Classroom 2.0 LIVE webinar, "Quantifying Student's Progress with Teacher Rubric" with special guest presenter, Matt Buchanan, @OrangeSliceEDU

October 29, 2016

00:02 - Peggy George
you are going to LOVE Matt's rubric!

00:36 - Peggy George
We are so excited to have Matt Buchanan here to share with us today!!!

01:01 - Peggy George
woot!! Purdue University!!!

01:28 - Peggy George
Justin Schleider was a Featured Teacher on our show not too long ago! :-)

01:35 - Patti Ruffing

01:47 - Peggy George
don't you love what a small world we live in thanks to technology!!!

02:17 - Peggy George
thanks for sharing that link Patti! I loved reading Joyce Valenza's review of OrangeSlice!!

02:30 - Peggy George
Welcome Matt!!!

02:34 - Peggy George
yes Matt

02:34 - Lorie Moffat
yes, Matt

02:53 - stidmama
good morning :-)

03:27 - Peggy George
Welcome Eileen and Stidmama! We're so glad you're here!

03:44 - Peggy George
:-) always love hearing the stories from our presenters!

03:49 - Peggy George
Welcome Gino!!

04:27 - Peggy George
it's often hard to make sense of what grades really mean! Rubrics have definitely changed that!

04:30 - Eileen
Hello Peggy and everyone! Happy to be here again!

04:57 - Peggy George
aha! one slice of the orange :-) lots of slices possible!

05:00 - Peggy George
thanks Matt!

05:48 - Peggy George
direct feedback is the key! so important both for setting expectations and for evaluating progress!

06:06 - Peggy George
Hi Laura! Welcome!

06:20 - Laura Antichi
hi Peggy

06:50 - Peggy George
that's why rubrics are so valuable because the feedback can be very specific and they help the teacher know what needs to be re-taught or taught in another way.

07:17 - Peggy George
All of Matt's resources are in our Livebinder for today

07:25 - Susie @shighley
This is exciting!

07:38 - Susie @shighley
It's like getting a sneak preview of a movie

07:48 - Peggy George
This is going to be an awesome tutorial recording that we can review later as many times as we need to!

07:53 - @bcdtech Maureen
when I was using rubrics in class, I was told by my math friends that I needed to use roobrix because the way I was doing it was wrong. At the end, could Matt comment on the math - using a rubric to calculate the grade properly?

07:56 - Peggy George
exactly Susie!

07:57 - Anthippi Harou 1
Thank you!

08:09 - Anthippi Harou 1
Perfect organization!

08:12 - Peggy George
it's not a matter of counting the checkmarks :-)

09:10 - @bcdtech Maureen
@Peggy and you can't add the numbers up and divide either... It's actually trickier than I would have thought

09:24 - Peggy George
thanks for your link Maureen!

09:35 - Peggy George
awesome point Maureen!!!

10:14 - Peggy George
those are really helpful categories!

10:48 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri

11:09 - Peggy George
I found with my university students that they may have completed every task but still have not learned/mastered the content.

11:19 - Susie @shighley
Yes, Sheri. I found his google+ page very helpful

11:22 - @bcdtech Maureen
I used rubrics for poster/page design so that I would not grade by "what I liked". Had to really think it thru.

11:46 - Peggy George
Matt’ Google Plus site for OrangeSlice:

11:58 - Peggy George

12:19 - Peggy George
(OrangeSlice teacher rubric in Google Marketplace)

12:25 - Susie @shighley
And you can find it as a google add on

12:47 - Peggy George
so true about the more categories the longer the grading time! That's what we want to make more manageable!

13:20 - John H 1
In Ontario, rubrics are developed from a common achievement chart. The four main categories are Knowledge, Thinking, Communication, and Application. Within those categories there are 2 or more subcategories that one qualifies with descriptive performance criteria.

13:26 - Peggy George
Matt has several very short video tutorials in our Livebinder including "Getting Started"

13:44 - Peggy George
very helpful information John! Thanks!

13:58 - Susie @shighley
I can see people viewing this recording and following along as they implement one of the rubrics

14:28 - Peggy George (YouTube channel-Matt Buchanan/OrangeSlice Videos)

14:46 - Peggy George
all of those video links from the previous slide are in the Livebinder

15:04 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
@John H -- do you have a link to that type of rubric?

15:44 - Peggy George
I love that Matt includes peer review!!! So valuable for everyone!

16:40 - Peggy George
aha! green highlight indicates a peer review!

17:14 - Peggy George
this really helps the teacher to personalize instruction for students! very personalized feedback!

17:22 - John H 1 then look up English 9 -10 for example and look for Achievement Chart near the beginning of the document. This is the source document, and then we adapt the category content for each assignment. Not all criteria is applicable to every assgn.

17:24 - @bcdtech Maureen
So you are physically exchanging Chromebooks, not sharing the doc?

18:25 - Susie @shighley
Two of the recent conferences I've been to placed great emphasis on feedback.

18:34 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
Thanks John H

19:07 - @bcdtech Maureen
Just to clarify... these docs are not "turned in" on google classroom? Where are you in the classroom work flow?

19:15 - Peggy George
Thanks a lot John!

20:19 - Gino
When he says "Students exchange Chromebooks" for peer review- are the students writing on each other's rubrics?

20:40 - Peggy George
thanks everyone for adding your questions in the chat! :-)

21:18 - Susie @shighley
Can they have more than one peer review?

21:41 - Peggy George
great question Susie!

22:05 - @bcdtech Maureen
SO the reviews will show up on the student view only copy... and then they unsubmit and edit again

22:46 - Peggy George
thanks for those questions Maureen! really helps to clarify things!

23:01 - Susie @shighley
I have a good friend who is trying to grade with student progress; this fits perfectly.

23:09 - @bcdtech Maureen
Going to have to play with this one from both student and teacher views to really get it in my head I think

23:10 - Peggy George (OrangeSlice Student Rubric Add-on)

24:20 - Peggy George
I really like that you can select just one category for feedback! Sometimes having feedback on everything at the same time makes it too overwhelming for the students and they don't know what to focus on.

24:43 - Peggy George
that color coding makes it so easy to read/understand at a glance!!

24:59 - stidmama
Love this

25:08 - Susie @shighley
This also fits well with a growth mindset; not that you just write or complete something and are done, but that you can continue to improve.

26:41 - Peggy George
so only the teacher's points are being counted because the students are only leaving feedback? Not sure I am clear about that.

27:31 - Peggy George
love, love, love the concept of "student growth table"!!

27:48 - @bcdtech Maureen
There is only one data point for the organization... not sure if peer reviews count in the growth

28:43 - Peggy George
this kind of feedback is so valuable for the students!

29:57 - Susie @shighley
I guess one of my questions is if he now finds that he has assignments/projects in greater depth rather than a lot of assignments.

30:04 - Peggy George
Matt may plan to talk about this but I would love to know how much time it takes to go through the entire process with his students (over time including progress updates)

30:10 - Susie @shighley
I like seeing the google drive view

30:22 - @bcdtech Maureen
How does this type of feedback compare to JoeZoo or Kaizena, etc... aside from documentation table?

30:59 - Joan Kane
Great use of Google Drive!

31:04 - stidmama
My class of third graders will be able to appreciate this when I start using it this year!

31:12 - Peggy George
Maureen, can you share links to both of those? Kaizena and JoeZoo

31:16 - Peggy George

31:20 - @bcdtech Maureen
Yup hang on

31:37 - Gino
Can we get a copy of this to share with teachers?

31:43 - Peggy George
very impressive tool!!!!

31:48 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
Awesome. Great emphasis on feedback!

32:03 - Peggy George
what is the difference between the teacher rubric add-on and the student rubric add-on?

32:12 - @bcdtech Maureen They ar eboth add-ons and extensions

32:24 - Peggy George
thanks Maureen!!

33:06 - Peggy George
is there a way to determine "mastery" using the rubric?

33:29 - Anthippi Harou 1
It sounds a promising app!

33:31 - Peggy George
fewer assignments is great news! :-)

35:46 - Peggy George (Ditch That Textbook-Matt Miller: 9 Digital Tools for your Classroom Toolbelt including OrangeSlice Rubric)

36:28 - Peggy George
There are several great reviews for OrangeSlice in the Livebinder! And several great videos :-)

36:46 - @bcdtech Maureen
Can you do peer reviews by sharing the doc or do you need to actually share the Chromebook?

36:51 - Peggy George
Wow! Matt you have thought of so many things to make this such a valuable rubric!

37:01 - John H 1
This is quite interesting. The student review consists of what we call performance criteria - the actual specifics of content and skill that have to be demonstrated. I like the fusion of this option within Google classroom. One point of departure I will have to think about is that we don't quantify criteria. Still, I like the interaction of the teacher and student review.

37:14 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
So on the rubric you can have a 4 point score instead of % ?

37:35 - Peggy George
excellent comment John!! I would love to hear Matt's response!

38:31 - Peggy George
would you like to screenshare Matt?

39:20 - @bcdtech Maureen
I can see how this math works compared to the typical 4 or 5 point rubric... which doesn't work well

39:33 - Peggy George
does the tool do that calculation?

40:07 - @bcdtech Maureen
I don't understand the 17 needs help points....

40:15 - Susie @shighley
Like to know what the most surprising feedback is that he's gotten from other teachers.

40:18 - Peggy George
aha! that's how you weight the different parts of the assignment

40:31 - John H 1
Can you eliminate the points altogether and just use it as an anecdotal document. We can't assign grades or levels in the feedback stage.

41:03 - Susie @shighley
Great point, John

41:31 - @bcdtech Maureen
So if you get Neds help in all categories, that equals 85%???

41:44 - Peggy George
love that idea John!!!

41:53 - Anthippi Harou 1
Orange Slice: Teacher Rubric is already added on my google drive. Do I have to add on the Student Rubric separately? I didn't get that point.

42:08 - Peggy George
pass/fail instead of ratings

42:36 - Peggy George
so glad Matt is explaining the teacher/student rubric differences!

43:07 - Anthippi Harou 1
Thank you!

43:36 - Peggy George
so glad you asked that question Maureen!

45:39 - John H 1
That helps clarify the performance points. Thanks.

45:47 - Peggy George
all "excellent" would mean mastery :-)

46:33 - Peggy George

47:13 - Peggy George
Can you use this as a template to create lots of different rubrics?

47:45 - Peggy George
very exciting!!!

48:11 - Peggy George
do you have any tutorials on how to choose categories to create the rubric?

48:12 - Gino
Copy of power point?

48:37 - Peggy George
the powerpoint is in the Livebinder on the presentation tab :-)

48:40 - stidmama
This has been very helpful as I am getting ready for the new quarter and some projects we are going to start! great timing. :-)

48:42 - John H 1
One of the tricky things on a rubric, though, is that if you start specifying that 3 points is excellent, and 2 points is solid, etc. is that one is not necessarily evaluating the quality of the points. Student A could list 3 weak and unsupported causes. Student B could list one sophisticated cause and develop a thoughtful explanation. Technically, student A has met the rubric data on the surface level of quantity. It's a tricky area that requires careful phrasing.

49:01 - Peggy George
I'll also add the recording of Matt's presentation to the Livebinder.

49:35 - Gino

49:56 - Janet P
Thanks; on the run.

51:03 - Peggy George
great point! rubric is not set in stone--you're still the teacher! Step in to extend the learning one to one, face to face. :-)

51:20 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
Another way to think about Rubrics

51:27 - Peggy George
Gino did you want to ask a question on the mic?

51:44 - Gino
No- Thanks again-Ciao

51:49 - Peggy George

51:57 - Anthippi Harou 1
Thank you! Great presentation!

52:13 - Laura Antichi

52:23 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
Great information -- lots of work to develop; love the student feedback and student growth parts.

55:21 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
Is this info in the livebinder?

55:29 - Lorie Moffat

55:45 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri

56:42 - Lorie Moffat
at least as far as I know.

56:44 - Anthippi Harou 1
Interesting presentations!!!

56:54 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri

56:57 - Eileen
Thanks for great information.!

56:58 - stidmama
Thanks again for today!

56:58 - kym
Thank you very much, everyone for organizing and conducting this webinar

57:15 - Peggy George (K12 Online Mini-Conference Series beginning October 31)

57:27 - Peggy George (The Learning Revolution Network created by Steve Hargadon)

57:37 - Peggy George (Classroom 2.0 LIVE survey link to request PD certificates for live or recorded webinars)

57:49 - Peggy George
the survey is always in the Livebinder too :-)

58:00 - Peggy George
Thank you all for joining us!! Hope to see you next week!

58:02 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
Thank you all