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Moderator: Hello, everyone.

aterner: hi

Marty: Hi

martinrob: Good morning!

Brenda: hi-

Dianne Anderson: hi

john peters: Just wanted to stop by and say a quick hello to everyone who went to NECC, The Bloggers' Cafe

aterner: This was my first NECC conference. It was grea

aterner: t

Jacqui: This was also my first visit to NECC...I did attend some great sessions. I am excited to hear everyone's feedback about what they saw/heard/learned.

srenatee: i attended virtually...stuck w/o $$ in KY

aterner: Just some trouble getting into the BYOL sessions

Beth Still: My first NECC, also. I enjoyed every aspect of it. Planning to attend next year.

aterner: I am too

john peters: Steve, I can hear you but nothing else

Beth Still: Is there a way for us to connect with those people who are on this site this morning to continue conversations that might start. Possibly replying to Steve's post about this meeting on the NECC Ning?

Moderator: Yes, that's a good idea.

Dianne Anderson: I really enjoyed the NECC Ning and the poster sessions

Moderator: I'm also going to take notes on a wiki page, which afterwards can be open for editing.

Moderator: Let's create an group on the ning for this discussion session?

Kim Thomas: Thanks for the invite to this is my first Elluminate session....

Beth Still: Fantastic. I am meeting so many people that I do not want to lose track of them after this session.

Kim Thomas: Should have added a from arizona

PeggyG: Hi Kim great to see you here.

Beth Still: I can do it.

lizbdavis: Hi everyone. Wish I could have been with you all at NECC. Looking forward to hearing more about it here.

Moderator: Hi, Liz!

PeggyG: Hi Liz-I was wondering if you were there. I thought of you every time I heard someone suggest the importance of using cell phones for learning.

Lee Kolbert: Hi Everyone!

lizbdavis: That is the other Liz - Liz Kolb but I also think cell phones are a great too for learning.

lizbdavis: Hi Steve - did you get my email?

Moderator: Yes!

PeggyG: I hope everyone will continue to add things to the various Ning groups long after the conference. Now that we're home I'm sure we'll have more time to explore the resources and add to them. I'm still uploading video, pics and links.

Moderator: The pity party is long over!

martinrob: @Steve- I'm picking up secondary audio, sounds like from Vicky Davis. Is this supposed to be happening?

lizbdavis: Good! Just had to remind you how awesome you are.

PeggyG: You're right, Liz. Sorry!

Dianne Anderson: no

lizbdavis: no

PeggyG: No audio problem here

Amy: no

Lorraine: I hear your typing.

Jacqui: I can also hear typing/tapping, but not secondary audio.

Rob: Don't hear any secondary audio here...

martinrob: could be. It happened when I logged in.

Beth Still: i think ive got it

jdebruyn: yes there was some typing sounds on and off but that is no longer happening.

martinrob: It's definitely Vicky Davis

Jacqui: Steve, you are a very fast typist!

PeggyG: Yes, fast and furious typing

PeggyG: Nothing now so I think it's you

martinrob: yup

Maureen/bcdtech to lizbdavis: Hi Liz- signed up for BLC edubloggercon! Hope to be able to come.

aterner: You might hear my laundry room

martinrob: not unless vicky is in it

Brenda: That's a weird sound.

jdebruyn: The typing that I was hearing two or three minutes ago is gone but now the weird sound is coming through.

Rob: Steve - You may want to turn off "multiple talkers"?

lizbdavis: Hi Maureen - I saw that. Great. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Beth Still: needed picture. should be ready now.

PeggyG: There's a NIng group set up for this wrap-up show.

Janice Stearns to JoseRodriguez: Hi Jose, Sorry I haven't replied to email yet Will soon. Crazy week

Lorraine: Is there a chance that before the session, everyone types in their current location...always interesting to see where people are logging in from

Beth Still: NECC wrapup session

martinrob: got it. It auto launched vicky's presentation when I went to Google Reader and selected her message. Fixed now.

KarenJan: looking forward to this as I couldn't get to NECC

aterner: Columbia SC

chriswherley: williamsville, il technology coordinator not able to attend NECC

Maureen/bcdtech: Western Massachusetts

PeggyG: So you want us to add comments to the new Ning group and not the one announcing this session?

Jared: ok...I think the problem is fixed thank you

tony: St. Charles, MO

PeggyG: Phoenix AZ

Dan: San Diego, CA

Dianne Anderson: McKenzie, TN

Brenda: Houston, TX

PeggyG: Twitter was extremely busy yesterday

Ann: Ann: Mesa, AZ

Lorraine: Boston, MA

Janice Stearns: Los Angeles, CA

jdebruyn: Denver CO

KarenJan: Boston, MA

Lesley Edwards: Bc

mark miller: noblesville in

Marty: Cartersville, GA

Jacqui: New Trier HS, Winnetka, IL

Lee Kolbert: Palm Beach, FL

Clarissa: Clarissa Atlanta, GA

Rob: Clovis, CA

martinrob: Bob in Columbia Mo

lizbdavis: I'm in Watertown MA (outside of Boston)

Stacy Morford: Stacy: New Fairfield, CT

sheila: seacoast, NH

john peters: Amarilo, Texas (Presently in Atlanta)

jazzcat: Arkansas, unable to attend NECC

Kim Thomas: Kim T. Glendale AZ

martinrob: Bob in Columbia Mo

martinrob: oops... sorry

srenatee: missi from ky

lparren: Lauren, Bristol, Vermont

chriswherley: @martinrob coming to LOTO next week for mo distance learning conf

bhazzard: port lambton, ontario, canada

JoseRodriguez: Jose, Los Angeles

Beth Still: The group is not showing up! Sorry.

Beth, ON, Canada: Beth Woof, Ancaster, ON, Canada

KarenJan to Lorraine: where are you from - I"m in Reading, MA. I'm an assistive and ed tech consultant.

tony: sorry about that

lizbdavis: steve can you give us the link to the wiki

Beth Still: Still not showing up!

mrscaldwell0: Is this Amy Y?



mrscaldwell0: Is this Amy Y?

john peters: Would you link it to the Edubloggercon Wiki as well?

Beth Still: Scottsbluff, Nebraska

Lee Kolbert: yes

Maureen/bcdtech: yup

mrscaldwell0: yes, I see the pop up

john peters: the pop up window

martinrob: popup

buffyjhamilton: I can see the popup.

PeggyG: Is there a category for things like Pageflakes and Netvibes?

Rob: Is this how you do a "group" wiki

mark miller: sessions filled up way too early

Maureen/bcdtech: Not as overwhelming as last year ( my first)

Dianne Anderson: I thought it was awesome. I love poster sessions!

john peters: Great time especially at the Bloggers Cafe

mrscaldwell0: Virtual attender here

Kim Thomas: Keynotes lacked a bit. Great sessions.

Lee Kolbert: My first time... overwhelming for me.

Maureen/bcdtech: BYOL sessions need bigger rooms

KarenJan to Lorraine: what was the controversy with the final keynote?

srenatee: i had trouble finding streamed sessions.

Dianne Anderson: San Antonio was a great host

Brenda: much better than the last one I attended in Austin years ago

PeggyG: For me the entire experience was one of my most incredible professional development experiences in years!

Maureen/bcdtech: Loved meeting Cheryl Oakes!!

Kim Thomas: I agree, BYOL are always a big draw (the biggest?) and more should be included.

KarenJan: what was the controversy with the final keynote?

Beth, ON, Canada: Juxtaposition of first keynote (wisdom of crowds) vs. last session (power of one) was interesting....wonder if others caught the tension.

Kim Thomas: She made several people feel as if she was talking down to them...

chriswherley: do people tend to focus on specific ideas when they attend a big conference like NECC

Ann: Many sessions were closed 30-40 minutes before start time. Very disappointing!

lparren: I echo the weekend session; I spent too much money for it.

aterner: I agree Ann

Beth, ON, Canada: my paid session was fine

PeggyG: I participated in the Constructivist Celebration which was a 6-hour session on Sunday. It was fantastic!

john peters: The best "workshop" was free, Edubloggercon

Beth, ON, Canada: BYOL were VERY popular....that's why they were filled

mark miller: wisdom of crowds was just him retelling his book - nothing new

Janice Stearns: Cheers to Apple for not participating in the Exhibit hall

Kim Thomas: Sessions - I have attended NECC for several years so am better able to pick and choose workshops so my experiences were all positive

lparren: I blew it not going to edugblogger/consturctivist sessions.

Maureen/bcdtech: I agreed the CC on Sunday was good, but I needed more direct instruction and would have liked time on each program

Ann: Networking opportunities were fantastic- met some grea people from across the US to continue the conversation.

PeggyG: I appreciated the Surwiecki keynote because it framed the conversations for me.

aterner: SMART 101 and 202 was great

Maureen/bcdtech: Missed edublogger

Brenda: I only ran into one closed session--a spotlight session.

KarenJan: is there a way to make the text window larger?

Beth Still: The Moodle session I attended was not what I expected. Lots of lecture and very low level.

Bob Caro: most weekday wowrkshops required a 30 minute wait to get in

lizbdavis: @karenjan go up to Tools and choose a different window layout

Jared: I was a conference chair for the National Conference for Teachers of English in NYC and we had the same issue

PeggyG: I heard many people comment on the filled/closed sessions. I didn't experience that.

Rob: Always a challenge from the conference planners perspective of knowing what is gong to be "popular"

Valaina 1: maybe they should offer it twice

KarenJan: Thanks @lizbdavis - figured there had to be a way should have figured it out myself

Beth, ON, Canada: Suggestions....have more BYOL sessions...people want hands on

aterner: Tickets?

Dianne Anderson: Bigger rooms for the important sessions

mark miller: obvilously a lot of interest in advanced moodle

PeggyG: Wonder if NECC has a way of knowing what we're adding to our planners to help them anticipate large crowds in certain sessions?

Lee Kolbert: I agree that the back channel conversations were better, which makes me a little concerned because I'll be presenting at the ILC in October. I'm now more aware and rethinking my presentation ...

Maureen/bcdtech: How about signing up ahead of time??

lparren: The sessions in the Lila C. theatre were half empty

Lorraine: It would be great if all sessions were streamed so if someone could not attend live, they could still hear the session.

Kim Thomas: No matter how you handle the tickets for BYOL it would be a problem. Just add more....

Janice Stearns: Considering Backchannel is important

srenatee: certain 'names' attract larger crowds==those with big blog followings, etc.

Beth, ON, Canada: Can they extract data from people's planners? If so, that data could be used to allocate rooms

Beth Still: Possibly group presentations by thread. Moodle was all over the place!

john peters: Well there were some small rooms for some popular sessions

lizbdavis: Looking for suggestions for Edubloggercon East on Monday next week (July 14th)

PeggyG: When sessions were streamed we could participate from anywhere. I participated in Walls Came Down from the Blogger's Cafe.

Gailene: I heard that a lot of backchannel discussions were unrelated to the session. How much of that was true?

Dianne Anderson: The theatre was really large

aterner: What about live streaming for the people left out of the BYOL?

john peters: The Keynotes left a lot to be desired in my opnion

Lee Kolbert: I did not read his book, so I thought he was engaging

Maureen/bcdtech: Wisdom of crowds- had read book- so slept thru most of it

Lee Kolbert: I bought his book to read

PeggyG: I really liked Surwiecki's keynote.

Valaina 1: I liked the first one also

Kim Thomas: I agree, the streaming of the BYOL would be a great idea.

Beth, ON, Canada: I thought the end and beginning keynotes were in tension...but both have merit

chriswherley: not sure if chris lehman was keynote but there was a big buzz on his ustreamed session.

lparren: glad I hadn't read the book, since I heard it was the same. LIked the lecture. Saved me time

Dianne Anderson: Keynotes are just for making people feel good. There was very little new knowledge.

Beth, ON, Canada: the end keynote 'dissed' the idea of less important topics such as the weight of a cow.

mark miller: can they capture info when someone uses the advanced planner to guage interest in different sessions?

lparren: I can't agree with Dianne with the Idit closing

Maureen/bcdtech: Enjoyed the keynote on Tuesday

Lee Kolbert: Keynotes for spreading their message...

lizbdavis: I liked it the first keynote - I thought it was interesting. glad someone streamed it for us.

mrscaldwell0: As a virtual attender, what would you suggest as my best bets for catching up? Best links and resources?

Beth, ON, Canada: keynotes are good for setting big picture context

Lee Kolbert: What is the expectation of a keynote???

Valaina 1: Last keynote was way too long

Dianne Anderson: I missed the Tuesday keynote because my plane

lizbdavis: Very interested in the concept that it is better to disagree than to go for consesus.

Maureen/bcdtech: Missed the last keynote

Rob: Beginning keynote is already linked on iste web

PeggyG: NECC usually posts podcasts for keynotes.

lizbdavis: I saw an Apple link for that somewhere. but haven't checked it

mrsdurff: I thought the first keynote was not geared at the edublogosphere but at the majority present who are not inside the echo chanber

Jared: you have to be a member

Maureen/bcdtech: Liked last years keynotes better- funnier and more thought provoking

Jared: !

Jared: I liked the video quality

Beth, ON, Canada: I loved Dewitt Jones from two years San Diego. He was NOT a techie....but most inspirational

Kim Thomas: What is backchannel?

mrscaldwell0: I think we should be sharing the knowledge and not so concerned with recording

PeggyG: I also felt there were times that the backchannel influenced the focus of the session.

mrsdurff: i loved the backchannel but

mrsdurff: the conversation was not deep

lparren: backchannel added a lot to the whole day Sunday session I attended which had lots of down time for me in the morning

srenatee: amen...confusing

martinrob: Sometimes it seemed that backchannel guided the presentation too much

lizbdavis: It can get snarky

Bob Caro: I think that back channel chats during a presentation only works with a large panel, with one panelmember monitoring the backchannel

mrsdurff: that's me

srenatee: i, too, copy links and ignore much else.

PeggyG: Unrelated conversations sometimes changed the direction of the session

mrsdurff: liz

mark miller: is the backchannel captured anyplace?

chriswherley: do the speakers try to keep up with backchannel or is that delagated?

Lee Kolbert: How do you deal with the distraction, Steve?

Maureen/bcdtech: I think that all sessions should be saved in some way. Not everyone can attend

lizbdavis: People can be negative or sarcastic

mrsdurff: that's me liz

mrscaldwell0: It is the equivalent of passing notes during the presentation

Beth Still: My first experience w/backchannel. it was my "aha" moment. Very interesting and I can its potential.

PeggyG: There were many CoverItLive things recorded as well as Chatzy conversations

mrsdurff: yes

Bob Caro: ha - passing notes - true

JoseRodriguez: Chatzy?

lizbdavis: Some live blogging on Plurk too.

mrsdurff: chat rooms

Lee Kolbert: Which app works best for backchannel (free)?

jdebruyn: Steve is taking notes on a wiki page,

KarenJan: what were personal Aha moments for those who attended?

Beth, ON, Canada: Keynotes are for 'sponges' where we just soak up....sessions like this are where we squeeze out what happened. So...I like both.

Lorraine: Ustream

Rob: Keynotes linked here, some for ISTE members only -

mrscaldwell0: This may be a crazy question,but are the podcast recordings of sessions downloadable or just streamable?

aterner: Will this be transcript saved?

mrsdurff: i like the ustream for the backchannel

Beth Still: NECC 2008 Warp Up ready to go on NECC Ning

jdebruyn: Steve is taking notes on a wiki page that will be opened to comment after this session

Terry Freedman to PeggyG: hi Peggy. e says hi

lparren: is there any ONE place to follow all of the streams/wikis/nings. etc? Feeling overwhelmed

mrscaldwell0: lparren- same here!

Beth Still: Make sure you pick the "2008" NECC in case there are two. I tried to set one up 15 minutes ago and it would not work!

PeggyG: Hi Terry! Great to see you here. Hi to Elaine

mrsdurff: Conference Connections usually updates to iTunes with NECC things but takes a while

mrscaldwell0: Thanks mrsdurff

mrscaldwell0: sounds good kim

john peters: Beth is the link to the wrap up on the NECC2008 Ning page?

Terry Freedman: Greetings, everybody!

Janice Stearns: I had to resusbcribe to Conference Connections. Didn't think to wait for updates. There are a few there already.

mrsdurff: NECC mainpage has links to podcast & video on demand

Janice Stearns: Hi Terry.

PeggyG: I heard NECC Unplugged and Blogger's Cafe mentioned in almost every session I attended--very positive.

john peters: Peggy; it was a lot of fun and a lot of learning taking place

mrscaldwell0: Good point b/c I went last year and was totally overwhelmed. I like attending on my own time. I will try f2f next year

Terry Freedman: hi Steve

mrsdurff: is that a new ning?

Rob: To get to Ning NECC wrap up, you have to first be a member of NingNecc08, then click on groups.

Stacy Morford: Stacy: I couldn't make it to NECC. I'd love to hear specifics about great ideas you picked up on. Great projects, open source software you're itching to try, what did you take away from the conf?



john peters: I think a lot of us spent a lot of time in both

mrscaldwell0: Hmmm... should they devote some dedicated time just to f2f?

Lorii A: I wish I had more time in blogger's cafe too

Beth, ON, Canada: I htink you have to go to NECC and just soak up what have to go knowing that you can't fit everything in

mrsdurff: i read too many blog posts that reveal a me centeredness & not an other centerness

Lee Kolbert: I agree... not enough time in sessions but met some awesome people in Bloggers Cafe!

Maureen/bcdtech: I met a few of my Twitter friends, but really wanted to go to sessions too- not enuf time for both

mrsdurff: virtually was great

Beth Still: For me it was all about meeting the people i knew online. it made it for me! i could have missed all workshops and had a great conference!

mrsdurff: better? live streams links recorded in advance

Janice Stearns: I agree. What I could attend was great. Looking forwarded to recorded ustreams, etc.

mrsdurff: at least ten minutes

PeggyG: I thought Blogger's Cafe was an incredible experience and there were many more newbies there this year, actively participating, which was different from previous years. Excellent!

derrallg: I kept finding sessions full and would then return to the Blogger's Cafe

Lorraine: I appreciated the streaming very much. Sometimes I missed the updates on 'live sessions' and missed a few.

Beth, ON, Canada: I don't know which virtual things are most important. Ning? Bloggers Cafe etc.

Lesley Edwards: The quality varied, some was fantastic but others were too hard to hear, lots of background noise and visuals were blurry.

mrsdurff: hi derrall - you were great

PeggyG: Loved having the mentor tshirts for NECC Unplugged so people knew we were there to help.

Lee Kolbert: Felt like home at Bloggers Cafe. Didn't expect that at all.

derrallg: hi durff

mrsdurff: wonderfull

Lorraine: I thought it was great...

mrscaldwell0: Do you think they controversial disclaimer they made about recording made things more difficult for the virtual attender?

mrsdurff: to watch ustreams

chriswherley: ustream by wfryer of chris lehman was great

PeggyG: I used both ustream and Mogulus from the conference.

Beth, ON, Canada: I felt at home in Second Life...where people helped me in person and virtually

Jared: I was starting in a new school I was really excited to view and interact with the various ustreams, blogs and other live and recorded tools

derrallg: I played with Mogulus but stuck with Ustream

Rob: I thought ustreams were fine - got the visuals sometimes, but audio for sure...

martinrob: I really think that the only way to get it all in is to set up "non-compete" times with no sessions and to extend the sessions into the evenings. There is just TOO much to fit into a normal conference day

Janice Stearns: I agree that so far the presentation from Chris Lehmann is my favorite, so far

Bob Caro: I was in a "slow" workshop, and got a tweet from someone in a workshop that was being ustreamed, so I brought up a ustream window on my laptop, so I was in two workshops at once...

derrallg: It would be nice it there was a table, power outlet and ethernet ports for DIY streamers

Lee Kolbert: Who thought of NECC UnPlugged? GENIUS!!!

john peters: Janice, Chris Lehmann is an amazing speaker

Maureen/bcdtech: Is there a link to Chris Lehman's?

PeggyG: I tried to participate in a webcast of first day wrap up from my hotel room and the stream/audio was really poor--kept rebuffering and cutting out.

mrscaldwell0: martinrob- good point

mrsdurff: the NECC Unplugged I think should be a focus group for advanced users

mrsdurff: and the main conference for the majority

PeggyG: I think NECC Unplugged was a fantastic way for newbies to get started. I wouldn't want to see it for advanced users.

mrsdurff: they were this year too

Janice Stearns: Chris Lehmann's blog Second one down right now

Lee Kolbert: intimidated? really? I can't believe it

cshively: bloggers cafe was more "available" feeling this year

Beth Still: The bloggers in the cafe were very helpful and willing to help.


mrsdurff: and then some moved up to 3rd floor

Lorii A: I look forward to next f2f venues with smaller group and more conversations

PeggyG: Mentor shirt worked for me-helped several people get started and they had really beginner level kinds of questions.

Lee Kolbert: maybe I should have felt intimidated and didn't realize it

mrsdurff: which really made the sense of elitism worse

Beth Still: I am a newbie, but felt right at home in the blogger's cafe.

jdebruyn: any resources on unconferencing generally

john peters: Here is Chris Lehmann's website: heet://

Janice Stearns: That

cshively: There should be more than one area just like bloggers cafe was: central, welcoming. There was not enough room

mark miller: i was still intimidated at the blogger's cafe ...

lizbdavis: @mrsdurff I heard about that. What was that about?

Beth Still: i heard lots of talk about elitism, but i never felt that.

PeggyG: It's great to have the small group setting in NECC Unplugged to help people feel less intimidated.

Janice Stearns: That's the way I felt last year at NECC. Very welcomed.

Lee Kolbert: why? I'd really like to hear why people felt intimidated

mrsdurff: they sought a place to sit down i think liz

Ann: NECC unplugged was great. I should have spent more time there. I felt comfortable and met some of the presenters from sessions I had missed.

KarenJan: Anyone going to BLC? There will be an unconference on July 14 organized by @lizbdavis

cshively: We need "talk to me" ribbons for those who are trying BCafe the first time

Rob: The K12 Online conference is coming up in October -

Beth, ON, Canada: I completely missed NECC unplugged and am now wishing I had found time to get there.

PeggyG: A couple of times small groups stepped outside to the patio for their conversations

Lorii A: Lee you are so outgoing- no way you would feel intimidated

Lorraine: In the bloggers cafe, do people blog or discuss blogs?

Beth Still: Yes...ribbons are a great idea so we know who is new.

derrallg: yep

KarenJan: yes!

mrsdurff: yes

srenatee: yes

aterner: yes

Brenda: yes!

lizbdavis: yes

Gailene: y


Beth Still: moving way too fast

Ann: yes

rasinta: y

derrallg: can we make it bigger?

john peters: yes

Beth, ON, Canada: I am intimidated ALL the time....but force myself to choose to take a risk and join anyway. What's the worst that can happen?

martinrob: With the blogger's cafe I just kind of had to "barge in" and introduce myself. These types of events just don't lend themselves to shyness

Lorii A: chat fast and audio coming in and out

chriswherley: i changes view to wide layout

Bob Caro: I'm not even trying to read the chat - there are 57 attendees

KarenJan: make it bigger - go to view at toolbar

PeggyG: A mic is really important in these sessions. The session on the main floor lounge first morning was really hard to hear because of all of the traffic passing by. (Kristin Hokanson's copyright session)

Gailene: if not mentioned before, kristin hokanson's breakout session downstairs needed a microphone

Bob Caro: I will read it later - make sure that the recording is posted as soon as possible

chriswherley: View, Layout, wide layout

mark miller: a ribbon that said "I'm new" might help open the conversations

Gailene: thx peggy!

Beth, ON, Canada: yes.... NEW ribbon would be great, or a FIRST -TIMER ribbon

Ann: Glad to hear you'll have CUE unplugged. That's one of my favorite conferences!

PeggyG: Smile, Gailene... we're on the same wavelength

Maureen/bcdtech: I'm going to BLC unconference!

jdebruyn: could be dot on badge

john peters: Well, we are getting teachers invloved in blogging and Web 2.0 applications and that is great

derrallg: @karenJan, @ Chris whereley got it thanks

sheila: Or "Talk to me" on the mentors

mrsdurff: why would you want to stick out as new?

Terry Freedman: that bidea was found not to work in the uk

cshively: don't segragate the newbies- just give ribbons

Rob: Why is that important?

Gailene: it was unfortunate that her session was timed against the opening of the Exhibit Hall

PeggyG: There was a Ning group for Newbies. It would have been great if they had a special button

Bob Caro: I'm a noob, and I just wandered around a bit

mrscaldwell0: As someone who struggled attending last year, that is good thoguht

Lee Kolbert: re: newbies... wouldn't that be more intimidating?

Beth, ON, Canada: people were super friendly once they realized I was new

Beth Still: need to have a way to mark area of greatest interest. Mine is moodle.

lparren: i like the "i"m new" button. I"m not new to the conference, but did feel intimidated, too.

Terry Freedman: i am not on mic

KarenJan: @derallg - then adjust the size of the chat window

mrsdurff: I don't like the idea of segregating newbs

Kelly C: maybe people would like to stick out so that others will approach them

martinrob: Newbie has a negative connotation. I like the idea of "talk to me" on the leaders badges more

chriswherley: also View, Layout Locked will allow to close participant windows etc.

mrsdurff: It was wonderful

Beth, ON, Canada: OK...Talk to me is a good option

Terry Freedman: we looked at that soprt of thing, but were worried that people would feel singled out in a sense

Lorii A: they have first time NECC ribbons

Lee Kolbert: How about a button that says, "I have something to say?"

Bob Caro: "talk to me" - much better

Lorii A: lost sound again

john peters: Web 2.0 Smackdown was Great!

mrsdurff: Steve you did a wonderful job!

cshively: stop apologizing, steve

lizbdavis: Why is that your full responsibility Steve?

Lee Kolbert: rather than "talk to me"

lparren: I'm only sorry I missed it. Sounded fantastic.

cshively: You do an amaziing job

Beth, ON, Canada: Make NEW ribbons optional....some folks will like it.

srenatee: i would have been totally lost w/o ur direction

Jason: don't be hard on yourself steve... a lot of the vocal critics were not very productive

chriswherley: who participated in smackdown

Janice Stearns: You are wonderful for taking on such a responsibility. You should have more help next year!

mrsdurff: I am unsettled with the attitudes of others

lizbdavis: I disagree - this was and should have been a collaborative effort.

KarenJan: Steve - we are always learning from our mistakes, don't worry about it

Gailene: exactly KarenJan

derrallg: perfect now I can see better

PeggyG: I loved ebc! It was my first year and it was great to have conversations with both "veterans" and relative beginners.

Rob: The more people you have, the more diversity of opinions/thoughts you will have.

Beth, ON, Canada: I LOVE the risks that you and others empowers me.

mrsdurff: you are NOT at fault Steve

lparren: Wes Fryeres blog on educon and publisher was good, I thought

john peters: Well as the disussion went on Saturday Afternoon, what will Pearson be doing with the raw video?

cshively: blog post re "other hats" attendees wear

Lorii A: I wish those who reacted would have talked to you and others before blogging negatively

mrsdurff: yes lori

Gailene: the Pearson thing should be used as an opportunity to learn how to make it a more equitable experience for the Educators nextyear

Beth, ON, Canada: maybe the negative folks need blog-ettiquette lessons

Gailene: agreed lorrii

Terry Freedman: u have to try things, Steve

mrsdurff: many acted like self-centered children

Bob Caro: @Lori - I agree - I've heard lots of negatiove, without really understanding what actually happened

Beth, ON, Canada: self-centeredness is a function of human nature, not blogs

cshively: blogging can be like passing notes about your classmates

lparren: is the smackdown list available anywhere?

Beth, ON, Canada: so...I think Steve did an awesome job

Rob: Pearson is a good company and I think their intentions are good, but any publisher can always be taken the wrong way.

KarenJan: Steve - sorry to read that you felt alone at a conference of 13,000 educators

mrsdurff: yes beth but let us grow up

PeggyG: I loved the panel opportunities in EBC-many voices and perspectives could be included. The Teacher Education conversation was very interesting.

Jacqui: This is a testament to educating people on HOW to provide constructive feedback without being unkind...this is a whole new way of communicating for us and our students.

mrscaldwell0: good point jacqui

Gailene: Smackdown links here:

Camilla Gagliolo: I think what we want to do is make sure that newbies do feel invited and included. It is somewhat intimidating when you are new in this situation

lizbdavis: It does feel like there are some cliques in this edublogger crowd. Some politics going on that I don't know the back story on?

cshively: I think more people feel alone at NECC than many realiz

Louise Maine: As a person who did not attend, I did not like all the negativity about edubloggercon

PeggyG: Agree Liz

Lorii A: Those who felt that the sessions were too structured had the choice to make their own chats - Steve said that at the very beginning

KarenJan: What can we learn for the EBC East next week?

cshively: Use a huge room with no furniture: SIT ON FLOOR

mrsdurff: is membership in the edublogosphere about recognition or is it about dissemination?

Camilla Gagliolo: we are thinking of getting a much larger blogger's cafe area next year

KarenJan: floors are uncomfortable to me

mrscaldwell0: I chose to attend Constructing Modern Knowledge (Gary Stager conf) this year for a new more intimate setting. It is the first year, so I may be disappointed

cshively: Thanks, Rob. It's a tough thing to mix roles; many educators also wear second hats

Bob Caro: Rob - I agree that some people like "hating" big companies like publishers

PeggyG: @Karenjan-The way Steve organized the voting the morning of EBC made it go really smoothly. It may have needed a little more time since some people had problems getting all of their votes in before we moved on.

Gailene: the main room for EBC was so big, we could have broken out in four tracks in the four corners

Beth Still: Cafe must be larger. Possibly surrounded by clear (acrylic) walls to keep down traffic noise.

KarenJan: @mrscaldwell - i'll be at CMK also - we are on the cutting edge by attending the 1st one ever!

Camilla Gagliolo: it was clearly the most attended lounge area

Gailene: just arranged the chairs in circles there

cshively: ON room config: empty room and folding camp chairs

Lorii A: wish I didn't keep losing the audio

mrsdurff: acting like children Bob in my opinion is not appropriate

PeggyG: Maybe we should say just vote for 5 sessions or something like that.

mrscaldwell0: Yeah Karenjan... I thought I was the lone member

john peters: The online voting on the agenda was difficult with the difficulties we were having with some conectivitey issues

PeggyG: Space is a really important consideration.

aterner: next time I'll go to Bloggers Cafe! Missed it

Gailene: I liked the online voting - just that half of us couldn't get the wireless to work right away

mrsdurff: it was wondeful steve

derrallg: Great day of messy learning

Bob Caro: I was there, and I have to ask - was the BLogger's Cafe for bloggers to blog about their conference experiences, or was it for existing bloggers tomeet each other face to face?

Valaina 1: It was my first time and I really enjoyed it

lparren: what IS edubloggercon?

Rob: Always a challenge in any conference to have a balance between the formal and informal events.

cshively: @Bob Caro both

Lorii A: OK thanks Steve - did hear that

mrsdurff: tell lparren what it is steve

PeggyG: There was some discussion about whether people preferred single person presentations vs panel discussions. I found value in both.

Lorii A: could be my internet

john peters: @Bob Caro, I think a little of both

Bob Caro: Thanks - I tried to blog a short review at the end of each of my workshops

mark miller: is there always an edubloggercon before necc?

chriswherley: was there a diigo group for necc

Rob: A little ruffled feathers causes growth.

PeggyG: Edubloggercon is an unconference before the conference-very democratic experience

KarenJan: hopefully people left NECC 2008 with new ideas for best practices to improve learning in their classrooms

Bob Caro: I couldn't keep up with the time, and I still have some to write

PeggyG: Yes there was a negg Diigo group

mrsdurff: sandpaper rubs us to grow

Valaina 1: I hope you do it next year before NECC 2009 in DC

derrallg: Seems so long ago

john peters: @Bob Caro, same here, but I just did a running blog for each day

lizbdavis: I think that some people had previous negative associations with Pearson - b4 NECC.

Beth, ON, Canada: I don't mind vendor participation....they do help defray costs

lparren: can you do it on Sunday only next year?

Gailene: Seems many folks walked away very happy with being able to network and meet their colleagues f2f

mrsdurff: we could stay outside the city

Beth, ON, Canada: vendor participation, if done well, can be a win/win for all

PeggyG: It was fun taking the group picture to capture the event

Gailene: could it be longer next year? all day sat and half sunday?

Camilla Gagliolo: lots of events on Sunday

lparren: i wish I had missed my sunday event!

Maureen/bcdtech: Meet at the airport

john peters: Hey guys, it has been fun, Steve, thanks for hosting this today.

KarenJan: What were the big takeaways for improving student learning?

lizbdavis: Ewan suggests there should be beer at edubloggercon.

PeggyG: Everyone should take time to view all of the photos on the Ning. They really capture lots of great things!

mrsdurff: It was the hub

Beth, ON, Canada: NECC for me is like a fire hose experience...and I go knowing that. Now it's time for the intravenous drip...slow learning over the next few months starting with this conversation

PeggyG: The Ning network was invaluable for me!

tjop: It was my first time...overwhelming, but great!

Valaina 1: I liked the Ning. Gave good information

Lee Kolbert: AWESOME!!!!!

mrsdurff: esp when twitter went down

Gailene: great resource for getting to know folks beforehand

aterner: I agree

lparren: I never used it; relied on Twitter too much, I think. I wasn't sure how to use it

Maureen/bcdtech: Really only starting to use it now...too busy before and during the conference

buffyjhamilton: I loved it---I could not attend in person, but the Ning helped me feel in the loop, and I got lots of great info.

Lee Kolbert: Gave me access to so much I didn't know was out there

Gailene: definitely lots of great info

PeggyG: Ning groups allowed me to get lots of information prior to the conference and I felt really prepared for NECC because of info shared.

Lorraine: It helped me to feel a aprt of the conference when connecting remotely.

BrookeR: i agree with buffy - I wasn't there either but I could stay in the loop!

Beth Still: The Ning made the conference for me. It allowed me to have a very rich experience.

martinrob: Wasn't sure "how" to use it at first, but then relied on it heavily once I got into it.

mrsdurff: i intentionally friended now NECC members

Ann: The Ning network was great!

lizbdavis: Maybe we need a Ning for BLC

Valaina 1: Used it before but not during

Janice Stearns: I enjoyed joining the groups to find different perspectives

mrsdurff: new

Valaina 1: too crazy then

buffyjhamilton: The Ning network should be a keeper!

Lorii A: Great networking on Ning

KarenJan: @lizbdavis - yes let's create it

Gailene: great addition to coordinating and communicating

Janice Stearns: Found Moodle free book

PeggyG: I got my taxi ride through Ning on the last day. Worked perfectly and saved money Also met an awesome educator I didn't know before

LarryAnderson: It helped stimulate contacts within a particular state.

mrsdurff: we should all seek out "newbies" and friend them, read their work, comnment, encourage

LarryAnderson: Yes

Bob Caro: Iwould like to see pre-discussions (before NECC) by presenters, so people can be sure that they will be in a productive workshop

mrscaldwell0: Maybe a "how to" section on Ning to help newbies understand the potential of it.

Beth, ON, Canada: Didn't use NING....still not sure how to sort out what's what....ning, blogs, etc

Gailene: great idea Bob

lizbdavis: I never have really understood the purpose of friends on Ning - since they really don't affect the interactions at all.

Valaina 1: I would have liked to have known more info about Bloggers Cafe and Unconference before I went

Jacqui: I love the connected and unified. It also provided structure to what sometimes seems like an ovewhelming amount of information coming at you.

Beth, ON, Canada: I don't know how to sort out all my social networks...Facebook, Ning, etc.

Lee Kolbert: I felt a part of bringing people together when I created a discussion and over 100 people responded!

Valaina 1: I didn't do them as I didn't know too much about them

mrsdurff: really?

Beth Still: good idea...more prfessional sounding.

Beth, ON, Canada: Yes...use the word colleauges in NING....

Lorii A: @Peggy - it was so fun talking to you in the cab and the airport

LarryAnderson: Ning really helped my sessions, because I got comments from people who were not at NECC!! Great!

Bob Caro: more professional

PeggyG: I participated in several advance discussion wikis and got some great resources prior to the sessions. The SIGTE forum invited sharing resources on assessment in advance and Terry jumped in to share his stuff.

mrsdurff: i didn't know that steve

PeggyG: Yes, Lori!!!!

Valaina 1: I love the one about what tech things to bring with

Rob: With a specific purpose on short term or long term, Ning works well

Dianne Anderson: It helped me to plan my session

Beth, ON, Canada: social networking is our future....and I like doing it because it's my back door way of understanding what my students do.

mrsdurff: or maybe 'contacts'?

Janice Stearns: I like colleagues

Chad Lehman to Lee Kolbert: Good morning Lee

tjop: I didn't use the ning...I am still so new to this...but as the year goes on I hope to use it a lot, and next year, I can't afford to go all the way to washington, so hope to "attend" as much as possible online.

Beth, ON, Canada: Steve....I need a day or more to just collect a list of new vocabulary words that I learned...

LarryAnderson: "One Stop Shopping" is a great idea, Steve!

mrsdurff: it will take longer than one day

PeggyG: I relied on my Pageflakes site to quickly find things that had been updated. Thanks Durff! Big help!

lparren: thnks, steve, that is exactly what i need. Can you view the vidoes without streaming?

Lee Kolbert to Chad Lehman: Hi Chad!!

Jacqui: Love PageFlakes, PeggyG.

Beth, ON, Canada: stop place, please...and THANK YOU

LarryAnderson: I believe your idea, Steve, will help get people thinking already about coming to DC.

Janice Stearns: That's what I'll be doing this summer.

PeggyG: We could fill an ipod with podcasts from NECC

Rob: Podcasts - Apple Learning Interchange - "Conference Connections" in iTunes.

Bob Caro: @Steve - have people join the CRm20 Diigo group and post the links there


Dianne Anderson: I love summize

Lorii A: ebc2008

Ann: @Peggy I'll contact you about mentoring me regarding PageFlakes

Gailene: Are there other ways to promote the Ning network for '09?

PeggyG: Should we add our Pageflakes and Netvibes pages on the wiki?

Chad Lehman: My only experience with Summize was in the Bloggers Cafe

Bob Caro: http:/

Maureen/bcdtech: please Peggy!

PeggyG: @Ann-happy to help you with Pageflakes!

Gailene: WOM brigns a lot of traffic, but are there other ways to make it known to folks who don't normally follow the blogs?

mrsdurff: FlickrCC ?

Valaina 1: where will these links be?

mrsdurff: or Flickstorm ?

Gailene: word of mouth

Bob Caro:

Lee Kolbert: YOu can create a Flickr badge with just the NECC2008 group flickr photos

mrscaldwell0: pingfm?

mrsdurff: searching flickr photos

Gailene: there were a lot of folks coming up to the blogger's cafe who didn't know about it and wanted to hear more

derrallg: @durff I don't think Flickr defaults to a CC license

Rob: And, YouTube

Gailene: cc=creative commons

Lee Kolbert: It's embeddable code

PeggyG: There is a link for Flickr NECC photos if people tagged them-lots of pics there

mrsdurff: there is a site derrall called flickrCC

mrsdurff: works really well

Lorii A: cliotech

LarryAnderson: I liked the whole idea of LIVE Blogging.

elizabethholmes: Thanks, KarenJan: I repeat: What were the big takeaways for improving student learning?

srenatee: joyce valenza

Gailene: mrsdurff:

Gailene: that what you are referring to?

tjop: cool cat...idea of behaving yourself online

Lorii A: coolcatteacher has lots of live blogs

mrsdurff: any way to aggregate the reflection posts?

Bob Caro: wes fryer -

Bob Caro:

PeggyG: Didn't read many blogs during NECC but participated in a number of Chatzy and CoverItLive chats along with sessions.

Rob: Joyce Valenza blog -

srenatee: lol.

Lorii A: she's superhuman

Beth Still: Cory Plough...The Next Step---Summed up the experience of so many people.

Janice Stearns:

mrsdurff: she types fast

LarryAnderson: Vicki eats dynamite for breakfast!

Gailene: amazing energy

JoseRodriguez: KevinJ

PeggyG: Vicki is amazing that she can keep up with so many things and LEAD them!

mrscaldwell0: She is also a mom... how?????

derrallg: no here posts are also well organized

Jacqui: One of our teachers created this blog...very insightful feedback about NECC:

tjop: she is blessed with an enthusiastic spirit

Stacy Morford: aggregating reflection posts would be helpful, as MrsDurff points out.

Beth Still: Let me try that again..


PeggyG: Many of the reflection posts are coming through on Twitter-read a number yesterday

mrsdurff: could rss on the wiki draw those posts in via tags?

Lorii A: and now lots of plurking going on

LarryAnderson: Lucy Gray was our backchannel goddess..and it really helped!

Lorii A: teach42 live blogged in plurk

mrsdurff: Google Blog Search worth it?

derrallg: This is so much data I wish we could sift and then post for the best/most useful

Lorii A: plurk saved as threads

PeggyG: appreciated Miguel's blog post about his higher ed blogging interview during NECC -

mrscaldwell0: plurk vs. twitter???

bmuench: you could post the plurck page

mrsdurff: i like summize to search for 'necc'

Lorii A: like the way plurk threads the conversations

Maureen/bcdtech: saw Alan November for the 1st time- really enjoyed it

tjop: never heard of summize...learning something every day from you folks!

Lee Kolbert: Here's a plurk page

mrscaldwell0: by the way, thanks Steve for making this Wiki my new favorite resource for the rest of the summer

Jacqui: Alan November is a visionary, IMHO,

LarryAnderson: As time goes on, summizing for "necc" might bring up multiple years.

mrsdurff: i found some ustreams that were recorded had no sound

PeggyG: There were many spontaneous, recorded interviews occuring and that is amazing to me. I got to participate in a videotaped interview with Miguel Guhlin re Diigo. Fantastic experience-highlight for me.

mrsdurff: i think it was the wifi

LarryAnderson: Maybe we should code our tweets with #necc09...or such.

lizbdavis: I liked this post by David Warlick

Maureen/bcdtech: Kevin posted a bunch of interviews

PeggyG: @mrsdurff-found the problem with a few ustreams not loading-wonder if it's just a temporary problem-overload??

mrsdurff: i hope so

Janice Stearns: Liked dshareski's latest refletion:

chriswherley: how bout delicious or diigo tags or lists?

bmuench: ginger lewman live blogged Ian Jukes's session here

mrsdurff: it could be ustream too

mrscaldwell0: Gotta go, thanks again. i cannot wait to check out the wiki

LarryAnderson: The most impressive thing to me about NECC this year was the TECH MATURITY of audience. Good example: the verbiage of this very chat!

Rob: Yes, there are additional recorded sessions on iste member section.

PeggyG: Shareski's post NECC blog was really interesting -

lparren: waht did people think of Idit's clsoing session?

Kim Thomas: Toooo long

PeggyG: Let's keep going

lparren: some interesting ideas, but I was too tired to take it in

Beth, ON, Canada: Just we need to talk about the social implications of the SPEED of wikis, blogs, nings, etc...what does this do to us as humans? for our f2f relationships?

mrsdurff: i thought the closing keynote in SL was great

Bob Caro: I'd like to keep going...

Lee Kolbert: How will these experiences change the way future conferences are run??

mrsdurff: i wish more sessions were in SL

Beth Still: Keep going. I think we are all learning new things.

bmuench: another live=blog=plurk on Innovative project based learning

Lorii A: went well for my session

PeggyG: I enjoyed the presentations and discussions around the award-winning research projects.

LarryAnderson: I'd love to hear reflections/comments of First-Timers vs. Veterans (10+ years)

Barry Pace: I think the exhibits got in the way of the conference this year for some folks.

Beth, ON, Canada: second life...was most interesting, but even more fun when I met a docent in person...and he helped me find my way onto the ISTE island.

Bob Caro: I don't see the use of SL in k12, since adults aren't allowed at all in Teen SL, not even a teacher

mrscaldwell0 to KarenJan: Can you send me your email or profile info in Crm2.0.? I would love to talk with you about CMK

Maureen/bcdtech: @Durff- Never been to SL- old video card...I know I miss out on things

PeggyG: I had one great experience in Second Life and got to see a fantastic wiki where a person in higher ed was using it for his courses.

mark miller: i could never get close to the second life docents; the place was always full. I guess that means great success.

Peggy 1: I enjoyed the emerging technologies presented on Wednesday

Beth, ON, Canada: the person who helped me is a nursing professor and he teaches most of his anatomy and physiology courses totally in Second Life!!!

peggy sheehy: Bob - You need to go to my blog

derrallg: I walked on the exhibit floor to see Voicethread guys

Brenda: Peggy Sheehy had a great session: From Good Intentions to Best Practices--on using Second Life in the MS classroom

Rob: NECC has become the leader in how to allow others participate from afar. This NECC was a good model of how to do it. They need to realize it only adds value to participate from a distance, even though we are non-paying. This validates many of the principles of Wikinomics and World is Flat. Keep doing what you're doing NECC!

PeggyG: Beth-that's the one! He was incredible!

aterner: I went to the Exhibit Hall when I couldn't get into several BYOL

Peggy 1: I would have like to see them grouped by what they had to offer

tjop: I learned a lot on the exhibit floor as well, but I wish I had more time to do everything

Beth Still: Only made it to the exhibit floor for a few minutes on Wednesday.

mrsdurff: @Maureen i bought a new video card because of SL

Maureen/bcdtech: I spent 30 minutes- learned last year that I took home free samples that are still in a bag

Ann: It was fun watching "newbies" get one-one help with second life

Jacqui: I think Second Life has HUGE potential for learning at our school, but can't seem to get buy-in from teachers.

Barry Pace: There may need to be an exhibit pre-conference session.

Lorii A: live plog of PLN and SL sessioln

sylviamartinez: hi all!

PeggyG: I didn't even go into the Exhibit Hall--too much walking for me.

mrsdurff: Asus?

tjop: I have an ASUS EE

mark miller: I was surprised the number of vendors that participated given the costs these days.

derrallg: hi Sylvia

lizbdavis: Any good exhibit hall swag?

Beth Still: I'd love to see the hours of the exhibit floor extended. Maybe 7am to 8pm?

Lee Kolbert: I'd like to hear from others who are presenting in other conferences soon. Are you rethinking your presentation in light of your experiences at NECC?

Bob Caro: I saw a lot of EEE's, but only if you go to a lot of conferences

Maureen/bcdtech: @Durff- worth it??

Debb: I ordered Asus before I left - for necc

lparren: is there anything teachers won't do for a free t-shirt?

Beth, ON, Canada: I think we could maybe have a BEST BOOTH contest...and beleive it or not I would vote for Turning Technologies. They modelled engagement...did not talk AT us, but rather used drama, comedy, and fun to share their message in 10 minutes flat.

Kim Thomas: We are looking to pilot the HP One Note this year in a classroom

peggy sheehy: Also U streamed Digital Storytelling in SL -

tjop: yes, more hours on the exhibit

lizbdavis: @tjop do you like it? Is it Linux or Windows?

Barbara: I used an ASUS throughout. Loved it!

Barry Pace: Maybe for tech directors and such. Ask them to setup a day earlier.

mark miller: ia gree with extending the hours -- never enough time

mrsdurff: peggy where is the archive?

Camilla Gagliolo: we'll bring that back to NECC program

Bob Caro: PLEASE extend the hours of the exhibit floor

Peggy 1: Some exhibitors would talk to people about random things after they gave their presentation on their product

Barbara: Wasn't slow at all

Janice Stearns: I don't like exhibit halls. Don't find them useful except for the free tshirts

sylviamartinez: ok - but wait, lots of people are saying they didn't go at all. why extend

bmuench: at my music conference they have 2 hours each day where NO sessions are scheduled that way you can get to the exhibits

tjop: it is slow...wouldn't work for someone like you, I don't think

lparren: i agree that the exhibit hall needs to be open more hours\

PeggyG: I thought Lucy Gray's idea for a NECC scavenger hunt was great and forgot to check back on it. That's a great way to encourage people to expand their social networks and meet/converse with people they don't know.

Kim Thomas: Agree on the exhibit hours - miss sessions to see what is on the floor..

Barry Pace: I think the 9 hour battery life of the newest ASUS will be a plus, although I like the looks of the HP 2133.

Lee Kolbert: Vendors are not even finding value in exhibiting

Beth Still: Maybe combine some of the BOF sessions in the evening w/longer exhibit hours. Great opportunity to socialize and talk to those people whom we just can't catch up with during the day/sessions.

peggy sheehy: don't go because there isn't enough time - otherwise would go

Beth, ON, Canada: I used the scavenger hunt tasks to help guide me around the exhibit floor...saw the entire thing

sylviamartinez: so people are saying they shouldn't overlap sessions as much

John: Apple is a good example of vendors not on the vendor floor.

Lee Kolbert: I think we are going to see a shift in vendor halls

tjop: were there sessions that were repeated?

lparren: was google there?

Janice Stearns: Hope so

Gailene: some events hold special hours for exhibit halls so attendees don't miss sessions

Jacqui: There were moments when the conference just seemed like chaos...many times I found myself avoiding the crowds.

mark miller: Went to the exhibit hall every time I got locked out of the session I had hoped to attend

Barry Pace: Make the exhibit hall open 24/7 during the conference

Kim Thomas: I have to visit the vendors....part of my job. That is why I am so happy to see all the podcasts of presentations.

Debb: I have not had a problem with my Asus to this point except for crashing out of WOW2, but that happened when I went to other sites while listening to WOW

Camilla Gagliolo: no repeat sessions at NECC

Lee Kolbert: too expensive for vendors and decision makers not walking the floors

Bob Caro: just open the exhibit floors earlier - I'll skip breakfast

Gailene: 24/7 is a big expense for vendors

tjop: love that idea, barry, don't know how the exhibitors would feel!

sylviamartinez: in my experience, exbhiit hours that aren't parraell to sessions are empty

PeggyG: You just have to accept that you can't do everything you want to do and "be there" for what you choose. I benefited from every single experience I had

Beth, ON, Canada: The exhibitors have to have a win/win out of the hall....and many of them were tired by the end

mrsdurff: XO?

sheila: If not able to get in to a session, glad to have posters or vendors. But had to leave early to get to next session.

Barry Pace: I still don't like the keyboard config on the XO at all.

Kim Thomas: Looked at the ASUS, preferred the HP

tjop: lady next to me in a session had a new HP...I think it (HP) is better

sylviamartinez: i was shocke there were so many closed sessions

lizbdavis: I have an XO and i'm not happy with the browser at all.

Beth, ON, Canada: We will have to find a way to respect the fact that vendors pay to get a has to work for them as well as us

sylviamartinez: NEVER seen that before at NECC

PeggyG: Having a backup battery and an outlet to go saved me many times!

Bob Caro: maybe the exhibitors could take a cue from us, and create a common online presence for the conference

Valaina 1: I wanted one that I could use to do SL but couldn't find one

lparren: i chose posters over vendors

Barry Pace: HP 2133 is supposed to be 92% of a reg keyboard.

sylviamartinez: yeah. will do. it surprised me.

mrsdurff: they should not

Janice Stearns: Good strategy to choose posters = focus on student learning

tjop: oh, why long as they identify as such

PeggyG: Without the "outlet to go" I couldn't have made it through the day at the Constructivist Celebration.

Barry Pace: Ning should be open.

mrsdurff: they are commercial

Jacqui: The closed sessions were a big problem for our group of 7 visitors from our school. Even if you got there 15-20 minutes early, it was still closed. A bit frustrating, but maybe good information for planners going into next year.

sylviamartinez: i think you have to take it one case at a time

Bob Caro: I think they should be allowed to comment, but not "advertise" as strongly

Kim Thomas: This is the first year I took time for the poster sessions - many were great. But, it presents yet another thing to try to fit into a packed schedule.

Beth Still: No. They should not participate. It is a place for us to network.

mrsdurff: ah - that is a diff steve

Maureen/bcdtech: As long as I know it's a vendor, I like to know what the resources are

Bob Caro: address individual questions

Jared: I don't really think it is a problem...they should be involved..they know what is going on around the country

Barbara: They need to identify that they are vendors

mark miller: vendors are fine with me..anything that makes it better; I just dont' want product plugs.

lizbdavis: OK - My kids are losing it. Have to go. Bye everyone. Thanks.

Beth, ON, Canada: I like to see the vendors

peggy sheehy: Bye Liz!

sylviamartinez: by liz

lynne bailey: i think they should be allowed to participate, and be identified as a vendor

Lee Kolbert: I posted that and I still agree

derrallg: bye liz

Janice Stearns: Bye liz

mrsdurff: maybe a ning group just for vendors?

Jason: where do you draw the line? i have been dooped by sessions that were basically advertisements... what role do they have in conferences?

lizbdavis: I am still looking for advice for our Edubloggeron East.

Ann: I enjoyed the constructivist consortium vendors.

sylviamartinez: take pity on us west coasters. it's early here!

Jacqui: I really think too much vendor "plugging" does devalue the experience for us educators.

Barry Pace: The vendors should be a part of the solution definitely.

mrsdurff: ustream it liz

PeggyG: There are "vendors" who do an awesome job of networking and participating in the sessions and conversations. Gailene is a great example (Yahoo)

Beth Still: OK---like the idea for special group for vendors.

Bob Caro: just like students, give them a chance, and kick them if it gets out of hand

Lee Kolbert: teachers will want to chat with product related vendors and we need not bite the hand that feeds us

KarenJan: @lizbdavis - i'm working on a ning

Bob Caro: rules and consequences

sylviamartinez: and who is a vendor?

Kim Thomas: The descriptions noted that there was vendor content so I had no problem with this...

Janice Friesen: We do need vendors and they need us.

Beth, ON, Canada: I think we need vendors....unless we all want to pay LOTS more for a conference.

sylviamartinez: anyone who sells anything? including books or consulting services?

Lee Kolbert: @beth exactly!

Jacqui: Some sessions were all about "selling" which was not the expecatation for those attending, so there was a disconnect for some.

Bob Caro: true - is the developer of open source sw still a vendor?

sylviamartinez: i'm a vendor

Gailene: good question, sylvia.

sylviamartinez: we even had a booth

Gailene: i definitely heard a lot of "check out my blog/site for more info"

mrsdurff: no sylvia you are an individual

Janice Stearns: Good point Sylvia

Janice Friesen: Not everything can be free.

Lee Kolbert: full disclosure is all we can ask

Gailene: it's hard to define it

Peggy 1: This was my first time to attend an NECC conference. Overall, I was extremely satisfied with workshops I attended and exhibits. I met alot of extremely friendly and helpful people. Got to go...Bye

Beth, ON, Canada: As long as we know where the commercial content is I am fine with vendors....I learned quite a bit, actually, from them

sylviamartinez: i try!

Maureen/bcdtech: Bye Peggy

Jacqui: I agree about the need for vendors...but wonder if there needs to be a better balance.

PeggyG: I valued hearing about the books/materials we could purchase and loved the discounts provided for NECC attendees. Getting ready to order the Fablevision software-

sylviamartinez: lots of lots of fabulous vendors

LarryAnderson: Many of the venders were "us" at one time!

Janice Stearns: Me too

Gailene: agree steve!

Bob Caro: I left NECC excited and scared - I'm the tip of the spear in my district

Jason: weareteachers was awful at seattle this year: put on a web 2.0 session and then talked about their marketplace product for an hour

Barry Pace: Good example is Lynell Burmark working with Epson now.

mrsdurff: July 11

sylviamartinez: july 11?

Janice Stearns: July 11?

derrallg: July 11 i think

Bob Caro: I have to try to break us out of the bubble that the site blocking software has created

peggy sheehy: iPhone LOL July 11

Lee Kolbert: I'm excited about k12online!

Beth Still: @bob. Check in with me in the Ning. I am on the cutting edge in my district, too. Would love to know what you are doing.

mrsdurff: July 11

Bob Caro: they extended the deadline to July 12

Lee Kolbert: I volunteered to help!

Barry Pace: K12online is definitely more relaxed.

Maureen/bcdtech: k12 online was an real eyeopener for me- still use the resources for PD

Bob Caro: because of NECC keeping everyone so busy

Beth, ON, Canada: Vendors need to know how to 'market' to us in an engaged way. Again, the Turning Point booth (the one with the clickers) wins the prize for quick info that caught my attention. They had two actors do a ten-minute comedy drama....

PeggyG: Great blog post by Caroline Foote re ways to promote k12online conference

Kim Thomas: Thanks for making my first Elluminate session very interesting! Learned lots here. Excited about sharing with the teachers in my district. Bye from sunny (hot!) AZ.

Lee Kolbert: PeggyC, can you post a link to that?

Jacqui: Bob, interesting word "scared"...I felt the same way actually...that I was not doing enough for my district based on what I saw and heard.

Gailene: yep - july 11

Maureen/bcdtech: I wish k12 online could be an ongoing thing- not just in Oct


Beth, ON, Canada: People everywhere, even presenters, talk about engagement, but then just talk AT us.

bmuench: @maureen but dealines help get things done

sylviamartinez: i think it's just too much work for the conveners

Janice Stearns:

Bob Caro: I say "scared" because I believe so strongly in the things I've learned, that I MUST bring it up to people above me. Will they be open to the ideas, or not?

Barry Pace: ISTE needs to give away at least one webinar with a membership payment.

PeggyG: k12online is ongoing--can still access previous year sessions--just not live but archived recordings

Beth, ON, Canada: there space on the end of your spear? I'm sort of in the same position.

tjop: yes, ISTE is very expensive

Barbara: I agree about the webinar giveaway

sylviamartinez: bob - that's the beauty of the network, you don't have to feel alone

PeggyG: @Barry Pace-I agree about webinars. I attend all of the free ones but none of the paid ones--too expensive

Maureen/bcdtech: I use classroom 2.0 as well. I just love having resources from real teachers that I can point to when doing PD for my teachers

Barry Pace: I think would get more interest in paid webinars if they did.

KarenJan: @Bob & @beth - you have to go for it! it's the only way to achieve it

Jacqui: Bob, yes, I agree. I think buy-in has been an issue in my district. It's difficult to see the great potential and know what you might be up against...but the possibilities are still very exciting...agreed.

mrsdurff: at friend's and lunch is served - this has been great - bye all!

Bob Caro: I'm starting a new "Tip of the Spear" blog at edublogs, so that my story will be told (after they have to fire me)

Beth Still to Bob Caro: @bob I've found admin. to be open to ideas as long as they are solid.

PeggyG: Bye Durff

sylviamartinez: bye durff

derrallg: bye durff

Beth, ON, Canada: Bob....please send the end of spear link.

Lee Kolbert: Thank you very much, Steve! This was Awesome!!

Jacqui: Thanks, all. I am dropping off, but greatly apprecatiate all of the work, collaboration you all do! Many thanks.

Bob Caro: That is my challenge - to "get my ducks in a row" before bringing it up

Brenda: bye, it's been very informative!

srenatee: enjoyed all. great resources that i will use to review later.

LarryAnderson: Have you heard any reactions from Admins who were 1st time NECC attendees?

Maureen/bcdtech: I went to one ISTE webinar- too $ and it wasnt at the level I needed- too low if you can believe that

srenatee: great wiki, steve, thanks

aterner: Thanks for doing this. I'll check the site later.

Janice Stearns: Thanks, Steve and all. This was great. Have to go.

Barbara: Bob we seem to be all in the same boat.

peggy sheehy: Hve to run - Keep up the great work Steve - tHanks for letting me drop my links- Keep the fire buring

KarenJan: @bob - who will you "it" up to?

Beth, ON, Canada: Did we get a geographic snapshot of where we are all from as attendees to this session? I'm from Canada, Ontario

sylviamartinez: bye peggy

Lorii A: I'm in IL

John: Currently in Riverside, CA

Barry Pace: We should all do more next year to get classroom teachers to the conference.

tjop: texas

elizabethholmes: K-12 Online Conference is a valuable contribution. It is the most valuable take-away from virtual NECC. Thx for bringing it to our attention, Steve. Great job.

Bob Caro: I worry that I'm the only one from my district that even attended NECC, and we're only a couple hours away

sylviamartinez: los angleles, CA

Lorraine: Boston

Bob Caro: 40 people is smaller?

Barbara: Ottawa

sylviamartinez: @bob try stuff with kids

derrallg: Sunnyvale, CA

PeggyG: I have an important recommendation for anyone planning conferences-especially unconferences. Don't serve food/drinks on the tables with laptops. I almost lost my laptop for the entire NECC conference because someone spilled his iced tea on my laptop and it shut down! Scared me to death!

Beth Still: Would love to start discussion in Ning on how to help admin. more open to using Web2.0

KarenJan: @lorraine - where? I"m in Reading

Lorraine to KarenJan: Newton

KarenJan: i ran for school committee in my town to impact change - have any of you considered that?

Gailene: good idea, Beth. I heard that a few times as well. Sessions for Admins. It was a big discussion topic in one of the unconference sessions

PeggyG: @Beth - that would be a great idea. I learn a lot about supporting administrators from

Beth, ON, Canada: Steve....just to refresh my do we find this session once we log out?

sylviamartinez: @karenjan hurray!

Barry Pace: I think iEARN will grow tremendously due to this conference.

Maureen/bcdtech: Would love to hear/see ideas on making PD work for busy teachers who don't really get it

tjop: is there a good video that introduces a non-techie faculty to the beginnings of Web 2.0?

Bob Caro: I am in a very large school district - the Technology people in the Curriculum and Instruction department are all librarians

Maureen/bcdtech: Yes, I'll be checking out iearn too

Barbara: Shake it UP

KarenJan: have conversations with administrators constantly

LarryAnderson: Did this NECC change the "block and filter" mentality of school network police?

Lorii A: I tried to get some of my admins to view some NECC ustreams

sylviamartinez: @larry hate to be a pessimist, but no

Barry Pace: I didn't see that many Network Engineers.

Maureen/bcdtech: My one real "take-away" was Kevin's keychain idea- I love it. Must be lamination

Lorii A: I send links to them all the time, and try to engage them in convos

John: In well as other states i bet, we have for ed. Admin. Might be useful

PeggyG: There was an excellent short video posted by Kim Cofino about how they facilitate 21st century learning in Bangkok-great team of tech specialists, librarians and teachers working together to design collaborative instruction!

Maureen/bcdtech: I'm also going to see about webcast academy after talking with cheryl oakes

tjop: where can I find more on Kevin's keychain?

KarenJan: @bobcaro - do they read Joyce Valenza's or Doug Johnson's blogs

PeggyG: Kim's resources-

sylviamartinez: @john has GREAT resources, and they run a conference specifically for admins on technical issues

KarenJan: send them the links

mark miller: did anyone get any links from the international attendees?

tjop: saw that, but couldn't tell much about it

Bob Caro: stephanie sandifer might have put a pic on her site

Bob Caro: I saw it during her presentation

JoseRodriguez: I saw stevedembo video with Kevin's keychain

PeggyG: Kevin's keychain is explained in the WOW2 webcast-I uploaded the video yesterday with photos. Go to videos on the Ning.

Beth, ON, Canada: I am still interested in how the social scientists parse out what will happen to us as a result of the explosion of technology, especially InfoWhelm, the term Ian Jukes uses.

sheila: Kevin shared it on WOW2.0 too.

tjop: thanks!

Bob Caro: I almost forgot about the "keychain" thing -a great idea

Barry Pace: I think it is web2smackdown.wikispaces

Beth, ON, Canada: what is keychain?

mark miller: what's a keychain

PeggyG: Lots of great videos on the Ning and I'm sure more will be coming.

Barry Pace: Handipoints

Maureen/bcdtech: say more about points?

KarenJan: don't like point systems - they teach extrinsic and not intrinsic motivation

PeggyG: The keychain was a way to support teachers with names of new web 2.0 software and mentors who can help them learn about it

PeggyG: Kevin explains it well in the WOW2 video.

tjop: what a great idea!

Maureen/bcdtech: I'm going to make them for my teachers and make an example of the tool using their curriculum- only way fo rme to tie it in for them

sylviamartinez: kids can be some of your experts

Barry Pace: If anyone is planninng to attend the "Fireside-chat" tomorrow night I encourage you to type up a poll question (up to 5 answers) that you can copy and paste into the whiteboard.

Maureen/bcdtech: It's the lamination, Steve

JoseRodriguez: Taking something away as in tangible: exactly

Beth Still: For those who joined a little late please sign up for the newly create "NECC 2008 Wrap Up" group on the NECC 2008 Ning.

PeggyG: He added mentor names on the back of the key so they had a way to contact someone after the session to help them when they started using the tool.

KarenJan: @sylvia - absolutely, we always overlook our students

Bob Caro: you don't have to boot up to see it, either

Gailene: post by chris champion:

JoseRodriguez: mentor name idea was great

sylviamartinez: now if it smelled like ditto, it woudl be perfect!

Maureen/bcdtech: @sylvia \

Bob Caro: I worry that my memory is on my computer, and if it is off, I can't remember anything

PeggyG: Loved Kevin's comment-he laminated them because "teachers never throw away anything that is laminated"

JoseRodriguez: laminated

LarryAnderson: Are the names on back of keys local folks, or online mentors?

Bob Caro: they were local district people

Camilla Gagliolo: local mentors, I believe

PeggyG: They were the names of local folks in his example--people who had participated in a workshop so they could carry it away with them.

KarenJan: keychain idea can be adapted in various ways - the secret is the lamination!

sylviamartinez: i think local is a good idea - buiilding that learning community too

Barry Pace: Steve are you going to transition the domain to NECC2009 in January?

sylviamartinez: or start over?

PeggyG: I loved the concept and am already thinking of ways I can use it for AzTEA workshops/conferences in AZ

Maureen/bcdtech: Teaching at a private school- so it's only me as a mentor- building up a small cadre of teachers who can also help. But hoping that if I use VT for example and make a history VT for them to check out- they will see the purpose for their own work

JoseRodriguez: Where did this term "tip of the spear" come from?

sylviamartinez: i heard someone say, "work with the living"

Gailene: He has more photos of individual tabs here:

JoseRodriguez: like "work with the living"

PeggyG: @Maureen-I'm working on compiling good Voicethread examples on a Diigo list with webslides. There's a technical problem right now with the URLs for specific VTs. Can't wait for it to be resolved.

buffyjhamilton: Good advice....I am a media specialist, and it is hard to get people "on board." Good advice to start with small group and document successes...thank you.

Barbara: We give out toys (eg RCA wonder) after workshops which link to curriculum. They come for the toys, but get tech pedagogy

tjop: me, too, small private school, and I'm an English teacher...the only one interested in tech

JoseRodriguez: so if there are more coming on board; what does the spear become?

PeggyG: We could add video tutorial URLs to the keys to support people if there aren't many people locally to help them get started.

Maureen/bcdtech: @ Peggy I don't like the new way they embed- I go back to source and embed form there- I want them bigger again!

derrallg: got to go, thanks Steve, look forward to go back and follow the web links

Barry Pace: I wish we could watch a real one-to-one school in Second Life.

sylviamartinez: bye darrall

LarryAnderson: For NECC09, will we have a "for beginners" section? help acclimate people to cool, new stuff like Ning, Twitter, etc., etc.? "Podcasting for Beginners" was vy popular again.

Barry Pace: Great idea!

sylviamartinez: difference how

PeggyG: The VTs that are embedded on wikis and blogs will work fine in Diigo webslides, but the direct links to VTs don't link correctly. The # sign in the URL sends you back to the VT homepage and not the specific VT

JoseRodriguez: difference as in positive?

mark miller: was there anything special in the 2000 ice-cream social that we should know for next year?

jdebruyn: was there video of the distant presenter

sylviamartinez: seems logical

Beth, ON, Canada: i totally missed the ice cream!

sylviamartinez: it's a human thing

mark miller: 2009 ice cream social -- my dumb

Maureen/bcdtech: @ Peggy- you have to go back to the original and change the dimensions, etc. Kind of a pain

sylviamartinez: we don't come to NECC to watch TV

Beth, ON, Canada: It's the 'human' part that I'm still wondering we lose or gain in all of this technology?

PeggyG: I know what you mean. It is a pain. That's why I wanted to put them on a Diigo list for webslides.

Barry Pace: We have to get a webcam in every classroom!

sylviamartinez: @beth i think u just have to work harder to support that side

JoseRodriguez: somehow connect video on cell would have been a soluiton

Barry Pace: Webcams should be standard part of one-to-one I think.

PeggyG: It really helped me to choose to follow the Ning conversations so I received notifications via email.

Beth, ON, Canada: Being there in person does make a difference...there is an energy that comes when we are together

Lorraine to KarenJan: The technologies enhance the experience but they don't replace the face to face experience.

Barry Pace: PTO organizations should send one teacher from their school to NECC each year.

John: Distributed conferences across the world, bringing both face to face in smaller groups and virtual connections around the world

tjop: if we really want to improve things for kids, make as much available online as possible

Maureen/bcdtech: There is sooo much to learn and so many to learn from, have to go and also have resources available as well

JoseRodriguez: at least in my district: NECC doesn't seem to be advertised or available unless you are part of a special interest group

sylviamartinez: i think it allows for more conversations, so it does provide more options

PeggyG: There is nothing like being there to have the personal f2f conversations!

LarryAnderson: For me, it is IMPERATIVE that I meet the people who are really using these tools!

buffyjhamilton: For me personally, virtual participation just whets my desire to attend in person next year. The virtual ways of participating can convince the powers that be that it is worth the money to send people in person.

Camilla Gagliolo: That is were the lounges come in

Barbara: These technologies simply enhance and extend.

Beth Still: I feel the tools help enhance the conference. Even thought the info is online, there is nothing like meeting someone in person that you have met online and have so much in common with.

Lorraine: technologies enhance but they don't replace experience

LarryAnderson: Tools are one thing. PEOPLE are crucial, though!

tjop: I think we would all rather be there...but not possible for all with rising costs

JoseRodriguez: I lean toward participating F2F

Barbara: I definitely felt drawn in by the Ning pre-NECC

LarryAnderson: F2F Rules!

PeggyG: I think more people would want to be there in person after hearing all of the great informal conversations that happened.

Ann: With budgets being cut, ISTE might want to think about regional conferences

KarenJan: it's the connections, the conversations - we don't have those conversation in our own districts, our networks appreciate us

Beth Still: @larry

cchausis: it's amazing that only out of 12,000+ attendees, only 1970 have joined the NING ... F2F is still way ahead

JoseRodriguez: Having content available online pre/during/after is icing on the cake

jdebruyn: were you functioning as moderator in the Eluminate session with the distant presenter, to facilitate feedback discussion

Beth, ON, Canada: Maybe NECC could reserve a limited number of TBA presentations in order to accommodate really emerging technologies

Beth Still: I agree, Larry!

sylviamartinez: @ann most states are iste affliates so their state conferences are like iste regionals

LarryAnderson: Why can't we propose a session that is open-ended?...about the newest, coolest tools to emerge in the past 6 months?

mark miller: in indiana we do have a "regional" (HECC) conference every yeaqr.

Beth, ON, Canada: did anyone attend LOL?

Ann: @ Peggy I thought about AzTEA regarding the keychain idea

PeggyG: I learned how to ustream just by going up to someone after a session and asking about his setup and equipment. Invaluable!

PeggyG: @Ann-Yes! We need to explore the possibilities for AzTEA!!

sylviamartinez: i think the way most people get to NECC the first time isn't really tied to whether things are online or not

cchausis: @Ann -- our ISTE state affiliate hosts regionals conferences

Camilla Gagliolo to LarryAnderson: Many of the new tools and ideas were presented at the Blogger's Cafe

LarryAnderson: I think ISTE Program staff should leave some slots open for "new stuff."

John: do the same people attend NECC each year? Are the new people coming each year, insignificant? Does NECC make a difference? We've been doing NECC with Technology for 30 + years. Impact?

Lorii A: I thijnk it would be cool if people tried to attend other regional conferences

Barbara: Ontario has a conference ECOO, and we are going for ECOO East this year

tjop: Thank you for doing this, Steve!

Camilla Gagliolo to LarryAnderson: Many of the new tools and ideas were presented in the Blogger's Cafe which is great

PeggyG: I think NECC Unplugged provided a perfect opportunity for the latest/greatest ideas to share-great forum for that!

sylviamartinez: i'm just sad that Anita is retiring. she's been the necc program manager for a long time, very open to innovation

Lorii A: I wish we could get off to attend CUE, FETC TCEA and MaCul

mark miller: i'd like to see an open slot or two to add sessions when there is an obvious interest (Advanced Moodle and Marzano for instance)

sylviamartinez: it's her last necc

Maureen/bcdtech: Funding is a problem- have to choose one conference- so for me it is NECC

Bob Caro: I know I will try to attend the Texas conference in feb - BTW the request for presentations is already closed

sylviamartinez: well, but she said that last year too... so i have hope

tjop: bob, where is the TX conference?

PeggyG: I thought both Anita and Donella did a fantastic job of responding to comments and suggestions through the Ning! Have never seen anything like that in any other conference!

sylviamartinez: talk her back!

LarryAnderson: I understand that new thinigs are offered in Blogger's Cafe, etc., but it may be better to show a session in the printed program.

Bob Caro: austin@tjop -

Lorii A: ICE will open up submit for proposal next week

Beth Still: @Mark Yes!!! The moodle session I attended was very basic.

LarryAnderson: Anita can NEVER retire!

Ann: Thanks Steve, you're fantastic!

Camilla Gagliolo: No, NECC 09

cchausis: thanks For the wrap up

buffyjhamilton: Thank you for hosting this!

Lorii A: thanks Steve

sylviamartinez: u rock, steve

jdebruyn: is in the cards that the center of gravity will move from face-to-face to online

PeggyG: NECC Unplugged sessions/topics were posted on the wiki-I went to it often!

Bob Caro: looooove elluminate!!

sheila: Thanks for keeping the conversations going!

Camilla Gagliolo: Thanks for your hard work on this!

Beth, ON, Canada: Yes...LOVED NECC!

Beth Still: This is my first elluminate!

sylviamartinez: bye people!

buffyjhamilton: Goodbye all!

Beth, ON, Canada: Googbye from Canda

Beth Still: bye

JoseRodriguez: Thanks.. Steve.

jdebruyn: thanks so much

Gailene: thanks steve!

sylviamartinez: see u on twitter!

Barry Pace: Thanks Steve!

Beth, ON, Canada: again....where's the link?

Maureen/bcdtech: Thank you for doing this, will go join the wiki now.

Bob Caro: Great job all around, Steve - great to meet you, too

PeggyG: Thank you so much for this Steve.

Ann: Bye, will go get grandkids soon

Jim: Thanks!

Lorraine: Thanks very much Steve! Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone.

mark miller: bye

Beth, ON, Canada: where will the link be posted?

KarenJan: thank you Steve

PeggyG: Steve - your unconference concept is brilliant!!! Has changed my life!

JoseRodriguez: bye

Gailene: beth - the link will be on the necc2008wrapup site

PeggyG: Smile!

LarryAnderson: The big difference, Steve, is that you took the leadership to make this happen! Its effects will no die soon!

PeggyG: Tons of things to learn and explore now that I'm home!!

PeggyG: Bye all! Have a great weekend!

tjop: augh...where do i logout?

Beth, ON, Canada: Newbie question...once I log out, how do I find all of this stuff again.

Barry Pace: Fireside-chat tomorrow night. C ya!

PeggyG: Thanks Barry-I'll be there!

Gailene: beth:

LarryAnderson: I appreciate you, Steve, for not only this, but also the many other ways in which you lead us. Keep it up, my friend! CUL.

Moderator: Bye everyone!

Gailene: thanks for letting me partcipate! have a great weekend.

Moderator: Thahks, Larry!

tjop: don't see any where to logout, so I will just close the window

Moderator: That works!