CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE webinar, MineCraftEDU with special guest presenters: Trish Cloud, Kim Harrison and Laura Briggs

October 10, 2015

00:00 - Sheri Edwards
This was organized by U of Alaska Lee Graham My students did for the book The Giver last year -- but they did all the minecraft; I watched and helped with the wiki side of the project.

00:09 - aunttammie
but a few did an awesome project!

00:11 - Laurie
Thanks Peggy looking forward to learning with everyone

00:14 - Peggy George
We are officially on the record!! :-) Woo hoo!!!

00:38 - Peggy George
so excited to have Laura, Trish and Kim here to share with us today!

00:38 - Sheri Edwards
So excited. Thanks all for sharing MinecraftEDU !

00:54 - Peggy George
Thank you so much Melissa for doing the introductions!

01:36 - Peggy George
Melissa is the person who shared these special guests with us and invited them to present for us! :-)

01:54 - Peggy George
love your enthusiasm Melissa!!!

02:07 - Peggy George (Virginia Society for Technology in Education--ISTE Affiliate)

02:12 - Sheri Edwards
Wow. Awesome people!

02:30 - Peggy George (ISTE Network for the use of Games and Simulations in Teaching and Learning on Twitter)

02:46 - Peggy George (ISTE Games and Simulations on Google Plus)

02:55 - Peggy George
Welcome Denise and dzakar!

03:09 - Patti Ruffing
I am a member of VSTE in SL

03:16 - Kim Harrison
HI Patti!

03:33 - Peggy George
Welcome eheastman :-)

03:42 - Peggy George
Welcome Jan :-)

04:10 - dzakar 1
Peggy Jeff Bradbury says hello. I'm new to this

04:28 - Peggy George
When I first saw World of Warcraft I was amazing but didn't think of it as a virtual learning environment :-)

04:34 - Patti Ruffing
I would love to try WoW

04:40 - Jan 1
Thank you!

04:43 - Peggy George
Awesome @dzakar! So glad you're here!

04:55 - Peggy George
definitely addicting!

05:31 - Peggy George
if you're just joining us here is today's Livebinder with all of our links and resources

05:32 - Melissa Getz
My mom did not see a reason for us to have a computer in the 80's so I did not actually learn about gaming until I was an adult. My MC addiction started last fall.

05:46 - Peggy George
Hi Carrie and Kelley! So glad you could join us!

05:54 - Kim Harrison
and it was FREE for a while

05:58 - Dotty
Second Life is also virtual learning. Was popular a few years back

06:26 - dzakar 1
I am jsut learning about Mine Craft. I don't know much about it

06:27 - Peggy George
at first it seems like the virtual environments we only available on software and not on the internet. Is that right?

06:28 - Kim Harrison
@Dotty SL is still popular for educators. VSTE is alive and well there

06:31 - Laura Briggs
Second Life is still used for professional development by ISTE and VSTE

06:35 - Kim Harrison
as are many universities

06:45 - Patti Ruffing
VSTE has events going on all the time in SL

06:55 - Laurie
Thx Peggy for the LiveBinder link

07:10 - Kim Harrison
@Peggy there are "viewers" for virtual environments as there are "browsers" for the Internet

07:24 - Melissa Getz
For Virtual Learning- anywhere students can be students where there do not have to be classroom walls.

07:32 - Melissa Getz
classrooms without walls

07:37 - Laura Briggs
VSTE and the Mobile Learning Network and the Games and Simulations Network have fun sessions usually on Monday evenings for educators

07:43 - Patti Ruffing
I believe that, I think that would happen at my school too, the kids are very into it

07:57 - Peggy George
thanks Kim! I was remembering back to when it just started in the 80's as Melissa mentioned

08:38 - Kim Harrison
the hayday was probably about 2008-2009 when ISTE had four sims. Those were the days

08:40 - Peggy George
kids get so engaged when they are using Minecraft!

09:02 - Laura Briggs
Yes, Kim, I remember those days!

09:05 - Melissa Getz
Virtual environments are places people can walk without having chairs and tables getting in the way.

09:08 - Peggy George
I remember going to the playgrounds at ISTE during those years! Incredible and mind-boggling!

09:20 - Sheri Edwards
How does Minecraft fit with reading and writing with Common Core -- literature and argument?

09:27 - Dotty
@kim thanks. I was wondering what happened to second life. Is it available on Chromebooks?

09:37 - Peggy George
Trish you can advance the sides whenever you want to

09:46 - Anne Lahr
If you are still playing WOW you need to check out Cognitive Dissonance. This is a guild committed to education.

09:49 - Kim Harrison
I'm not familiar with Chromebooks :/

10:06 - Kim Harrison
it works on Macs and PCs with good graphics cards

10:17 - Peggy George
if you have links to share with us please add them to the chat and I'll add them to the Livebinder after the show.

10:24 - Tanya M
There is a difference between a game and a virtual enviornment but many games are in a VE

10:28 - Peggy George
@Anne Do you have a link to Cognnitive Dissonance?

11:04 - Peggy George (MinecraftEDU home page)

11:15 - Peggy George (Follow MinecraftEDU on Twitter)

11:23 - Peggy George
a flying teacher :-)

11:40 - Peggy George (MinecraftEDU Resources)

11:42 - Doug Henry in San Leandro CA

11:45 - Sheri Edwards
Anne Lahr do you have a link?

11:45 - aunttammie
I wonder if you can transfer a license from one computer to another? For instance, if you replace a computer.

11:52 - Kim Harrison
I'd like that in the physical world! Whee

12:16 - Peggy George
do you all know what the blocks are?

12:25 - Melissa Getz
It does not work on Chromebooks- Chromebooks do not accept Java.

12:30 - Patti Ruffing
Mojang is now owned by Microsoft

12:35 - Laura Briggs
giving students certain types of blocks works well in Creative mode for specific projects

12:41 - Melissa Getz
MC and MCedu requires java

12:53 - Peggy George (Block by Block: Building the Potential of Minecraft and More)

13:14 - aunttammie
I didn't know chromebooks didn't accept Java!

13:26 - Peggy George
I've seen some amazing uses of MinecraftEDU in Classrooms shared by educators on social media

13:33 - Laura Briggs
Coding and Minecraft and great combination!

13:49 - Melissa Getz
Try loading Java on a Chromebook- if you get it to work, email me and please tell me how you did it :-)

14:13 - Peggy George
what does "modded version" mean?

14:25 - Kim Harrison
it's been modified

14:43 - Kim Harrison
it can be appearance

14:46 - Doug Henry in San Leandro CA
Looks like the Linux Minecraft can run, but not MCEdu:

14:52 - Peggy George
what has been modified? is that coding?

15:16 - Patti Ruffing
you can take out the survival mode I believe, where you don't have to quickly build a shelter to make it through the night without being attacked by zombies (that was always my fate)

15:33 - Peggy George (Follow Joel Levin, MinecraftTeachr, on Twitter)

15:42 - Kim Harrison
it can change the look of the textures in the game or add attributes to the blocks - actions that they didn't have before

15:44 - Doug Henry in San Leandro CA
Minecraft mods are plugins - written in Java, Javascript, Python, etc - good way to teach coding...

15:45 - Peggy George (Joel Levin: The Minecraft Teacher and co-founder of TeacherGaming LLC, creators of MinecraftEdu, the officially supported version of Minecraft designed for teachers and students)

15:52 - Melissa Getz
OH- speaking of modifications, Packt Pub's free book today is about Minecraft moddding

16:12 - Melissa Getz
it is free for about 6 more hours

16:19 - Peggy George
can one family use a MinecraftEDU license on their own on a home computer?

16:19 - Sheri Edwards

16:30 - Peggy George
thanks for that link Sheri!!!

16:31 - Sheri Edwards
How to minecraft on chromebook

17:25 - Sheri Edwards
I doubt if schools can hack that chromebook trick

17:33 - Doug Henry in San Leandro CA
Minecraft Edu requires Java...

17:36 - Peggy George
Wes Fryer has some great MinecraftEDU resources on his site. (Wes Fryer blog post & video: Students and Teachers Explain Benefits of MinecraftEDU)

18:01 - Tanya M
Woot for eduMchinima Fest winners

18:11 - Peggy George (The Rebel: Build created by Trish Cloud’ students that won the ISTE Machinimafest for their age group!)

18:18 - Peggy George
these videos are in our Livebinder!

18:31 - Peggy George
what a brilliant idea for The Rebel!!!!

18:35 - Melissa Getz
personally I think Joel is brilliant! I am in awe- watch his videos on YouTube

18:35 - Kim Harrison
that is fabulous, Trish!

18:36 - Patti Ruffing
I would be interested in knowing how long that project took. How much class time?

18:54 - Doug Henry in San Leandro CA
Shakespeare in Minecraft...!

19:14 - Peggy George (Minecraft student tour of Philadelphia: build of Colonial Philadelphia created by Trish Cloud’ girls for ISTE 2015)

19:19 - Melissa Getz
Yes- I just saw something about Shakespeare in MC yesterday!

19:23 - Sheri Edwards
Another link for chromebook but again -- probably for home not schools

19:25 - Peggy George
this is so helpful to hear how it works in the classroom :-)

19:30 - Tanya M
EduMachinima site

19:43 - Patti Ruffing
Is Trish's technology class meeting every day for 2 weeks? How do you get the project done in two weeks?

19:58 - Melissa Getz
@Sherri- thank you for that link!

20:01 - Tanya M
if your students are involved with Minecraft or other online environments and games there will be a 2016 Fest in Colorado

20:28 - Doug Henry in San Leandro CA
Thx, Tanya!

21:28 - Peggy George (Shane Asselstine: Minecraft Projects for elementary school) He did an awesome Hangout on EdTech Mixed Plate about how he uses Minecraft for math. Recording is in the Livebinder.

21:40 - Tanya M
Having students do machinima is a great way to document the learning and demonstrate mastery in a topic, concept, etc plus they do research collaborate write scripts etc.

21:56 - Kelley Sopet
Will this recording be sent out?

22:17 - Peggy George (Minecraft student tour of Philadelphia: build of Colonial Philadelphia created by Trish Cloud’ girls for ISTE 2015)

22:35 - Tanya M
oops did not realize trish would talk about this sorry LOL

22:49 - Peggy George
that's a great idea for building an eportfolio with their hands-on virtual world learning! capture it in screenshots!

23:17 - Tanya M
hmm better than a standardized test maybe?

23:30 - Melissa Getz
@Doug- can you email me your contact info- may I visit your classroom in San Leandro? I'm

23:58 - Peggy George (Show notes with links for the EdTech Mixed Plate video)

24:18 - Peggy George (Minegage news about MinecraftEDU featuring Trish Cloud)

24:28 - Kim Harrison
I have seen quiet students become leaders in my minecraft club

24:48 - aunttammie
I'd be interested in seeing any high school projects.

25:02 - Peggy George
The recording and all of the links will be posted on our website later today after they are published.

25:18 - Laura Briggs
Even kindergarteners can play and show older students strategies and builds!

25:34 - Sheri Edwards
it becomes obvious what type of personalities are in your classroom. I'm an explorer.

25:52 - Peggy George
who wouldn't love having students so excited about learning??!!!!

26:06 - Peggy George
cool Sheri!!!

26:20 - Melissa Getz
I was terrified of dying at first in MC, and then I realized it was just a part of playing.

26:28 - Kim Caise
That's great @laura

26:41 - Peggy George
Welcome Kim and KOlbrun!!! Our Livebinder link for today is here:

26:52 - aunttammie
So cute!

26:59 - Laurie
lost the sound

27:07 - Eileen
Cannot see the pictures

27:14 - Kim Harrison
me too mouse? what's a mouse?

27:19 - Peggy George
that is fascinating! kids aren't familiar with desktops!!

27:32 - Doug Henry in San Leandro CA
Jim Pike's MathCraft group:

27:40 - Kim Harrison
familes don't by desktops anymore

27:50 - Peggy George
if you lost the sound or can't see the pictures it is probably a bandwidth problem. may come back on it's own

27:53 - aunttammie
Reminds me of when I first saw a kid who didn't have a clue how to use a rotary dial telephone!

28:13 - Peggy George
so funny Tammie!

28:17 - Sheri Edwards
Looks like Google needs to figure out how to use Java... cuz parents buy what the kids want.

28:35 - aunttammie
Peggy, especially when I realize that kid must be 40 now!

28:45 - Doug Henry in San Leandro CA
Funny to watch kids poke the phone - or the old CRT screen...!

28:54 - Laurie
Thx Peggy all good now

29:09 - Sheri Edwards
mac pc linex for servers?

29:18 - Patti Ruffing
been there done that

29:35 - Diane Goldsberry
Sounds so interesting. Hope I can learn how to use Minecraft. I think my middle school students are way ahead of me

29:58 - Melissa Getz
Lucas is another amazing, brilliant mind! A true leader!

30:12 - Peggy George
thank you all for sharing links in the chat! I'll add them to the Livebinder later!

30:39 - Peggy George (Follow Joel Levin, MinecraftTeachr, on Twitter)

31:51 - Sheri Edwards
Yes. The students helped each other because I had no clue what to do. I couldn't only swing my arm and break things at first. They laughed.

31:52 - Diane Goldsberry
That's good to hear. Hopefully the students will teach the teacher :)

32:08 - KOlbrun
thank you Peggy

32:25 - Sheri Edwards
I could only.

33:06 - Melissa Getz
I'm curious- is there anyboody here who thinks their school would not let them get MC or MCedu and install it on your school's computers?

33:24 - Patti Ruffing
My stumbling block would be cost

33:28 - Sheri Edwards
Consider the neurons firing and connecting when imagination to solve the problem happens.

33:29 - Denise Huffman 1
Depends upon the cost.

33:37 - Kim Harrison
MinecraftEDU is so inexpensive

33:44 - Kim Harrison
$41 for server software

33:51 - Patti Ruffing
But i would have to justify how it supports the curriculum, and if I am the only one using it then it is hard to do

33:54 - Doug Henry in San Leandro CA
I paid for our Minecraft licenses - worth it to me...

33:55 - Kim Harrison
$14 to $18 per license

34:00 - Laura Briggs
Helping the IT departments understand that students will not just be playing, but they will be building for specific learning goals and objectives

34:01 - Sheri Edwards
$41 ??? wow.

34:04 - Kim Harrison
the kids will help pay

34:12 - Peggy George
this is a fantastic support group for MinecraftEDU users! Lots of great sharing and people to answer your questions.!topic/minecraft-teachers/I4Ig5k3adCw

34:36 - Peggy George
Fantastic Trish! I'm so inspired by you and your amazing students!

34:54 - Peggy George (Grand Oak Elementary School Techy Owls website created by Trish Cloud)

35:01 - Trish Cloud
Thank you Peggy.

35:04 - Peggy George (Kim Harrison’ blog)

35:45 - Peggy George

35:57 - Peggy George

36:08 - Peggy George

36:28 - Peggy George
those are great questions!

36:39 - Kim Caise
Was it difficult to convince parents

37:09 - Peggy George (MinecraftEDU Frequently Asked Questions)

37:16 - Trish Cloud
It has never been difficult for me to talk to parents about Minecraft. They are more just grateful that we are providing a safe place for them to play.

37:18 - Doug Henry in San Leandro CA
I wonder if MinecraftEdu would consider a limited version for the Raspberry Pi?

37:19 - Peggy George (MinecraftEDU World Library)

38:23 - Trish Cloud
As far as Raspberry Pi Minecraft you would need to talk to Minecraft Edu. They are an awesome bunch of people. Who knows? They may be considering a Raspberry Pi version.

38:24 - Peggy George
love the idea of bringing parents into see it firsthand! They often think it's just a game and restrict the time their kids can "play" It's so much more!

38:40 - Doug Henry in San Leandro CA
Thx, Trish...

38:54 - Peggy George
Keep sharing your questions in the chat and Lorie will get on the mic and ask them during Q/A

39:04 - Melissa Getz
Oh a place where educators can play together in MC? How cool is that!?!

39:11 - Peggy George
thank you so much Kim!!! I want to do that!

39:18 - Sheri Edwards
Lee Graham of U of Alaska @ak_leeg helped @mkurashige and I learn how to move. We practiced by "dancing" here's our video proof: The point: connect with those who use MinecraftEDU; they will help :)

39:19 - Trish Cloud

39:30 - Peggy George

39:55 - Peggy George

40:06 - Trish Cloud
Kim remember the head bobbing.

40:09 - Doug Henry in San Leandro CA
Great idea for Open House night!

40:10 - Peggy George
that sounds so exciting!

40:36 - Sheri Edwards
Would love to.

40:37 - Patti Ruffing
How good does the graphics card have to be for Minecraft, is it similar to what is needed for SL?

40:39 - Melissa Getz
This is an incredible offer! If you've never been in MCedu- sign up for the open house!

40:42 - Trish Cloud
I think if you remember to stress that Minecraft is just another tool in your tool box to enhance the learning.

40:56 - Kim Harrison
I forgot to talk about the Minecraft sickness some people get, including me.

41:01 - Melissa Getz
MC is not nearly as demanding for graphics cards as SL is

41:02 - Peggy George
VSTE MinecraftEDU Open House
October 31
10:00 AM Eastern Time

41:10 - Patti Ruffing
thanks, melissa

41:24 - Peggy George
excellent point Trish!

41:25 - Kim Harrison
You just need to go into options and turn OFF head bobbing if MC makes you feel ill. That took care of it for me :)

41:42 - Patti Ruffing
i remember Quest Atlantis, I signed up but never really started it

41:53 - Peggy George
that's good to know Melissa! I always had issues in Second Life with bandwidth challenges!

42:03 - Melissa Getz
@Patti (My laptop can run MC and sometimes gets up to 70 deg. With SL or WoW, it overheats and shuts down.)

42:15 - Peggy George
Quest Atlantis is/was fabulous and it's coming back in a revised form!

42:16 - Kim Harrison
We did Quest Atlantis for 6 months but the graphics were difficult for our desktops

42:31 - Patti Ruffing
ok I can do SL so I should have no problems with MC

42:49 - Laurie
yes Kim Harrison re sickness - please share

42:52 - Kim Harrison
@Patti I think that is true!

42:59 - Peggy George

43:08 - Diane Goldsberry
I may have trouble with the software approval process. Anybody got any tips?

43:17 - Peggy George
it sounds amazing that students have their own servers!

43:19 - Kim Harrison
Just go into the options in the mc game on your computer and turn off head bobbing - or you can google how to do it.

43:22 - Trish Cloud
go into options and turn off head bobbing and that will stop the movements that could cause motion sickness

43:29 - Kim Harrison
It's easy and the problem is common

43:37 - Kim Harrison
I felt nausesous

43:48 - Peggy George
thanks for that tip about the head bobbing :-)

43:54 - Sheri Edwards
Look up lessons for minecraft relative to your need. There must be a place with lessons / units?

44:18 - Peggy George (Laura Briggs: Star Summer Camp)

44:24 - Linda
MinecraftEdu has a Worlds Library and many have lessons included.

44:25 - Laurie
thx Kim :)

44:29 - Melissa Getz
About motion sickness- I get it easily. I don't know if it was my concentration level changing or if I adapted, but over time I stopped getting nauseous in MC. I can still get nauseous in SL or WoW at times.

44:39 - Peggy George (Important publication from the Joan Ganz Cooney Center on Games in Learning)

45:08 - Trish Cloud
I am all about not recreating the wheel...I refer to the lesson library at Minecraft Edu and use their maps when I can. World of Humanities is amazing!

45:09 - Peggy George (Awesome website by Lucas Gillispie “here Gaming and Education Converge” One of the original trailblazers for Bame Based Learning!)

45:29 - Sheri Edwards
My head is spinning.

45:35 - Peggy George
thanks Trish! That takes away a lot of the apprehension about getting started!

45:39 - Sheri Edwards
so many possibilities...

45:42 - Kim Harrison
I hope these links are all in the live binder.

45:47 - Kim Harrison
I want to look at them later

45:57 - Peggy George
they are or will be after the webinar :-)

46:00 - Patti Ruffing
Chris Dede from Harvard had some great virtual environment projects for students relating mostly to science I think, problem solving, critical thinking, not sure if they are still running

46:16 - Diane Goldsberry
Sheri - my head is spinning too but I know this will engage my students.

46:25 - Trish Cloud
My students if they don't know how to build something I make them look it up and refer either to the Minecraft Wiki, Explorer Pro, or acceptable YouTube videos for instructions. They I ask them to teach someone else what they learned.

46:53 - Sheri Edwards

47:04 - Peggy George
Chris Dede is an amazing educator! He was a doctoral student with me at UMass-Amherst back in the late 1970's :-) I even had the privilege of typing his doctoral dissertation (on a typewriter!) :-)

47:18 - Melissa Getz
I am excited to hear you are encouraging the girls to join. After all, you're a girl, aren't you?

47:24 - Patti Ruffing
oh Peggy, awesome

47:35 - Linda
We started using it about three years ago in Language Arts creative writing project:

48:04 - Peggy George

48:17 - Peggy George
what a fun way to learn about angles!

48:20 - Sheri Edwards
Linda -- that's what I needed! Writing! Thank you!

48:45 - Kim Harrison
I want a minecraft t-shirt!

49:07 - Trish Cloud or or at your mall at Hot Topic

49:07 - Melissa Getz
I want a minecraft anything and everything :-)!

49:25 - Patti Ruffing
how can we not try to direct all that enthusiasm to learning activities?

49:46 - Trish Cloud
i wear a Minecraft T-Shirt to school every Monday. The kids know it's Minecraft Club day.

49:56 - Peggy George
be sure to check out these elementary projects by Shane Asselstine he uses it for many subjects including math and digital storytelling!

50:04 - Patti Ruffing
(should have said "why would we not", sheesh)

50:05 - Peggy George
love that idea about the tshirt!

50:06 - Doug Henry in San Leandro CA
Minecraft Halloween costumes (cardboard boxes...)

50:19 - Trish Cloud
Shane is amazing! I got to meet him this past summer at ISTE.

50:28 - Tanya M
what a great idea to involve the HS students in a meaningful way

50:38 - Peggy George (The Value of Minecraft as a Teaching Tool)

50:56 - Kim Harrison

50:57 - Peggy George (Minecraft EDU wiki)

51:09 - Peggy George
you can get lots of support on the MinecraftEDU wiki

51:25 - Peggy George
lots of questions!

51:42 - Peggy George (Wendy Zamora blog post: Using Minecraft to Meet Learning Objectives)

51:56 - Peggy George (School Library Journal: MinecraftEDU Takes Hold in Schools)

52:14 - Diane Goldsberry
Is it harder to learn how to set up one computer server? For someone who is a teacher rookie?

52:17 - Peggy George
jump right in and answer--click on talk :-)

52:22 - Trish Cloud
my mic doesnt seem to be working

52:51 - Kim Harrison
My club kids had a wiki where they were to write each week. It was hard to get them to keep up with that. :)

53:10 - Tanya M
part of language arts IS speaking LOL

53:14 - Melissa Getz
@Trish- I usually forget to click the "talk" button

53:25 - Tanya M
so speaking reading writing all are used

53:37 - Doug Henry in San Leandro CA
Have students create MC-instructional videos with screencasting tools

53:39 - Melissa Getz
I think I'm going to have to watch the recording- so many inspirational ideas- I will have to absorb them again.

53:45 - Laura Briggs
yes, all of those skills can be incorporated!

53:47 - Peggy George
great tip!

53:50 - Sheri Edwards
Me to Melissa :)

54:30 - Sheri Edwards

54:50 - Laura Briggs
There are Mods you can download and install, you do not have to create them. Some students do create mods and modify other mods.

55:02 - Sheri Edwards
Wow. amazing

55:02 - Kim Harrison
We have that on the VSTE EDU server

55:11 - Peggy George
that sounds like a fun, easy way to learn about coding :-)

55:31 - Peggy George
so homeschoolers can't use MinecraftEDU?

55:42 - Linda
We've used Mike Harvey's Turtle Island map with ComputerCraftEdu for our computer literacy program. Great map!

56:17 - Melissa Getz
@Peggy, no it can't be bought by homeschoolers- that is one reason we're creating Cloud Craft Classroom- a way for "others" to MCedu

56:25 - Kim Harrison
@Peggy you can always ask Cloud based MCEDU could work for a network of home schoolers

56:42 - Peggy George
oh good idea Kim :-)

56:51 - Melissa Getz
it has to be a 501(c)(3)

56:57 - Melissa Getz

57:08 - Melissa Getz
has to be a nonprofit or a school

57:21 - Melissa Getz
this is why I'm creating a nonprofit to use MCedu

57:30 - Peggy George
since Tammy Moore (our closed-captioner) runs a virtual home school program I thought it would be good if this could be an option for them

57:49 - Laura Briggs
not at all, parents wanted a place where students could play and learn safely

58:02 - Kim Harrison
television is not interactive enough

58:36 - Melissa Getz
but I don't want to shift the conversation- after we get IRS approval and are running, I will be blabbing everywhere about our nonprofit "business"

58:54 - Peggy George
Join this fantastic Google Group if you want to try MinecraftEDU and need ideas/support!forum/minecraft-teachers

59:00 - Tanya M
The term Video Game and Virtual Environment are being used synonymously by the panel members. Is there a distincition?

59:03 - Kim Harrison is a new server for kids run by teachers to keep it safe

59:28 - Laura Briggs
for educators the VSTE Place Minecraft server can rally help teachers learn more and become comfortable with possibilities

59:30 - Tanya M
maybe parents would prefere ve to video game?

59:46 - Kim Harrison

59:50 - Diane Goldsberry
Thanks Peggy. I guess I just need to get the software and try it our myself.

59:51 - Patti Ruffing
big difference i think

1:00:06 - Peggy George
Wes Fryer has awesome resources on his site for MinecraftEDU

1:00:06 - Kim Harrison
MInecraft can be a VE if survival is not on

1:00:22 - Kim Harrison
you can also play games WITHIN SL

1:00:28 - Tanya M
A game has a win loss scenario

1:00:30 - Kim Harrison
I play Greedy all the time in SL

1:01:00 - Peggy George
all of these links will be available in our Livebinder for today I'll be adding links shared in the chat too.

1:01:32 - Kim Harrison
The problems we had with some of our processors at school were with the processors that were not intel

1:01:40 - Linda
Another great teacher group is They are Canadian teachers but were very helpful it getting me started in using Minecraft in the classroom.

1:01:42 - Peggy George
good point Kim

1:01:55 - Peggy George
thanks Linda!

1:02:14 - Sava
Thanks very much!

1:02:28 - Peggy George
we're running slightly overtime so if you need to leave it will all be on the recording :-)

1:02:41 - dzakar 1
I'm new to this where do I find the live binder that was discussed

1:02:46 - Peggy George

1:03:40 - Peggy George (Joel Levin: The Minecraft Teacher and co-founder of TeacherGaming LLC, creators of MinecraftEdu, the officially supported version of Minecraft designed for teachers and students)

1:03:48 - Peggy George (Follow Joel Levin, MinecraftTeachr, on Twitter)

1:04:10 - Peggy George (ISTE Games and Simulations on Facebook)

1:04:22 - Peggy George (#Metagame Book Club: we read books several times a year on differing topics. We looked at game based fiction (Ready Player One and For The Win), game design, gamification, Interactive Fiction.)

1:04:50 - Laura Briggs
The directions are all on the MinecraftEDU webpage, very easy!

1:04:52 - Peggy George (#Metagame Book Club on Google Plus. Metagame Book Club! This is a scholarly community that offers free professional development opportunities to all K-12 and College educators who are interested in learning about the field of game studies, the analog or digital game-based learning method, and the gamified learning (gamification) method in education. Join our community!)

1:04:56 - Tiziana Angiolini

1:05:04 - Peggy George (#Metagame Bookclub resources)

1:05:06 - Linda
MinecraftEdu is very easy to setup up compared to setting up a regular Minecraft server.

1:05:26 - Peggy George
Trish is that tutorial something we could post in our Livebinder?

1:05:28 - Sheri Edwards
Anyone have slides for setting up on a mac?

1:05:31 - Laurie
this was great thank you to all of you for sharing your expertise and willingness to help after

1:05:49 - Peggy George
Awesome book: (The Game Believes in You by Greg Toppo: a book all about games in education)

1:05:59 - Kim Harrison
you don't need it in a home - parents are there to supervise :)

1:06:05 - Peggy George
this has been fabulous!!!! thank you all!!!!

1:06:08 - Laura Briggs
Thanks to everyone! Please contact us if we can be of help!

1:06:13 - Kim Harrison
Thank you!

1:06:18 - Doug Henry in San Leandro CA
Awesome session!

1:06:19 - Janet P
many thanks fo great info!

1:06:25 - Kim Harrison
I'm out and on the road.

1:06:28 - Linda
Thank you!

1:06:41 - Trish Cloud
Peggy I will share the the Google Sites and documents.

1:06:57 - Eileen
Thank you!

1:07:01 - Laurie Conzemius
Thank you!

1:07:14 - Melissa Getz
Thank you Laura, Kim, and Trish- this was so amazing. I appreciate all that you do with your kids and all that you shared with us. Absolutely fantastic!

1:07:27 - Laura Antichi
Thank you

1:07:40 - Laura Briggs
Thanks Melissa! It has been our pleasure!

1:07:53 - Trish Cloud
It was a pleasure. Thank you for having me!

1:08:04 - Sheri Edwards
purchasing and setting up

1:08:43 - Peggy George
Steve Hargadon is our awesome mentor for the show!

1:08:43 - Patti Ruffing
thanks to our presenters today, so much wonderful info shared!

1:08:46 - Tanya M
Thank you Ladies! great job

1:08:55 - Peggy George (The Learning Revolution Network created by Steve Hargadon.)

1:09:06 - Peggy George (Nominate a Featured Teacher for our shows--you can nominate yourself too if you’ like to present for us)

1:09:14 - Peggy George (Classroom 2.0 LIVE survey link to request PD certificates for live or recorded webinars)

1:09:28 - Peggy George
thank you ALL for joining us today!

1:09:44 - Sheri Edwards
Thanks so much for sharing MCEDU. Learned so much and a little more confidence.... :)

1:09:44 - Peggy George

1:09:55 - Laura Briggs
Thanks Peggy!

1:10:02 - Peggy George
you can watch and listen as you're out walking or exercising on itunesu :-)