Classroom 2.0 LIVE webinar, "Kids Deserve It!" with special guest presenters Todd Nesloney and Adam Welcome

May 7, 2016

00:40 to: Peggy George
Wearing my BLUE #kidsdeserveit shirt today!!!

00:47 to: Todd Nesloney
Woo hoo Peggy!

00:55 to: Adam Welcome
Awesome Peggy!

00:56 to: Peggy George
Hi Maureen! So glad you could join us!

01:27 to: Susie @shighley
Love the title "principal lead learner"

01:27 to: Peggy George
Adam and Todd are two of the most inspiring principals I know!!! So excited to have them sharing with us today!

01:48 to: Todd Nesloney
aw thanks!

02:03 to: Adam Welcome
many thanks peggy!

02:11 to: Maureen@bcdtech
Hi Peggy! Been going to edcamps on a lot of Saturdays of late. Would be working out in the garden, but 45° and rain is not conducive to yardwork.

02:25 to: Todd Nesloney
I love you Paula!!

02:33 to: Peggy George
we have links to many of those resources in our Livebinder today!

02:44 to: Peggy George
Hi Tiziana! So glad you could join us!

03:02 to: Peggy George (Todd Nesloney on Twitter) (Adam Welcome on Twitter)

03:20 to: Peggy George (Todd Nesloney’ website)

03:27 to: Peggy George (Adam Welcome’ blog)

03:34 to: Peggy George
Welcome Todd and Adam!!!

03:53 to: Peggy George
Awesome introduction Paula!!! You're the best!

04:21 to: Peggy George!blog/csy77 (Kids Deserve It Blog)

04:33 to: Tiziana Angiolini ( Italy)
Sorry I am late but I could not enter the room easily!

04:58 to: Peggy George
@Tiziana Glad you persevered!!!

05:16 to: Peggy George
They have a huge online presence all over social media!

05:30 to: Peggy George (Kids Deserve It on Facebook) (Kids Deserve It on Instagram)

05:40 to: Peggy George (Kids Deserve It on Twitter)

06:12 to: Peggy George
It's so much fun to think about what kids deserve!!! Such an open concept!!

06:28 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
I think you could light a whole town on the energy these two generate.

06:43 to: Peggy George
I agree Paula!

06:58 to: Peggy George
Welcome Eileen!

07:20 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
Love wearing my #KidsDeserveIt t-shirt. :)

07:20 to: Peggy George
This is such a cute picture :-)

07:29 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
Two cuties!

07:54 to: Peggy George
education was definitely your destiny Adam!!

07:59 to: Peggy George
you too Todd!!

08:36 to: Adam Welcome
Yes it was Peggy - my dad would be proud of all we've done!

09:08 to: Peggy George
We've all heard that many time! Why do we need to worked fine for me growing up!

09:15 to: Peggy George
Welcome Sofia!

09:16 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
I remember talking to Todd about his PBL and flipped classroom when I first met him. I was truly inspired.

10:19 to: Peggy George
Blockbuster video is a great example!

10:45 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
Love Kevin Honeycutt.

10:56 to: Peggy George
Yes! Kevin Honeycutt does amazing things to inspire teachers around the world!

11:25 to: Peggy George
I saw him demonstrate that double robotics thing from New Zealand! Incredible!

11:47 to: @plnaugle(Paula)

11:48 to: Peggy George
hahaha Todd!

12:15 to: Doug Henry (San Leandro CA)
Age-appriporiate technology :-)

12:40 to: Peggy George
Kids definitely DESERVE to have these learning opportunities regardless of whether teachers know how to do them.

12:51 to: Peggy George
Heard everything Todd :-)

13:10 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
Our kids will always outshine me when it comes to robots.

14:09 to: Peggy George

14:42 to: Doug Henry (San Leandro CA)
Kids have "play-with-it" instincts that we grow out of...

14:53 to: Peggy George

15:58 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
That is so true, Doug.

16:12 to: Peggy George
that is so exciting to live so near Google Headquarters!

16:14 to: Maureen@bcdtech
Just ordered this- Learning Resources Programmable Robot Mouse very inexpensive- we'll see. Looking forward to getting the Cubetto from the kickstarter campaign. Parents bought us a Kibo last year.

16:14 to: Maureen@bcdtech
Have a couple ozbots, but haven't had time to play with them yet

16:41 to: Peggy George
Thanks Maureen! You are always doing such creative things with your kids!

16:51 to: Peggy George (Mystery Location Calls-Skype/Google Hangouts by Paula Naugle)

16:58 to: Peggy George (Cybraryman: Mystery Location call resources)

17:04 to: Susie @shighley
Has Todd been on a previous Classroom 20 show?

17:06 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
Love the pirate theme in this Mystery Skpye/GHO picture.

17:18 to: Peggy George
Kids LOVE Mystery Location calls!!

17:23 to: Maureen@bcdtech
Still trying to get my 4th grade class to so mystery skypes in conjunction with the whole regions thing

17:30 to: Peggy George
Hi Jan! Welcome!

17:57 to: Peggy George
never thought about using y'all as being a dead giveaway :-)

17:58 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
Yes, our y'all have given it away a couple of times.

18:03 to: Peggy George
Hi Laura! Welcome!

18:07 to: Maureen@bcdtech
Ya'll = Texas??? I thought it was just Paula speak

18:16 to: Lorie Moffat
Here it would be "you-ins"

18:29 to: Maureen@bcdtech
youse guys here

18:45 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
Love it Lorie and Maureen.

19:01 to: Peggy George
Todd was a guest on our show a couple years ago as a "Featured Teacher"!

19:21 to: Peggy George
I love this concept of social media interns!

19:34 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
Wow, every teacher on Twitter. How awesome!

19:35 to: Peggy George (Montair Elementary School website)

19:47 to: Peggy George (John C. Webb Elementary School website)

19:56 to: Peggy George
Those are links to their schools :-)

20:11 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
Some teachers are getting their jobs through Twitter, GHO, Skype.

20:12 to: Todd Nesloney
Our school website is embarrasing! haha

20:23 to: Todd Nesloney
Yes Paula! half my staff was hired through GHO or Skype last year

21:21 to: Maureen@bcdtech
I love that idea- tweeting together. teachers at my school are soo reticient about social media. No one is online- at all

21:39 to: Todd Nesloney
Yeah it's a slow process convincing teachers Maureen

21:51 to: Susie @shighley
Thanks. I was thinking I remembered him showing us around his school

21:54 to: Peggy George (Webb Elementary School on Twitter)

22:07 to: Maureen@bcdtech
I have 4th grade doing If You Learned Here this year- dipping toes into the water

22:22 to: Peggy George
that's so true--social media used to be a post-it note!

23:09 to: Peggy George
I love following the Ron Clark Academy & their teachers on Twitter and Periscope! They are so energetic and creative!!!

23:40 to: Adam Welcome
Social Media Interns -

23:45 to: Peggy George
Their students did an awesome assembly for their teachers yesterday to celebrate them for Teacher Appreciation Week! Dancing, singing, cheering!!

24:01 to: Peggy George
thanks Adam! I'll add that link to the Livebinder :-)

24:43 to: Peggy George
that is such a great story!!

25:46 to: Peggy George
kids will definitelyl remember that for a lifetime!

25:46 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
I show those pictures and thought how much fun those students were having.

27:03 to: Maureen@bcdtech
Our latest thing is breakoutedu... did it in one 4th grade, and now both 3rd grades. Kids loved it. Superintendent came to watch this last one. I could do them everyday. Totally engaged kids

27:43 to: Peggy George
sports always get kids excited!

28:13 to: Peggy George
Classroom Champions on Twitter

28:19 to: Peggy George
so inspiring!

28:33 to: Susie @shighley
We've got Andrew Luck's book club now. Kids and schools are connecting with him via FB. instagram, twitter. First book he picked for kids is Maniac Magee

28:37 to: Peggy George

28:40 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
Maureen, we're doing our first #BreakoutEDU with our 3rd and 4th graders next week. I'm so excited to do so. I have trained many teachers this past year on #BreakoutEDU. It is such a great learning ch

28:40 to: @plnaugle(Paula)

28:49 to: Susie @shighley
(Kids under 13 have parent or sibling help)

29:04 to: Peggy George
that's so exciting Todd!!! What a hero!!

29:31 to: Peggy George
Athlete Mentors:

30:00 to: Peggy George

30:22 to: Susie @shighley

30:46 to: Peggy George
that looks fantastic Susie!

31:08 to: Peggy George
love these examples of the power of online sharing!

31:17 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
It was an incredible experience not only for my students, but for me to watch Jane Goodall being interviewed during a GHO.

31:26 to: Peggy George!Power-of-Connection-KidsDeserveIt/jykdy/5726916b0cf232b075d3f41e (Power of Connection: Kids Deserve It)

32:34 to: Peggy George

33:42 to: Peggy George
I'll make sure the video is added to our Livebinder :-) Tim's Place video:

34:16 to: Peggy George
youtube link for Tim's Place video:

34:30 to: Peggy George
those photos are amazing!!!

34:38 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
My students are always amazed when I show them a tweet sent to me by the author of a book we are reading in class.

35:02 to: Peggy George (We. Must. Have. Fun. - Get in the Game)

35:17 to: Peggy George (Adam Welcome: The Principal’ Office the Celebration Office)

35:28 to: Peggy George
Love Adam's blog post about the Celebration Office!

35:32 to: Sofia Segurola CAlderon
Come to my Middle School!

35:53 to: Peggy George
those relationships with students and teachers are so important!!!

36:37 to: Amy 1
Yes, relationships are key!

36:52 to: Peggy George (Photos tagged with #kidsdeserveit on Instagram)

36:53 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
I have tears listening to this story, Adam.

37:23 to: Peggy George
you learn so much about the kids in those situations like riding the bus, eating lunch with them, playing on the playground!!

38:00 to: Adam Welcome
LOVE eating lunch with kids, sitting at the lunch tables is SO fun and we learn so much about our kids

38:39 to: Adam Welcome
Along for a Ride -

38:48 to: Peggy George
my Kindergarten students always thought the principal (me) was the voice in the speaker box--days before morning announcements were on video. :-)

39:04 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
I told my principal about what Todd does in his community and we are going to do the same thing at the beginning of next school year.

39:34 to: Peggy George
these are fantastic quotes!!! so easy to post and share!

40:18 to: Peggy George!canva/j6en5

40:20 to: Peggy George

40:42 to: Peggy George
hope this is the right video :-)

41:01 to: Peggy George
this video gives me goosebumps!

41:39 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
Love, love, love this video! :)

41:56 to: Peggy George
you're never too old to learn!! such joy!!!

42:04 to: Lorie Moffat

42:51 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
Tears are flowing.

43:12 to: Peggy George
youtube link if you can't access (YouTube video: New Bell's South Africa TV Ad -- The Reader)

43:45 to: Peggy George
that is so true!!! we don't want kids to think the fun stops when they are grown up!

44:29 to: Todd Nesloney

44:48 to: Peggy George
there are some really inspiring blog posts in our Livebinder for today from #kidsdeserveit!

45:02 to: Peggy George
Can't wait for the book to come out!!!

46:05 to: Peggy George
would anyone like to take the mic??

46:08 to: Peggy George
Thanks Paula!!

47:04 to: Peggy George
I love participating in the #kidsdeserveit Blabs! You can subscribe to their podcasts on iTunes.!/id1082238426?mt=2

47:47 to: Peggy George (Adam Welcome: How Voxer has Changed Our Life)

47:59 to: Peggy George
Great!! Dinner with a Gentleman!!!

48:12 to: Susie @shighley
How did you pay for it?

48:22 to: Peggy George
So glad you asked him to share this story Paula!!! It's amazing!

48:44 to: Peggy George
that is so powerful!!!!

50:11 to: Peggy George
That was always my experience too--so hard to get the dads some to school events! We started hosting our Back to School nights with an outdoor BBQ on a night Little League had a baseball practice righ

50:11 to: Peggy George
t afterwards. :-) Got a great turnout!

50:36 to: Peggy George
Yes Adam!!!! Parents love positive calls from the Principal!

51:09 to: Peggy George
wow! 30 calls a month to parents! so inspiring!

51:45 to: Peggy George
I can't wait to share this recording with everyone who couldn't join us for the live session! So inspired!!!

52:08 to: Peggy George
oh Paula!!! Love that idea!!

53:08 to: Peggy George Todd's blog post about Hat's Off :-)

53:24 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
Don't we all want Todd or Adam to be the lead learner in our school.

53:39 to: Peggy George

54:07 to: Peggy George
what a treat for a kid to be able to call their parent from the principal's office :-)

54:18 to: Peggy George
for something positive!!!!!!!

54:36 to: Peggy George
I love hearing these stories!!!

55:13 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
Let's all make it part of the remaining days of this school year to make sure we do something to celebrate #KidsDeserveIt! :)

55:23 to: Peggy George
thanks for sharing that Todd!

55:34 to: Tiziana Angiolini ( Italy)
Thanks a lot!

55:38 to: Doug Henry (San Leandro CA)
Great webinar - thanks!

55:46 to: Susie @shighley
THanks. The hour flew by!

55:46 to: Amy 1

56:06 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
Virtual applause for Todd, Adam, and #KidsDeserveIt.

56:37 to: Sofia Segurola CAlderon
I am inspired !!!!:D THANK YOU

56:43 to: Adam Welcome
Thank you Paula + the entire Classroom 2.0 team!

57:35 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
Thanks for continually inspiring us Adam.

57:43 to: Todd Nesloney
Thanks everyone!

57:57 to: Peggy George (4T Virtual Conference, May 21-23, 2016)

57:59 to: Sofia Segurola CAlderon
Can I contact you guys for ideas for my Middle School kiddos?

58:10 to: Peggy George (4T Virtual Conference, May 21-23, 2016)

58:17 to: Adam Welcome
Hi Sofia - sure thing, are you on Voxer?

58:29 to: @plnaugle(Paula)
Have a great weekend everyone. Happy Mother's Day to all of you who are one.

58:47 to: Peggy George (Nominate a Featured Teacher for our shows--you can nominate yourself too if you’ like to present for us)

58:54 to: Peggy George (Classroom 2.0 LIVE survey link to request PD certificates for live or recorded webinars)

59:04 to: Sofia Segurola CAlderon
I do not know what Voxer is? sorry

59:12 to: Peggy George
Thank you Patti for sending out these PD certificates every week!!!

59:20 to: Patti Ruffing

59:34 to: Peggy George
Let's ask Adam/Todd to tell us what Voxer is :-)