Classroom 2.0 LIVE webinar, "Green Screens + iPads = Magic" with special guest presenter, Jennifer Garcia.

October 17, 2015

00:06 - Peggy George
even if you don't have an ipad I think you'll get some great ideas for digital storytelling today!

00:24 - Peggy George
We are thrilled to have Jennifer Garcia with us today!!

00:38 - Jennifer Garcia
Thrilled to be here

00:46 - Sylvianne - UK
just trying to download

00:54 - Peggy George
Huge thanks to Tammy for the closed captioning for our show every week! It's always available in the Blackboard Collaborate recordings too.

01:11 - Peggy George
Jennifer is joining us from El Salvador!!

01:25 - Peggy George

01:40 - Jennifer Garcia
well done

01:44 - Peggy George
Her school :-) (Academia Britáica Cuscatleca website)

01:50 - @plnaugle(Paula)
I think I have met Jennifer at ISTE in the past.

02:03 - Peggy George (Jennifer Garcia’ blog)

02:12 - Jennifer Garcia
Philly this past summer?

02:22 - Peggy George
now you know why we are soooo excited to have Jennifer with us today!

02:32 - Peggy George
Hi Laura! Welcome!

02:53 - Laura Antichi
Hi, Peggy

02:54 - Peggy George
do green screen and chroma key mean the same thing?

03:03 - Lorie Moffat
Yes, Peggy.

03:08 - @plnaugle(Paula)
Welcome Jennifer.

03:08 - Peggy George

03:13 - @bcdtech Maureen
chroma key is the process

03:24 - @bcdtech Maureen
I think of green screen as the physical object

03:40 - Lorie Moffat
originally it was blue screen.

04:01 - Peggy George
it's great to know how she got started!

04:12 - Peggy George
Hi LucianeCurator and Eileen! Welcome!

04:37 - Peggy George
All of her links are in our Livebinder for today:

05:06 - @bcdtech Maureen
I used to set up the ipad or camera on the tripod use another ipad to to the prompts

05:08 - @plnaugle(Paula)
Some teachers just buy green sheets or shower curtains for their green screens.

05:09 - LucianeCurator
Hi Peggy and all

05:10 - Peggy George (ABCICT Wiki)

05:35 - Peggy George
thanks Paula. It's great that there are so many possibilities and they aren't necessarily expensive!

05:49 - Doug Henry in San Leandro CA
In the movies, they use green costumes (invisible man) and stockings (pirate pegleg)

05:52 - Eileen
Hello Peggy and everyone ☀️

06:23 - Peggy George

06:37 - Peggy George
you can also view it in the Livebinder

06:37 - @bcdtech Maureen
I've had kids wrap one green sheet around their body and be a floating head. Others lay on a green covered talbe to be flying

06:58 - @plnaugle(Paula)
Create a Green Screen Video in Your Classroom |

07:19 - Peggy George
Thanks Paula! I'll add that link to the Livebinder later.

07:34 - @bcdtech Maureen
I always have kids do the research and make story boards before they do any recording at all.

08:24 - @thehomeworkdog Lisa
I lost visual on the it just me?

08:30 - Peggy George

08:39 - @bcdtech Maureen
I like having kids use video- so many ways to display their knowledge and their strenghs- some are good researchers, some are organizers, some love to do the background music- others like to do voice over- lots of roles

08:39 - @plnaugle(Paula)
Green Screen in the Classroom - Throw off the Bowlines from my DEN friend Kati Searcy

09:05 - Peggy George
if you have your mobile phone handy you can get all of these links using the QR code she has on the slides :-)

09:15 - @bcdtech Maureen
@thehomeworkdog- you may want to refresh your screen

10:12 - @thehomeworkdog Lisa
I'm on my iPad...they are coming through now. :)

10:12 - @plnaugle(Paula)
Green Screen & More - Making Movies in the iPad Classroom

10:32 - Peggy George

10:44 - Peggy George
that's an awesome resource/tutorial!

11:23 - Peggy George
LRC ABC Youtube Channel

12:51 - Kathleen
All these links will be in the live binder later or do I need to try to copy them?

12:56 - @plnaugle(Paula)
Ipad Educators | FEATURE: Top 10 Tips for Green Screen by Do Ink

13:12 - Lorie Moffat
The links will be in the LiveBinder, Kathleen.

13:37 - Peggy George

13:39 - Kathleen

13:59 - @bcdtech Maureen
I love the organization Jennifer brings to all of her projects

14:09 - Peggy George
If new links are added in the chat I will add them to the Livebinder later. All of Jennifer's links are already in the Livebinder.

14:41 - Peggy George

14:58 - Peggy George
Original template:

15:09 - @bcdtech Maureen
I sometimes use google slides as a collaborative storyboard

15:20 - Peggy George
if you have any questions for Jennifer please type them in the chat and Lorie will ask them on the mic during Q/A

15:22 - @plnaugle(Paula)
Hi my dear friend, Jan Wells. It is great to "see" you here. :)

15:35 - Peggy George
Hi Jan! So great to see you!

16:20 - Peggy George
Animation rubric:

16:22 - @plnaugle(Paula)
Do you have the students do self-evaluations and peer evalustions. on their work?

16:30 - @janwells
Hi Paula, so glad to 'see' you too. Miss you

16:36 - Peggy George
Tell us more about Goobric :-)

16:39 - @janwells
Hi Peggy, so glad to be here

16:47 - @bcdtech Maureen
Aaron has alos added a new rubric maker over at storyboardthat

16:59 - @bcdtech Maureen

17:05 - Peggy George
Storyboard Template:

17:31 - Peggy George
thanks Maureen! I love StoryboardThat! Can you share the link?

17:39 - @plnaugle(Paula)
What is Goobric? A Chrome extension/app? Please tell us more about it.

17:52 - Peggy George
Doctopus Add-On

17:53 - Annette Whitby
Thanks for the Goobric and Doctopus reminder!

18:12 - Peggy George

18:17 - Peggy George
I love wikispaces too :-)

18:30 - Peggy George

19:12 - LucianeCurator
You must have a GAFE account to use GC

19:21 - @bcdtech Maureen
@Jennifer- have you talked with Karen Miller over at Doink- I know she would love to feature your work.

19:29 - @plnaugle(Paula)
Being able to put everything online makes it so nice for our students and parents to access all of our forms, homework, study guides, etc. Love the "Cloud".

19:43 - Peggy George
Animation as a storytelling device:

19:54 - Peggy George
amazing sharing options!

20:14 - Peggy George
Google Sites overview:

20:35 - @bcdtech Maureen

20:38 - @bcdtech Maureen

20:42 - @plnaugle(Paula)
Wish our district would become a GAFE one. Until then I will continue to use Edmodo as my learning management system.

20:49 - @bcdtech Maureen

21:25 - Peggy George
Tripods are so important to keep the videos from making you dizzy with the bouncing :-)

21:27 - @bcdtech Maureen
I've used ipevo mounts

21:28 - Peggy George
G7 Pro iPad Air/Mini Metal Frame Tripod

21:38 - Peggy George
these are so cool!!!

21:44 - @bcdtech Maureen
I love the ishotpro with gorilla legs!

22:15 - Peggy George
Hi stidmama! So glad you could join us!

22:15 - @bcdtech Maureen
I made an adapted ipad holder for a wheelchair with similar mounts

22:36 - @plnaugle(Paula)
Need to write a DonorsChoose grant for this - : Swivl Robotic Platform for Video : Camera & Photo

22:36 - Peggy George
how cool is that Maureen! you're so creative and clever!

22:36 - @thehomeworkdog Lisa
What grade is this?

22:49 - Lorie Moffat
7th, I think

22:59 - @plnaugle(Paula)

23:02 - @thehomeworkdog Lisa
Thanks Lorie

23:08 - Lorie Moffat
yw :)

23:33 - Peggy George
she works with grades 6-8 in her Learning Resource Center

23:34 - @bcdtech Maureen
It's hard to get all the wrinkles out!

23:35 - Annette Whitby
Are overhead fluorescent lights bad for green screening?

23:41 - Peggy George
love dollar stores!!!! :-)

23:51 - Fern #2
In Europe they're one euro stores, but they're still a great source.

23:57 - stidmama
sorry I am late, had trouble re-installing the app after a full redo of my machine!

24:10 - Peggy George
I even saw a youtube video teaching us how to iron the wrinkles out of green screens :-)

24:25 - @plnaugle(Paula)
I saw Dennis Grice use a cardboard box with a cut-out for the iPad to use for mininature greenscreen projects.

25:05 - Peggy George
TellagamiEDU app

25:22 - TatumR
I love the ideas of mini green screens

25:26 - Peggy George
Animation Desk:

26:01 - @plnaugle(Paula)
How long can a Telligami video be?

26:07 - Peggy George
DoInk app

26:23 - Peggy George
your questions are great! keep them coming!! :-)

26:37 - @bcdtech Maureen
I have used morfo app as the talking avatar as well. (Kind of like blabberize- but creepier- the eyes move)

27:02 - Peggy George
DoInk features:

27:14 - @thehomeworkdog Lisa
Paula the tell agama videos aren't that long, but they can be dropped into iMovie to create a longer video.

27:16 - @plnaugle(Paula)
Free Technology for Teachers: 5 Free Apps and Sites for Creating Short Animations

27:28 - Peggy George
iStopMotion for ipad

27:37 - @plnaugle(Paula)
Ah, thank you, Lisa.

28:26 - @thehomeworkdog Lisa
Paula... I'm sure there are other options...That's how I handled it. :)

28:28 - Peggy George
that is a great tip, Lisa!

28:40 - @thehomeworkdog Lisa

29:58 - Peggy George
do they do all of the iMovie editing on their iPads?

30:20 - Kathleen
Are there links to the project templates later?

30:27 - Peggy George (Green Screen iPad app by DoInk)

30:39 - Peggy George

31:07 - @thehomeworkdog Lisa
Peggy...if that ? was to me...yes. :)

31:31 - Peggy George
Moving Newspaper Unit:

31:45 - Peggy George
thanks Lisa

31:52 - @plnaugle(Paula)
Great time lapse video by my friend Jennifer Regruth She used Lapse it app (

32:22 - Peggy George
I'll upload Jennifer's slides as a PDF in the Livebinder so you can see all of these steps later :-)

32:45 - Peggy George
Paula thank you so much for all of the links! They will be awesome additions to the Livebinder!

32:59 - @bcdtech Maureen
I have a symbaloo for multimedia that have mostly CC images

33:00 - Doug Henry in San Leandro CA
We use Scratch to make animations with a green background - we screen capture the animation and blend with other video.

33:01 - Peggy George
Flickr Creative Commons

33:12 - Peggy George
Google Advanced Search

33:36 - stidmama
My teaching world gets so much bigger when I can be here!

33:45 - Abby
I went to a DENapolooza recently and the presenter that I saw using DoInk suggested using green paper plates, and green straws (from Starbucks!) as additional options.

33:46 - @janwells

33:51 - Annette Whitby
Exactly, stidmama!

34:04 - Peggy George
love that idea Abby!!!

34:29 - @thehomeworkdog Lisa
Fun idea Abby!

34:33 - Peggy George
LRC ABC YouTube Channel

34:38 - TatumR
great idea- I'll try setting up folders in dropbox

35:14 - Abby
Students were newscasters reporting on content related videos

35:18 - @bcdtech Maureen
I like the controls you can use- make private or shut off comments- like button

35:24 - Peggy George
that's a huge help to have them organized in playlists on youtube

35:40 - @thehomeworkdog Lisa
Like the playlist idea!

36:04 - Peggy George
do any of you use Wikimedia to upload videos?

36:35 - Peggy George

36:42 - Peggy George
that is amazing!!!

37:21 - @bcdtech Maureen
is this Gregg's work?

37:31 - Peggy George
Tricia Fuglestad is incredible!! Be sure to explore her amazing student projects!

38:02 - @janwells
That's a great website, source, example

38:03 - Peggy George
She did a webinar for us a few years ago about her class and projects! The recording is available if you'd like to watch it later. :-)

38:20 - Peggy George
Steve Clark:

38:24 - christine 1
Tricia Fuglestad site has great lesson explanations

38:26 - Peggy George
Examples are sooooo helpful!

38:59 - @bcdtech Maureen
Love the examples you have given us- knowing the way you organize the projects- love seeing the templates

39:03 - @thehomeworkdog Lisa
Peggy...I would love to watch Tricia's webinar.

39:18 - Peggy George
Greg Kulowiek-The History 2.0 Classroom-Green Screen iPad Experiments with DoInk

39:27 - Peggy George
I'll find the link Lisa :-)

39:40 - @bcdtech Maureen
When I did the better world project we did reflections as part of the project- posted right on the wikipages.

39:47 - Kathleen
I did minimal greenscreen with State Reports for 5th grade last year. Will do more this year starting with story boards.

40:51 - @plnaugle(Paula)
Tricia Fuglestad-Featured Teacher Art & Technology - Classroom 2.0 LIVE!

41:07 - LucianeCurator
Today I launch official Newletter for Erasmus Plus

41:08 - @bcdtech Maureen
We did paper videos with wevideo for state reports last year and put them into thinglinks.. want to use green screen this coming year

41:49 - Peggy George
This is the recording and links for Tricia Fugelstad.

42:15 - Peggy George
Sam Gliksman-iPads in Education- Creating a Classroom Studio

42:17 - @thehomeworkdog Lisa
Thanks for the links

42:28 - Peggy George

42:36 - @plnaugle(Paula)
How To Effectively Light Your Green Screen - YouTube

42:46 - Annette Whitby

42:48 - @bcdtech Maureen
The gooseneck lamps worked well for me on table top/box greenscreens

43:06 - @thehomeworkdog Lisa
So many great links here today!

43:23 - Peggy George
any other questions?

43:31 - Peggy George
Paula would you like to take the mic to share?????

43:42 - stidmama
LOVED This -- will have to go back and watch from the beginning. THANK YOU for making these sessions possible. Something I look forward to every week. :-)

43:48 - christine 1
Thank you for all the resources!

43:55 - Peggy George
raise your hand if you'd like to take the mic to share a story or ask a question :-)

44:06 - Peggy George

44:08 - Jennifer Garcia
our pleasure I hope you will find them useful christine 1

44:10 - Peggy George

44:14 - @plnaugle(Paula)
I don't have a headset with me today.

44:37 - Peggy George
you could do it without your headset Paula :-)

44:45 - Peggy George
we'll just have one mic on :-)

44:56 - Peggy George
thanks Maureen!!

45:08 - @plnaugle(Paula)

45:11 - Jennifer Garcia
Tanks Maureen it was great working on those projects with you

45:12 - Peggy George

45:14 - Gary
How long would you anticipate spending on a project if it was the first time you were doing something like this?

45:14 - Peggy George
go ahead!

45:15 - Jennifer Garcia

45:19 - Peggy George

45:19 - Lorie Moffat

45:22 - Peggy George
hearing fine

45:23 - @bcdtech Maureen

45:28 - @janwells

45:38 - Kathleen
Where would I find the lessons for the framing of the use of the green screens?

45:55 - Peggy George
Paula has just a bit of bandwidth lag :-)

46:08 - Peggy George
Connie Mulligan--miniature green screening!

46:15 - Patti Ruffing
I always wonder how much time you have alotted for the projects and does it come strictly out of computer lab time or is it right out of regular class time?

46:22 - Jennifer Garcia @Kathleen

46:24 - Peggy George
we'll add her link to the Livebinder for her wikispace

46:42 - Peggy George
thanks a lot Paula!!!

46:45 - Jennifer Garcia
You are very welcome

46:47 - Jennifer Garcia

46:48 - @plnaugle(Paula)
Conni Mulligan

46:58 - Peggy George
anyone else want to take the mic? raise your hand so we can give you the mic.

47:37 - Peggy George
Main webpage for the project:

48:02 - Jennifer Garcia
storyboard template

48:03 - Jennifer Garcia

48:05 - @janwells

48:06 - @bcdtech Maureen
Jennifer- thank you!! Great resources for all!

48:33 - Tiziana Angiolini

48:36 - Jennifer Garcia
Link to the Green Screen google template lesson

48:40 - @bcdtech Maureen

48:40 - @plnaugle(Paula)
A bear

48:57 - Jennifer Garcia
Thanks for having me on the show today...

49:38 - @bcdtech Maureen
I miss working with you! My new school is not ready to jump into projects... yet

49:54 - @plnaugle(Paula)
Thank you, Jennifer, for such a great webinar. So many resources to check out. YOu were fantastic. :)

50:02 - Jennifer Garcia
@Gary I usually take a few weeks to put it together and it runs for 9 weeks 2 lessons a week.

50:08 - @plnaugle(Paula)
Have a great weekend everyone. :)

50:26 - Gary
Thank you. Very useful information. :)

50:29 - @thehomeworkdog Lisa
Thanks Jennifer!

50:40 - Peggy George
thank you all for joining us!!!! Have a great weekend!!!

50:57 - Peggy George (Library 2.015 free virtual conference, Oct. 19-20, 2015)

50:57 - Jennifer Garcia
Miss working with you too @Maureen, hopefully we can get some projects going together in the near future.

51:07 - Peggy George (Teacher Librarian Day-pre-conference event on Monday, Oct. 19)

51:17 - Peggy George (Classroom 2.0 LIVE survey link to request PD certificates for live or recorded webinars)

51:38 - Peggy George (DEN Fall 2015 Virtual Conference)

51:48 - Peggy George (Connected Educators website)

52:13 - Peggy George
all of our recordings are on iTunesU and on YouTube :-)

52:28 - Peggy George
everything will be in one place on our blog later today :-)