CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE webinar, Technology Integration in Jr. High School with teacher panel from Cactus Canyon JHS in Apache Junction, AZ

November 1, 2014

00:02 - Susie @shighley
Taught "Jr high" for 16 years, "middle school" for 20. Seems strange to hear jh again!

00:12 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
Hi Peggy! Looking forward to this Middle School info.

01:32 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
My students are in 5 6 7 8 grades

02:25 - @wfryer
that student news site is great!

03:50 - Peggy George
I'm so excited to be able to feature another AZ teacher team on our show!!

03:55 - @wfryer
follow Bethany on Twitter:

04:00 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
@wfryer Just checked the news site -- it is wonderful

04:05 - Peggy George
Welcome Tiziana! Always great to see you here!

04:21 - Peggy George (Cactus Canyon Jr. High School blog)

04:32 - Peggy George (Cactus Jr. High School web page)

04:40 - Tiziana Angiolini

04:52 - Peggy George
Our Livebinder for all of today's resources is here:

05:14 - Peggy George
that sounds wonderful Bethany!

05:16 - Oronoque
No textbooks!? That would be hard for me and I teach fully online.

05:22 - Peggy George

05:36 - Peggy George
feel free to type in the chat what tech integration means to you

05:41 - Lorie Moffat
my too, Oronoque

05:47 - Peggy George
Hi Thomas! Great to see you

05:58 - Dotty
Technology integration means both low tech and high tech.

06:06 - @wfryer
tech integration should be using digital tools to help students "show what they know & can do with media" :-)

06:10 - Susie
I think it's using technology to accomplish what you'd like, without really having to stop and think about what you want to use

06:12 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
Tech is invisible, ubiquitous, and necessary in our daily work and play

06:21 - Tiziana Angiolini
It is a sort of implementation of new tools into education

06:26 - Peggy George
they are so lucky to have 1:1 opportunities for their students!!

06:28 - Oronoque
I think everything involves technology (applied scientific knowledge)...the trick is using tech that is appropriate to learning

06:33 - Ben
tech integration is beyond simply tech application

06:46 - Amy Yurko
Tech is one tool, of many, available to students and teachers.

06:48 - Peggy George
Hi Patti!!! Great to see you!

06:59 - Patti R 2
unbelievable mess, i apologize

07:02 - @wfryer
I'd like to hear more about what your experiences have been between using netbooks & chromebooks...

07:16 - Peggy George
you have the closed captioning permission if you'd like to get it started :-)

07:18 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
Knowing what would best share info to audience and purpose

08:20 - Peggy George
Welcome Amy!

08:55 - Peggy George
the focus is on the students and preparing them for successful futures regardless of whether they choose to go to college or not

09:54 - Peggy George
do you provide PD for teachers in workshops or mainly through your collaboration coaching? How do you decide what they need for PD? Surveys?

09:56 - @wfryer
I love that focus on helping students find answers to THEIR questions :-)

10:10 - Dotty
Local school had 1:1 program, but once computers were out of warranty, they did away with the program. Too expensive to maintain.

10:11 - Peggy George (9 Wrong And 8 Right Ways Students Should Use Technology By Jeff Dunn)

10:22 - Peggy George
that's a great article!

10:28 - @wfryer
@Dotty what kinds of computers were used in that 1:1?

10:42 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
Tech standards from ISTE and WA State emphasize two things throughout: thinking and collaboration

10:47 - Peggy George
excited to hear about economics--they have a really creative approach!

11:06 - Peggy George
Welcome Sheryl!!! :-)

11:18 - @wfryer
excellent: "ancient & wise one"

11:22 - Peggy George
hahaha--ancient and wise! love that description! that would be me too!

11:32 - @DrThomasHo (Indianapolis)
I'm "old" too...Hi Peggy!

11:42 - Peggy George
all of those things are very familiar to me!!!

11:55 - Oronoque
IBM Selectric? We are the same generation I think.

11:57 - Peggy George
I actually typed my doctoral disseration on an electric typewriter!

12:06 - Peggy George
love that image!

12:32 - @wfryer

12:36 - Peggy George
that's authentic learning at it's best!

12:41 - @DrThomasHo (Indianapolis)
at least I had a Selectric so I could change the "golf ball" to do math symbols

12:52 - Peggy George
Hi Shamblesguru! Great to see you!! How's the weather in Thailand?

12:56 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
We could never get this past our Fiscal Manager.

13:13 - Peggy George
they might have to do some of their research at home :-)

13:15 - @shamblesguru 1
11:30pm ... weather is dark :-)

13:32 - Peggy George
:-) Shambles!

14:05 - Peggy George
I love this model! not a separate computer class but totally integrated into the regular classroom and curriculum!

14:26 - @wfryer
yes I am wondering what our fiscal folks would say to that too...

14:53 - Peggy George
what are some of the different tools they are using to create their projects? digital cameras, flip cameras, microphones, etc???

15:10 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
I wanted to try a Kiva project and was not supported.

15:16 - Oronoque
I integrate learning the tech into my classes, but wish I had the tech support on campus for some of what I use to assist students who need more hands-on help

15:24 - Dotty
Almost like Junior Achievement.

15:31 - Ben
Is this 1 teaching unit, or a whole year project?

15:31 - Peggy George
love it! don't report your failures to the newspapers :-)

15:48 - @wfryer
amen to that about learning from failures

15:54 - Doug Henry
Need to have an IPO!

15:55 - Peggy George (Student radio broadcast on Voicethread

16:21 - Peggy George
Jason has done some wonderful things with "journalism" :-)

16:27 - Peggy George
Welcome Jason!!

16:31 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
I think this is fantastic-- and doing it in the regular classroom is the best part! Real learning because the kids are "doing," just like Dewey promoted as real learning.

16:41 - @wfryer
oh wow what a great student radio show example using VoiceThread! thanks Peggy!

17:05 - Regan Roach
The economics project is a year-long project. We will "cash out" in May.

17:12 - Peggy George
these links are all in the Livebinder so you can listen to the recording later :-)

17:36 - Peggy George (Student radio broadcast on Voicethread)

17:55 - Peggy George
so many skills are being used to create the broadcast :-)

17:58 - Regan Roach
Some of the tools used in our projects are digital cameras, digital scales, internet sites, and office tools.

17:59 - Doug Henry
The VT broadcast is great, thanks!

18:16 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
Is there a link to the slides in the Livebinder to be able to click the links?

18:38 - Peggy George
so important that digital citizenship is embedded in everything they do--not just a lesson or unit

18:47 - @wfryer
I love this work Jason! wow! woo hoo student radio shows

18:56 - @wfryer
what was the name of that app in the Google Suite?

18:58 - Peggy George
no Sheri but they could be added to the Livebinder later

19:04 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
I love this as well; we have voicethread. Awesome-- but Lucid Press is not free... Lucid Chart is.

19:04 - Lorie Moffat

19:07 - Peggy George (2-page newspaper by students)

19:34 - clinds
I thought Lucid Press is free if you're a Google Apps for Ed school.

20:11 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
Hmmm. I was asked to pay for Lucid Press when I tried to add it to our GAFE.

20:31 - Peggy George
we had the creator of Lucid Chart on our show awhile back and it is a fantastic tool. He said he would come back to talk about Lucid Press if we wanted him to. :-)

20:39 - Peggy George (Teacher video guides created by Students for “reate a Paper”utorials)

20:46 - Peggy George
these videos are fantastic!

21:15 - Peggy George
short and sweet and say just what they need to say

21:37 - Ben
Looks like lucidpress is way more enhanced collaborative docs with media than just using Google docs

21:41 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
Here is info on the free LucidPress. Awesome.

21:57 - Peggy George
that screencast link are the videos to learn how to use Lucid Press

22:10 - @shamblesguru 1
Class Newspapers area ob Shambles at

22:32 - Peggy George
thanks Shambles!! I'll add that link to our Livebinder!

22:41 - clinds
@Peggy - I think it would be great to have a Lucid Press show!

22:55 - Ben
thanks for the links shambles

23:06 - Peggy George
if any of the rest of you have links to share with student examples for any of these ideas please add them to the chat and I'll add them to the Livebinder later

23:06 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
What are some of their topics?

23:27 - Peggy George
thanks @clinds! We'll follow up on the Lucid Press session.

23:36 - Sheryl Anderson
watch ebay for might become one of our customers.

23:57 - @DrThomasHo (Indianapolis)
What are we using Lucid Press for?

24:10 - Peggy George
we are so lucky to have the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism in Phoenix!

24:27 - Ben
Looks like theres a barage of online publishing tools to use... wonder what was most effective for your class goals

24:42 - @wfryer
field trips to news stations & university journalism departments are a GREAT idea! I took 4th & 5th graders on one to 's studios a couple of years ago. SO fun & eye opening for them :-)

24:47 - Peggy George
great question Ben! Lorie will ask him during Q/A

25:10 - Peggy George (Student Blogging Challenge)

25:17 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
My students did create a Tornado Tips site last year after all the tornadoes.

25:31 - Peggy George
we've had a number of presenters sharing about the student blogging challenge! amazing program!

25:48 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
It's not as fancy as this, but the students were engaged and designed it all.

25:55 - Peggy George
thanks Sheri!!

26:22 - Ben
Thinking of having an interactive physical campus newspaper, embedded with QR codes and augmented reality stuff

26:27 - Peggy George
the challenges make it really easy for them to find something interesting to blog about!

26:49 - Peggy George

27:07 - @wfryer
I'd love to hear more about idea/article workflow for the Cougar News blog

27:27 - Peggy George
that's a perfect way to generate news stories for the local papers and TV :-)

28:18 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
This year I'm asking my students to ask their own questions on our topics, then choose the point of view on which to develop information to share. So they have a goal and audience, then choose the way to present the information. Here's seventh grade campaign on refugees from Central America

28:30 - Peggy George (Blog Action Day)

29:13 - @wfryer
that is awesome, Sheri!

29:22 - Peggy George
brilliant way to do it with returning students becoming the editors

29:56 - Peggy George
I love that blogging project Sheri! Thanks for sharing the link!

29:58 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
Thanks Wes, those students were self-driven -- I'll let them know what you said.

30:14 - Peggy George
those are awesome awards!!! Congratulations!!

31:11 - Peggy George
what an exciting success story!!! :-)

31:42 - Peggy George
well deserved recognition for your student bloggers!!!

32:03 - Ben
how do you promote the blogs?

32:33 - Peggy George
memories is a great theme because everyone has something to contribute!

32:50 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
Wouldn't you love to be students in these classrooms?

33:24 - @wfryer
so great to encourage students to write for both a local readership / audience & engage with others via the blog - way to go Jason!!!

33:33 - Peggy George
those are such important life skills they are learning in that class! it could easily lead to careers or future jobs!

33:49 - @DrThomasHo (Indianapolis)
I'd rather be the "teacher" in these classrooms because the students do all the work! ;-)

33:57 - Peggy George
:-) excellent point Thomas!!

34:42 - @DrThomasHo (Indianapolis)
Guide by the side!!!!!!

34:44 - Peggy George

35:13 - Peggy George
terrific Jason!!! so exciting!!

35:36 - Jason Davis
Thank you!

35:44 - Ben
Cool student success story. How do you ensure sustainability?

35:52 - Peggy George (Student presentation for PBL on Prezi-What We Did-Community Involvement Project)

36:55 - @wfryer
sustainability for this kind of thing (student news sites) in my experience depends on getting more teachers interested / passionate about carrying this torch forward

37:02 - Peggy George
this is so cool!!! love the ways the community is involved with this project!

37:11 - Jason Davis
@Ben - We promote the blog in a few ways. I am the webmaster and am able to post a lot of our stories to our official website, as well as to Facebook. We also have a Twitter page that automatically tweets out everything we write.

37:28 - @wfryer
I added the VoiceThread news story example Peggy shared from Jason's classroom to the "Radio Shows" page of Mapping Media:

37:36 - Ben
Thanks for your responses

37:43 - Peggy George
fantastic Wes!!!

38:01 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
Thanks Wes

38:10 - Peggy George
They created a PSA for bike safety:

38:14 - Ben
This science activity is awesome

38:15 - @wfryer
I added "Cougar News" to the list of student news sites on "Storychasers Student Clubs"

38:24 - Peggy George
you can watch this PSA in your browser (now or later) :-)

38:43 - Susie
Seems like so many PBL lessons are related to biology. Nice to see one with physical science

39:19 - Peggy George
I love all of the authentic experiences they are getting--not just reading or researching but actually working with the community people!

39:29 - Peggy George
Prezi link is in the Livebinder

39:48 - Peggy George (Student presentation for PBL on Prezi-What We Did-Community Involvement Project)

40:03 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
There are always typos.

40:14 - Peggy George
I'll bet the school board loved seeing it!!

40:42 - Ben
Was there a measurable learning assessment done with the kids later?

41:09 - @wfryer
such a SUPER idea to share student media / student work at the school board meeting. Bravo. We need every school to do this - board members pay attention when students share media products at their meetings! :-)

41:37 - @DrThomasHo (Indianapolis)
@Wes you're a board member, aren't you?

41:46 - Jason Davis
@Ben - I ensure sustainablitily by building relationships with my students and encouraging student leadership. I give my editors real responsibilities. They act as co-teachers and they know I need them for the class to function in the best way. And, of course, celebrating success is huge. I tell them they are awesome because they are (which also makes them more receptive to corrective feedback when I offer that). At least that's worked so far. :)

43:00 - Peggy George
they will remember that forever!!

43:02 - Ben
Yeah, affirmation of their work is good motivation. Thanks for the response.

43:11 - @wfryer
@DrThomasHo no, I haven't served on a board of education... @kevinhoneycutt is tho

43:31 - @DrThomasHo (Indianapolis)
Oh, I got you "confused" with Kevin :-P

43:39 - @wfryer
that's ok :-)

43:52 - @wfryer
(that's a compliment to me!)

45:05 - @wfryer
the STEAM/STEM presentations this past week in the K-12 Online Conference were just fantastic, if others are interested in this topic. All videos are archived:

45:16 - Peggy George
great gratitude images here for challenge

45:47 - Peggy George (Next Generation Science Standards)

45:52 - Ben
Cool. In IB schools (international schools) , we call it the Design Cycle

45:55 - @wfryer
Bethany do you have that graphic of the engineering design process available on your website for other teachers to use? I like it!

45:59 - Peggy George (STEM Lesson Essentials-Gr. 3-8, Integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, Jo Anne Vasquez, Michael Comer, Cary Sneider)

46:32 - Amy Yurko
Terrific! Also try the marshmallow challenge

46:53 - Ben
Oh yeah, the marshmallow challenge is a classic

47:18 - Peggy George
there are some terrific resources to help teachers learn ways to integrate technology in their classrooms K-12! The AZ Tech Integration Matrix and the Florida Tech Integration Matrix. (Arizona Technology Integration Matrix)

47:23 - @wfryer
these engineering design challenges are super! are they in the live binder?

47:26 - Peggy George (Florida Center for Instructional Technology Integration Matrix)

47:38 - Peggy George
Love that idea!! :-)

47:51 - Ben
oh peggy, thats a good matrix. and the vids there are awesone

48:05 - Peggy George
if you try the paper glider activity add to the padlet :-) (Padlet for posting your results. Paper Gliders: Please post your ideas and photos of what worked (or didn't work) for this design project.)

48:12 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
That is a great matrix. Thanks Peggy!

48:20 - Susie
Yes, first saw the AZ tech matrix on here a year or so ago. Great scaffolding

48:24 - Peggy George
so many fantastic ideas!!! thank you all!!

48:42 - Jason Davis
@Sheri - Great point. Accepting typos was hard for me, but I've gotten over it. I'm working with 12- to 14-year-old kids and not professional writers. They make mistakes, editors miss them, and I miss them. I'd rather have a blog that is actual student work than a bunch of posts that I've re-written. It gives our blog character. :)

48:45 - @wfryer
yes this was a fantastic show - thanks SO much for sharing so many great ideas!

48:51 - Peggy George
the matrix is really helpful because teachers can see videos of teachers demonstrating each level along a continuum

48:59 - Oronoque
My students report that they cannot use Zotero on Chromebooks

49:08 - Peggy George (AJUSD’ Common Core blog)

49:46 - Amy Yurko
Inspirational!! Thanks! Q: does the space/classroom facility need to change to accommodate these ideas/activities?

49:47 - Peggy George
thanks Susie! Yes we had an entire presentation in Classroom 2.0 LIVE about the AZ Tech Integration Matrix. If you'd like to know more about it you can find it in our archives

50:38 - Peggy George
Hi Dejan :-)

50:41 - @wfryer
@Susie: Here's the archived link to the Arizona Technology Integration Matrix show

51:03 - Ben
oh thanks for the link

51:04 - Peggy George
thanks Wes!!! :-)

51:20 - Dejan Kreculj
Good evening Peggy! :)

51:47 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
Are you a GAFE district?

51:47 - Peggy George
that is so amazing to hear that they are doing this without textbooks!!! wow!

52:13 - Oronoque
How does the lack of textbooks impact students at home, e.g. can parents still assist?

52:18 - Peggy George
such a responsive PD model!! so inspiring!

52:34 - Dejan Kreculj
Evo i Nenada ... PoZz! :)

52:37 - Bethany Ligon
No, we are not a GAFE school

52:44 - Nenad Đpić
Hi Dejan

53:16 - clinds
Did one of the presenters mention what they're doing in place of textbooks? Are teaching creating their own online texts, using available fre online texts?

53:38 - Tiziana Angiolini
I liked what you did with students and I am going to write about it in my reflective diary for a course MOOC that I am doing now about " THE FUTURE OF EDUCATION". I feel that these teachers are really good at creating activities that are really ENGAGING. THANKS

53:58 - Peggy George
love the questions you're asking!! we'll keep going and if you need to leave it will all be in the recording! This is fantastic!

54:15 - @DrThomasHo (Indianapolis)
@Tiziana where is that MOOC?

54:18 - Peggy George
how exciting for Regan's son!!!

54:44 - Tiziana Angiolini

54:51 - Doug Henry
Does Cactus Canyon do any flipped classrooms?

54:59 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
Is there a link to the slideshow in the livebinder?

55:27 - Peggy George
I'll add all of their slides to the Livebinder so you can get that engineering design image :-)

56:21 - Ben
There's a barage of online publishing tools, how do decide which would be most effective for your class goals?

57:29 - Peggy George
the flipping is sort of unofficial because the students are able to do some of the assignments on their own outside of class

57:44 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
These projects are more engaging than just using "flipped" :)

58:05 - Peggy George
we love free!!!

58:12 - Peggy George
I agree Sheri!

58:24 - Peggy George
they are more student centered and less teacher directed

58:27 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
So the blog is at ?

58:33 - Jason Davis

58:43 - Ben
Do the students also get to choose tools and sites on their own?

58:48 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)

58:51 - Doug Henry
@Sheri: They have so much going on, I wondered how they find the time to do it all in school

59:13 - Peggy George
thanks Jason! great explanation!

59:48 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
@Doug I know-- lots going on! but definitely shows what students know and are able to do!

59:58 - Tiziana Angiolini
how do you evaluate the activities? Do you have special grids? WHICH SKILLS?

1:00:14 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
What is their schedule like? blocks of time or shorter periods?

1:00:51 - Tiziana Angiolini
yes... any peer evaluation?

1:01:01 - Peggy George
great questions Tiziana!

1:01:02 - Jason Davis
@Sheri - We have one-hour classes.

1:01:07 - Ben
In the design challenge, do the students create their own design specification?

1:01:17 - Ben
for the solution, i mean

1:01:31 - Oronoque
Do the speakers include graphics arts? Which programs or websites do they recommend?

1:01:38 - Peggy George
love it!!! peer evaluation!!

1:02:02 - clinds
So are all teachers using their website to post resources for their courses since they don't have textbook?. Are they using other tools to create their own textbooks?

1:02:24 - Peggy George
this is so helpful to hear how they are doing all of these things in their classrooms!!

1:03:03 - Peggy George
can people outside of your district access your resources?

1:03:37 - Peggy George
yippee!!! a bonus!!!

1:03:46 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
Lots of places. is an excellent source for lessons in many areas,

1:03:46 - Glenn Hervieux (@SISQITMAN)
I thought I saw some links to Moodle on their school website.

1:03:57 - Jason Davis is the main page

1:04:00 - Susie
Yes, thanks!

1:04:05 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)

1:04:30 - Jason Davis
Thank you for having us!

1:04:35 - @wfryer
fantastic show everyone!!!

1:04:49 - Ben
it's always good to hear experiences of teachers at the forefront

1:04:51 - Sheri Edwards (@grammasheri)
Thanks so much. I'm inspired!

1:05:10 - Doug Henry
Xciting webinar - thanks!

1:05:42 - Jason Davis
@Glenn - We have had teachers use Moodle in the past, but I don't know how many still do. Sheryl said she uses it in her classroom.

1:06:18 - Peggy George (The Learning Revolution Network created by Steve Hargadon. We now have Host Your Own Webinars again! If you would like to schedule a free public webinar on Blackboard Collaborate sign up on this site.) (Host Your Own Webinar details)

1:06:28 - Peggy George
sign up for that newsletter! amazing PD opportunities!

1:06:37 - Peggy George (Nominate a Featured Teacher for our shows--you can nominate yourself too if you’ like to present for us)

1:06:49 - Peggy George (Classroom 2.0 LIVE survey link to request PD certificates for live or recorded webinars)

1:06:53 - @shamblesguru 1
'nite all :-)

1:07:01 - Tiziana Angiolini
thanks.......... I'll try to follow all the next webminars.......... I wish to thank you for the helpful news and weblinks you are providing us with.

1:07:02 - Peggy George
the survey should pop up for you when you log out but that's the link if you need it

1:07:12 - Peggy George
thank you all for joining us today!!

1:07:15 - @wfryer
Jamie Reynolds next week will be fantastic!

1:08:07 - Peggy George
can't wait to hear from her Wes!

1:08:23 - clinds
Thanks so much - great ideas and very inspiring!

1:08:24 - Peggy George
huge thanks to all of our presenters today!! excellent presentation!