Classroom 2.0 LIVE webinar, "Connecting Your Students with the World: Tools and Projects to Make Global Collaboration Come Alive, K-8" with special guest presenters Paula Naugle and Billy Krakower.

May 13, 2017

00:22 - Patti Ruffing
It is so important for students to reach out beyond their 4 walls

00:50 - Peggy George
We have been eagerly awaiting this presentation for a long time! 3 of our favorite educators!!!!

02:10 - Peggy George
and Paula is a Classroom 2.0 LIVE co-host and Advisory Team member!!!

02:14 - @bcdtech Maureen
First met Billy in the Flat Classroom certification class. He introduced me to hangouts!

02:28 - Peggy George
everyone knows Cybraryman!!!!! :-)

02:39 - Billy (@wkrakower)
Maureen that seems so long ago!

02:48 - Peggy George
We have a lot of his links in our Livebinder today :-) Archives for all recordings:

03:09 - @bcdtech Maureen
@billy 4 or 5 years I think...

03:19 - Peggy George
I love how resourceful all of you are!!!

04:42 - Susie @shighley
Such dedication!

05:21 - Peggy George

06:14 - Peggy George
that book is loaded with awesome projects and activities for connecting your students!!!

06:36 - Peggy George

06:46 - Peggy George
Hi Sheri! So glad you could join us!

07:29 - Sheri Edwards
Hi Peggy. Glad to be here. Busy day.

07:31 - Peggy George (International Dot Day)

07:40 - Peggy George (Celebridot Site)

08:04 - Peggy George
Kids really love Dot Day when they see what other kids are sharing around the world!

09:02 - Susie @shighley
I do Dot Day with my 5th graders every year. Other grades want to do it again.

09:08 - Peggy George (2014 O.R.E.O. Project)

09:16 - Peggy George (Projects by Jen Calendar)

09:27 - Peggy George
Jen's projects are always so much fun!!

09:55 - Peggy George (The Global ReadAloud)

10:29 - Peggy George (Cybraryman: Hispanic Heritage Month)

10:56 - Peggy George
yes!!!! would love lots of details about Mystery Location Calls and Virtual Field Trips :-)

11:16 - Peggy George (Paula Naugle: Mystery Location Calls)

11:25 - @bcdtech Maureen
Do you follow up mystery calls with a flipgrid or ?

11:34 - Peggy George (Billy Krakower: Mystery Location Call Resources Page)

12:18 - Peggy George (Skype in the Classroom)

13:07 - Susie @shighley
What is Jen from Indiana's last name?

13:16 - Peggy George
that sounds like so much fun and everyone always has something to say about the weather!

13:50 - Peggy George (Cybraryman: Civil War-Gettysburg)

13:55 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Jen Regruth

14:02 - Peggy George (Gettysburg Address Animated)

14:24 - Peggy George (Projects by Jen: Holiday Card Exchange)

14:32 - Peggy George (Random Acts of Kindness Christmas Board)

14:33 - Susie @shighley
Thanks. Being from Indiana, I wanted to know!

14:41 - Peggy George (RACK: Random Acts of Christmas Kindness! Pinterest Board)

14:43 - Billy (@wkrakower)
It was snowing

14:53 - Peggy George
Hi Joan! Welcome!

14:57 - Joan Kane
Sorry I am late.

15:11 - Peggy George
no worries! we're glad you're here!

15:16 - Billy (@wkrakower)
Welcome Joan

16:30 - Peggy George
love those ideas! very simple but very special

16:54 - Peggy George (Super Bowl/Souper Bowl of Caring)

17:06 - Peggy George
I had never heard of that

17:15 - Susie @shighley
I do the Souper Bowl of Caring with my NJHS

17:33 - Peggy George
fantastic Susie!!

17:54 - Peggy George
Hi Sam! Welcome! So glad you could join us!

18:13 - Peggy George (Read Across America)

18:21 - Susie @shighley
We put the collected cans on the table where our newcasters sit for morning announcements. Toward the end, it is hard to see the kids for the cans!

18:27 - Peggy George (@cybraryman Read Across the States—ouTube)

18:48 - Peggy George (Cybraryman: 100th Day of School)

19:34 - Peggy George
100th Day of school is always a big deal in the US because funding for the next year is based on attendance on the 100th day of school. They do really fun things to make sure all of the kids come to school. :-)

20:03 - Peggy George
Hi Trish! Welcome!!

20:20 - Peggy George (Doreen Rappaport: Martin’ Big Words)

20:28 - Peggy George (Video-Martin’ Big Words: The Life of Martin Luther King Jr.)

20:55 - Peggy George d-learners-in-the-global-classroom/ (Patti Grayson Mardis Gras Skype Call)

21:07 - Peggy George (Mardis Gras: Learning from Experts! Skype Call-Linda Yollis)

21:36 - Peggy George
I'll bet the kids love having a week off of school for Mardi Gras in New Orleans! :-)

23:00 - Peggy George
if you have any questions for Paula or Billy please type them in the chat and Lorie will ask them on the mic after their presentation during Q/A

23:25 - Peggy George
If you'd like more details on any of these projects this is your perfect opportunity to ask the experts :-)

23:54 - Peggy George
we don't mind that noise at all Paula!!

25:21 - Rawya Shatila
pictureit, holiday card exchange, and oreo projects... aren't they for Projects by Jen???

25:35 - Peggy George
Louise Morgan is fantastic!

26:05 - Peggy George
yes Rawya. We'll ask Paula to elaborate on that!

26:16 - Rawya Shatila
okay, thank you

26:49 - Peggy George (Projects by Jen Calendar)

27:08 - @plnaugle (Paula)

27:25 - Peggy George
#comments4kids is a wonderful way to get responses for your students' blog posts :-)

27:41 - Peggy George (Projects by Jen: PictureIT)

27:49 - Peggy George (Cybraryman: Poetry resources)

28:00 - Peggy George (Projects by Jen: PictureIT)

28:14 - Peggy George (Impromptu Skype Calls)

29:34 - Peggy George
Paula and Jan Wells did a fantastic webinar for us on Classroom 2.0 LIVE about Mystery Calls. Well worth watching!

30:00 - Peggy George (Cybraryman: Earth Day resources/Environment)

30:10 - Peggy George (Earth Day Grocery Bag Project)

30:18 - Peggy George (Paula Naugle: 10 Day Passion Challenge)

30:43 - Peggy George
Hi LucianeCurator! Welcome!

30:51 - LucianeCurator
Hi all.

31:04 - Peggy George (Baseball: Distance Learning Baseball Hall of Fame)

31:28 - Peggy George (Cybraryman: Holocaust resources)

31:37 - Sheri Edwards
FYI Paula: Passion Project link is not shared for all.

31:57 - Peggy George (Cybraryman: Flag Day resources)

32:47 - Peggy George
I can access the Passion Challenge link.

33:20 - @bcdtech Maureen
The doc comes up asking for permissions still for me

33:21 - Peggy George (Paula Naugle: Teachable Moment featuring live web cam)

33:36 - Peggy George (Kids as Tour Guides: Integrating Student-Created Media into History Class)

33:53 - Peggy George
There are some great sites for finding authors to Skype with your class!

34:07 - Peggy George (Kate Messner: Authors who Skype with classes and book clubs for free)

34:16 - Peggy George (LaGina Gross: Smore-Authors Who Skype for Free)

34:51 - Peggy George (Bringing Social Studies to Life with virtual field trips)

35:07 - Peggy George
oh we had a great presentation about Peekapak!

36:10 - Peggy George

36:33 - Peggy George
What a great idea to have the students talk directly with the creator of the program!!

36:53 - Peggy George (Cybraryman: Olympics Page)

37:39 - Peggy George
Paula do you have a link for your Olympic Game Show Quiz? Did you use Kahoot?

38:14 - @plnaugle (Paula)
No, Jerry, was a moderator and he asked the question on GHO.

38:25 - Peggy George (Virtual Debates)

38:33 - Peggy George
oh ok. Thanks!

39:15 - Peggy George
those would be great conversations to have in Skype calls whether you call it a "debate" or not. :-)

39:36 - Peggy George

40:15 - Peggy George

41:59 - Trish 3
Peggy, the virtual debate site seems dated...Do you know anything about that? Could I get next year's students involved?

42:15 - @bcdtech Maureen
How often do you do these projects? Once a month? Once a term? Once a week?

42:20 - Peggy George

42:48 - Billy (@wkrakower)
The projects can be done however often you want to do them

43:14 - Billy (@wkrakower)
Yes, the virtual debates are a little older but there are some new versions out there

43:36 - Peggy George
Thanks for that question Trish! Maybe Billy will have another link he could share for virtual debates.

43:41 - Anthippi Harou
Great ideas!

44:00 - Bethany
I've got some great ideas! Thank you! Very worthwhile webinar!

44:48 - Susie @shighley
So amazing that you have been working together since 2012!

45:03 - Sawa #2
Thank you! Very good webinar.

45:04 - LucianeCurator #2

45:35 - @bcdtech Maureen
Billy- I'm getting to Routledge, but getting Error in exception handler- when looking for e-resources

45:40 - Peggy George
if you have any questions you'd like to ask please type them here in the chat.

46:11 - Laura Antichi

46:29 - Trish 3
connected classroom? Have any of you used that?

46:31 - Billy (@wkrakower)
anytime Laura

46:45 - Billy (@wkrakower)
I have not used connected classroom.

47:31 - Trish 3
I am "connected" with the group but haven't responded. You have made me think maybe I'll try. Yes.

47:48 - Trish 3
It is the Google + community.

48:00 - Trish 3
Thanks so much.

49:19 - Peggy George
Seems to be a problem on the Routledge website right now. Try again later. :-)

49:50 - Peggy George
write down the discount code for later Discount Code: IRK95

49:54 - Susie @shighley
So many ideas. Sometimes I think it's just a matter of someone starting with one, and then it takes off.

50:02 - Billy (@wkrakower)
Not sure why it is not working but will reach out

51:09 - Susie @shighley
I made sure to follow Jen Regruth on twitter. She was following me! Maybe I will get to meet her.

51:33 - Peggy George
you will really enjoy exploring all of their links later in this Livebinder :-)

52:06 - Peggy George
time zones are such a challenge when you want to connect globally!!

52:22 - Peggy George
thank you so much Billy and Paula for so many great ideas!!!!!

52:40 - Billy (@wkrakower)
You can also find the book on Amazon

52:41 - Anthippi Harou
Thank you! Excellent presentation!

54:22 - Sheri Edwards
Thanks all

54:31 - Tiziana Angiolini ( ITALY)
Thanks a lot!

54:41 - Sheri Edwards
last year's conference was awesome! Great presenters and info

54:47 - Peggy George
that conference is fantastic!!! totally free! just register so you get the links to join!

54:59 - Peggy George (4T Virtual Conference, May 20-22, 2017. Register to gain access to links to join the sessions. The conference is FREE and OPEN to all educators. The sessions target K-12 practicing and preservice teachers )

55:07 - Peggy George (4T Virtual Conference, May 20-22, 2017. Register to gain access to links to join the sessions. The conference is FREE and OPEN to all educators. The sessions target K-12 practicing and preservice teachers )

55:10 - Susie @shighley
I've always enjoyed 4T and learn a lot! Makes me thing U Mich knows what they're doing in their education school

55:20 - Peggy George (Classroom 2.0 LIVE survey link to request PD certificates for live or recorded webinars)

55:30 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Thank you, everyone. Let us know if we can help you get connected. We love helping others get started.

55:54 - Patti Ruffing
great job, Paula and Billy

55:55 - Peggy George
I love the 4T conference and have gone every year since it was created!!