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Moderator: Hi, Peggy!

PeggyG: Hi Steve How are things?

Moderator: Back at 2am from the Houston workshop!

PeggyG: Wow! bet you're tired!

PeggyG: Great! yes send a tweet

PeggyG: I'd love to hear about Houston.

PeggyG: That's fascinating!

PeggyG: how many people?

PeggyG: Stephanie Sandifer is awesome!

PeggyG: That was really different

PeggyG: was it 2 days?

PeggyG: that's too bad-bet they would have had more courage by 2nd day

PeggyG: Yes-fascinating conversations this week re NECC audio

PeggyG: Thanks. It really was an awesome experience!

PeggyG: Should I try my mic?

PeggyG: Kept waiting to see your response

Guest247: however, they recalled it and basically have made it towards "commericial" use --

Guest247: I think most people knee jerked

PeggyG: say more about that

Guest247: they have recalled it

Guest247: rewritten it

PeggyG: I agree completely!

Guest247: just a second

Guest247: I will grab the link


PeggyG: NECC hadn't even had a chance to respond before people were protesting attendance

Guest247: I knew they would

Guest247: I even blogged to give them 24 hours to recant -- which they did

PeggyG: I thought the resolution was good and reasonable

Guest247: smiles

Guest247: just a second

Guest247: be right back

PeggyG: Bud?

Guest247: on a friend's machine

Guest247: OH --- no

Guest247: using a friend's log on

Guest247: its JenWagner

PeggyG: There were several who were asking for reason

Guest247: don't mean to be mysterious

PeggyG: Hey Jen!

Guest247: I am on a friend's machine

Guest247: I do

Guest247: but let me put on headset

PeggyG: Hi Brett-just saw you joined

Guest247: brb

JenWagner: many kneejerked

JenWagner: I also kneejerked -- but also said to wait 24 hours


JenWagner: I added the addendum at the bottom

PeggyG: I was very disappointed in some of my peers on Twitter

JenWagner: it says I cannot connect to the mic - any ideas??

JenWagner: which would be where??

JenWagner: hmmm looking

JenWagner: trying again

JenWagner: They need the blanket notice

JenWagner: that you DO NEED to ask permission

JenWagner: from the presenter

JenWagner: wowo -- that really opens up a discussion

PeggyG: I saw the video announcement from Pearson

JenWagner: Disneyland has a sign when you walk in where they say "if you are on our property be prepared to be photographed"

JenWagner: or something like that

PeggyG: NECC has always allowed lots of capturing both video and audio-more than we could ever watch

JenWagner: Kathy S mentioned that in a comment -- that she had NOT asked permission for others to copy the conversations she had had withing her own presention

JenWagner: which is why she didn't want people to copy her work

JenWagner: but I think that she should have assumed people would

PeggyG: some people wrote that they were inspired to come in person this year based on things they watched last year

JenWagner: and 2009 NECC will be HUGE

PeggyG: I thought Kathy's point was valuable

PeggyG: Yeah! Jen!

derrallg: hi Jen

PeggyG: I felt the immediate negative reaction burst a lot of bubbles for enthusiasm that was really building

PeggyG: I'm sooooo looking forward to it and I'm sure there will be lots of sharing out

PeggyG: I think that's a good point Jen--people who can't attend can share in to the events too--think that is definitely going to happen with NECC Unplugged

PeggyG: They made a clear distinction about the unofficial NECC sessions

PeggyG: yes, I interpreted it as formal sessions only--those in the program

PeggyG: You can't add NECC Unplugged or Edubloggercon sessions to the NECC planner

PeggyG: yes seeing screen

PeggyG: I didn't see a NECC response to your question Steve

PeggyG: Oh yes

PeggyG: Pageflakes site

PeggyG: and some quit the Ning

PeggyG: I agree Jen

JenWagner: yes -- very reactionary

PeggyG: interesting thoughts Steve-blogs sometimes are written to arouse and get responses

derrallg: I think part of my reaction was caused from having virtually participated in so many conversations and conferences this year and it hadn't been an issue so far

JenWagner: derrall -- do you have a mic

JenWagner: mike??

derrallg: not set up

JenWagner: sadness

PeggyG: If you go to non-technology conferences they don't post podcasts or vodcasts and you have to purchase the audio--like ASCD

PeggyG: That is one of the reasons I have always valued the extensions provided by NECC

JenWagner: yes -- but peggy -- at the conference I teach at every year -- they ask my permission to record

JenWagner: but I don't get a kickback

JenWagner: are they owning my content then??

PeggyG: I don't think presenters generally get paid for presenting or don't get a kickback

derrallg: headset plugged in

PeggyG: Yes, I think at ASCD they own the content they produce following conferences (audio tapes)

Brumbaugh: I am going back and forth on the NECC and podasting /Ustream issue.... I think we need to share for educational purposes, but at what point does NECC lose money?

PeggyG: Hi Darrell

JenWagner: through their sponsors and exhibitors

JenWagner: they are the ones who finance the conference

ron: googd morning geeky teacher people

Brumbaugh: I understand that... which accounts for my ambiguity on the issue.

Moderator: That's a great description of your talents.

PeggyG: the varied tools for connecting are so important

PeggyG: good morning Ron

JenWagner: and there is not ONE right tool

JenWagner: for everyone

JenWagner: but there might be ONE right tool for one person

PeggyG: Hi Stephanie-Steve mentioned you at the beginning of the convo

PeggyG: said you had a GREAT conference this week!

Stephanie Sandifer: Hi Peggy! We had a great day in Houston yesterday -- with a bunch of beginners who are now realy interested in continuing to learn more about all of this!

PeggyG: It sounded really exciting!

PeggyG: It's such a great way for people to get started

Stephanie Sandifer: It was! I was exhausted, but VERY happy with the turnout and the outcomes yesterdat!

PeggyG: Yes, Donella

ron: On that thought - is there any direct contect with the NECC board and ISTE folks via the 'edublogosphere'?

Brumbaugh: we need to find ways to expand the conversation without taking away ISTE's monitization of the event.

PeggyG: I'll bet you were exhausted! Sounds like you and Steve did most of the presenting

Brumbaugh: Ron.... it doesn't look that way...

PeggyG: The personal responses from NECC were important and valuable

Stephanie Sandifer: lol -- yes... John Maklary jumped in for a couple of sessions too

PeggyG: It was a personal response and not just a formal institutional response

JenWagner: they did send out form responses to several

JenWagner: which (to me) was okay

PeggyG: Do you think you'll be able to get people to continue to participate in the CR20 wiki?

JenWagner: but they also sent out a few "personal" ones as well

PeggyG: Yes there were several people sending out responses from NECC

PeggyG: I think the bandwidth issues may still be an issue

Stephanie Sandifer: @peggy possibly... but will have to be very persistent with follow-up activities here locally. Will start those conversations after NECC -- start lining up local meetups and smaller, more focused workshops (like on one tool at a time)

ron: Bandwidth is becoming the issue that people egt most crank over as well

PeggyG: After Phoenix, there hasn't been much happening with the wiki, but there have been quite a few personal contacts made to follow up on things learned at the conf.

Stephanie Sandifer: We had bandwidth issues yesterday with only about 50 people present... really brings up the issue for conferences and even more so for extending mroe of this tech to the classroom

ron: Hall Davison (at the last conference I was at) had such a hard time wityh bandwidth, that he just about gave up in frustration.

PeggyG: I think we need to keep exploring alternatives to bandwidth demands-like the suggestion Alice M. made

PeggyG: Jen that happened to me at the National PDS conference-they chose not to pay for the internet connection in presentation rooms-only for keynotes

ron: I think they lacked transparency on the reasons and that caused a ton of the fallout.

PeggyG: Several places on the Ning-one specific place has discussion topic just for that

PeggyG: Yes the timing of the announcement was of great concern

PeggyG: I didn't think it was about profit

Stephanie Sandifer: I have some of the responses in my email inbox b/c I was cc:'d on some earlier emails re: Texas bloggers "advertising NECC" locally (Scott Floyd and Miguel cc:d all of us on the emails they sent directly to NECC and the responses they recieved back)

ron: Someone made a good point about the I in ISTE (International) and how they may be forgetting about those who can not attend - and would like to 'attend' via the web


brett: I talked with an ISTE board member about that issue

PeggyG: That link was from Anita-official response on Ning

brett: The International nature of the organization and how that affects NECC

Stephanie Sandifer: In terms of $$$ -- everyone needs to remember that the audience consists of educators -- people who work mostly for publicly-funded institutions -- taxpayers balk at how schools spend $$$ and that makes it difficult for schools to send everyone out to conferences

ron: For the most part, my district doesnt have the $$$ to send me - so, I bear mot if not all of the cost. I would love to go, but - then I need to mow some lawns to afford it right now

PeggyG: I've seen Miguel's response and he was appreciative

PeggyG: I think NECC has been incredibly supportive with the unconference concept!!

derrallg: here's the conversation I was following

Stephanie Sandifer: As an administrator I would need to be very careful about where I send people -- and if I can send a small team to a conference like NECC and then have people back home who follow that team through their blogs, wikis, and podcasts/ustreams -- I would really appreciate the fact that those distance-learning options are available

brett: I'm losing audio

brett: anyone else?

ron: brett - nope - solid here

JenWagner: not here -- except my ear phones keep falling out

PeggyG: It would have been really helpful to have the permission forms posted-I was asking for that very early on

Brumbaugh: I think Wesley Fryer did post a .pdf for presenters to use

PeggyG: ISTE created a form because one of my colleagues received it

ron: Good thought

PeggyG: The audience should be told if the session is being recorded

ron: No - just clapping

bmuench: can't you just assume you might be recorded? you are in a public place after all


PeggyG: I think Alec Couros talked about that-informing everyone at the conference up front that everything may be recorded

PeggyG: The release form my colleague received for the SIGTE forum was for participants to sign as well as presenters

Stephanie Sandifer: I think there needs to some sort of public -- PSA -- about this... I know edtech folks who aren't as connected online as we are who are VERY hesitent to post photos or anything related to their personal or professional identity online. They would NOT want someone else to take their photo and post it online w/o letting them know about it.

PeggyG: I don't think it's as much of an issue for edubloggercon-they are all active in social networks already

PeggyG: Great point Stephanie!

ron: I would make the assumption that the people attending would know what the deal is

PeggyG: Yes there are newbies but many "veterans" and the newbies are coming because of what they heard about last year

Stephanie Sandifer: Hmmm... EBC audience -- I think it would stil be a good idea to remind them that they could be in photos or videos from the event

ron: If the dont know - it's a good learnning experience for them

PeggyG: have my mic on but talk is greyed out

Brumbaugh: I posted above Wes Fryer's release form

JenWagner: "Please note that audio and video recording will be taking place throughout...By entering the event premises, you consent to interview(s), photography, audio recording, video recording an its/their release, publication, exhibition, or reproduction to be used for news, wb casts, promotional purposes, telecasts, advertising, inclusion on web sites or any other purpose."

bmuench: yes!

bmuench: itn't that how the news companies for tv operate

ron: There is a public space thing out there regarding pictures... I read about it on flickr somewhere

Stephanie Sandifer: Good question Steve -- where's the line between us (edubloggers) and professional photojournalists who do need to get signed press releases form the subjects in their photos?

ron: As Bmuench says - just like television


JenWagner: yes, we need to be good examples

derrallg: i agree

PeggyG: Has anyone used the OPML doc that Lucy Gray created to track Twitter and blogs during NECC?

JenWagner: not setting the standards -- but showing a good idea

Stephanie Sandifer: lol


JenWagner: please don't use my comments

PeggyG: That was new to me and it is fantastic!

JenWagner: just kidding

ron: Change my nick to REDACTED please

brett: @pgeorge where's the opml you were mentioning?

brett: Also, summize is a great way to follow a twitter conversation

PeggyG: It's on the Ning-think it's the stream for NECC Blogging and Tweeting

Brumbaugh: Anyone going to GTA this Wednesday?

brett: thanks

PeggyG: She has compiled specific urls for blogs and twitter names and you can upload them all to your feed reader and follow any of them during NECC

PeggyG: I think it's really easy to follow the agenda on the wiki to connect to streams!

PeggyG: 3 tracks probably because it's so large--tough choices though!

PeggyG: I voted on my preferences although I know that's just a pulse-taking thing.

PeggyG: I already can't decide which sessions to participate in

PeggyG: I agree about the group photos! Do them multiple times!!

Stephanie Sandifer: @Peggy Ditto! I almost want to remove the one I proposed jsut so I can spend the day focusing on the other proposed sessions!

PeggyG: No! I want to come to yours!

brett: thanks

Stephanie Sandifer: Lol! Maybe I'll propose that my session be held that evening at great Mexican rest. with good maragaritas!

ron: Thanks

Stephanie Sandifer: Thanks everyone

PeggyG: Thanks Steve! Great conversation!

PeggyG: Yes, Stephanie! I'll be there!

Stephanie Sandifer:

Moderator: Thanks Peggy. You're my hero.

Moderator: Have a great day.

PeggyG: Steve is there a limit on the # of people who can be on audio? My talk button came back after a couple dropped off.

Moderator: I can set the limit, and I had it set to 4 at a time.

PeggyG: You're far too generous!


PeggyG: Oh that explains it. Thanks. Have a great weekend!

Moderator: You, too!

Moderator: Bye

PeggyG: Bye