Classroom 2.0 LIVE Webinar: Genius Hour: Passion-Based Learning 5/18/13

Special Guest Presenters:

Gallit Zvi (@gallit_z), Denise Krebs (@mrsdkrebs), Hugh McDonald (@hughtheteacher), and Joy Kirr (@joykirr)

00:02 - Denise Krebs (@mrsdkrebs)
Hi MrsTG! Glad you could come before you head to the 73rd annual Tulip Fesitval in Orange City, Iowa!

00:04 - Mrslrausch
Thanks! Excited to join.

00:10 - Peggy George
love having so many people join us from around the world!

00:20 - Peggy George
Welcome Roxanne and cchennault!

00:33 - Peggy George
awesome team of presenters today!!!!!

00:36 - Peggy George

00:53 - Peggy George

00:58 - roxanne clement
hi Peggy and everyone

01:07 - Peggy George
Hi Sheri! Great to see you!

01:12 - Peggy George
Welcome Stephanie!

01:23 - Peggy George
Hi Susie! We meet again!!!! :-)

01:43 - Mardelle @learningmurd
On an iPad :) I am from BC Canada

01:47 - Dotty
I am in San Jose, Cal

01:48 - Peggy George
a beautiful day in Phoenix AZ--only going to be about 90 degrees today :-)

01:50 - Robyn Thiessen
yah, Queen Victoria

01:50 - BaharAbdullayeva

01:54 - Stephanie Edgren
Oskaloosa, Iowa

01:59 - Hugh McDonald
Hello All!

02:01 - @teachteKBeck(Kristen)
Good Morning Peggy and all!! So excited about this, will have to watch the second half, Fishing Derby today with the boy.

02:01 - Peggy George
it's so great to have all of you here with us!

02:03 - @4BetterEducation
Doylestown, PA

02:06 - Louise Morgan
I jus covered up someone's smiley face in Texas. Sorry.

02:07 - asamper
Bogota, Colombia, South America

02:08 - Janet Howe
Lake Worth, FLorida

02:23 - Eileen

02:24 - Peggy George
click on the drop down menu by the check--top left corner

02:33 - Peggy George
green check is yes, red x is no

02:35 - Stephanie Edgren
But yes for Passion Driven Classroom

02:42 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
I signed in three times somehow! Hello Peggy

02:49 - Peggy George
:-) awesome Stephanie!

02:50 - @shamblesguru [thailand]
Just come from #vrtwebcon will give url at the end ... for language teachers 3 day online conf

02:56 - cchennault
can't figure out how to vote

02:57 - Peggy George
hahaha @Sheri!

03:15 - Eileen
Sorry - using my iPad

03:22 - Gallit Zvi (@gallit_z)
use the checkmark button

03:42 - JoAnn

03:45 - Peggy George
thanks @shamblesguru! there are so many great tech things going on this weekend!

03:50 - Eileen

03:57 - JoAnn
hi sheri!

03:59 - Peggy George
SimpleK12 also has an all day tech day today

04:24 - Stella Maris Berdaxagar
Sorry.Connection problems.Hi from Arggntina.

04:26 - Peggy George
Quest2Matter is fantastic and there's something for everyone whether you have a class or not!

04:28 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
Hi JoAnn :)

04:32 - MrsTG
Hope to do a little something during this last week of school for us.

04:35 - Stephanie Edgren
but I donated after last week's session.

04:35 - Joy Kirr
Not YET!

04:40 - Mardelle @learningmurd
Not yet but well aware of that amazing project

04:43 - @4BetterEducation
I teach each class for 40 mins a week so I'm possibly looking into starting a club either before or afterschool for genius hour

05:06 - Peggy George
the 4T Univ. of Michigan free virtual conference is going on for the next 4 days starting today :-) I'll share the link at the end of the show. All free!

05:23 - Hugh McDonald
Go Denise!

05:23 - Peggy George
We are thrilled to have the Genius Hour team with us today!

05:35 - Joy Kirr
We are thrilled to talk together!

05:37 - Robyn Thiessen
Yah, Denise!!

05:39 - Lindsey Bingley 1
Very excited to be here today!

05:44 - Peggy George

05:50 - @teachteKBeck(Kristen)
Yeah, Middle School!!!

05:52 - Lindsey Bingley 1
So nice to talk to everyone about this today :)

06:09 - Robyn Thiessen
go Surrey!

06:09 - Peggy George
they have so many great ideas to share with us today!

06:51 - Peggy George
Joy has created an entire Livebinder on Genius Hour and it is embedded in our Livebinder for today. A real bonus!!!

07:10 - Lindsey Bingley 1
This livebinder is fantastic

07:14 - Susie @shighley
It was no small task getting here. All of a sudden our district blocked classroom2.0live and twitter for teachers, but was able to get on twitter as a student and find link via Denise's twitter

07:15 - Peggy George
It was so exciting to learn that we are ALL geniuses!!!

07:16 - Hugh McDonald
Yes it is!

07:24 - Peggy George
thanks @Lindsey :-)

07:27 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
@4BetterEducation We have 45/90 minute blocks but on Fridays, we see all classes in PM (shorter time) but in morning for three hours students stay in one classroom. LA is genius hour; science is labs; social studies is projects

07:33 - Peggy George
oh no Susie!!!

08:07 - Susie @shighley
New filter. Must have kinks to work out

08:09 - Hugh McDonald
Check out this amazing resource!

08:10 - Kati Searcy
Please share livebinder link

08:14 - Peggy George
Sheri do you have any links/blog posts about your genius hour time?

08:29 - Peggy George (Joy Kirr: Genius Hour Livebinder)

08:46 - Peggy George (Gallit Zvi: What is Genius Hour)

09:07 - Hugh McDonald
Time to be creative! Yes!

09:19 - Joy Kirr
Hi, Anne-Marie!!

09:23 - Peggy George (Gallit Zvi: Top 5 Reasons to do Genius Hour)

10:00 - JoAnn
Aloha, Denise & Joy! Made sure I was up for this

10:06 - Peggy George
Hi Paula! So glad you could join us!!!

10:20 - Joy Kirr
Hello, JoAnn!!

10:28 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Jeez, finally got into the room. BBC and I have not been getting along lately.

10:33 - Denise Krebs (@mrsdkrebs)
Good morning, JoAnn! That's awesome. Thanks for getting up!

10:33 - Hugh McDonald
Passionate students are motivated students!

10:34 - Lindsey Bingley 1
I have had the same results with my students. They have a difficult time articulating what they love and also why

10:34 - Peggy George
this is true for teachers as well as students!

10:44 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
My students are still figuring out their passions.

10:51 - Joy Kirr
SOOO many students don't know what they want to learn...

11:00 - Peggy George
I love when teachers say "I get to go to work" instead of "I have to..."

11:09 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Hi Joy. Glad to be here today.

11:16 - Peggy George (Sir Ken Robinson TED Talk: Do Schools Kill Creativity?)

11:19 - Anne-Marie Middleton 3
SOrry a few minutes late. Excited to be here.

11:29 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
Hi Paula

11:29 - Peggy George
we'll see a few minutes of the video in web tour

11:37 - Hugh McDonald
Welcome Anne-Marie!

11:45 - @viralber

11:45 - Louise Morgan

11:45 - Julie Spang 2
Anyone tried this with high school students?

11:46 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Good morning, Sheri. Nice to see you again.

11:47 - Lorie Moffat
not yet

11:47 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)

11:48 - Peggy George
did you hit return

11:48 - Lindsey Bingley 1

11:49 - Mrslrausch

11:49 - Julie Spang 2
Not yet...

11:52 - Peggy George
not seeing it yet

11:52 - asamper
Not yet

11:52 - Eileen

11:53 - Denise Krebs (@mrsdkrebs)
It's working.

11:53 - Gallit Zvi (@gallit_z)
link to the short clip

11:55 - Robyn Thiessen
spinning wheel

11:55 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
may give link and we can watch on our own

11:57 - Stephanie Edgren
not yet...says waiting for web tour

11:58 - Joy Kirr
Hello, Paula! The first time I heard you was on my first Webinar this summer.

12:11 - Lindsey Bingley 1
clicked on the link

12:14 - JoAnn
Hi Paula! Be seeing you real soon!

12:14 - Robyn Thiessen

12:15 - Lindsey Bingley 1
it's working!

12:19 - Peggy George
I just loaded it

12:21 - Jane 1

12:28 - roxanne clement

12:31 - Peggy George
click on play :-)

12:43 - Peggy George
or you can watch it in your browser if you can't see the web tour

12:49 - Peggy George
ipads can't see the web tour

12:53 - Hugh McDonald
I am watching!

12:54 - Peggy George

13:13 - Gallit Zvi (@gallit_z)
If yours is not on this link

13:22 - Peggy George
TubeChop is wonderful for showing short clips

13:35 - Gallit Zvi (@gallit_z)
Please use the check mark button to show us when you are done! :) thanks!

13:48 - roxanne clement
Saw his keynote at CUE this Spring, so empowering!

13:53 - @4BetterEducation
Where are you starting the video?

13:57 - Hugh McDonald
"If they don't know they will have a go."

14:11 - Peggy George
he has such a great sense of humor :-)

14:12 - RObyn THessen
I got kicked out ehen I started the video

14:14 - Denise Krebs (@mrsdkrebs)
Yes, they aren't frightening of being wrong! We take that away from them in schools. :(

14:19 - Lindsey Bingley 1
Yes, he is a fantastic speaker - very inspiring. It's sad to see kids lose the ability to take risks

14:28 - Joy Kirr
Sad how kids lose this..

14:28 - @4BetterEducation
I'm getting a blocked plugin msg and have it pulled up in another window, thanks

14:44 - Gallit Zvi (@gallit_z)
"they will have a go" my favourite line!

14:52 - Peggy George
if you have problems viewing the videos in the web tour just click on the link to view in your browser

14:56 - Hugh McDonald
Genius Hour helps them discover ways that don't work in a comfortable... non threatening way.

15:06 - nikki
I get this note:
Anoka County Property Records & Taxation Anoka County Government Center
2100 3rd Avenue, Anoka
8:00am to 4:30pm.M-F
Phone: (763) 323-5400

I have this note:
Anoka County Property Records & Taxation Anoka County Government Center
2100 3rd Avenue, Anoka
8:00am to 4:30pm.M-F
Phone: (763) 323-5400

15:08 - Lorie Moffat
Coudln't hear in the browser

15:09 - Gallit Zvi (@gallit_z)
Looks like most are done now...

15:14 - Joy Kirr
I love how they keep trying during GH!

15:16 - Fidelia Nimmons
is the video meant to be twenty minutes long?

15:16 - Susie @shighley
bummer. I'm at school and it's blocked

15:17 - fabrizio bartoli
error message and not hearing I'm afraid, sorry

15:18 - Candace Ruiz #2
Google does this with their employees

15:19 - Louise Morgan
if they're not prepared to be wrong, they'll never come up with anything original - love it!

15:24 - Denise Krebs (@mrsdkrebs)
They become the expert and aren't wrong!

15:31 - Stephanie Edgren
I teach is mostly true...some kids are afraid of taking a risk, but I work really hard to help them become risk takers.

15:52 - Julie Spang 2
I have heard a lot about this...we need to reward trying/failing!

15:53 - Hugh McDonald
Encourage you to watch entire TED Chat! Wonderful!

15:57 - Louise Morgan
Some of my kids don't like to estimate or make predictions because they don't want to be wrong.

16:03 - Peggy George
that's weird Nikki - are you on a school computer?

16:14 - @teachteKBeck(Kristen)
My son and I are going to have genius hour each week this summer!!

16:18 - Joy Kirr
Encourage you to read his book, as well - THE ELEMENT.

16:25 - RObyn THessen
I wish adults would just give it a go!

16:27 - Hugh McDonald
love that Kristen!

16:37 - McTeach (Karen)
Joy...The Element is on my summer reading list!

16:52 - Hugh McDonald
Teachers need to model genius hour. Try something new yourself!

16:52 - Lindsey Bingley 1
Yes, the Element is fantastic. Super inspiring stories

16:53 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
Middle school are less willing to have a go unless the classroom climate allows it.. even then peer pressure.

17:01 - Joy Kirr
Karen, it's neat, because he has so many great stories...

17:05 - @teachteKBeck(Kristen)
@Hugh He is going into 2nd grade and he already says he does not like school!

17:06 - Hugh McDonald
Agree Sheri!

17:20 - Lindsey Bingley 1
Sheri, even in my grade 4 class, my kids worry about looking bad if they make a mistake

17:23 - Lindsey Bingley 1
so sad

17:27 - @4BetterEducation
We have to model taking risks for them so they can see us doing it too

17:33 - Denise Krebs (@mrsdkrebs)
@lLindsey, I read some of The Element stories to my 8th graders!

17:44 - @teachteKBeck(Kristen)
I am also going to try it with my middle schoolers. I am going to work on creating a better math class while they work on their passions.

17:44 - Hugh McDonald
Boo... Kristen! Genius Hour is perfect for learning engagement!

17:45 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
Yes teacher models risk. I don't know. Let's find out. Do you know where we can find out? Look what I found. LIke what I tried. Look what I made -- want to try?

17:46 - Peggy George
I have his new book on my Kindle now. Finding Your Element

18:12 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
I use Daniel Pink's What is Your Sentence with my 4th graders.

18:13 - Mardelle @learningmurd
In kindergarten we have the joy of not seeing as much of that can't do

18:15 - Julie Spang 2
I just got the audio book!

18:43 - Hugh McDonald
Daniel Pink's book Drive will flip your perception of Motivation 180 degrees! Must read for everyone!

18:45 - Lindsey Bingley 1
I love that Mardelle!

18:52 - Peggy George
Sir Ken gave an awesome presentation for Teacher Appreciation Week on Discovery Ed. The recording is available and well worth watching!

19:12 - Denise Krebs (@mrsdkrebs)
@DonWettrick on Twitter is going to be publishing an interview with @DanielPink about #geniushour on Monday.

19:22 - Joy Kirr

19:22 - Stella Maris Berdaxagar
Sometimes you are prepared to do sth original and it is the people around you who intend to prove it wrong. Of course we should not surrender but it is quite hard.

19:25 - Mardelle @learningmurd
Me too Lindsey :)

19:27 - RObyn THessen
@Peggy it was awesome, he has such a fabulous message

19:28 - Hugh McDonald
Power of Twitter gave #geniushour legs

19:30 - Erica J.
great point..

19:42 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
@Peggy, yes, I attended Sir Ken's presentation that Discvery hosted. Loved it. :)

19:47 - Joy Kirr
For sure, Hugh!! That's how I found the name for what I wanted to do!

19:49 - Peggy George
it's scary for teachers to give up control for student to be more autonomous but it's so worth it!

20:04 - Lindsey Bingley 1
The hardest thing in education is to let the learning happen

20:05 - Hugh McDonald
Motivate by learning, passion, and love... not grades!

20:13 - Stephanie Edgren
love it...learning for the sake of learning!!

20:15 - Peggy George
I'll add the link for Sir Ken's presentation to the Livebinder after the show

20:29 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
quite hard not to surrender, but I've been inspired to continue thru PLN, including Denise, Gallit, and Hugh. So important to build PLN

20:35 - Lindsey Bingley 1
The parents at my school did not understand why we were not grading Genius Hour

20:41 - Peggy George
what a great story!!

20:55 - Peggy George
very interesting @Lindsey! big adjustments :-)

20:59 - Hugh McDonald
Motivation of purpose Lindsey!

21:01 - Mrslrausch
@Lindsey me too! Ss and parents wanted to know grades.

21:20 - Joy Kirr
Parents need to see the WHY - check out the LiveBinder for that. That's why I created the LiveBinder...

21:23 - Lindsey Bingley 1
Exactly, Hugh!

21:30 - Peggy George
they not only use the hour well but they want to keep working on it during lunch and when they get home :-)

21:33 - Mardelle @learningmurd
I am always reminded of the bliss that is a kinder setting.

21:35 - Lindsey Bingley 1
Yes, Joy, for sure!

21:59 - JoAnn
kids have amazing and thought provoking questions and they need time to search for their answers.

22:01 - RObyn THessen
my students do a lot of their genius work at home as well!

22:06 - Peggy George
such a great point @Sheri our PLN can provide lots of support and ideas!

22:12 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
kids only learn what they need at the time, no matter what you think you are teaching. Learning is change, Learning is owning it.

22:16 - Lindsey Bingley 1
I have shared it with my parents and sent home information, talked to parents and kids, but there is a bit of a learning curve with the change. We're going to keep going with it and it's so amazing when kids keep working on it at home too

22:36 - Joy Kirr
Learning curve, for sure. Keep communicating and sharing.

22:37 - Hugh McDonald
My students find ways to work on their genius hour learning. Disappointed when we need to move time during our day.

22:40 - @4BetterEducation
hmmm, by having it as a club I don't think I would get pushback on not having grades? That's good :)

23:30 - Hugh McDonald
Genius Hour Perfect for students who don't feel connected to school. Engages them in their learning and helps them develop 21st Cent. Learning Skills.

23:36 - Hugh McDonald
Love this clip!

23:43 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
I saw a vlog somewhere where the teacher asked the students to identify their "standards" after they finished.

23:44 - Joy Kirr
The kids like this clip, too!

23:47 - RObyn THessen
Amazing clip!

23:55 - Peggy George

23:59 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
Cuz we learn what we need to.

24:56 - Hugh McDonald
We need more creative thinkers coming out of our schools rather than students conditioned to fit learning into a box.

25:03 - Susie @shighley
I could see where kids could keep a running list of "wonder" things and then decide what to do each time. Would be great to put curiosity out there all of the time

25:13 - Lindsey Bingley 1
I love that idea susie

25:14 - Hugh McDonald
How are we going to tackle complex problems our world faces?

25:19 - @4BetterEducation
thanks for posting the link peggy, that worked for me for some reason

25:35 - Louise Morgan
love this!

25:52 - Hugh McDonald
Susie... we use a wonder board in Gallit & I's class.

25:56 - Gallit Zvi (@gallit_z)
Use the little check mark button to show us when you are done :)

26:05 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
I show Daniel Pink's 2 Quetions videos then have my students write their sentences and make a video like What is Your Sentence?

26:05 - RObyn THessen
@hugh Love it when st. learn how not to do it and keep trying new ways! What if....mentality is so important!

26:09 - Peggy George
amazing video! so great to see how creative and productive they can be in 10 minutes!

26:18 - TammyMassman
I like the list of I wonders!

26:35 - @shamblesguru [thailand]
Full video

26:43 - Kris 3
Can we do PD as Genius Hour? Please?!?!?!

26:44 - RObyn THessen
My st. have a Passion Portfolio that they keep their ideas in!

26:46 - Janet Howe
2.07 minutes

26:55 - Hugh McDonald
Love it Robyn!

26:57 - Lindsey Bingley 1
We really should, Kris!

27:00 - Peggy George
thanks Shamblesguru! I'll add the full video to the Livebinder :-)

27:16 - asamper
Love that ideas @Kris 3

27:29 - Kris 3
I'm starting my own PD Genius Hour list for this summer!

27:45 - Hugh McDonald

27:46 - Mardelle @learningmurd
I teach kindergarten. So I asked them to help me with my passion project to get started . We ended up,with an iMovie documentary that the Ks are so proud of. Now I think it will be easier for them to choose a passion

27:47 - Peggy George
sometimes creativity time is just thinking/reflecting time :-) doesn't always have to be producing

27:49 - Louise Morgan
this is why I prefer to teach literacy using chapter books over a 2,3,4 week period - gives them TIME!

27:57 - @beckitharp
Kris, some schools do! Not mine though:(

28:01 - Peggy George
fantastic @Kris 3!!

28:05 - Matt H.
I asked my students to write a goal to guide them. They have to "learn" "practice", or "create". What do you think?

28:11 - Peggy George
excellent point @Louise!

28:15 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
So true Peggy. thinking. imagining.

28:21 - Hugh McDonald
My newly discovered passion is movie making... trying to tell the learning stories!

28:24 - Joy Kirr
We do need to take time in all aspects of our day so kids know we care for them and their thoughts.

28:35 - Peggy George
they have lots of examples to share with us :-)

28:47 - Peggy George
love that slide!

28:48 - Denise Krebs (@mrsdkrebs)
@Matt - good ideas - learn, practice, create. I like the way you put it!

28:52 - McTeach (Karen)
We start the year with our paper blogs where the kids write about something they are passionate about. I'm always amazed that they share stuff that their classmates don't know about them (after 8 years together).

29:05 - RObyn THessen
Thanks Hugh!

29:13 - Joy Kirr
Karen - I LOVE your paper blog blog post!! THANK YOU! My kids did so well with your direction!

29:17 - Peggy George (The Global Genius Hour Project)

29:21 - Louise Morgan
Yeah Robyn! a great #gobalclassroom project!

29:29 - Matt H.
@Denise Thanks!

29:30 - Peggy George
that is such a fantastic project!!!

29:30 - Joy Kirr
Hooray to Robyn!

29:39 - McTeach (Karen)
@Joy...thank you! I love hearing how other teachers are using it with their kids!!

29:50 - Peggy George (Global Classroom Project “andshake”pace for teachers, classes and students to introduce themselves and to find others to collaborate with)

30:00 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Had 20 teachers sign up and over 300 students complete the 10 Day Passion Challenge over the last two weeks.

30:07 - Gallit Zvi (@gallit_z)
Love the global genius hour sharing site that Robyn came up with :)

30:11 - Joy Kirr
@McTeach My 7th graders had the back bulletin board FULL of their passions!

30:22 - Lindsey Bingley 1

30:26 - Peggy George
thanks for that link Paula!!! I'll add it to the Livebinder!

30:40 - Gallit Zvi (@gallit_z)
I need to check that out, Paula!

30:41 - Matt H.
@Karen - Great idea of having them share passions in writing and on their blog.

30:50 - Peggy George (Hugh McDonald’ Genius Hour blog posts)

30:59 - Denise Krebs (@mrsdkrebs)
I love that in genius hour we give them TIME! I think as professionals, we've all been in PD when they don't give us time to finish each section before pushing us along.

31:01 - Peggy George (Denise Kreb’ Genius Hour Blog Post Index)

31:06 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Now students will share their passions via Skype and Google Hangouts with other classes as a culuminating actiivty to the 10 Day Passion Challenge.

31:09 - Peggy George (Joy Kirr’ Genius Hour Blog Post Index)

31:11 - McTeach (Karen)
Joy...that's so awesome!!! We're finishing up our heartbreak maps right now. They're listing what they're passionate about and then mapping what breaks their hearts about it.

31:13 - @teachteKBeck(Kristen)
@McTeach and @Joy I have my students' passion papers turned into wordles all over my classroom!

31:21 - Peggy George (Gallit Zvi’ Genius Hour blog posts)

31:30 - Lindsey Bingley 1
Kristen, that is a great idea

31:38 - McTeach (Karen)
@Kristen What a great idea!!

31:40 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
@plnaugle wanted to do your project, but state testing.... You are awesome!

31:59 - Joy Kirr
Kristen - wordles - great idea!

32:00 - Peggy George
sometimes we never know about their special talents if we don't give them this kind of opportunity to share (like piano) :-)

32:03 - @teachteKBeck(Kristen)
@McTeach they have been up all year!

32:21 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Sheri, do the project when you can. You don't have to join the Edmodo group to particiapte.

32:22 - McTeach (Karen)
@Kristen...I need to remember that for next year!

32:23 - Louise Morgan
Have a friend trying to get on with her ipad. not having much luck. suggestions?

32:38 - Peggy George
is she using the Collaborate app @Louise?

32:55 - Denise Krebs (@mrsdkrebs)
Here is the Pull Apart Cake video Hugh shared about. The weekend after he posted it, my daughter and I made a pull apart cake for my students. It all goes around!

32:59 - Louise Morgan
will ask.

33:15 - Peggy George
that usuallly works best to view in the Collaborate app

33:26 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
Ok ! Thanks!

33:33 - Matt H.
I also had my students browse the app store to give me recommendations to install on iPads.

33:33 - Joy Kirr
That pull-apart cake was a great video - we'll be making one this summer, too!

33:39 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
One of my student's passion is cup stacking. She bought in her practice pad and cups and we all had fun trying it out.

33:39 - Peggy George (Stop Motion Video by Grade 6 Student Brendan using stop iMotionHd 13 secon clip)

34:11 - Peggy George
I love seeing these video clips!

34:16 - Gallit Zvi (@gallit_z)
and the best part is they brought it that cake for all to enjoy :)

34:28 - Denise Krebs (@mrsdkrebs)
Great story, Hugh. This learning is so powerful!

34:34 - Kati Searcy
iPad app to create that ????

34:49 - Lindsey Bingley 1

34:51 - Joy Kirr
I love the sound effects!

34:52 - Peggy George
you can watch in your browser too

34:57 - Peggy George (Stop Motion Video by Grade 6 Student Brendan using stop iMotionHd 13 secon clip)

34:57 - roxanne clement #2
so terrific

34:58 - Mrslrausch
Whew! Made me a little dizzy! :)

35:24 - Gallit Zvi (@gallit_z)
THIS is his PASSION! He just lights up during Genius Hour :)

35:37 - Peggy George
what a great example

35:43 - Erica J.
Nice example

35:56 - RObyn THessen
ALL my students light up during Genius Hour

36:06 - Lindsey Bingley 1
One of my students made a stop motion video about sharks last year for Innovation Day. It's so amazing to watch the kids pursue a passion

36:07 - Peggy George
I'll bet they don't want to stop :-)

36:25 - Erica J.
love it

36:25 - Joy Kirr
That student in last slide had hydraulic crane - in Denise's class!

36:28 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Love seeing the number of students who are on Edmodo at home at night and on weekends in our Passion Project group. Anywhere anytime learning.

36:37 - Gallit Zvi (@gallit_z)
Isn't it? and you get to learn so much about your see a different side of your students!!

36:39 - RObyn THessen
NEVER, they stay after school and in at lunch

36:45 - Peggy George (Vicki Davis: Engage students and Supercharge Learning with Genius Hour)

36:48 - Lindsey Bingley 1
I am realizing that I really need to let go

36:48 - Hugh McDonald
You can do it Joy!

37:10 - Denise Krebs (@mrsdkrebs)
Yes, school is mostly about words and numbers. We need to engage them in other intelligences too.

37:13 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
I'm sure that's my granddaughter on the left

37:14 - Peggy George
hahahaha! love that slide!

37:19 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)

37:20 - Hugh McDonald
Edible fake blood! Love it!

37:20 - Louise Morgan
Fine arts!

37:22 - Gallit Zvi (@gallit_z)
yes...the letting go is a big step--so worth it!

37:28 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
not really, but shee did that too!

37:31 - Peggy George
look at the pride on his face!

37:33 - Louise Morgan
theater arts!

37:37 - Hugh McDonald
I need to learn how to cry on cue... how valuable would that be! LOL!

37:45 - Louise Morgan

37:51 - Hugh McDonald
Guide on the side!

37:55 - RObyn THessen
@Lindsey Letting go gives you freedom to enjoy you job. I have never been so a peace, and Im so OCD!!

38:06 - Peggy George
post the link in the chat :-)

38:09 - Louise Morgan
you teach middle school - you probably see a lot of crying on cue!

38:15 - Gallit Zvi (@gallit_z)
Julie...I see you have your hand up--can you put your question in the chat?

38:17 - Denise Krebs (@mrsdkrebs)
You keep going, we'll find it.

38:19 - Lindsey Bingley 1
Guide on the Side - that's great!

38:24 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Love that students have choice on how they present their passions.

38:37 - Lindsey Bingley 1
Yes, I love that too, Paula!

38:39 - Peggy George (Joy Kirr’ blog-My Own Genius Hour)

38:40 - Hugh McDonald
Passion with a purpose!

38:54 - Hugh McDonald
Genius Hour!

39:10 - Gallit Zvi (@gallit_z)
SO amazing when they start to make differences in the world!!!

39:14 - Peggy George (“imple Question: What Action Will I Take?”own syndrome research and action blog post about Denise’ students)

39:15 - Denise Krebs (@mrsdkrebs)

39:25 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
On Monday my students will be sharing their passions via blogs, videos, live presentations, tri-fold poster boards, etc.

39:27 - Peggy George
“e Did it for American Cancer Society”rebs’lass blog post -

39:58 - Gallit Zvi (@gallit_z)
YES! I hear that from so many teachers, Joy!

40:21 - Hugh McDonald
Own their learning throughout the day! Alternative seating! Kids love that in our room too. Go Joy Go!

40:43 - Denise Krebs (@mrsdkrebs)
Yes, that's right, Joy!

40:47 - Anne-Marie Middleton 3
This is a main component in my room as well. CHoose where you learn best.

40:55 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
"Own their learning throughout the day! "

41:04 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Joy, allowing the students to have a voice in classroom desing it powerful.

41:05 - Gallit Zvi (@gallit_z)
^ a small change that makes a huge difference to so many of them

41:07 - Hugh McDonald
Love the idea of positive quotes!

41:08 - Peggy George
how cool is that??!!! I love positive quotes too and started a Pinterest board for them :-)

41:19 - Denise Krebs (@mrsdkrebs)

41:24 - Hugh McDonald
It is not my classroom anymore it my students classroom!

41:27 - Hugh McDonald

41:31 - Anne-Marie Middleton 3
My students love to share the quotes that impact them. Share on a white board that stays up for the year.

41:49 - Lindsey Bingley 1
I agree that seating options and comfort are super important

41:49 - Hugh McDonald
Our students do too!

41:54 - RObyn THessen
I have them all over the room as well, bit of a quote junkie!!

42:04 - Anne-Marie Middleton 3
Yes Hugh, my students have names their classroom - Class of OUtstanding Learners - their room not mine.

42:11 - Denise Krebs (@mrsdkrebs)
Yes, students do the work, do the talking, do the learning. When teachers do the work and talking, the teachers learn.

42:18 - Hugh McDonald
I remember that. Love that Anne-Marie!

42:28 - Louise Morgan
looks like the wall outside my room! My kids are in charge of that wall.

42:29 - Peggy George
what a clean desk!!!

42:29 - McTeach (Karen)
I wish my classroom bulletin boards were more accessible...they are too high!

42:29 - Gallit Zvi (@gallit_z)
Our bulliten boards aren't as "pretty" this year either, but that is cus the kids OWN them! They decorate them now!

42:54 - Lindsey Bingley 1
Same, Gallit!

42:56 - Anne-Marie Middleton 3
Letting go of the need to be in control.

42:58 - Hugh McDonald
I want to explore this too. Joy!

42:59 - Gallit Zvi (@gallit_z)
We let the kids get up on the step ladders...we teach them how to do it safely (spotter, etc)

43:01 - Peggy George
how clever!!! MUDKIPZ

43:15 - Anne-Marie Middleton 3
Love this Joy.

43:35 - Jackson Education Support
Giving students responsibility based on their passions works every time! Excited that a formal name has been given to this type of strategy.

43:49 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
We put tack strips in the hallway, then tacked up poster paper down the hall, and students hang their work. When I taught first grade, I put the tack strips lower on the wall below the "blackboard" for kids to put their stuff.

43:51 - Hugh McDonald
Share their learning via twitter and blogging gives them confidence to try new things.

43:57 - Peggy George
even as an adult I resent being told I have to put everything away and just listen. Not my learning style :-)

44:01 - Mardelle @learningmurd
I get to facilitate a discussion on K as a model for learning for every grade. THIS is that. So beautiful to see

44:09 - Hugh McDonald
Choice is life long learning!

44:16 - Peggy George
absolutely @Hugh!

44:18 - Anne-Marie Middleton 3
Students commented the other day that their learning is Fun this year because they have so much choice.

44:26 - Gallit Zvi (@gallit_z)
^ yay :)

44:35 - Louise Morgan
elementary teachers using Daily 5 are also teaching independence and choice!

44:40 - Peggy George
Listening is such a key word!!!!

45:09 - Anne-Marie Middleton 3
Daily 5 is a HUGE success at hour school grade 2s and 3s. Amazing stuff.

45:18 - Peggy George (Radio show: How Classrooms Change When Student Genius Drives Learning
Vicki Davis with Joy Kirr, Hugh McDonald, Gallit Zvi, Denise Krebs)

45:19 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
You are all our mentors. Thank you. Great presentation from you.

45:21 - Stephanie Edgren
Learning is talking...YES...classrooms do not, in fact, should not, be quiet! We are social beings!!

45:48 - @JeremyInscho
I love that last quote. Learning IS doing!

46:00 - Hugh McDonald

46:06 - Erica J.
love it

46:08 - Joy Kirr
Link to Kevin Brookhouser's student concert:

46:09 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
Hi Jeremy!

46:17 - Anne-Marie Middleton 3
Love this slide

46:25 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
Learning is doing. Learning is making.

46:27 - @JeremyInscho
Hello spokes ;-)

46:29 - Stella Maris Berdaxagar
Learning is activating schemata routed in emotions and motivation.

46:33 - Lindsey Bingley 1
This is a great slide

46:39 - Peggy George
How do you work with parents to help them understand what is happening with Genius Hour? Do you do workshops or just share the Livebinder or what?

47:02 - @teachteKBeck(Kristen)
Good Question Peggy!

47:08 - Peggy George
KWHLAQ chart from Langwitches

47:24 - Peggy George (Silvia Tolisano/Langwitches: Upgrade Your KWL Chart to the 21st Century)

47:24 - RObyn THessen
Im lucky, my parents trust me, they have not challenged me on this!

47:32 - Joy Kirr
Peggy - I try to share the "WHY" ideas under the LiveBinder - but I've only had one parent tell me she didn't like it (so far)...

47:45 - Jackson Education Support
This slide is better than the simple kwl chart. Thanks!

47:54 - Peggy George
but if they understand they may encourage their child to continue to explore and share at home :-)

47:56 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
What is the best way to "sell" the need for Genius Hour to your admin when they are so focused on testing results?

48:01 - Peggy George
awesome chart!!!

48:06 - Hugh McDonald
This can be used to learn anything!

48:07 - Jas
Parents have been pretty impressed with the projects kids have come up with that we share on our blog.

48:10 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
My parents are glad their students aren't test prepping constantly.

48:11 - Peggy George
the action part is so valuable

48:12 - @teachteKBeck(Kristen)
Great question Paula!!

48:24 - Gallit Zvi (@gallit_z)
It is truly AMAZING what they are capable of1

48:24 - Hugh McDonald
Awesome Jas!

48:25 - Lindsey Bingley 1
Parents: I sent links to the Genius Hour wiki and LiveBinder, sent information in a blurb on weekly email, next time I will have kids reflect on their blogs

48:27 - Peggy George
@Jas can you share your blog link?

48:38 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
If you don't follow Silvia, you need to. I have learned so much form her.

48:40 - Joy Kirr
I'll be inviting parents to our presentations next week. That should help! Parents talk to each other a TON!

48:45 - TammyMassman
WOW! That is a powerful slide.

48:48 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
Love this slide. Next year. this is part of where I will start.

48:53 - RObyn THessen
the students go so much further with their learning that we could have ever imagined!

48:55 - Peggy George (“et’ scale up Genius Hour” Krebs’lass post)

49:03 - McTeach (Karen)
I asked my kids that this week and they've had amazing thoughts on it!!

49:06 - Gallit Zvi (@gallit_z)
We just had student-led conferences on Wednesday and a lot of the feedbck has been around support for Genius Hour & how their kid now LIKES SCHOOL!

49:09 - Joy Kirr
This slide is really what could inspire students to ACT.

49:25 - Peggy George
be sure to check out the Livebinder links for last week's show on Quest2Matter. Lots of Angela's links are there :-)

49:29 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
How can a teacher how teaches 6 periods incorporate Genius Hour?

49:30 - Gallit Zvi (@gallit_z)
this is a great slide! I need to use it w/ my kids too!

49:47 - TammyMassman
How do I find Quest2Matter?

49:56 - Peggy George
this question really inspires them!

49:56 - Lindsey Bingley 1
Yes! I showed it to my coworkers when discussing geniushour

50:02 - TammyMassman

50:10 - Hugh McDonald
All my kids chose to share their Genius Hour Learning with their parents at Student-Led Conferences.

50:14 - Peggy George
the Quest2Matter links are in the same Livebinder as today (just different tab)

50:18 - Gallit Zvi (@gallit_z)
cupcakes help kids figure out they want to go into cooking/being a chef though...and that is chaning THEIR world!

50:24 - Peggy George

50:43 - TammyMassman
Did I miss the Livebinder link?

50:45 - Peggy George
please post your questions for the team here and Lorie will ask them on the mic for you :-)

50:45 - Lindsey Bingley 1
So true, Gallit! I have a cooking obsessed child in my class and she is planning some amazing things

50:47 - Joy Kirr
Yes. Students will be engaged oh so much more!

50:47 - Jackson Education Support
Incorporate genius hour into the bellringer activity, and build on student ideas during the week.

50:51 - TammyMassman
LOL Thanks

50:55 - Peggy George

51:07 - Hugh McDonald
Yes Gallit! New Genius Hour project... how can we use cupcakes to change the world? :D

51:09 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
@paula do once a week in each class, and shorten the other periods. Our science teachers have more time for labs, social studies their map/research projects, and language arts do genius hour.

51:11 - Hugh McDonald

51:13 - Joy Kirr

51:19 - McTeach (Karen)
Sorry...Denise...I didn't get my blog post written this week. :(

51:25 - Peggy George
after testing is a fabulous time to get started!! right now!!!

51:30 - Hugh McDonald
Jump in with 2 feet and be okay with the learning in your room.

51:30 - Louise Morgan
We have 3 weeks left! Great time to try it out!

51:38 - TammyMassman
I'm so sad school is almost over. I feel like I let my students down :(

51:39 - Joy Kirr
The last two days of school with no grading is a great time to start, too!

51:44 - Mardelle @learningmurd
With the Ks we were talking about our knooks- outdoor spaces we learn in. We love themso I asked what made them mad about them :) i

51:46 - Peggy George
type your questions here :-)

52:00 - Fidelia Nimmons
That was a lot, thank you.

52:00 - Hugh McDonald
Know Wonder Learn and then SHARE!! Chance favours the Connected Mind!

52:03 - Stephanie Edgren
I'm going to share the links to our elementary, MS and HS teachers, along with admin and curriculum director. This is the direction in which ALL teachers need to go. I have a 12 year old who is very passionate, but sees no purpose in sad.

52:16 - TammyMassman
This session is amazing

52:22 - Lindsey Bingley 1
No, Tammy! Think about all of the amazing things you've done and that you can do next year

52:25 - Kris 3
When students change THEIR world, they begin to change THE world!

52:28 - Peggy George
awesome @Stephanie :-)

52:40 - Hugh McDonald
Agree Kris!

52:40 - Erica J.
That is so sad Stephanie...We must change they way we motivate our students to learn.

52:46 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Can't believe my students last day is this Wednesday! Where did the year go?

53:00 - Kris 3
Denise's students are well on their way to changing the world.

53:01 - Gallit Zvi (@gallit_z)
brilliant, Kris!

53:09 - Hugh McDonald
Give students time to master rather than standardize!

53:18 - Louise Morgan
whole group is a great way to start.

53:26 - Louise Morgan
especially w/younger kids.

53:29 - Hugh McDonald
Whole group is a must!

53:32 - Erica J.
Great point Hughe

53:36 - Erica J.

53:41 - Peggy George
lots of great ideas here and people to connect with (The Global Genius Hour Project)

53:59 - Gallit Zvi (@gallit_z)
@Kris...your twitter name?

54:01 - Stephanie Edgren
I have 5 days left...I just decided we are going to have a genuis time every day to celebrate our last week together!! I am super excited! I too wish I had done this during the school year.

54:02 - Mardelle @learningmurd
I started with me. And asked the Ks to help me.

54:05 - Peggy George
definitely allows for personalization!

54:07 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)

54:09 - RObyn THessen
we started with a ME project, st. shared their passions, values, and familiy values. It took awhile because no one had ever asked them before!

54:14 - MrsTG
We only have six days left, but we will certainly give a go at genius hour & quest2matter! Thanks SOOOOO much for sharing! Gotta go. Have a great morning!

54:20 - Peggy George
that's such a great question!

54:21 - Lindsey Bingley 1
We just finished our first round of Genius Hour and had an amazing time. We definitely made some mistakes but we have ideas for next time and so do the kids.

54:28 - Erica J.
Great Question!!!

54:33 - Matt H.
Yes. I love that I get a chance to one-on-one or group confrence with my students!

54:34 - RObyn THessen
I am blessed because we dont have so much testing in Surrey

54:51 - Joy Kirr
HAHA! Start it first! THEN bring in the administration! Great idea!

54:54 - RObyn THessen
@Hugh awesome suggestion!

54:55 - Gallit Zvi (@gallit_z)
once they see it with their own eyes, they will be sold!

54:56 - Peggy George
start it, do it and then invite the admin in to watch it in action! :-) great advice Hugh!

54:59 - Denise Krebs (@mrsdkrebs)
@Stephanie, so true! I'm so sad that school has to be bad for so many kids.

55:08 - Louise Morgan
This was my first "guided" attempt at gemius hour - I challenged my students to create shapes and vehicles with bulding materials.

55:08 - Hellen
How to achieve this in high school classrooms? Or convince those who are tied to covering curriculum for tests.

55:14 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Check out and join the Chose 2 Matter community on Facebook

55:53 - Peggy George
as a teacher wouldn't you LOVE to have genius hour or 20% time for your PD instead of having it all prescribed for you??? :-)

55:54 - Stephanie Edgren
In doing this with young students, how do you suggest moving from only playing (looking like free time) to passion projects?

55:57 - @shamblesguru [thailand]
If it's good enough for Google then good enough for k-12 .... ?

56:03 - Hugh McDonald
Some students in our room struggled with finding their passions... because they didn't know what they were passionate about... we need to give them time to do this... imagine the possibilities!

56:05 - Louise Morgan
they blogged about their shape or vehicle - accountablility

56:05 - Denise Krebs (@mrsdkrebs)
The standards are all over Genius Hour! They choose to study history, science, and many other topics. They present, they read, they speak, they write.

56:14 - Peggy George
thanks for sharing your links!!! I'll add them to our Livebinder!!!

56:28 - Kati Searcy
So many great resources today - thank you !!!

56:29 - asamper
I would think that high school students would be especially interested in this kind of work. They tend to be very passionate once they find their interests.

56:42 - Denise Krebs (@mrsdkrebs)
#Brookhouser (Kevin Brookhouser) in Central California

56:52 - Hugh McDonald
Kids talking about their learning! This is what it is about!

57:04 - @teachteKBeck(Kristen)
It fits well into the mathematical practice standards... Real Life Problem Solving!!

57:05 - Joy Kirr
Follow #20time on Twitter, as well.

57:05 - Peggy George
we'll add that 20 time link to the Livebinder

57:05 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
@Hugh -- that's where I am --- I listen to them during the week and then prepare a bunch of choices to explore if they have not thought of what to do.

57:05 - Denise Krebs (@mrsdkrebs)
There are also Google+ communities for j20% Times.

57:51 - Lindsey Bingley 1
I have a friend who is a English teacher at high school and is trying to get approval for 20% time next year

57:59 - Hugh McDonald
Give 1 period a week!

58:06 - TammyMassman
I was thinking the same thing Stephanie.

58:10 - Peggy George
Hugh is going to share info with us on the next slide about the GeniusHour chat :-)

58:13 - Dotty 1
sounds like teachers need to get unions involved to get the districts to buy into this. 7th eriod of the day should be negotiated/

58:15 - Joy Kirr
Try this website too, for 20% Time projects and teachers:

58:18 - Lindsey Bingley 1
I suggested he try out Genius hour now to help his parents and admin to understand

58:21 - Peggy George
great way to connect with others for ideas and inspiration!

58:22 - Matt H.
I'm doing genius hour as a whole unit (every other day A/B iPad elective class) for the rest of the school year.

58:26 - @teachteKBeck(Kristen)
I am going to have to do one period a week for 47 minutes.

58:26 - Lindsey Bingley 1
Awesome, thanks, Joy!

58:35 - Lindsey Bingley 1
WOW! I love that Genius Hour program!

58:39 - Lindsey Bingley 1
I want to do that

58:40 - @JeremyInscho
Wow! That's awesome!

58:49 - Peggy George
thanks for sharing those tips everyone!!! great to know that there are lots of models!

58:58 - Hugh McDonald
Genius Hour Class leader!

59:11 - Hugh McDonald
Valerie Lees!

59:22 - Peggy George
you can't listen to this and NOT get excited about it!!!! I'm so inspired!

59:29 - Joy Kirr
Great, Peggy!

59:31 - Denise Krebs (@mrsdkrebs)
v_lees on Twitter for Valerie Lees.

59:43 - @beckitharp
I was just thinking this week about how to start a genius hour class for other students to attend!

59:45 - Peggy George
you have the mic Stephanie :-)

59:54 - Peggy George
go ahead and click on talk when Hugh finishes

1:00:05 - Joy Kirr
And @DonWettrick for Don's Innovations class

1:00:10 - Denise Krebs (@mrsdkrebs)
That's right! Surrey is the model! I'm going there next month to visit these leaders!

1:00:13 - Lindsey Bingley 1
I agree with Hugh and Gallit on this. I just attended @edcampYYC last month and Genius Hour was the topic of the day

1:00:21 - Peggy George
that is such a powerful statement! if it's a good idea we need to find a way to get it done!

1:00:22 - @teachteKBeck(Kristen)
Off to the fishing derby, Thanks So Much for sharing today!! I'm looking forward to my last three weeks of school!!

1:00:35 - Joy Kirr
Kristen- have fun at the fishing derby!!

1:00:47 - Lindsey Bingley 1
Bye Kristen!

1:00:49 - Peggy George
thank you ALL for joining us today!!! if you need to leave we'll keep the recording going and it will be posted in a couple of hours

1:00:49 - Joy Kirr
How great for Angela to work with your district, Stephanie!!

1:00:53 - RObyn THessen
Yeah, Stephanie

1:01:06 - RObyn THessen
St. need to have aplan

1:01:10 - Louise Morgan
Hold them accountable - present it to class

1:01:24 - Peggy George (Tia Henrikson: It’ All About Learning-100 Minutes of Genius)

1:01:30 - Mardelle @learningmurd

1:01:46 - Hugh McDonald
Do our own Genius Hour and show it and model the thinking you had with your grade 1s.

1:01:51 - Louise Morgan
blog about it - share it with another class via skype.

1:01:52 - RObyn THessen
My primary st. need to submit a plan and I check in with them, and they all present

1:02:01 - Peggy George
a buddy class is an excellent suggestion!

1:02:32 - Anne-Marie Middleton 3
My grade 3 buddy class already doing genius hour. Can teach my 6/7s a lot about passion based learning.

1:02:35 - Kati Searcy
excellent idea, Hugh

1:02:36 - Denise Krebs (@mrsdkrebs)
@Stephanie Play is the highest form of research. ~Albert Einstein

1:02:36 - Stephanie Edgren
great ideas! Thanks! I'm also going to put some slides. Modeling - I do, we do, you do---that makes complete sense

1:02:41 - Peggy George
you could set up quadblogging with other classes that want to do geniushour :-) will give a bigger audience for students to share their projects!

1:03:05 - @beckitharp
Great idea Peggy!

1:03:07 - asamper
Thank you very much. Great session!!!:)

1:03:10 - Lindsey Bingley 1
My kindie colleagues were happy to see the buddy projects that Gallit and her group have done. One teacher was happy to know that kids could REALLY do anything

1:03:12 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
I like the quadblogging idea

1:03:16 - RObyn THessen
The Global Geniud Hour project is a fabulous place to share

1:03:24 - Anne-Marie Middleton 3
Thank you to all the moderators. Great session this morning.

1:03:26 - Louise Morgan
I just tweeted this session!

1:03:31 - RObyn THessen
Make Twitter your genius hour project!!

1:03:32 - Peggy George

1:03:34 - Gallit Zvi (@gallit_z)
so glad you joined Anne Marie!

1:03:40 - Peggy George
awesome Louise!

1:03:43 - Anne-Marie Middleton 3
Loved it all.

1:03:53 - Joy Kirr
Anne Marie - Miss you!

1:03:59 - Gallit Zvi (@gallit_z)
monthly chat (for now)

1:04:01 - Sandy O
:) Thank you

1:04:01 - Peggy George
I put the tweetchat link in the Livebinder so it continuously updates just like on a web page :-)

1:04:05 - Lindsey Bingley 1
Wonderful, thanks, everyone! The more I learn, the more excited that I get!

1:04:07 - Anne-Marie Middleton 3
ONe of the most infomative live sessions I have been in.

1:04:08 - Louise Morgan
I got some mad tweeting skillllzzz B)

1:04:13 - Peggy George
perfect Hugh!!! thank you so much!

1:04:14 - Joy Kirr
Peggy - great idea! Thank you!

1:04:14 - Lindsey Bingley 1
Thanks, Louise :)

1:04:25 - Anne-Marie Middleton 3
Miss you too Joy. Trying to keep it all balanced :)

1:04:32 - Peggy George
Archives for all recordings:

1:04:42 - Peggy George
the recording and links will be posted later today :-)

1:04:43 - BaharAbdullayeva

1:04:52 - Gallit Zvi (@gallit_z)
Great speakers coming up!

1:04:53 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Virtual applause for the awesome team who broght us so much information and great resources on Genius Hour.

1:04:58 - Peggy George

1:05:00 - @shamblesguru [thailand]
Virtual Round Table conference is LIVE NOW and tomorrow …nline conference for and with language teachers - English and Modern Foreign Languages … hashtag is #vrtwebcon live hashtag twitter stream at

1:05:04 - Joy Kirr
I love this blackboard collaborate idea... so great to connect!

1:05:06 - RObyn THessen
Love you guys! Thanks for the shout out!

1:05:15 - Louise Morgan
My genius hour Twitter list

1:05:30 - Peggy George
Shamblesguru-do you want to talk on the mic about the Virtual Round Table conference?

1:05:44 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
Thanks Louise

1:05:46 - Stella Maris Berdaxagar
Bye. Thanks.

1:05:56 - Peggy George
Tammy's session is going to be awesome for creating interactive student materials for online learning

1:06:05 - Kati Searcy
Thank you for the inspiration !! I'm excited to do this.

1:06:05 - Eileen
Thank you everyone!

1:06:12 - @shamblesguru [thailand]
Nope .. all info in the text above

1:06:19 - Hugh McDonald
Thank you everyone! What an exciting experience! I look forward to continue the learning on twitter on #geniushour

1:06:31 - Joy Kirr
I ditto Hugh!

1:06:42 - Gallit Zvi (@gallit_z)
Check out the livebinder for all of today's links! And please share your experiences on twitter with The #geniushour hashtag!

1:06:43 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
Awesome to all!

1:06:46 - Stephanie Edgren
Excellent live chat. THANK YOU for sharing!!

1:06:54 - @shamblesguru [thailand]

1:07:27 - Louise Morgan
Who will be at #ISTE13?

1:07:28 - RObyn THessen
thanks so much everyone!

1:07:37 - Peggy George (4T Virtual Conference Home Page: May 18-21, 2013. Registration required to access session login links but FREE. Once registered all recording links will be available later.)

1:07:41 - RObyn THessen
:( we are still in session

1:07:49 - McTeach (Karen)
Thanks for the great show! Gotta get working on grades!!

1:07:52 - Peggy George

1:07:53 - Jackson Education Support
Thanks. Great to participate and receive this information.

1:08:03 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Louise, I will be at ISTE. Can't wait to meet you face to face.

1:08:03 - Peggy George

1:08:12 - Peggy George
the survey should pop up for you when you log out

1:08:22 - Peggy George
be sure to use the survey if you want a PD certificate for today

1:08:42 - Peggy George
you can also watch recordings and request a PD certificate after you view them using the survey

1:08:48 - Joy Kirr
The survey is a great idea!

1:08:57 - Peggy George

1:09:01 - @beckitharp
Thank you all for a great session! You are so inspiring!

1:09:18 - Erica J.
This was a wonderful session!!! THANK YOU!

1:09:21 - Peggy George
HUGE thanks to our special guests today!!! Denise, Hugh, Joy, and Gallit!!!!

1:09:25 - Denise Krebs (@mrsdkrebs)
Thank you, Lorna, Peggy, Steve, and all!

1:09:33 - Jane 1
Thanks, all!

1:09:38 - Hugh McDonald
Thank you for having us Lorna, Peggy, Steve, and all!

1:09:43 - RObyn THessen
Enjoy your day!!

1:09:52 - Gallit Zvi (@gallit_z)
Thank you for having us :)

1:09:53 - Louise Morgan
Thanks! it was great!

1:10:04 - Peggy George
so many awesome things happening today!

1:10:04 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
Thank you. Inspiring.

1:10:10 - Fidelia Nimmons
Thank you.

1:10:11 - Peggy George
Shambles--do you want to take the mic?

1:10:20 - Denise Krebs (@mrsdkrebs)
You are welcome! Thanks for coming, Sheri!

1:10:27 - Joy Kirr
Mrs. TG is away

1:10:30 - Peggy George
Paula go ahead

1:10:32 - Joy Kirr
Paula has a question

1:10:34 - @shamblesguru [thailand]
No need all at .... Virtual Round Table conference is LIVE NOW and tomorrow …nline conference for and with language teachers - English and Modern Foreign Languages … hashtag is #vrtwebcon live hashtag twitter stream at

1:10:36 - Eileen
Amazing teachers! Thanks for the inspiration!

1:10:42 - Peggy George
Paula you have the mic

1:10:52 - Kris 3
Great discussion today - thanks!

1:11:05 - Peggy George
woo hoo!!!

1:11:09 - Denise Krebs (@mrsdkrebs)
Hi Paula! Great to have you here!

1:11:17 - Peggy George
we love it when people have the courage to take the mic :-)

1:11:18 - Hugh McDonald
Hello Paula!

1:11:29 - Joy Kirr
We love #4thchat Paula!

1:11:35 - BaharAbdullayeva
Super discussion today

1:12:02 - Joy Kirr
How to get started:

1:12:22 - Denise Krebs (@mrsdkrebs)
It is easy, but difficult, to let go and let them learn.

1:12:23 - Peggy George
The most important thing is about logging into Collaborate is to be sure to have the latest java updates. There have been so many new java updates recently and even Collaborate has been updating the rooms.

1:12:39 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
IDEAS Invent Design Experiment A s

1:12:40 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
I love #Geniushour, just wish I could do it justice in my class.

1:12:43 - Hugh McDonald
I would start with doing your own Genius Hour project.

1:12:50 - Peggy George
great idea for the acronym

1:12:52 - Lindsey Bingley 1
I think that acronym is fantastic

1:13:00 - nikki
How are the physically, etc. challenged students accomodated during Genius Hour?

1:13:01 - Denise Krebs (@mrsdkrebs)
I made the acronym MCLIPS - master, create, learn, innovate, produce, serve. Do one of those.

1:13:20 - Denise Krebs (@mrsdkrebs)
Yes! Days before vacations are great.

1:13:23 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Thanks Joy. I love being involved with #4thchat. Such great learning happens every week with our tweeps.

1:13:23 - Cynthia Collins
what is the Google conference address again?

1:13:27 - Hugh McDonald
Share inspirational videos.

1:13:32 - Peggy George
excellent Denise!!!

1:13:34 - Gallit Zvi (@gallit_z)
a for activity!

1:13:42 - Sandy O
what is the name of the virtual 4 conference? I can't find it.

1:13:56 - Peggy George
if kids see videos of what other students are doing they will beg to be able to do it!

1:13:59 - @shamblesguru [thailand]
Many thanks for sharing ... 'nite

1:14:05 - Louise Morgan
I have a ton of mini marshmallows left over - my kids are going to spend one of our last days creating catapults and other small marshmallow shooting machines ;-)

1:14:05 - Peggy George
oh great suggestion!!

1:14:07 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Love that video, Hugh.

1:14:11 - Peggy George
obvious to you...

1:14:12 - Gallit Zvi (@gallit_z)
IDEAS (so kids can: invent, design, experiment, activity, and then SHARE)

1:14:14 - Joy Kirr
Sandy - Virtual 4T =

1:14:19 - Sandy O
Nevermind, here it is:

1:14:30 - Sandy O

1:14:31 - Gallit Zvi (@gallit_z)
acronym by Trish Miller and Daniel Lee

1:14:38 - Peggy George

1:14:44 - Joy Kirr
Thanks for asking such a great question, Paula!

1:15:03 - Peggy George
we'll go ahead and wrap up then :-)

1:15:17 - Peggy George
what an exciting show! Thank you all for being such active participants!!!

1:15:21 - Denise Krebs (@mrsdkrebs)
@Peggy - You are right! They love to see what others are doing. Here is a video of some of my kids' work:

1:15:30 - @plnaugle(Paula Naugle)
Have a great weekend everyone and let your genius shine and remember #youmatter.

1:15:32 - Peggy George
See you in two weeks for Adobe Captivate with Tammy Moore!

1:15:41 - BaharAbdullayeva

1:15:42 - Gallit Zvi (@gallit_z)
Good bye all! Thank you so much for joining today...great chat!!!

1:15:44 - Connie Fink
Thanks looking forward to trying this out next school year!

1:15:49 - Denise Krebs (@mrsdkrebs)
You are welcome! Thanks all! Bye~

1:15:50 - Peggy George
I'll add all of these links to the Livebinder!!! Thank you!