Classroom 2.0 LIVE webinar "Becoming a Better Teacher" with special guest presenter, Rushton Hurley.

October 21, 2017

00:09 - Doug Henry (San Leandro, CA)
Me three, Susie!

01:20 - Rushton Hurley

03:37 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Hip, hip hoorah, Rushton's on his way to share with us.

04:03 - Peggy George
Hi Fidel! Welcome!!! Great to see you!

04:25 - Peggy George (Rushton Hurley’ web site)

04:34 - Peggy George (Follow Rushton Hurley on Twitter)

04:52 - Peggy George
that is such an important point about having fun with everything we do!

05:05 - Peggy George (Next Vista web site)

05:16 - Peggy George
love that description of reflection

05:20 - Peggy George
yes :-)

05:33 - Peggy George (Next Vista October 2017 Newsletter)

05:58 - Peggy George
Welcome Sheri and Sava! It's great to have you with us!!

06:30 - Peggy George
that's really true! we can have a lot of great ideas about what we'd like to do better but we have to act on them.

06:53 - Peggy George
the images Rushton will be sharing with us today are AWESOME!! Very inspiring!!

07:14 - Patti Ruffing
I do teach my students how to search and cite CC resources - very important

07:27 - Peggy George
haha! Rushton always makes me smile!

07:42 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Me too, Peggy.

08:01 - @plnaugle (Paula)
We love our neighbors to the north.

08:14 - Peggy George
so glad he is emphasizing citing sources! just because they are free doesn't mean we can just use them without citing the source!

08:51 - Peggy George
I've never seen the River Walk at Christmas time but I recognized it immediately from my ISTE conference visits :-)

09:49 - Susie @shighley
Yes, I just wrapped up 39 years in middle school

09:54 - Peggy George
haha! teens scare me :-) actually they keep me on my toes!

10:58 - Peggy George
video is such a powerful tool!

11:09 - Peggy George (Next Vista web site)

11:30 - Peggy George
if you have questions for Rushton please type them in the chat and Lorie will ask him during Q/A

11:45 - Peggy George (Next Vista Videos)

12:23 - Peggy George
his presentation slides are also in the Livebinder.

12:47 - Peggy George
these books are fantastic!! really easy to read with very short segments!

12:51 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Welcome Sandy.

12:54 - Peggy George
Hi Sandy! Welcome!!

13:07 - Sandy Polan
thank you!

13:08 - Peggy George (Rushton Hurley: Making Your Teaching Something Special)

13:18 - Peggy George (Rushton Hurley: Making your School Something Special)

13:29 - Peggy George (The 5-Day Teacher Challenge)

13:43 - Peggy George
I'm in!!!!! :-) Love this idea!

14:17 - Rushton Hurley

14:36 - @bcdtech Maureen
I had signed up for the challenge... just found all the emails in my spam folder- now I will get to go through it and see more about it

14:46 - Peggy George
Rushton was really clever in the way he announced this! He put out a bunch of "teasers" leading up to the start of the challenge that made you want to find out what it was all about!

15:04 - Peggy George
Fantastic Maureen! So glad you found those emails!!

15:46 - @bcdtech Maureen
I'll post the link on my Tech Tuesday blog this coming week- perhaps inspire a few colleagues to try it

15:47 - Peggy George
that picture definitely captures wonder and fascination!

15:56 - Peggy George
great idea Maureen!

16:51 - @bcdtech Maureen
What are the grapes used for?

16:52 - Peggy George
what kind of grapes?

16:58 - Anthippi Harou
Are they sweet?

17:02 - Doug Henry (San Leandro, CA)
Where is Italy?

17:03 - Patti Ruffing
What is the growing season for grapes?

17:04 - Susie @shighley
How much of them end up as wine?

17:08 - @plnaugle (Paula)
What kind of climate does Italy have to support the growing of grapes?

17:10 - Peggy George
why are they thriving in Italy?

17:31 - Peggy George
I love your question Susie :-)

17:48 - Sheri Edwards
Are they still thriving in Italy?

18:17 - Peggy George
what an awesome example!!!

18:28 - Peggy George

18:36 - Patti Ruffing
more global

18:41 - @plnaugle (Paula)

19:02 - Peggy George
will you repeat the question you asked them to get them to think more deeply about it?

19:17 - Peggy George
could you make it fascinating? :-)

19:40 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Could you make it fascinating? Great question to make students think on a deeper level.

19:49 - @plnaugle (Paula)

20:11 - @bcdtech Maureen
How do you gauge their knowledge about the topic? If it is brand new to them...

20:28 - Peggy George
that question works for tons of different topics!!

20:48 - Peggy George
great question Maureen!

21:07 - Peggy George
haha! poll option

21:18 - Marjorie

21:39 - Peggy George
great strategy Rushton!!! Keeping us on task :-)

21:53 - Susie @shighley

22:01 - Peggy George
hahaha Susie!

22:16 - @bcdtech Maureen
Are they growing up or smooshed in?

22:58 - Peggy George
my donut looks like the wheels on the cars (sprinkles) :-)

23:17 - Doug Henry (San Leandro, CA)
My office is a store room - I'm surrounded by a forest of piled up desks.

23:23 - Tammy Moore
My kitty is half hidden like the cars are - we recently vacuumed.

23:27 - Peggy George
good one Doug!

23:38 - Peggy George
very clever Tammy!

23:38 - Sheri Edwards
My #clmooc flower postcard is filled with the bright colors also on the cars

23:40 - Anthippi Harou
A painting I have on my wall shares similar colors (green, yellow red)

23:40 - Susie @shighley
I"m near some farm fields

24:04 - Patti Ruffing
I have a Model T car that says Sears Roebuck &Co on my cars have changed

24:09 - Peggy George
you share amazing photos on #clmooc @Sheri!!

24:12 - @plnaugle (Paula)
My coffee table has things organized in stacks. Looks like the cars in this pic.

24:20 - Peggy George
love that Patti!

24:43 - Peggy George
Paula your coffee table sounds like mine :-)

25:54 - Peggy George
wow! how many times have we said that??? Settle down!

26:29 - Peggy George
shooting ourselves in the foot when we do that. never really thought about that.

26:52 - Peggy George
I love this idea!!!

27:41 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Hi Was.

27:53 - Susie @shighley
Wes came in on a great picture

27:55 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Hi Wes. Can't type today. LOL

28:08 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
Hi all 👋

28:14 - Peggy George
Hi Wes! Great to see you!

28:46 - Anthippi Harou
Hello, @wfryer!

29:04 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
Hi Anthippi

29:21 - Peggy George
In case you missed the Livebinder link it has great resources from Rushton!

29:54 - Peggy George
you can type in chat if you can't use the poll option

29:57 - @plnaugle (Paula)
:) Yes

29:58 - Susie @shighley
Carhenge doesn't have the graffiti

30:01 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
I like that phrase "creative confidence"

30:10 - Peggy George

30:11 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
Yep I'm ready!

31:28 - Peggy George
I was just thinking about that! Raising our voices is often our first reaction! We have to talk over them.

32:12 - Peggy George
Rushton's presentation slides are in the Livebinder and all of his images are clickable links on the slides. These are amazing photos!!

32:43 - Susie @shighley
When I taught science, I had a lot of things that made different sounds. Many of them were kids' toys

32:48 - Sheri Edwards

32:49 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
Raised hand

32:49 - Peggy George
5 fingers countdown

33:00 - Doug Henry (San Leandro, CA)
Play Neil Diamond music

33:01 - Anthippi Harou
I clap my hands three times.

33:03 - Patti Ruffing
At my new school, most of the teachers were trained in responsive classroom, that involves the raised hand technique

33:12 - Peggy George
love these!

33:19 - @plnaugle (Paula)
I use this online temple bells -

33:26 - Peggy George
oh yes Anthippi!!!

33:33 - Tammy Moore
Ask a question. If really a big issue chat tool is taken away. I teach online.

33:36 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
Sometimes clap backs

33:38 - Peggy George
If you can hear me clap twice

34:00 - Peggy George
very cool Paula!!!

34:08 - Patti Ruffing
did you ever try continuing to talk but not having any sound come out, some students try to shush the others because they can't hear anything

34:11 - Susie @shighley
yes, those chimes are cool

34:14 - Peggy George
great tip Rushton!

34:16 - Doug Henry (San Leandro, CA)

34:40 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Also say "Hands on head" and they know they must stop what they are doing and clasp hands on their head.

35:05 - Peggy George
how clever Patti! never thought of that!

35:34 - Peggy George
Thanks for that link Doug!! I'll add it to the Livebinder along with Paula's temple bells :-)

36:15 - @plnaugle (Paula)
I've done too, Patti. Funny to watch how the students react.

36:17 - Peggy George (Next Vista Videos)

36:43 - Rushton Hurley

36:56 - Peggy George
I know that kids are very sensitive to the teacher's voice when they have laryngitis and talk softer.

37:08 - Peggy George
That is a fantastic link from Rushton!!

37:35 - Peggy George (Next Vista Student Example Video Sets)

37:56 - @plnaugle (Paula)
I had laryngitis on Thursday this week. Had a great day because kids were sensitive to not making me have to repeat myself. :)

38:03 - Peggy George
all of these links are in the Livebinder so you can explore them later and actually watch some of the videos

39:01 - Peggy George
which students wouldn't love to have an alternative to writing a paper?? :-)

39:56 - Anthippi Harou
That's cool Paula! It's happened to me,too!

40:52 - Peggy George
it's always great to be able to share student examples with our students!

41:39 - Peggy George (Service via Video Contest)

41:48 - Peggy George (Service via video contest page details)

42:08 - Doug Henry (San Leandro, CA)
Awesome videos - professional-looking!

42:14 - Anthippi Harou
Oh great ideas!

42:39 - Peggy George (Next Vista Pi Day (an example)

42:55 - Peggy George (Next Vista: Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano Counties (service example)

44:02 - Peggy George
Look Inside: Mick Ebeling

44:23 - Rushton Hurley
Sources of Inspiration:

44:55 - Peggy George (Next Vista Newsletter sign-up)

45:16 - Peggy George
I love his monthly newsletters!They are jam-packed with great resources and ideas!!!

45:29 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
Seeing creative student project examples!

45:30 - Peggy George (Next Vista October 2017 Newsletter)

45:38 - Susie @shighley
I have a couple of Voxer groups that inspire me

45:40 - Tammy Moore
Pinterest is a lot of fun and has a lot of great ideas.

45:48 - Sheri Edwards
Twitter chats

45:56 - Peggy George
Listen to music to shut out other things occupying my mind

46:03 - Sheri Edwards
blogging/ reading blogs

46:05 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Attend webinars, take part in Twitter chats, Google+ and Facebook communities.

46:13 - Anthippi Harou
I visit Twitter! I always find Shelly Terrell inspiring!

46:20 - Doug Henry (San Leandro, CA)
Watching kids at play

46:24 - Peggy George
participating in tons of webinars for educators and connecting with participants in them

46:42 - Sheri Edwards
Shelly and Langwitches :)

46:43 - Peggy George
I agree Anthippi!!!! Shelly is always inspirational!

46:43 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
Hearing stories from other teachers about how students took a project and thought out of the box, sometimes from my wife after school

46:49 - Sheri Edwards
art; doodling

47:23 - Peggy George
Wes you are so lucky to have a wife who is doing so many amazing things as a teacher! I'm sure your conversations could go on forever!!

47:34 - Peggy George
awesome idea Sheri!!!

47:50 - Peggy George
I agree Sheri! Langwitches is amazing!

48:17 - Peggy George (Memory Project)

49:13 - Peggy George
her smile is fantastic!!

49:41 - Peggy George
what a treasure that would be!!!

51:01 - Peggy George
I didn't notice the face when I first looked at that

51:16 - @plnaugle (Paula)
I created this to share with my students to give them choice for their presentations - Choose Your Presentation Bingo - Google Docs

51:37 - Peggy George
if you have any questions for Rushton please type them now and let's take advantage of having him here with us

51:56 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
Glad to hear about your books Rushton!

51:57 - Susie @shighley
I'd like to know what surprised him the most about the #5DTC

51:59 - Peggy George
Rushton’ presentation slides:

52:16 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
You are always so filled with inspiring ideas 💡

52:27 - Anthippi Harou
Thank you so much! Excellent presentation! Inspiring ideas!

52:47 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Thanks for sharing with us, Rushton. You are a true inspiration. :)

52:59 - Peggy George
his book is really loaded with very short, simple, motivating ideas for us to use immediately!

53:04 - Doug Henry (San Leandro, CA)
Great ideas, thanks!

53:08 - Susie @shighley
Just being a better questioner can make a great difference

53:18 - Peggy George (Rushton Hurley: Making Your Teaching Something Special)

53:44 - Peggy George
that's amazing!! over 2000 teachers signed up to participate in the challenge!

53:45 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
You have been using video with students and teachers for over a decade. What has changed and is different now about this process?

54:05 - Peggy George
yes!!! that was such a great idea to use his PLN to help spread the word about the 5-day teacher challenge

54:06 - Patti Ruffing
During the presentation I ordered Rushton's book - Making your school something special and after i read that I will go to "Making your teaching something special"

54:33 - Peggy George
both of them are great Patti! I have them on my Kindle :-)

54:37 - Rushton Hurley

55:10 - Rushton Hurley

55:14 - Peggy George
Rushton, could you consider adding a bonus challenge that would be directed to educators who are NOT classroom teachers? :-)

55:21 - Peggy George

55:42 - Sheri Edwards
Doodle Resource from this summer's CLmooc presentation:

55:45 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Adobe Spark is an awesome tool to let your students use.

56:02 - Rushton Hurley

56:04 - Peggy George
that would be great Rushton! We all love challenges!!!

56:22 - Peggy George
Thanks Sheri!!! Love your link!

56:43 - Rushton Hurley

56:56 - Peggy George
Wes, would you like to talk on the mic?

57:09 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
Thanks so much for continuing to share your passion for continuous improvement with all of us, Rushton!

57:10 - Rushton Hurley

57:24 - Peggy George
Love his pictures on Instagram! Follow him!

57:41 - Susie @shighley
Just looked at them. Very cool!

57:43 - @wfryer Wes Fryer

57:47 - @plnaugle (Paula)
A video created by one of my students last year -

57:52 - Sheri Edwards
Awesome ideas-- great teaching -- or strategies to work with any group in your community! Thank you!

57:56 - Peggy George
Thank you all so much for joining us today!!!

58:46 - Peggy George
Love that question Wes and it makes me wonder if we have fewer people engaging with these kinds of activities because there are so many choices!

59:04 - Peggy George
Thanks Paula!!! Great example of a student video!

59:46 - Susie @shighley
We have lots to explore. Thanks so much!

59:48 - Susie @shighley

59:58 - Peggy George
tons of things to explore!!! Thank you so much Rushton!!

1:00:04 - Rushton Hurley
Thank all of you!

1:00:06 - Sandy Polan
thank you for a wonderful inspiring session

1:00:07 - @wfryer Wes Fryer
Applause 👏

1:00:18 - Patti Ruffing
terrific session, thank you Rushton!

1:01:13 - Rushton Hurley
slides for y'all:

1:01:43 - fidel
Thanks a lot for sharing

1:02:30 - Anthippi Harou
Great events!

1:03:28 - @plnaugle (Paula)
I attended some of the DEN VirtCon earlier today. Will rejoin after we leave CR2.0 Live.

1:03:51 - Peggy George
me too Paula! So many great resources and ideas in the Fall VirtCon!!

1:03:58 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Virtual applause for Rushton Hurley.

1:04:07 - Peggy George (Nominate a Featured Teacher for our shows--you can nominate yourself too if you’ like to present for us)

1:04:10 - Rushton Hurley
Thanks, Paula! Good to "see" you!

1:04:15 - Peggy George (This link will open iTunes so you can subscribe to our video podcasts.)

1:04:16 - Rochdi Mohammed
Thanks for great ideas

1:04:24 - Peggy George (Classroom 2.0 LIVE survey link to request PD certificates for live or recorded webinars)

1:04:27 - Rushton Hurley
Thanks, Patti!

1:04:33 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Have a great weekend everyone. Bye.

1:04:36 - Peggy George
Thank you all for joining us! Have an awesome weekend!

1:04:48 - Rushton Hurley
Tiziana and Anthippi, have a great evening!

1:05:00 - Peggy George
Thanks to Patti for always sending out our PD certificates!!!

1:05:03 - Sheri Edwards
Thanks everyone. Great to "see" all of you again :)

1:05:10 - Peggy George
Thanks again Rushton!!!