38 - Peggy George
wow Oronoque! excellent!

1:02:55 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
Maybe the create your own colar app will allow students to create charts that pop!

1:02:55 - Peggy George
we'll learn all about LucidChart next week :-)

1:03:11 - Peggy George
thanks Brad

1:03:25 - Patti R
@oronoque - creating in Second Life is a whole different experience!

1:03:33 - Sean Cotter
Great link to next weeks chat.

1:03:53 - aunttammie
could you put up the QR code for his group of links again?

1:03:53 - Steve
that is good to know ;-)

1:04:08 - Peggy George Link to all the slides and videos

1:04:17 - Joan Kane
Great presentation with ideas I can't wait to try!

1:04:21 - nikki
Are all these apps accessible for the disabled student? How do you know?

1:04:26 - @bcdtech Maureen
Thanks Drew

1:04:41 - Michael Medvinsky
How do we get Drew to come and run a PD for our school?

1:04:46 - Peggy George
thank you so much Drew!!! What an inspiring presentation!!!

1:04:53 - Oronoque
where can I get a free iPad so I can AR my little heart out :D

1:04:57 - Peggy George
great questions nikki and Michael :-)

1:05:27 - Clarissa Reeson
Thanks for all of the new tips. My students thank you too for helping to make lessons more engaging!

1:05:28 - nikki

1:05:58 - Peggy George

1:05:58 - Janet P
Many thanks, Drew!

1:06:05 - Peggy George
Patti want to take the mic?

1:06:10 - aunttammie
Thank you, great session!

1:06:25 - Steve
great session

1:06:28 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
Thanks; Great session

1:06:34 - Peggy George
go ahead Patti :-)

1:07:12 - Peggy George
Patti has been our contact for LucidChart and we're excited to have him joining us next week to tell us all about it!

1:07:51 - Peggy George
totally agree with Brad! any teachers that spend part of their Saturday in PD are the cream of the crop!!

1:08:30 - @shamblesguru [windows laptop]

1:08:41 - Peggy George
we need to wrap up since we're over time! We'll learn all about lucidchart next week with some great examples :-)

1:08:48 - Rose Arnell
Wow, Drew. So much I never knew. AR's on my list to do. You are in a class with few!

1:09:03 - Rose Arnell
Many thanks. Love to learn!

1:09:12 - Peggy George
terrific Brad!

1:09:21 - Oronoque
Thanks so much Drew...really interesting and so many potentials

1:09:31 - Maggie Bolado 1
Mind yoga!!!

1:09:39 - Oronoque
bye for now everyone...I need to jump to another meeting

1:09:47 - Rose Arnell
Yoga? Gymnastics!

1:09:50 - Peggy George
the way you'll be able to get some of the Lucidchart swag is to tweet about next week

1:09:55 - Peggy George
week's show :-)

1:10:00 - Peggy George

1:10:15 - Peggy George
we all love prizes :-)

1:10:30 - Patti R
thanks Brad

1:10:30 - Peggy George
thanks Brad

1:10:55 - Peggy George
clicking on talk makes a difference :-)

1:11:06 - Peggy George
Two fabulous featured teachers back to back!!!!

1:11:09 - Brad Hanks
#golucid is the hashtag

1:11:22 - Sean Cotter
Thank you everyone

1:11:31 - Stella Maris Berdaxagar

1:11:36 - Peggy George
Archives for all recordings:

1:11:46 - Peggy George
recording will be posted later this afternoon

1:11:59 - Peggy George

1:12:05 - Peggy George
we love our featured teachers!!!

1:12:14 - khadija61
Just joined fro Tetouan north Morocco. Hello every one!

1:12:16 - Peggy George

1:12:24 - Peggy George
the survey should automatically pop up when you log out

1:12:40 - Peggy George

1:12:52 - Peggy George

1:13:13 - Peggy George
we've been having some issues with the video recordings on iTunesU but Apple is working on it

1:13:47 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
my lucid chart

1:13:54 - Peggy George
huge thanks to Drew for his awesome presentation and also for agreeing to switch dates with Erin Klein at the last minute! :-)

1:13:57 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
on reading strategies

1:14:01 - Patkim 1
thank you - great show

1:14:05 - Patti R
great show, see you next week