CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE webinar, "Awesome Uses for Google Drawings in your Classroom" with special guest presenter, Eric Curts.

March 5, 2016

00:12 - Peggy George
Hi Susie! Welcome!!!

00:44 - Sawa
K 5-8

00:48 - Susie @shighley 1
Sorry I'm late. New computer did not cooperate. On phone for now

01:23 - David Gonzalez
Thanks Maureen! :)

03:05 - CJ MacKinnon-Scott
Can you post the sites you mentioned Peggy?

03:06 - @plnaugle(Paula)
Welcome, Eric!

03:18 - Patti Ruffing

03:19 - @plnaugle(Paula)

03:23 - chris

03:38 - Peggy George
All of Eric's links are in our Livebinder for today :-)

03:48 - Peggy George (Eric Curts’ebsite)

03:52 - CJ MacKinnon-Scott

04:08 - Peggy George
I love Venn diagrams and always struggled to create them on my computer.

04:22 - Peggy George (SPARCC Google User Group)

04:55 - Peggy George
visuals help so much for learning and remembering!!!

05:34 - Peggy George
yes! the 4Cs!! critical thinking is so important and unfortunately it isn't measured much on standardized tests!

05:39 - Peggy George (The State of Tech bi-weekly podcast-video & audio, that covers educational technology in and around Ohio)

05:59 - chris

06:01 - trish

06:03 - Patti Ruffing
see it yes

06:05 - Leigh

06:08 - Peggy George
seeing it great!

06:09 - Fern
yup, see it fine

06:15 - Doug Henry in (wet!) San Leandro CA

06:15 - chris

06:15 - stidmama

06:24 - Peggy George
hopefully you won't have a bandwidth problem on your mobile devices today

06:24 - Sheri Edwards

07:08 - Peggy George (Google Drawings resources from Eric Curts)

07:30 - Peggy George
that's the long link for his tiny url :-)

08:00 - Peggy George
that's one of the things I love about Livebinders! if a website changes that we include in the Livebinder we always see the latest version!

08:24 - Peggy George (Help Guide - "Using Google Drawings")

08:54 - Peggy George
if you have any questions for Eric as we go along please type them in the chat and Lorie will ask him during Q/A

09:25 - Peggy George
Hi Maureen!!! :-)

09:31 - @plnaugle(Paula)
Hi Maureen.

09:51 - Peggy George
Welcome Eileen and Natalie!

09:55 - @bcdtech Maureen
Stopping by for a minute from edcampBoston...can't stay

10:02 - Peggy George
and it's FREE!!!!!!

10:23 - Eileen
Thanks Peggy😉

10:28 - Peggy George
thanks for checking in Maureen! I told everyone you were the person who brought Eric to us!! :-)

10:55 - @plnaugle(Paula)
Maureen, is Nancy Carroll at EdcampBoston? Please give her a hug from me if she is.

10:57 - Peggy George
Hi Carolyn! So great to see you!!!

11:16 - @plnaugle(Paula)
Hey Carolyn. Great to see you here today.

11:22 - Peggy George

11:33 - Peggy George (Help Guide - "Google Drawings for Graphic Organizers")

11:42 - Carolyn Stanley
Hi, can only stay for a little while, but I'm so glad to be here.

11:45 - Peggy George
really helpful resources!!!

12:25 - Doug Henry in (wet!) San Leandro CA
Can you use scripts with drawings - add, size, color shapes, etc.?

12:27 - Peggy George
Google Drive is so powerful!!

12:29 - Natalie J
link to livebinder?

12:41 - Peggy George

12:43 - Carolyn Stanley
I haven't played with Google Draw since I retired. I'm anxious to check out Eric's resources.

14:06 - Peggy George
if any of you have google drawing examples or blog posts, please share the links in the chat as we go along and I'll add them to our Livebinder later. :-)

15:35 - Natalie J
Prefixes-Roots-Suffixes - Virtual Manipulatives

Vocabulary Word Sort - Virtual Manipulatives

Spanish Word Sort - Virtual Manipulatives

Homograph Definition Matching - Virtual Manipulatives

Classification/Sorting Activity (Science) - Virtual Manipulatives

The Peacock and the Crane - Close Read

Drama - Close Read

Whole-Part-Part Mat Template (Math)

Here is a link to a blog post describing how Google Draw can be used in math centers:

Here is a sample math activity that you can try. Be sure to make a copy before doing the activity

15:52 - Carolyn Stanley
What is amazing is how all these tools are easy to use and free. Just think how much we used to have to pay for paint and drawing programs in days of your.

16:12 - Peggy George
perfect timing Eric! The joys of technology!

16:37 - Peggy George
hard to demonstrate things without a battery :-)

16:40 - Carolyn Stanley
Murphy's Law.

16:46 - Peggy George
that is so true Carolyn!!!

16:51 - Peggy George
no worries Eric!

16:53 - @plnaugle(Paula)
We've all been there. The joys of tech. :)

17:08 - Peggy George
that is Murphy's Law, right :-)

17:22 - trish
we all know that problem, eric. Am assuming the "arrange" button will help us place images?

17:28 - stidmama
LOVE this session -- particularly how he is handling the tech fail... LOL so hard to keep one's cool when things die in the middle of the lessons.

17:31 - Peggy George

17:44 - Fern
How do our batteries and Internet connections, etc. know that we are in the middle of an important presentation? Maybe they are intelligent entities with their own plans!

17:57 - Doug Henry in (wet!) San Leandro CA
We need a "hybrid" mouse - wired or wireless...

17:57 - Carolyn Stanley
I'll never forget when David Pogue was presenting at the Connecticut Educator's Computer Association conference and NOTHING was working with his MAC.

18:15 - Susie @shighley 3
I have two important ceiling-mounted projectors at school that have never had bulbs replaced. Am afraid they will go at the most inopportune time!

18:19 - Peggy George
oh no Carolyn! But perfect example! Happens to all of us!

18:20 - Carolyn Stanley
He was not amused.

18:21 - Patti Ruffing
I wonder if Eric hit the spot on the touchpad that turns off the touchpad function

18:39 - Peggy George
that's a great idea Doug! Create one!!!

18:52 - Doug Henry in (wet!) San Leandro CA

19:00 - stidmama
In prepping for our state testing, I have not allowed my students to use a mouse --- in case the mouse fails during the testing they can now switch effortlessly to the trackpad and keep going!

19:07 - Susie @shighley 3
I'm pretty sure that I have seen Eric present before, just can't figure out where. I remember he was great!

19:15 - Peggy George
we're all pulling for you Eric!

19:18 - Carolyn Stanley
I haven't played much with Google tools on my iPad. Do they work well?

19:44 - stidmama
This is the man who made the fun jeopardy clone I used for my class last month. :-) Must have been the right time for me to "meet" him!

19:47 - Susie @shighley 3
He's got lots of things for us to explore while we wait

20:24 - stidmama
I love the Google Tools for most things, Carolyn, but sometimes the regular Word/Excel are needed for additional functionality.

20:26 - @plnaugle(Paula)
I saw movement.

20:32 - Carolyn Stanley

20:42 - Peggy George
hooray!!!! we're back in action!!

20:44 - Fern
Wow! Life returns to the mouse.

20:47 - @plnaugle(Paula)
Yippee, the mouse is alive!

20:51 - Doug Henry in (wet!) San Leandro CA
Dead mice tell no tails...

21:01 - Patti Ruffing
lol Dough

21:08 - Patti Ruffing

21:19 - Peggy George
Eric has an entire video tutorial for Google Drawings in our Livebinder too :-)

21:19 - Carolyn Stanley
reminds me of Inspiration.

22:36 - Peggy George
trish shared a great link from Richard Byrne earlier about Google Drawings for MindMaps.

23:00 - Peggy George (Help Guide - "Google Drawings for Graphic Organizers")

23:03 - stidmama
<3 templates...

23:14 - Peggy George (Graphic Organizers - His collection of 40+ templates)

23:30 - Peggy George
the training video is in our Livebinder :-)

23:44 - David Gonzalez
Thanks for all the templates and resources, Eric.

23:55 - Peggy George
I love that he makes it so easy to find and use all of his resources!

24:16 - Peggy George (Training video - "Google Drawings for Graphic Organizers")

24:21 - Carolyn Stanley
We are so fortunate to have so many educators who are willing to share, and their payment is simply the joy of helping others.

24:36 - Peggy George
templates are such a huge help!

25:20 - Peggy George
so glad he's sharing the tip about how to add those templates to our own Google Drive so we can easily edit and share it!

25:40 - Carolyn Stanley
I am going to share this with my neighbor across the street who teaches first grade.

26:02 - Carolyn Stanley
I assume these will work on a SmartBoard.

26:06 - Peggy George
the images make it so easy to use

26:20 - Peggy George
yes any of this can be projected on a SmartBoard :-)

27:20 - Peggy George
can you also have the students draw images and scan them as .jpg to add to the drawing?

27:28 - Carolyn Stanley
Are all images in the Google Library under Research copyright free?

28:03 - Carolyn Stanley
I would assume your own images could be imported into the document.

28:11 - Carolyn Stanley

28:22 - Peggy George
wow! great idea to connect the images with arrows :-)

28:57 - @plnaugle(Paula)
Wow, so easy.

29:25 - Peggy George
color coding the boxes makes it so easy to follow!

29:32 - Carolyn Stanley
Eric, thank you for all your hard work --at least I bet you had fun making the templates.

29:45 - stidmama
I think I now have some fun ways to help my kids work on reports later this month! :-)

29:48 - chris
You can change the search to free to use images

30:02 - Peggy George
Hi Dotty! So glad you could join us!

31:03 - Dotty
I am happy to join you. Multi tasking at a technology conf.

31:04 - Peggy George
yes! Venn Diagrams!

31:30 - Peggy George
It used to be so hard to try to create these in MSWord!!!

31:44 - Carolyn Stanley
I have to go now, but I will definitely catch this on the archive. Hopefully, I can get others to try these tools. Thanks for bringing us such great resources.

31:53 - Peggy George
thanks so much Carolyn!

32:02 - @plnaugle(Paula)
Bye Carolyn.

32:19 - Peggy George
I love that you can search for the images right in Google while you're on your drawing!

32:48 - trish
The research tool with this is an awesome tip.

32:59 - Peggy George (Help Guide - "Teaching Math with Google Drawings")

33:18 - Susie @shighley 3
and students can create the drawings to make it more hands on for themselves

33:20 - Peggy George
this would definitely be helpful with fractions :-)

33:30 - @plnaugle(Paula)
8 Creative Uses of Google Drawings You Shouldn't Ignore

33:44 - Peggy George
so true Susie! when students do the creating they will understand and remember it :-)

33:53 - Peggy George
thanks Paula!!

34:23 - Annette Whitby
I'll be spending this weekend reviewing all of this awesome information. Thix!

34:29 - @plnaugle(Paula)
10 Ways to Use Google Drawings in the Classroom

35:57 - @plnaugle(Paula)
Going Google with Primary Students: Using Google Drawings to Demonstrate Learning –magine Easy Solutions

36:25 - Patti Ruffing
@carolyn The Google image search within Google drawings says "results shown are labeled commercial reuse with modification"

36:48 - Peggy George
how cool is that??!!

37:03 - Peggy George
thanks Patti! Very helpful to know :-)

37:39 - @plnaugle(Paula)
Getting Started with Google Draw | Teacher Tech (Alice Keeler)

38:16 - Peggy George
love that!!! what fun!!

38:17 - Maura
Where do you find the research tab to insert a background? Can that work on slides and docs?

38:45 - Patti Ruffing
Research is under Tools

38:55 - Maura
Thank you

39:16 - stidmama
I think on some of these I would print out and have the kids use crayons and pencils to fill in (different part of the brain gets used). On others, I might have the kids sketch a draft on paper and then transfer their ideas to Google Drawings.

39:16 - Patti Ruffing
You can also get the background by just clicing on "insert image" and then choose "search" and it searches google

39:26 - Peggy George
we can explore all of these on his links later :-)

39:42 - trish
How can I put images inside shapes?

39:51 - Sheri Edwards
You can also click the triangle under images in research tool to choose "free to use Images" for Creative Commons images. That's what my students use for published work.

39:53 - Peggy George
@stidmama you could definitely do that! sometimes tech isn't the best tool :-)

40:20 - Peggy George
please keep asking your questions and Lorie will ask Eric during Q/A for you

40:35 - Peggy George

41:07 - Patti Ruffing
@Sheri The image search within drawings pulls the least restrictive CC license

41:21 - Peggy George
I think I could have learned algebra easier if I had used manipulatives :-)

41:36 - Annette Whitby
How did you set the transparency? (the yellow to orange dot)

42:02 - stidmama
:-D That was a question I had... I miss Publisher!

42:16 - Peggy George
MSPublisher only works on Windows so this is a much better alternative! :-)

42:45 - Patti Ruffing
You can also set the size of the page to be 8.5 x 11 or any custom size you want

42:55 - Peggy George (How Your Students can use Google Drawings to Create Greeting Cards)

43:08 - Peggy George (Greeting Card template-Landscape orientation)

43:24 - @plnaugle(Paula)
Have Students Create Infographics Using Google Draw | Teacher Tech

43:33 - Peggy George
what a great way to create very personalized greeting cards! love it!!

44:41 - trish
I'm excited to do this for National Poetry Month...the gift of a poem!

44:54 - Annette Whitby
excellent idea

44:55 - Peggy George
what a great idea Trish!!!

45:46 - Peggy George
my mind is spinning with possibilities and I'm sure yours are too!

46:25 - Peggy George
everything is in the Livebinder and I'll add the links you have shared in the chat later

46:39 - Peggy George
his webinars are fabulous! Loved his Google Sites series!

46:47 - trish
Eric, you are generous beyond belief with your resources!

47:20 - Glenn Hervieux @sisqitman
I've used Lucid Press - a Chrome app - and it's set up to create newsletters, brochures, etc.

47:20 - Susie @shighley 3
yes, this is one I will need to watch again, and share!

47:21 - @plnaugle(Paula)
Wow! Thank you so much, Eric. I'll be playing around with Google Drawing this weekend for sure.

47:24 - Peggy George
keep typing your questions :-)

47:54 - Doug Henry in (wet!) San Leandro CA

48:02 - Peggy George
Can you use scripts with drawings - add, size, color shapes, etc.?

48:03 - Annette Whitby
Thx @Glenn I'll check it out (Lucid Press)

48:17 - Laura Antichi
Great, Eric!

48:27 - Glenn Hervieux @sisqitman
Great presentation - so well thought out, clear and easy to follow. Appreciate him sharing his work :) - Learn to share...share to learn...

48:31 - Peggy George
you really don't need the scripts if you use the Google tools right?

48:31 - Doug Henry in (wet!) San Leandro CA

49:00 - David Gonzalez
Thanks a million, Eric.

49:02 - stidmama
Not a question on drawing, but is there a way to enter data in Sheets and then automatically populate forms or docs?

49:17 - Glenn Hervieux @sisqitman
The iPad is extremely limited and there isn't much there in the way of tools.

49:20 - Lorie Moffat
12:55 PM
Not a question on drawing, but is there a way to enter data in Sheets and then automatically populate forms or docs?

49:22 - Peggy George
you can create your drawings on your computer and share them on mobile devices

50:17 - Peggy George
great answer Eric! Thanks!

50:21 - chris
Thank you for all sharing all these templates! I won't be sleeping the rest of the weekend!

50:28 - Peggy George

50:59 - Peggy George
I think kids would love to create their own drawings to add to the Google Drawing.

51:09 - Sheri Edwards
@stidmama There are scripts for that. See You might find what you want here:

51:10 - Peggy George
can you embed videos in Google Drawing?

51:23 - Zimmerl Andrea
Thanks! Great ideas!

52:07 - Peggy George
great point about locking the items!

52:17 - trish
Thanks, Eric. I'll try that now.

52:40 - Peggy George (Access all Eric’ Google resources here)

53:51 - stidmama
Thanks @sheri and Eric

54:09 - @plnaugle(Paula)
15 FREE Google Drawings graphic organizers —nd how to make your own | Ditch That Textbook

54:15 - Peggy George
is that what you were thinking about Doug re scripting?

54:31 - Doug Henry in (wet!) San Leandro CA
@Peggy: yes, thanks...

54:40 - Fern
Thanks so much for all of the good ideas and explanations.

54:56 - stidmama
This was WONDERFUL. Thank you so much!!!

55:16 - @plnaugle(Paula)
Wondrous Ways to Use Google Drawings | TCEA

55:27 - Natalie J
Particiapte learning is a great tool to use for Twiter chats!

55:33 - Susie @shighley 3
This was great, practical, and patient with our questions

55:36 - Maura
Great webinar! Thank you for all the new tools.

56:10 - Sheri Edwards
I'd also like to give a Shout Out for LiveBinders! Great curation tool.

56:29 - Laurie Conzemius
Thanks so much! Great webinar - very helpful!

57:28 - Eileen
A wonderful presentation today! Thank you!

57:44 - Peggy George
thanks Sheri!! I'm definitely a fan of Livebinders!!!

57:53 - Janet P
Great session! Thanks.

57:56 - Peggy George (Library 2.016 Mini Conference, Privacy in the Digital Age. March 16, 2016, 12-3pm PDT)

58:03 - Peggy George

58:12 - David Gonzalez
Thanks Eric, Lorie, Peggy, Tammy, Paula, Classroom 2.0 Live, Blackboard Collaborate, and everyone! This was an awesome webinar. Thanks for the resources.

58:15 - Peggy George (Host Your Own Webinar

58:18 - @plnaugle(Paula)
Thank you everyone. Great hour of learning again today. Have a great weekend. :)

58:26 - Peggy George (Classroom 2.0 LIVE survey link to request PD certificates for live or recorded webinars)

58:53 - Peggy George
everything will be uploaded to our archives, youtube and iTunesU later today

59:02 - Peggy George
thank you soooo much Eric!