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Here is a 15-minute recording from a "live web conversation" I held last week as part of Classroom 2.0. Because there was audio and text chat at the same time, you'll notice some audio gaps while text chatting is going on. For reference, Sylvia Martinez, Jane Krauss, and Liz Davis are three voices besides mine that do come in. We talked about EduBloggerCon and the Bloggers Cafe ideas, and even a little on the submission process for NECC.


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NECC 2.0 / Fringe Conference

Chat Log

Joined on March 26, 2008 at 3:33 PM

adinasullivan: yep

PeggyG: Hearing fine

adinasullivan: Spring Break

BobCaro: I can hear you, but I won't have a mike today.

adinasullivan: Next week will be a slightly different story

PeggyG: Decided to listen to the audio on the brainstorm while I'm waiting.

adinasullivan: yes

BobCaro: 6pm here in Texas

PeggyG: Very helpful background & prep for today-

PeggyG: Yes-NECC ideas

PeggyG: Posted on the Brainstorm page for NECC

PeggyG: YEs I listened to it-missed it live

adinasullivan: Hopefully w/wifi unlike CUE

Ken Pruitt: good idea, didnt make that connection

Ken Pruitt: sure

Carlos Raul: Hello everyone

Ken Pruitt: only room for one soapbox

PeggyG: I added a question to the Blogger's Cafe page about using the NECC conference planner to add events from the "fringe conference"

PeggyG: Would love to see a broader name than edublogger so it encompasses everything web 2.0

Ken Pruitt: can you bring up the list

Ken Pruitt: thanks elluminate!

adinasullivan: not yet

adinasullivan: just the edge

hshawjr: no black screen

PeggyG: still gray on my computer

Maureen: grayed out

PeggyG: There you go!

hshawjr: gott it

adinasullivan: woohoo

Maureen: it's up

PeggyG: Yes-it's loading fine

Ken Pruitt: great

Ken Pruitt: Why not use Open Conference at NECC

Ken Pruitt:


adinasullivan: I like that too

Ken Pruitt: lol

PeggyG: Do we need to keep the concept of "fringe" in the name?

PeggyG: How about Open Collaboration?

PeggyG: I like using the term collaboration somehow?

PeggyG: Or Open Collaborative Conference? The whole concept is it's developed collaboratively

adinasullivan: Keeping the word Open and/or collaboration would be good

PeggyG: @ken Pruitt-that's a great point about fringe

adinasullivan: fringe might sound like you have to be in the "group"

Maureen: As a newbie- Open works better for me- less exclusive

adinasullivan: "trapped" LOL

PeggyG: There was a perception last year at NECC about the exclusivity of the Blogger's Cafe

Ken Pruitt: sure

Ken Pruitt: that is big

Ken Pruitt: noooo

PeggyG: Yes it was a feeling of intimidation

Robert Caro: parallel sounds like a great term to use

Maureen: I didn't go in to the blogger's cafe- new to the concept and it felt like you had to be part of the blogger's "club"

Ken Pruitt: yes

PeggyG: Q a whiteboard greeting that would always be posted would be great

Ken Pruitt: didnt use the tv much

adinasullivan: I agree with that

PeggyG: I think we might need a bigger space than last year--is that an option?

Ken Pruitt: we could load bloggers work/videos and play at certain times when nothing is happening

adinasullivan: You want people who don't know everyone to feel welcome

Robert Caro: I wanted to attend the call to day just to practice, so that I wouldn't be behind, and trying to figure out how to get involved right in the middle of the actual conference

PeggyG: There were many times all of the seats were taken and no place to enter and engage

Robert Caro: I read and heard a lot about the Blogger's Cafe, and it sounded like a great way to review workshops, and set up outside discussions

PeggyG: It was so valuable to hear which sessions everyone was planning to go to-last minute-to make better choices

Durff: I like impromtuthon

Maureen: Can there be someone who actually helps a newbie try it out in there?

Durff: but everyone recognizes Classroom2.0

Durff: maybe go with recognize-able?

Durff: no

Durff: just joined -openconference - i like that

PeggyG: How about "Open Unconference"?

Durff: and open to public

Ken Pruitt: OC is easy logo too

Ken Pruitt: OUC is OUCH


Ken Pruitt: say again

PeggyG: I like having some structure so I can schedule slots of time

adinasullivan: I agree with Peggy

PeggyG: Yes to all of those questions

Durff: day before?

adinasullivan: Schedule might depend on those whoa re willing to speak/lead

Robert Caro: I think we can at least look at breakfast, lunch, and dinner-time mini-events

Maureen: Yes, time slots and yes speed demos

PeggyG: Yes use the existing time slots for sessions at NECC

adinasullivan: short ones will easier movement in and out when time is avaiable

Durff: conversations - like educon was supposed to be

Durff: whom am i? i'm not even going to NECC

PeggyG: I'm finding it hard to imagine ever leaving the Blogger's Cafe

adinasullivan: panels - yeah

PeggyG: Panels would be fantastic

Durff: oo - yes panels

Robert Caro: If we have time slots set up on a week'long calendar, it would be easier to slot people in

Ken Pruitt: SWSX had panels voted on by "mob"

Maureen: what't the difference btwn facil discussions and birds of a feather?

adinasullivan: I liked the panel you did at CUE

Ken Pruitt: "Who would you like to see?"

adinasullivan: the classroom 2.0 panel w/ julie lindsay

PeggyG: Yes-the social networking panel at CUE was valuable

Durff: backwards how?

Ken Pruitt: Yes...that is what they did at SWSX

Durff: like a meme?

adinasullivan: I was happy to hear Adam Frey and Julie

PeggyG: How about a panel for the "Salon des Refuses"?

adinasullivan: Maybe topic specfic - different views (wiki, blog, digital storytelling, etc.)

PeggyG: Yes I'm seeing it

PeggyG: Some of us couldn't get into the constructivist event

Ken Pruitt: I think the actual NECC days need to be aware of audience, may need intro stuff monday

PeggyG: Yes-closed as far as I know

Maureen: I couldn't get into last year- excited to go this year!

Durff: yes PETE-C

Durff: it is Ken

Robert Caro: I expect most attendees will not start until Monday, with the workshops.

Ken Pruitt: k

Ken Pruitt: agreed

PeggyG: Constructivist event site where I learned it was sold out-Sylvia Martinez

Durff: I think you would be surprised Robert

Ken Pruitt: differentiate

Robert Caro: I know I will be there early, but I probably won't be in any of the weekend events (cheap ISD ---

adinasullivan: Does anyone have access to printing so we could have a small info piece avalable for people to pick up

PeggyG: Would hour slots require people to commit to the entire hour-thinking of the "presenters"

Durff: a flyer?

adinasullivan: Just the baics of what the area is about

adinasullivan: flyer, yes

Ken Pruitt: Trying to get into NECC folder

Durff: can print flyers on Lulu

Ken Pruitt: right?

adinasullivan: yes, and/or in mtg area

PeggyG: I think we should try to go paperless-most people bring laptops

Durff: brilliant

Ken Pruitt: Gorilla marketing

Robert Caro: Buttons?

PeggyG: Yes buttons!

Durff: but paperless does not reach everyone

Ken Pruitt: lol

Robert Caro: buttons w/ the address

adinasullivan: We could wear something - yes

PeggyG: Buttons-so wherever we go people can ask us about them

Durff: lanyards?

adinasullivan: I'll take a hat too;

Ken Pruitt: I am getting my twitter shirt ..@kpruitt

Ken Pruitt: ha

PeggyG: We don't have enough days for all the tshirts

Durff: you are not!

PeggyG: I think a flyer in the conference materials is a great idea

Robert Caro: BTW, I'm driving to SAT, and I know printers here in Corpus Christi

adinasullivan: Have to go but thanks - looking forward to it!

Durff: I blog therefore I am

Durff: true

PeggyG: If I don't blog does that mean I don't exist?

Durff: i don't either

Ken Pruitt: Yes we cna

Ken Pruitt: can

Robert Caro: ...soon everyone will blog...

PeggyG: ribbons on buttons are also an option

PeggyG: Great Steve-topics will help to guide us

PeggyG: I love the idea of evening activities

Durff: dinners

Ken Pruitt: no evening

Robert Caro: Evening in person? or online?

Robert Caro: or both?

Ken Pruitt: It will happen

PeggyG: Both-could WOW2 do their live podcast from here?

Ken Pruitt: Best practices sessions

Durff: i'll be joining that way - in ustream

PeggyG: Last year they did it in the basement

PeggyG: There were at least 50 people participating live in the WOW2 podcast

Durff: it wasn't from the Bloggers Cafe?

PeggyG: No it was downstairs

Durff: hard to tell from online

Ken Pruitt: using 2.0

Ken Pruitt: or social

PeggyG: I was there live and we closed down the basement at 10:15m

Durff: best practices of literacy

Ken Pruitt: personally 5 - 10 min

Maureen: Best practices- speed share?

Durff: speed dating

Ken Pruitt: social in the classroom

PeggyG: If they're done in advance they could be replayed multiple times

Ken Pruitt: 2.0 in the classroom

Ken Pruitt: yes

Ken Pruitt: BP

Durff: yeah, BP

Maureen: @Peggy- so you could have Best practices previously recorded and shared continuously?

Ken Pruitt: yes

Robert Caro: mini-podcasts

PeggyG: Best Practices sometimes sounds like only certain things are "approved/recommended"

Durff: followed by live interactive discussions

Robert Caro: tested?

PeggyG: Could it be classroom 2.0 in action?

Maureen: "it worked for me"

Robert Caro: in action.. I like it

Durff: @Peggy - good!

Ken Pruitt: thats just the buzz word, best practices does not mean only practices

Robert Caro: something with "success" in it

PeggyG: Yes Elluminate will be great for those who are attending from afar-not at NECC in person

Durff: how many seats?

Durff: or use ustream

Durff: wow

PeggyG: Yes, I like success stories

Durff: i think that would appeal to many people

Ken Pruitt: I think many are

Maureen: 2.0 in action-success!

Ken Pruitt: this is the next wave

PeggyG: Yes-success stories-"topic"

Durff: mim-talk followed by discussion

PeggyG: Facilitated discussion with lightning videos would be good

Carlos Raul: when and what time?

Durff: cool!

PeggyG: I'm getting very excited about this!

Ken Pruitt: Can we get talking points for the safety question

Ken Pruitt:

Durff: calm down Carlos

Robert Caro: I only just today got permission to even go

Durff: online safety

Ken Pruitt: me?

Durff: how to integrate online safety?

PeggyG: Having the lightning videos prepared in advance ensures we have some great content to discuss

Durff: i like that idea Peggy

Durff: i don't think i know what it is

Durff: yes

PeggyG: Not sure about the proposal process discussion--don't want it to be a gripe session for those who weren't accepted

Robert Caro: Is there an inherent advantage for vendors vs. teachers when they accept presentations?

Durff: so a popularity party?

Durff: or is it blind?

Ken Pruitt: could we try just "sign up" for times this year and see how it goes...maybe too loose

PeggyG: Diigo probably wasn't on the radar when they chose presenters this year

Durff: probably not

Durff: good idea

Maureen: The upton story and the issue of online safety wasn't at the forefront either

PeggyG: WE MUST have it in our open conference-DIIGO!

Ken Pruitt: New tools or just tools thread

Durff: and delicious and zotero

Durff: Al and Jabiz too

PeggyG: Those "new" unaddressed things would fit perfectly in the open conference

Ken Pruitt: Big talk today about this

Durff: i won't even be there and yet i am here

PeggyG: I think many are interested--it's just hard to squeeze in the time live--sure they'll view it later

Ken Pruitt: I would be happy ot do quick demonstrations on tools

Durff: i would have thought steve would have been right on that

Maureen: I've been using twitter

PeggyG: Great point

Ken Pruitt: lol

Carlos Raul: clap, clap, clap

PeggyG: I keep the CR20 blog open so I can find the LIVE conversation links quickly

Durff: hope your talk with NECC goes well tomorrow

PeggyG: Great plan, Steve

Ken Pruitt: thanks, nite all

Durff: nite!

PeggyG: Thanks for inviting and including us

Maureen: thanks- interesting to watch this come together

PeggyG: Is there a way we can get these sessions from the open conference into our NECC Conference Planners?