Classroom 2.0 LIVE webinar Quest2Learn with Angela Maiers

May 11, 2013

00:03 to: Peggy George
I love the way our PLNs work!! So many great people with great ideas to share!

00:15 to: Peggy George
Welcome Fidelia and Susie!! Great to have you with us!

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00:18 to: angelamaiers
60 students made this video describing what the Quest means to them--

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I have a new name!

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Hellooo from Iowa!

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Good afternoon from Argentina.

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Great to be here-than you so much for taking time on your very precious weekend. It means the world!

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any links that are added in the chat today will be added to the Livebinder after the show :-)

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Hi Arie--so thrilled to see you in the chat! Hugs!

01:10 to: Oronoque
Peggy, you already do as much as two or more people, so why not two names ;)

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Archives for all recordings:

01:25 to: Peggy George
you are in rare form today @Oronoque!

01:28 to: Karen @klirenman
Denise I'm so glad you guys are presenting here next week too. Share the love!

01:38 to: Peggy George
Welcome everyone! Thanks so much for joining us today!

01:54 to: angelamaiers
Hello @blairteach Awesome to see you in the stream!

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central PA

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if your starburst doesn't go where you want it you can click and drag to move it around

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Long Island NY

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Phoenix AZ

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Hello from alameda California

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Hello from Roanoke, IL

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Karen Lirenman here from Vancouver, Canada.

02:25 to: Arie Wels 1 #2
From the Netherlands

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my starburst fills my whole state :-) AZ

02:27 to: Stella Maris Berdaxagar ( Argentina)
La Pampa, Argentina.

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Hello from Atlanta!

02:28 to: Olga Isaeva

02:35 to: angelamaiers
Great to meet so many new friends--wonderful to connect! Please share your Twitter ID so we stay connected. I am @angelamaiers

02:35 to: Christine Collins
Arlington Heights, IL

02:37 to: Andrea Keller
very much so!

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Hello from Lockport, New York!:)

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We love have people from around the world joining us!!!!

02:48 to: Stephanie

02:52 to: Oronoque
New York City

02:57 to: Andrea Keller
Irving, Texas here :)

02:57 to: angelamaiers
My partner in crime Mark Moran is here as well---His Twitter ID @findingDulcinea

02:58 to: Oronoque
and Second Life

03:01 to: @teachteKBeck(Kristen)
Sacramento CA!

03:20 to: angelamaiers
This is awesome!

03:32 to: Peggy George
Angela has some great things to share with us today!! So glad there are people who haven't heard of it yet because you will be so inspired after you do!

03:36 to: Susie @shighley
Hello from the west side of Indianapolis; I'm close to the Indy 500 track right now

03:39 to: Stella Maris Berdaxagar ( Argentina)
Hola, Nikki.

03:44 to: angelamaiers
Nice Susie!

03:45 to: Karrie
@Angela ... I MADE IT!!! :)

03:51 to: McTeach (Karen)
We have a #Choose2Matter board in my classroom!

03:52 to: Joan Young (flourishingkids)
Good morning!

03:53 to: angelamaiers
YEAH!!! Hi Karrie--Woo Hoo!

03:56 to: Peggy George
Welcome everyone! So glad you could join us today!

04:03 to: angelamaiers
That is abotu to change! LOL! :-))

04:05 to: McTeach (Karen)
Good morning, Joan!!

04:11 to: nikki
Hello Stella!

04:14 to: Joan Young (flourishingkids)
Hey Karen!

04:21 to: Peggy George
Quest2Matter is such an incredible project! and we can ALL be part of it!

04:26 to: angelamaiers
Hi Andrea--I love TEXAS!!!

04:29 to: Andrea Keller
I so agree Peggy!

04:46 to: Andrea Keller
Angela.. I love talking about your awesomeness :) #youmatter

04:48 to: Joan Young (flourishingkids)
Familiar with it generally but haven't had time to really explore!

04:48 to: angelamaiers
That is so interesting! So many hashtags so little time!

05:08 to: Peggy George
today you'll get all of the details about what it is and how you can get involved--with students or without (if you don't have any students)

05:11 to: angelamaiers
Hello Joan my- love seeing my beautiful friend in the stream!

05:17 to: @SteveHayes_RB60
TED speaker

05:22 to: Joan Young (flourishingkids)
Aww.. Hi Angela! great to see you

05:23 to: angelamaiers
Hi Nikki!!!

05:35 to: angelamaiers
You are doing fantastic Lorna! You Rock!

05:51 to: Peggy George
if you want to be inspired every single day follow these hashtags #youmatter #choose2matter #quest2matter @angelamaiers :-)

06:03 to: Peggy George
We are thrilled to have Angela here to share with us today!!!

06:05 to: Karen @klirenman
Hi Joan! :-)

06:05 to: Andrea Keller
and like the facebook page

06:11 to: Olga Isaeva
wow, fantastic

06:18 to: Peggy George
oh yes! The Facebook page is in the Livebinder :-)

06:22 to: Olga Isaeva

06:28 to: Stella Maris Berdaxagar ( Argentina)

06:47 to: Peggy George
I saw your message from Seth Godin today! Powerful!

07:06 to: Peggy George

07:28 to: Peggy George
love that concept! the smartest person in the room is the room :-)

08:04 to: Peggy George
All of Angela's slides are in the Livebinder today:

09:44 to: Peggy George
welcome everyone! We're so glad you're here!

10:10 to: McTeach (Karen)
Love this slide!

10:17 to: Peggy George
#geniushour :-) We'll be featuring Genius Hour next week on our show!!!

10:20 to: Andrea Keller

11:14 to: Andrea Keller
I can't wait to try Genius hour next year in my resource classroom :)

11:20 to: Joli Barker 1
#geniushour has transformed my classroom! :D

11:29 to: Peggy George (When Students Say They Want to Change the World -- Listen to Them!)

11:35 to: Oronoque
I love how colorful and eye catching the slides are...impactful

11:41 to: Dacia Jones 1
Owning your genius!! Sounds like a student tshirt idea!

11:47 to: Peggy George
Genius is a great name for PLN :-)

12:03 to: Peggy George
everyone has something they care passionately about!!

12:08 to: Joli Barker 1
Generation GEN-I-US!

12:16 to: Peggy George (Facebook page for Choose2Matter and Quest2Matter)

12:31 to: Peggy George
Heart Mapping--awesome strategy!

12:49 to: Joan Young (flourishingkids)
love the idea of heart mapping..and then heartbreak mapping..

13:44 to: McTeach (Karen)
We did heartmapping earlier in the year...need to do heartbreak mapping this week!

13:45 to: Joan Young (flourishingkids)
Aww.. such a powerful action for young kids.. fighting for the care of those creatures..

13:55 to: Denise Krebs @mrsdkrebs
We'll have a book discussion on The Passion-Driven Classroom on June 5.

13:56 to: Joli Barker 1
It DOES change the world b/c they believe their voices can and will be and DESERVE to be heard!

13:58 to: @SteveHayes_RB60
Engaging education!

14:11 to: Peggy George
Secure students hearts or you don't have a shot at their brains

14:25 to: Oronoque
spidies keep us from being over run by insects

14:28 to: Dacia Jones 1
Relevant and real world activies = engaged students

14:43 to: Karen @klirenman
I like heart mapping too!

14:57 to: Karen @klirenman
Totally awesome!

14:59 to: Peggy George
that is an incredible image!

15:14 to: McTeach (Karen)
Hey, that's my classroom! :)

15:18 to: Peggy George

15:19 to: Michele Norman 1
Teachers -- as well as students -- must be given permission to call on their hearts and minds in their work

15:38 to: @SteveHayes_RB60
"born to make an impact" love that!

16:01 to: Peggy George
Today's Livebinder:

16:07 to: Denise Krebs @mrsdkrebs
I love that, Angela. We can nurture concern, care, and empathy from the youngest age. Somewhere, like Angela is saying, we lose that and become apathetic.

16:53 to: Oronoque
the students may like Anancy stories (Anancy is a spider from Ghana)

17:34 to: Peggy George (Quest2Matter - What It Is & How to Join-Choose 2 Matter)

17:38 to: Joan Young (flourishingkids)
I think we become distracted, and yes, apathetic at times, Denise..the passion lies there, dormant and we need to find a way to re-empower ourselves

18:06 to: Joli Barker 1
Creating a fearless world. Perfect!

18:25 to: Joan Young (flourishingkids)
This is so important.. knowing who else cares about our cause.. so empowering and such a life skill to collaborate

18:42 to: Peggy George
kids love to work together with other kids on projects like this!

19:22 to: Peggy George (Introducing Quest2Matter)

19:23 to: @beckitharp
So true! We need the world!

19:40 to: Peggy George
how many contests do you know where EVERYONE wins????

20:28 to: Peggy George (What Happens When Half a Million Kids Choose to Matter-Jure Klepic)

20:38 to: Joan Young (flourishingkids)
wow! That is so awesome, Angela :-)

20:58 to: Peggy George
I love the manifesto! (YouMatter Manifesto)

21:00 to: @shamblesguru [thailand]
hashtag for these activities?

21:15 to: Peggy George

21:27 to: Peggy George
there are actually many hashtags :-)

21:39 to: Stephanie
Can we access these slides on Quest to Matter site?

22:03 to: Peggy George
use these hashtags #youmatter #choose2matter #quest2matter @angelamaiers

22:16 to: Peggy George
yes Angela's slides are in our Livebinder today

22:26 to: Peggy George

22:32 to: Stephanie

23:06 to: Peggy George
you can all use these slides to share the message with your teachers and PLN

23:32 to: Peggy George
you will also be able to share the video recording from today with others to let Angela tell the story to your colleagues :-)

23:38 to: Peggy George
Hi Jackie! Welcome!

23:39 to: Joan Young (flourishingkids)
Hi Jackie :-)

23:57 to: Karen @klirenman
Hi Jackie!

24:00 to: Michele Norman 1
After school, out of school and summer programs could easily engage as well!

24:06 to: Peggy George
can you imagine how empowered kids feel when they realize they are a genius??? :-)

24:18 to: Peggy George
Absolutely @Michele! Great suggestion!

24:26 to: Susie @shighley
I like that slogan, "Leave no Genius Behind"

24:47 to: @beckitharp
My special ed kiddos love to make a difference in our community. They love that they matter!

24:49 to: Karen @klirenman
Susie, me too! "Leave no Genius Behind" and that includes US and OUR colleagues too. It includes EVERYONE!

24:50 to: Peggy George
that's thrilling to have a Bammy Award for a child!!!

25:03 to: @jackiegerstein 5
Phew - had some trouble getting in - so did teachingwithsoul via her tweet

25:25 to: Peggy George
so glad you perservered and made it! usually requires a java update

25:36 to: Peggy George
love the idea of a shark tank :-)

25:36 to: Andrea Keller
@beckitharp would LOVE to connect with you!

25:40 to: @jackiegerstein 5
Love shark tank - great idea

25:49 to: Joan Young (flourishingkids)
Yes...very cool!

25:58 to: @beckitharp
@andrea I would love that too!

25:59 to: Peggy George
wouldn't it be fun to do quadblogging about Quest2Matter??? :-)

26:07 to: Joan Young (flourishingkids)
Great idea, Peggy!

26:17 to: Mark Moran
The students who receive these awards will never forget it.

26:28 to: Peggy George (Become a Quest2Matter Mentor)

26:51 to: Peggy George (How Teachers Can Support Choose2Matter)

27:17 to: Peggy George
can you go into the details about the student internships

27:21 to: Andrea Keller
of COURSe!

27:23 to: Joan Young (flourishingkids)
Of course!!

27:24 to: Christine Collins
Of course!

27:24 to: @beckitharp

27:24 to: McTeach (Karen)
Yes, ma'am!!

27:25 to: Peggy George

27:27 to: Karrie

27:28 to: Olga Isaeva
From what countries can students participate?

27:31 to: Sofia Segurola Calderon

27:32 to: @SteveHayes_RB60

27:39 to: roxanne clement
absolutely yes

27:42 to: angelamaiers
We have the Cuban Brothers--they know what they are doing!

27:44 to: Mark Moran
Kids are welcome from every country in the world.

27:46 to: @teachteKBeck(Kristen)
I'm In!

27:50 to: Joli Barker 1

27:54 to: Kirsten
I am very excited! Will this be restarting in the fall again as a continuous cycle?

27:57 to: Fidelia
Can you explain heart mapping a bit more, please?

27:58 to: Michele Norman 1
Hi Angela -- How can folks in one location connect to others with similar interests? Is there a search function on the site?

28:04 to: Andrea Keller
and.. what website should I push people to that want to share their ideas?

28:05 to: blairteach
I sent the Quest2Matter information to several school-based people I know.

28:10 to: Peggy George (Quest2Matter Dream Team intern registration Form)

28:12 to: Mark Moran
The quest NEVER ENDS.

28:32 to: Peggy George (Invitation to students to help manage Quest2Matter)

28:47 to: Stephanie
This is really exciting! With summer coming is this something we can sign up for in the fall when school's back in? I'm not sure how to get this going with 10 days left of schoool, or can we join qu

28:47 to: Stephanie
ests in the fall?

28:50 to: Olga Isaeva
I think in Russia it's kinda impossible, no enthusiasm

28:57 to: Peggy George (Bridging the Skills Gap: Mentoring at Mass Scale)

29:02 to: Mark Moran
There is a June 7 cut-off to be eligible for the Bammy and BIF awards, but we will accept quests after, and will be highlighting great quests forever, and hope to have more awards ceremonies the in th

29:02 to: Mark Moran
e future.

29:04 to: Christine Collins
yes, how long is the timeframe?

29:13 to: Christine Collins
ok got it

29:22 to: Peggy George (Twitter Chat: Choose2Matter)

29:31 to: Peggy George (Twitter Chat: Quest2Matter)

29:33 to: Mark Moran
This is NOT a one time event - Choose2Matter is making mattering a way of life.

29:36 to: @teachteKBeck(Kristen)
What day is the Twitter chat?

29:56 to: Christine Collins
@Mark yes it is!

30:00 to: Andrea Keller
thank you for reminding us of that @mark

30:01 to: @jackiegerstein 5
Nice Angela - congrats!

30:07 to: Peggy George
you can follow the hashtag in Tweetchat any time--no set time

30:15 to: Christine Collins
I mean it is a way of life

30:20 to: Andrea Keller
but if students want to submit an idea and they are in 4th grade.. where should they go?

30:22 to: Peggy George
but #geniushour has a chat

30:25 to: @beckitharp
How can I help bring my school onboard? I'm feeling very alone! We will continue on, but are struggling to get our closest community involved. We are able to connect more easily with a willing worl

30:25 to: @beckitharp

30:32 to: Andrea Keller
Not as a mentor.. but their idea?

30:37 to: @jackiegerstein 5
Love the idea of being ambassadors to educator's and students' stories

30:45 to: Peggy George (Quest2Matter - What It Is & How to Join-Choose 2 Matter)

31:10 to: Andrea Keller
thanks Peggy :) That was perfect!

31:11 to: Lorie Moffat
I have many

31:22 to: Stephanie
Personally, how can we get involved...what do you need?

31:29 to: Peggy George

31:56 to: Michele Norman 1
@stephanie -- and spread the word to those in YOUR networks who might be interested in joining the Quest...

31:59 to: Olga Isaeva

32:01 to: Stephanie
I agree totally! This is such a critical message.

32:02 to: Joli Barker 1
I am a believer too, Angela! Thank you for your genius and leadership!

32:03 to: Peggy George (Become a Quest2Matter Mentor)

32:23 to: Denise Krebs @mrsdkrebs
Mark, I like the explanation of June 7 is cut-off for this round awards, but you'll continue to tell the genius stories indefinitely! Another question, are you wanting projects in-process so they can

32:23 to: Denise Krebs @mrsdkrebs
be encouraged and mentored. Or are you celebrating finished works and mentoring about the future genius they will contribute!

32:35 to: Stephanie
Angela, you are amazing!

32:41 to: Peggy George
so we have NO excuses! Angela does this on top of everything else!!!!

32:46 to: Andrea Keller
I second that @Stephanie!

32:48 to: Darin Jolly
This is impressive...I love it! I'm eager to learn more

32:52 to: Peggy George (How Teachers Can Support Choose2Matter)

32:57 to: McTeach (Karen)
Your PLN is here to help!

32:57 to: Mark Moran
Denise, YES, we want projects that are in-progress. Any developed idea is welcome.

33:05 to: Andrea Keller
it is amazing!

33:15 to: @jackiegerstein 5
what is that link?

33:22 to: @jackiegerstein 5
to the video

33:39 to: Mark Moran
We also welcome the submission of already completed projects. The core idea of this is to share completed projects to inspire other students.

33:50 to: Mark Moran
Here is the fundraising link:

34:04 to: blairteach
That's an important point -- to retain ownership of the movement instead of abdicating it to a coprorate culture. Kudos.

34:16 to: Mark Moran
The video is available through this link to our Indiegogo page:

34:18 to: Peggy George
Launch video:

34:34 to: Peggy George
thanks Mark! we were on the same wavelength :-)

34:37 to: Joan Young (flourishingkids)
It would be great for summer programs to get involved's at the end of the school year for so many of us..would love to really focus on this at the beginning of the school year.

34:43 to: Mark Moran
We have two fundraising pages - Indiegogo and Student Launcher.

34:51 to: Peggy George
Lorie is ready to ask the questions for you Angela

34:59 to: Mark Moran
I can't speak.

35:12 to: Stephanie
Thank you Angela for your genius and passion!

35:12 to: @jackiegerstein 5
Love the idea of crowdsourcing genius!

35:18 to: angelamaiers
OK perfect!

35:21 to: angelamaiers

35:22 to: Joan Young (flourishingkids)
Yes me too, Jackie!

35:25 to: Peggy George
I love that too Jackie!

35:31 to: @jackiegerstein 5
:) - Yea Joan and Peggy

35:33 to: Peggy George
no echo now

35:35 to: Sofia Segurola Calderon
do we have a letter for parents template?

35:38 to: angelamaiers

35:57 to: Peggy George (Quest2Matter Dream Team intern registration Form)

36:06 to: Joan Young (flourishingkids)
If we all shared the indiegogo page, blogged about it, etc..shared within our schools.. seems like we could easily ge small donations that could add up to lots $

36:15 to: Peggy George
turn your mic on Lorie

36:19 to: Peggy George

36:20 to: angelamaiers
No worries!

36:40 to: Mark Moran
Joan that is exactly what we want - lots of small contributions.

36:48 to: Peggy George (Poster Design Contest that entices girls into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)

37:02 to: angelamaiers

37:15 to: Peggy George
some amazing student stories!!!

37:17 to: Peggy George (Michael Stolzenberg: 13 yr. old Amputee’ Mission: Raise One Million for Boston Victims)

37:18 to: @jackiegerstein 5
Joan I just facebooked the indiegogo page (great minds social network alike)

37:23 to: Andrea Keller

37:25 to: Joan Young (flourishingkids)
Awesome, Jackie!

37:29 to: @jackiegerstein 5

37:29 to: @SteveHayes_RB60
Summer vacation? Keeping students involved during the summer?

37:39 to: angelamaiers

37:46 to: Karrie
Angela... I can help you with that.... :)

37:56 to: Mark Moran
Here is a link to a preliminary document for adults who want to get involved. I'm finishing it as we speak but want to share the link so you can visit in this afternoon.

37:56 to: Mark Moran

38:15 to: Gordon 1
Sorry to be late

38:20 to: @beckitharp
Great summer idea @ Steve.

38:35 to: Peggy George
we can all forego a cup of coffee or latte at Starbucks to donate that ammount to the cause! it's so important!

38:42 to: angelamaiers

38:50 to: Peggy George
thanks Mark! I'll add that link to the Livebinder

38:57 to: McTeach (Karen)
@Mark You need to change the permissions on the doc

38:58 to: @jackiegerstein 5

38:59 to: Andrea Keller
you talked about quadblogging too..

39:06 to: Mark Moran
Our Facebook page:

39:08 to: Andrea Keller
I wonder if we could go that way?

39:19 to: Peggy George
once that link is in the Livebinder it will update when it is made public

39:30 to: Mark Moran
Our Facebook group

39:38 to: Peggy George
we could easily run a group on Classroom 2.0 and even Mightybell :-)

39:43 to: Peggy George
hearing you great Mark

39:44 to: Christine Collins
simpler is better

39:58 to: Christine Collins
facebook is popular with teachers

40:01 to: Christine Collins
pinterest as well

40:06 to: Peggy George
Facebook is the place where almost everyone connects!

40:10 to: Andrea Keller
I was thinking pinterest too!

40:13 to: Christine Collins
beyond that many lose their comfort

40:22 to: @jackiegerstein 5

40:25 to: Peggy George
we could start separate wikis to connect classes and post the links on Facebook

40:35 to: angelamaiers
Simple is critical! We are trying sooo hard to get to simple! Tried GoogleDocs, FB Groups, Message Boards, etc...We are open to any ideas! Check out Wiggio and let me know what you think as a communit

40:35 to: angelamaiers

40:39 to: Peggy George
Edmodo would be a great place too!

40:40 to: McTeach (Karen)
@Jackie...I like the idea of an Edmodo group

40:52 to: Christine Collins
I will spread FB groups daily

40:52 to: Karen @klirenman
While I agree one place makes things easier, it is also important for people to join where they are most comfortable. We all need and learn differently and need and require spaces that best meet our i

40:52 to: Karen @klirenman
ndividual needs. Just something to think about.

40:59 to: @jackiegerstein 5
Yes - edmodo could be used by teachers AND students

41:07 to: Peggy George
Wiggio is great but not a lot of people are using it so all would have to join to be part of it

41:10 to: angelamaiers
GREAT Idea about Edmodo!

41:18 to: Peggy George
excellent point about students and Edmodo!

41:39 to: McTeach (Karen) you want to start the Edmodo group?

41:39 to: Michele Norman 1
Facebook can work really well with a common structure for posts, e.g.: 5th Graders/ Education for Girls, Africa

41:41 to: angelamaiers
We are trying to take the communities where kids and teachers are and then aggregate to Choose2Matter--so teachers do not have to add another platform or step to their life!

41:45 to: Andrea Keller
I had a chance to keynote about it :)

41:49 to: Karen @klirenman
Some love twitter, some are afraid of it. Some love face book, others see no point in it. So sometimes having your messages shared in a variety of spaces is a better way to meet the different needs.

41:54 to: Peggy George
I totally agree with your point @klirenman

42:03 to: McTeach (Karen)
The downside to FB is it might be blocked for some at school

42:06 to: Christine Collins
true about different modes

42:07 to: Joan Young (flourishingkids)
Great idea to build more structure during summer and fully launch when school resumes.

42:10 to: Michele Norman 1
Be great to enable teachers to share resources/planning tools -- connecting by grade and topic could allow that

42:13 to: Andrea Keller
very true @Karen

42:28 to: McTeach (Karen)
Stop it, Angela!!!

42:33 to: McTeach (Karen)
You're a genius!

42:44 to: Mark Moran
We appreciate all these ideas; this is exactly the support of input we need to figure out how to get people involved.

42:51 to: Karrie
Angela, we can create a private community for everyone to access similar to what we spoke about yesterday....

42:55 to: @SteveHayes_RB60
Choose2Matter YouTube channel

42:57 to: Gordon 1
Who else is doing similar wrk and environments? Models? List them out

43:00 to: Joan Young (flourishingkids)
We work in an education system that imposes limits on us so we need to share ways that we address/blow past these limitations.

43:00 to: Karrie
I'd be happy to help you set it up!!!

43:00 to: @jackiegerstein 5

43:17 to: Peggy George
start typing on the whiteboard :-)

43:30 to: Peggy George
click on the BIG A without the lines

43:58 to: McTeach (Karen)
Yes, it's the end of the year and we're all swamped, but having something that excites us - like this does - can help keep us motivated!

44:07 to: Peggy George
we can also ALL share the Livebinder link with everyone and it will have all of the information people need to connect with the project

44:57 to: Mark Moran
If everyone in our network gave $5, this movement would be well funded.

44:58 to: @jackiegerstein 5
Ha! Cool!

45:08 to: Andrea Keller this is a pinterest that a band created.. like how it is organized

45:28 to: angelamaiers
Pinterest Rocks--I have no idea how to do it!

45:40 to: Peggy George
Stella Maris Berdaxagar ( Argentina)
We have to remember that we are living in the land of our ancestors using our descendant's resources. Our task is to save the world's environment and develop aware

45:40 to: Peggy George
ness in children and adults alike. U-education through collaboration marks the difference and ICT makes an important contribution. Edmodo ,for instance connects teachers,students and parents globally.

45:41 to: dotty
What about funding through Iniegogo

45:52 to: angelamaiers
They can go to Yoursphere-

45:53 to: angelamaiers

46:12 to: Peggy George

46:13 to: Lorna Costantini
HI Steve

46:19 to: Joan Young (flourishingkids)
Thanks so much, for this wonderful chat.. Angela, Mark, Peggy and everyone,..I would love to help in any way I can..time for Kickboxing class! Have a great day, friends.

46:26 to: Mark Moran
Joan, very well said. This is an end-run around a system that doesn't allow for innovation or passion or individuality.

46:30 to: Peggy George
Hooray! Steve Hargadon is in the room! So glad you could join us Steve!

46:43 to: McTeach (Karen)
@Joan...have a great day!

46:53 to: Andrea Keller
bye @Joan see you later!

46:54 to: Karen @klirenman
Happy kicking Joan!

47:06 to: Mark Moran
This is the document that will contain all the ways in which educators can help.

47:08 to: Mark Moran

47:13 to: Joan Young (flourishingkids)
Thanks :-) Can't wait to get more involved!

47:24 to: Olga Isaeva
thanks for sharing

47:24 to: Patti R
the google doc isnt sset to be shared

47:32 to: Peggy George
The recording for this session will be in the archives later today. It will have an embed code so you can add it to your own blogs/wikis and share it with your PLN.

47:43 to: Andrea Keller
Peggy I can't wait to share it!

47:44 to: Denise Krebs @mrsdkrebs
@Mark, I don't think it's been shared yet.

47:46 to: Peggy George
the google doc will be shared later this afternoon-save the link!

47:53 to: Olga Isaeva

47:54 to: Stephanie
Access to the google docs is denied, so request sent.

48:04 to: Peggy George
I will put the Google doc in the Livebinder so as soon as it's made public you will see it

48:08 to: Mark Moran
OK sorry I will open the Google Doc up to everyone now.

48:14 to: blairteach
Thank you, Angela and Mark, for your commitment and for sharing with us today.

48:17 to: Peggy George
don't send a request--Mark said it would be made public later today

48:36 to: blairteach
Oops. Too late. Must have missed that comment. Sorry.

48:40 to: Mark Moran
Google Doc should be viewable to all now.

48:40 to: McTeach (Karen)
Yes, great question! Especially at my school!

49:02 to: Peggy George (Mentoring at Mass Scale-Quest2Matter)

49:12 to: Andrea Keller
what about a google hangout?

49:14 to: Peggy George (Choose2Matter History-the BackStory)

49:33 to: Lorna Costantini
Parents are great motivators

49:44 to: blairteach
You could publish the Google Hangouts to be shared within our networks.

49:55 to: Lorna Costantini
need to get them involved

49:56 to: dotty
Site would be a great opportunity

50:03 to: Peggy George
Another great way to share the story is through the video Angela did with Peter Reynolds for Dot Day! Lots of schools are already familiar with Dot Day :-)

50:03 to: Peggy George
aiers-and-peter-reynolds-discuss-quest2matter-and-dot-day.html (Angela Maiers and Peter Reynolds discuss Quest2Matter and Dot Day)

50:06 to: angelamaiers
We have those--we will get them all one place for you

50:13 to: Peggy George
would anyone like to take the mic?

50:13 to: Gordon 1
Spring is plan time 4 2013-14 +. What would a planning toolkit look like?

50:14 to: Andrea Keller
I SO agree abotu Dot Day!

50:17 to: dotty
Iste this year.

50:21 to: Peggy George
yes Karen!!! :-)

50:26 to: Oronoque
this sounds like a great way to empower kids who are home schooled due to illness, etc.

50:28 to: Karen @klirenman
Use any avenue of Social Media that you can, which it seems you are.

50:31 to: Andrea Keller

50:32 to: Peggy George
the Dot Day connection is a fabulous connection

50:34 to: @beckitharp
I would love to help get the message out!

50:35 to: Mark Moran
Karen, Karen, Karen

50:51 to: Mark Moran
Why does mattering matter? Here's the science of it.

50:55 to: roxanne clement
so many of my 500 kids said they felt that they mattered after sharing Dot Day dots aorund our school!

51:02 to: Peggy George (Meet the Choose2Matter Team)

51:10 to: McTeach (Karen)
I'm working on audio...

51:10 to: Andrea Keller
I LOVE Dot Day :)

51:19 to: @beckitharp
Love Dot Day!

51:30 to: Andrea Keller
YAY Karen!

51:33 to: angelamaiers
We LOVE you Karen!!

51:38 to: @beckitharp
Horaay for Karen!

51:47 to: Peggy George
Karen (McTeach) and Karen Lirenman!!!

51:48 to: Oronoque
McTeach (Karen)
12:52 PM
I'm working on audio...

51:51 to: McTeach (Karen)
I love you too...but my mic isn't working...

51:57 to: Andrea Keller have to share our movie that we made :)

51:58 to: Karen @klirenman
Karen McTeach

52:00 to: Karen @klirenman
Not me!

52:09 to: Peggy George
Andrea take the mic to tell about it!

52:23 to: Andrea Keller
lol.. I haven't even set up mine either. :)

52:37 to: Andrea Keller
enjoying the conversation though! Already thinking how I will share next :)

52:41 to: Peggy George
Andrea want to click on talk?

52:46 to: angelamaiers
OK anyone on the Mike!

52:51 to: Peggy George
Steve Hargadon--would you like to take the mic?

52:59 to: angelamaiers
YES!! Steve are you here?

53:02 to: Darin Jolly
I think that schools should jump on this...we all need opps for our students to engage in making a difference...they are so creative!

53:05 to: Peggy George

53:12 to: Karen @klirenman
But Lorna I'm honoured you thought it was me. :-)

53:14 to: angelamaiers
I love you Steve!!!

53:17 to: Peggy George

53:18 to: McTeach (Karen)
Ok...I think I'm ok

53:21 to: angelamaiers
Thank you my friend!

53:35 to: Sofia Segurola Calderon
can get on the NEWS

53:37 to: Peggy George
can you suggest a platform that could bring all of this together Steve???

53:45 to: Peggy George
it seems to be so scattered

54:04 to: Peggy George
something really simple that both students and teachers can use :-)

54:17 to: Peggy George
we all have a homework assignment :-)

54:21 to: angelamaiers

54:21 to: Peggy George
hooray Karen!

54:23 to: Peggy George
hearing you great!

54:26 to: angelamaiers

54:30 to: Denise Krebs @mrsdkrebs
Yeah, Karen!

54:31 to: Darin Jolly
This is a great "fresh" exciting, "good news", global approach for educators and learners to make a diff

55:07 to: Andrea Keller
exactly Darin.. and #Choose2Matter is awesome.. and #DotDay is a great starter :)

55:18 to: Karen @klirenman
Love hearing these stories.

55:20 to: angelamaiers
Darin--you are so right! We are open to any ideas you have to get this into schools!

55:33 to: Peggy George
@Denise Krebs would you like to take the mic to bridge the gap between Quest2Matter and Genius Hour (preview of coming attraction for next week) :-)

55:52 to: angelamaiers
Right on Karen!That is the single core thing that launched this all---EVERYDAY teachers shared with kids our mantra--YOU ARE A GENIUS AND THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR CONTRIBUTION!

56:01 to: Peggy George
the bulletin boards are such a great reminder!!

56:03 to: Darin Jolly
I have groups who are looking for Texan wheels are turning here

56:03 to: Denise Krebs @mrsdkrebs
I can, Peggy.

56:03 to: Andrea Keller
@McTeach.. you rock!

56:11 to: angelamaiers
@Joli-- YOU MUST TAKE THE MIC after Karen and share--Gen-i-US

56:14 to: Andrea Keller
Darin.. where are you in Texas?

56:21 to: Peggy George (YouMatter Manifesto)

56:27 to: Sofia Segurola Calderon
venspired can get on

56:35 to: Peggy George

56:39 to: angelamaiers
It really really is taht simple!

56:52 to: Andrea Keller
LOL.. nevermind.. just realized we started following each other on Twitter :)

56:59 to: angelamaiers
YEAH Darin!! Where are you in Texas!

57:03 to: Gordon 1
Who can b connector to exec dir of CCSSO 4 Angela? What would a state adoption look like?

57:18 to: Darin Jolly
45miles Southeast of Dallas (Mabank)

57:19 to: Peggy George
heartbreak mapping--amazing concept

57:21 to: angelamaiers
Map your Heartbreak--What breaks your heart about the world?

57:31 to: Karen @klirenman
Karen what grade do you teach?

57:31 to: Peggy George
thank you so much for sharing that McTeach!

57:37 to: angelamaiers
Thank you!

57:41 to: Mark Moran
Thank you Karen!

57:44 to: @jackiegerstein 5

57:46 to: Peggy George
do you have a blog post about it we can add to the Livebinder @McTeach

57:56 to: Karen @klirenman
Thanks Karen.

57:58 to: angelamaiers

58:00 to: Peggy George
we have several people ready to take the mic :-)

58:10 to: Darin Jolly
My summer school needs a "project"...this could be the one

58:13 to: angelamaiers
I can stay and answer questions for as long as you all need!

58:18 to: McTeach (Karen)
I'll check, Peggy...I haven't been a very good blogger this year.

58:23 to: Peggy George

58:33 to: Andrea Keller
so many great shows!

58:38 to: McTeach (Karen)
@Karen...I work with 7th graders

58:38 to: Olga Isaeva

58:40 to: angelamaiers
Do we have to leave the room Peggy?

58:43 to: Peggy George
lots of great guests on Future of Education

58:56 to: Peggy George
no we'll stay in the room and keep the recording going for people who need to leave!

59:05 to: angelamaiers
WOO--This is PERFECT!!! Genius Hour is next!!!

59:14 to: Peggy George
Tammy's session is going to be awesome!

59:16 to: Karen @klirenman
Thanks Karen.

59:29 to: Sofia Segurola Calderon
how do present the heart mapping ?

59:51 to: Peggy George
making interactive content is something we all are interested in and I can't wait to hear about Adobe Captivate!

59:52 to: @jackiegerstein 5
how about this Karen

59:54 to: angelamaiers
If you could email me at We can set up a group call or space to continue questions and brainstorming!

1:00:05 to: Mark Moran
The Google Doc for how to help Choose2Matter is near complete; here's the link

1:00:05 to: Peggy George

1:00:07 to: angelamaiers or @angelamaiers on Twitter

1:00:15 to: Peggy George

1:00:21 to: Andrea Keller
than you guys so much for this inspiring morning! Hope to see some of your faces at ISTE!

1:00:23 to: angelamaiers
THANK YOU THANK YOU for being here! It means the world and it will CHANGE THE WORLD!

1:00:28 to: Olga Isaeva
any certificate from today?

1:00:38 to: @jackiegerstein 5
this is a great initiative Angela

1:00:38 to: Peggy George
I will send you a certificate when you complete the survey whether you view live or via recording

1:00:47 to: angelamaiers

1:00:51 to: McTeach (Karen)
@Jackie...Oh yeah!! Thanks!

1:00:54 to: Christine Collins
thanks so much...I will be thinking and following any ideas I have about how to get the word out

1:00:57 to: Olga Isaeva
ok, thanks

1:00:58 to: Peggy George
you have to complete the survey to provide your email address for a PD certificate

1:00:58 to: @jackiegerstein 5

1:01:01 to: @beckitharp
@andrea you can connect with me at I would love to get our classes together!

1:01:07 to: Peggy George
Archives for all recordings:

1:01:13 to: Christine Collins
that includes face to face with the educators I work with

1:01:21 to: Peggy George

1:01:43 to: Peggy George
you can subscribe to audio or video of all of our shows on iTunesU--great for viewing on mobile devices :-)

1:01:46 to: angelamaiers
Steve is a genius!!! We are blessed to having him lead us!

1:01:51 to: Christine Collins
Thanks so much!

1:01:54 to: Andrea Keller
ISTEunplugged? :) about #DotDay and #choose2matter

1:01:54 to: Peggy George
thank you ALL for joining us today!!!!

1:02:05 to: Peggy George
we'll keep the recording going

1:02:07 to: Dorie Glynn 1
Have a great day, everyone! Glad to learn more about this.

1:02:12 to: Kirsten
Very Inspiring Angela! Thanks

1:02:16 to: Peggy George
yes Denise next for Genius Hour :-)

1:02:17 to: Andrea Keller

1:02:25 to: Peggy George
thank you Angela!

1:02:27 to: Kirsten
Clap! to all

1:02:38 to: Stephanie

1:02:40 to: Oronoque

1:02:49 to: Peggy George
click on talk Denise

1:02:56 to: Peggy George
she's ready to talk

1:03:21 to: angelamaiers

1:03:25 to: angelamaiers
Woo Hoo!

1:03:30 to: Peggy George
hooray Denise!

1:03:37 to: angelamaiers
I am so proud of you Denise!

1:04:01 to: Peggy George
Genius Hour and Quest2Matter are a perfect marriage!

1:04:02 to: Christine Collins
I think Angela needs to get together with author Amy Krause Rosenthal...they both are out to make a difference in the world, and she would LOVE this!

1:04:13 to: Peggy George
come back next week to hear all about Genius Hour!

1:04:24 to: Peggy George
the whole Genius Hour team will be sharing with us!

1:04:36 to: Stella Maris Berdaxagar ( Argentina)
Thank you.

1:04:43 to: Denise Krebs @mrsdkrebs
Thanks, Angela! We are proud of you too!

1:04:48 to: Peggy George
who else wanted to take the mic?

1:04:50 to: angelamaiers

1:04:51 to: Sofia Segurola Calderon
Thanks for being the change we needed to see in the world!!!

1:04:53 to: angelamaiers

1:04:54 to: Mark Moran

1:04:57 to: angelamaiers
Angelamaiers on FB

1:05:00 to: Mark Moran

1:05:04 to: Christine Collins

1:05:07 to: Peggy George

1:05:07 to: Andrea Keller
I hope to be there.. I REALLY want to try to modify Genius Hour for my kiddos :)

1:05:09 to: angelamaiers
Choose2Matter FAcebook Group

1:05:11 to: Olga Isaeva
thanks everyone

1:05:14 to: Mark Moran

1:05:32 to: angelamaiers

1:05:37 to: Joli Barker 1
yes I am here...chekingmike

1:05:41 to: Joli Barker 1

1:05:44 to: angelamaiers

1:05:48 to: Peggy George
go ahead and click on talk Joli :-)

1:05:49 to: Mark Moran
This doc will have everything you need

1:05:51 to: angelamaiers

1:05:53 to: Peggy George
hearing you great!

1:06:09 to: Andrea Keller
yay Joli!

1:06:13 to: Karrie
Angela I'm very excited about this and hope to help you with finding a way to connect everyone together....

1:06:24 to: Peggy George
so many things to think about and when we see how excited the kids will be to do this how can we NOT get involved???

1:06:28 to: Arie Wels 1 #2
Great project and model, Angela.

1:06:31 to: angelamaiers
Joli's students renamed this generation---Gen-i-US

1:06:35 to: angelamaiers

1:06:36 to: Darin Jolly
Joli is doing well, despite her migraine today!

1:06:40 to: Karrie
I'm willing to set the whole thing up for you in the platform we discussed yesterday!

1:06:41 to: angelamaiers
I agree!

1:06:50 to: Denise Krebs @mrsdkrebs
Gen-i-US! Love it!

1:06:51 to: Peggy George
love that name!!! Gen-i-US :-)

1:07:18 to: angelamaiers

1:07:19 to: McTeach (Karen)
We have to figure out how to present it to schools in a way that addresses all these standards we have to meet (unfortunately).

1:07:22 to: Arie Wels 1 #2
How about co-creation co-development by teachers?

1:07:26 to: Peggy George
that would be a great way to start Angela

1:07:38 to: Peggy George
we just need to make sure students have a way to connect too

1:07:48 to: Peggy George
a wiki could bring that all together

1:08:07 to: Peggy George
seeing the videos students are creating will inspire others to create them

1:08:27 to: Peggy George
Karrie would you like to take the mic?

1:08:42 to: Mark Moran
GEN + I + US

1:08:55 to: Mark Moran
This is the coolest thing I've read all year.

1:09:22 to: angelamaiers
GReat point Karen-we can easly link these projects to the standards. It is digital literacy, digital citizenship, tech literacy, collaboration, 21st Century skills, content literacy, ....easier to hav

1:09:22 to: angelamaiers
e a list of standards it DOES NOT address! LOL! But definitely a doc we need to make explicit.

1:09:29 to: Peggy George
Did you see this video? (Dalton Sherman, 9 Yr Old, Keynote for Dallas ISD-I Believe in Me, Do You Believe in Me?)

1:09:42 to: angelamaiers
Love this Arie!

1:09:50 to: Peggy George
That would be a great jumpstart to show to teachers :-)

1:10:13 to: Andrea Keller
I am sharing this during my session at Podstock over Making Your Mark #DotDay and #Choose2Matter

1:10:23 to: Mark Moran
That is genius.

1:10:30 to: Peggy George (TED Talk: 13yo Richard Turere created a simple mechanism to harmlessly keep lions away from his family's livestock, which is now being used throughout

1:10:30 to: Peggy George

1:10:34 to: angelamaiers
So Peggy-Do I just create a Choose2Matter Group on Classroom 2.0Ning? Does that seem like the easiest 1st place to start?

1:10:38 to: Peggy George
fantastic @Andrea!

1:10:52 to: Peggy George
yes you start a discussion group

1:10:55 to: Karrie
Yes I'd like the mic :)

1:11:04 to: Peggy George
terrific Karrie! you have the mic

1:11:08 to: angelamaiers
Awesome Karri!

1:11:18 to: Denise Krebs @mrsdkrebs
Thanks, Joli. That was awesome.

1:11:29 to: Peggy George
Stephanie you can take the mic next. You have it enabled

1:11:50 to: angelamaiers
Love that!

1:12:06 to: McTeach (Karen) would be helpful to have something that teachers can just show any administrators who want to dismiss the idea automatically (like some that I know)

1:12:09 to: angelamaiers
Thank you Joli! You are GENIUS!

1:12:16 to: Peggy George
that's so true about the web tools :-)

1:13:02 to: Joli Barker 1
my pleasure :-) This is important work! I am all-in any way I can. ePals is Trust-E certified and has private emails, wikis, and moderated everything...and it is all connected to standards.

1:13:02 to: Peggy George
@Karen--do you think administrators would "get it" if you used either Angela's TED Talk or her recorded conversation with Peter Reynolds?

1:13:16 to: Arie Wels 1 #2
global teachers that co-create and interact with each other sustainable educational models towards a society 3.0 with educators and student creating edu material that growns in "value" and "grow" as i

1:13:16 to: Arie Wels 1 #2
n (re)shape (re)model

1:13:19 to: Peggy George
or the recording from today???

1:13:20 to: @viralber
thanks very much!!

1:13:25 to: McTeach (Karen)
Some would, definitely!

1:13:32 to: Peggy George
such a GREAT point @Arie!!!

1:14:15 to: Arie Wels 1 #2
Intergrate appi of different open identity models, so it integrates with all others.

1:14:18 to: Karrie
YES... we can connect them together...

1:14:21 to: Peggy George
can you imagine how excited the student Bammy Award winner will be????? :-)

1:14:26 to: Peggy George
walking the red carpet!

1:14:44 to: angelamaiers

1:14:45 to: Peggy George
hearing great

1:14:47 to: Joli Barker 1
I have connections to web builders too...

1:14:48 to: Andrea Keller
this is so grass roots too though.. because as we make change we have to be passionate about what we are sharing

1:14:53 to: angelamaiers
HELLO!! my friend!

1:14:54 to: Karrie
dont hate me.... I'm going to attempt to mock something up for you this weekend....

1:15:07 to: Peggy George
fabulous @Karrie!!!

1:15:10 to: Andrea Keller
I LOVE trying new things.. but sometimes it is hard to get people on board :)

1:15:20 to: Joli Barker 1
Karrie, if I can help at all I will.

1:15:27 to: angelamaiers
Exact;y Andrea!

1:15:45 to: Mark Moran
This sounds like a blog post!

1:15:59 to: Mark Moran
Capture this in words and share it with the world.

1:16:02 to: Peggy George
there really is something every ONE of us can do whether we have students or not! we can spread the word with our PLNs, make a donation, offer our skills to create things and become a mentor for the s

1:16:02 to: Peggy George
tudent leaders!

1:16:12 to: Peggy George
yes that would make a great blog post!

1:16:25 to: angelamaiers
The important thing to communicate about the quest-is that it is an AGGREGATOR site that showcases our students ideas and work--teachers do not have to start or do anything....they just need to get th

1:16:25 to: angelamaiers
e pojects to the main site. They do not have to do anything new!!!

1:16:35 to: Peggy George
the global aspect of it is so powerful!!

1:16:44 to: angelamaiers
What our community does after the quest--we can decide later!

1:16:44 to: Andrea Keller
what if we pushed this to student councils.. and got students talking that way?

1:16:59 to: Peggy George
we should create some "template" letters for parents, teachers, etc. to help people know what to include in them

1:17:07 to: angelamaiers
OMG--that is a GREAT IDEA!!!

1:17:09 to: Peggy George
love the idea of student councils!

1:17:10 to: McTeach (Karen)
@Andrea I was just thinking the same thing!

1:17:17 to: angelamaiers

1:17:36 to: Arie Wels 1 #2
Bring professionals in from outside your classroom... who can participate from the community or companies back into the schools, participating with projects from students that help real world problems

1:17:36 to: Arie Wels 1 #2
and thoughts from the students.

1:17:45 to: Andrea Keller
but then.. It needs to go farther than that.. for those students that might not have the opportunities to be a part of student council becuase of abilities?

1:17:47 to: Denise Krebs @mrsdkrebs

1:18:02 to: Andrea Keller
what about getting a virtual tour with DEN?

1:18:10 to: Karrie
Joli - contact me @ :)

1:18:12 to: Peggy George
should we use Smore to create sample letters to share with parents, students, others? very attractive and very easy to modify if people want to start with the template and make it their own

1:18:14 to: Joli Barker 1
OMG ! Observing Major Genius! This is going to happen :-)

1:18:55 to: Peggy George

1:19:25 to: Peggy George

1:19:28 to: McTeach (Karen)
@Angela...did you do a blog post about heartbreak mapping? I need to figure out how to introduce it to the kids next week.

1:19:35 to: Andrea Keller
okay.. I SO want to continue this conversation..but I must be going :)

1:19:42 to: Andrea Keller
I was about to mention the Open World Project!

1:19:45 to: Andrea Keller

1:19:48 to: Peggy George
Kevin's son's project is amazing!

1:19:57 to: Peggy George
once you see what he is doing you WANT to donate to it!

1:19:59 to: Arie Wels 1 #2
A double perspective integration, topic/project expands the classroom walls and gets input from outside the classroom.

1:20:02 to: Andrea Keller

1:20:03 to: Denise Krebs @mrsdkrebs
I like that it will be ongoing, though. For now, has McTeach and Joli shared all the projects that have been done in the past couple years?

1:20:17 to: Andrea Keller

1:20:20 to: angelamaiers
Does that make any sense?

1:20:23 to: Joli Barker 1

1:20:26 to: Andrea Keller
this is what a 3rd grader in my school started :)

1:20:34 to: Denise Krebs @mrsdkrebs
Yes, that makes great sense, Angela!

1:20:35 to: Peggy George

1:20:54 to: Arie Wels 1 #2
This is great, kids can learn, communicate share information and cooperate while crossing time-zones and national borders

1:20:56 to: Andrea Keller
thanks guys! AMAZING!

1:20:57 to: Mark Moran
Link for helping Choose2Matter

1:20:58 to: @beckitharp
Yes, That makes perfect sense! Thank you!

1:20:59 to: Joli Barker 1
thank you, Angela!!!! @Joli_Barker

1:21:00 to: Darin Jolly
Our ED World Needs this!

1:21:03 to: Mark Moran
Thank you everyone!!

1:21:03 to: Peggy George
thank you all so much for sharing your fabulous ideas and for getting involved!

1:21:05 to: angelamaiers
I LOVE YOU ALL! Thank you beyond words for being here today! Wil get that group set up ASAP!

1:21:05 to: Andrea Keller
@akbusybee would love to connect ;)

1:21:07 to: Denise Krebs @mrsdkrebs
Thanks, Lorna, Peggy, Lorie, Tammy, Steve, Mark and Angela. It was enlightening and inspiring. You are geniuses!

1:21:07 to: Christine Collins
I've done some sharing already...hopefully I'll get some response!

1:21:08 to: angelamaiers

1:21:09 to: Stella Maris Berdaxagar ( Argentina)
Thank you for an interesting presentation.

1:21:10 to: Mark Moran
Twitter: Choose2Matter

1:21:11 to: Karen @klirenman
Thanks all!

1:21:14 to: Christine Collins

1:21:15 to: McTeach (Karen)
Thank you, Angela!!! Love you!!