Classroom 2.0 LIVE Webinar: Twitter Chats: What, Why, How, When with Alice Keeler

October 18, 2014

00:01 - andrew macrae
#satchat, #edchatuk

00:04 - Peggy George
here we go!!!

00:06 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Yes, #edchat, #edtechchat, #tlap, and I moderate #4thchat and #DENchat.

00:08 - @AnibalPachecoIT
Yes! #edchat #edtechchat #cpchat #modedchat #NT2t

00:17 - Peggy George
We're so glad all of you are here to learn and share with us today!

00:25 - Carolyn Stanley
#ce2014, #Denchat

00:41 - Peggy George
Our fabulous Livebinder for today is here: http://www.livebinders.com/play/play?id=1513980

00:41 - Alice Keeler 1
Good Morning!!!

00:47 - Alice Keeler 1
I'm a nerd

00:59 - Peggy George
Wonderful to have Melissa here to introduce Alice!

01:05 - Alice Keeler 1
Totally agree!

01:11 - @plnaugle (Paula)
So excited to be learning from Alice Keeler this morning. :)

01:17 - Bobby Song
I went there!

01:20 - Peggy George
Alice is one VERY busy lady!!! We are so lucky to have her here with us today!

01:32 - Alice Keeler 1
Its been crazy lately, my life slows down after this week

01:33 - Peggy George
Hi Paula! So glad you could join us today!

01:36 - Eileen
Nerds rule the world,Alice!

01:40 - Alice Keeler 1

01:43 - Peggy George
Paula is a Twitter Chat queen!!!

01:51 - Alice Keeler 1
CoffeeEDU is a one hour unconference

01:52 - Peggy George
@profchat :-)

01:55 - Alice Keeler 1

02:02 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Hi Peggy. :) Glad to be here for my weekly inspiration.

02:11 - Alice Keeler 1

02:35 - Peggy George
Thrilled to be having Alice to present with us today!

02:40 - Alice Keeler 1

02:43 - Alice Keeler 1
I got ahead

02:54 - Carolyn Stanley
New Superintendent for the district I taught in for years is on Twitter, and he got my principal to join Twitter, something I was not able to accomplish. So happy!

03:20 - Peggy George

03:32 - Peggy George
Welcome everyone! We're so glad you are here with us!

03:59 - Suzana
We are glad to be here,Peggy!

04:03 - Peggy George
We hope you'll all share links and hashtags in the chat as we go along and I'll add them to our Livebinder later.

04:10 - Peggy George
Terrific Suzana!

04:15 - Peggy George
Welcome Meg!

04:42 - Peggy George
yes!! share your Twitter ID here!!!

04:44 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
@grammasheri @nsdedwards

04:45 - Peggy George

04:46 - Melissa @getztech
@getztech :-)

04:47 - Bryan

04:47 - Patti R

04:47 - Nenad Đpić

04:47 - Bobby Song

04:47 - @AnibalPachecoIT
@AnibalPachecoIT B)

04:48 - Alice Keeler 1

04:51 - Suzana

04:52 - Meg

04:53 - Stella Maris Berdaxagar

04:55 - Lorie Moffat

04:56 - andrew macrae
Yes Andrew @learninginclass

04:58 - Eileen

04:58 - Tammy Moore

05:02 - @plnaugle (Paula)
@plnaugle Paula Naugle

05:02 - Sofia Segurola
Yes but do not know @

05:03 - Kim Flack
@eighteducator @kmbflack

05:10 - Carolyn Stanley

05:20 - Peggy George
what a fabulous way to build our PLN!! the chat log will be posted along with the recording and you'll be able to capture all of these

05:21 - Alice Keeler 1

05:29 - Melissa @getztech
ooohhh awesome

05:30 - Doug Henry
Doug Henry @doughslz

05:31 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri

05:31 - @plnaugle (Paula)

05:32 - Patti R

05:34 - Peggy George
Hooray Shamblesguru! Thrilled to have you joining us today!

05:38 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri

05:42 - Meg

05:43 - Kim Flack

05:43 - Bobby Song

05:44 - Melissa @getztech

05:49 - @AnibalPachecoIT

05:50 - Suzana

05:50 - Bryan

05:53 - Kim Flack

05:53 - Linda 1

05:54 - Lorie Moffat

05:55 - Nenad Đpić

06:02 - @shamblesguru [Thailand]

06:06 - Peggy George
first great tip from Alice!! :-) Lots more to come!

06:06 - Eileen

06:15 - Carolyn Stanley

06:26 - Melissa @getztech
This is fantastic- Thanks for setting this up for us!

06:27 - Peggy George

06:36 - Bobby Song

06:49 - Bobby Song
Lol it doesn't hyperlink on my iPad haha

07:02 - Stella Maris Berdaxagar

07:02 - Alice Keeler 1

07:35 - Alice Keeler 1
Getting Started Guide: http://goo.gl/VhkXaa

07:37 - Carolyn Stanley
I need to set up another twitter account. Always feel embarrassed if I vote on The Voice in my PLN twitter

07:54 - Peggy George
The Getting Started guide is in our Livebinder for today :-)

08:08 - Peggy George

08:18 - Peggy George
hahaha Carolynn :-)

08:19 - @plnaugle (Paula)
If you haven't set up a Twitter account yet, think about your brand before you select your handle. So associate it with grade or school and then change, so I just used my name.

08:47 - Peggy George
love that you're sharing your tips here in the chat! Keep 'em coming :-)

08:49 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Sorry meant some have associated it with grade or job and then changed jobs.

08:56 - Sava
I use facebook for learning. I have a group study. I set the posts and so we have discussions.

09:03 - andrew macrae

09:19 - Peggy George
In case you missed the Livebinder link: http://www.livebinders.com/play/play?id=1513980

09:21 - @AnibalPachecoIT
Best Twitter Bios - What are they doing right? http://bit.ly/1pXo85z

09:25 - Bryan
great twitter chat for educators learning twitter is #NT2t

09:35 - Peggy George
Terrific Anibal!

09:39 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Yes, definitely add an avatar and some info in your bio.

10:12 - Peggy George
Alice's blog: http://www.alicekeeler.com/teachertech/

10:30 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
Twitter in 60 seconds http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYz9M70KVR0

10:36 - @shamblesguru [Thailand]
I've been on Twitter for 2,737 days ... you can find out when you joined at http://twopcharts.com/howlongontwitter

10:46 - Peggy George
http://theedublogger.com/2010/07/08/a-twitteraholics-guide-to-tweets-hashtags-and-all-things-twitter/ (Sue Waters: A Twitteraholics Guide to Tweets, Hashtags and all Things Twitter)

10:55 - @plnaugle (Paula)
I have made such amazing connections on Twitter and have learned so much from my personal learning network (PLN).

10:58 - Peggy George
http://primarytech.global2.vic.edu.au/2011/06/30/all-abouttwitter-hashtags/ (Kathleen Morris: All About Twitter Hashtags)

11:12 - Melissa @getztech
I think I gave the wrong name. I'm twitter.com/getztech

11:20 - Melissa @getztech
It has just been that type of morning....

11:35 - Kim Flack
Yes! Boils it down to the essence of what is important - 140 characters

11:41 - Eileen

11:53 - Peggy George
That was the first link I captured from the Twitter Chat the Anibal shared today in #nt2t https://twitter.com/hashtag/nt2t?f=realtime

11:55 - @plnaugle (Paula)
@Shambles Thanks. I've been on Twitter for 2,061 days.

12:24 - Peggy George
that's the link for #nt2t (New Teachers 2 Twitter) Great hashtag to follow!

12:50 - Alice Keeler 1
@davidtedu can you share your resources on twitter

12:54 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
@Shambles Thanks: On Twitter since 23 Aug 2007 ( 2,613 days)

12:56 - Peggy George
if you add too many hashtags to your tweet there's no room for your message :-)

13:11 - @shamblesguru [Thailand]
A Dr. Seuss-Inspired Guide to Twitter http://www.shambles.net/pages/learning/ict/whereru/

13:28 - Carolyn Stanley
When I'd miss a couple of days, I used to try and backtrack to catch up, but that was an exercise in futility. So, as Alice says, be in the moment.

13:37 - @plnaugle (Paula)
@Peggy I read somewhere that three hashtag maximum is appropriate social media netiqutte.

13:43 - Alice Keeler 1
.@davidtedu here is my tweet

13:56 - Kim Flack
great tip!

13:57 - Peggy George
love that link Shambles!! I've been on Twitter since June 2007 :-)

14:19 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Could you use a question mark to start a tweet?

14:57 - Peggy George
Awesome link in our Livebinder: http://shambles.net/pages/learning/ict/eduhashtag/ (Shamblesguru: Educational Hashtag resources. All of the embedded hashtags are live and an excellent example of how these can be embedded on your blogs and websites.)

15:19 - Peggy George
great advice Alice! :-)

15:30 - @AnibalPachecoIT
How Do You Participate in a Twitter Chat? http://bit.ly/11L7A6T

15:32 - Peggy George

15:44 - Carolyn Stanley
Any one out there with a hash tag for retired teachers trying to stay connected?

15:50 - Alice Keeler 1

15:55 - Peggy George
I'll add all of the new links you are sharing to our Livebinder after the show :-) Thank you!!!

16:03 - @shamblesguru [Thailand]
UMMmm ... fast food and sugar ... don't start me ranting about that :-) ... it used to be tobacco ... now it is sugar

16:38 - Peggy George
there were lots of people using the #notatiste hashtag during ISTE. Many people connected there and shared info/links/resources/ideas from the conference with them.

16:42 - @AnibalPachecoIT
My conversation about Hashtags with @kevinhoneycutt - http://youtu.be/mcVTkymTiIk

17:15 - Kim Flack
my middle school daughter is horrified if I ever use hashtags :o

17:31 - Peggy George
does that scare you to think about having multiple twitter accounts???? :-)

17:43 - Peggy George

18:01 - Kim Flack
I will let her know I have learned how to use them safely, officially, now

18:04 - Bryan
do you need a different email address for each account?

18:04 - @AnibalPachecoIT
Improve Your PLN: Must Know Twitter Hashtags for Administrators - http://bit.ly/1nU8cRR

18:06 - Melissa @getztech
I did not actually realize that I shoud have a personal acct and an ed based account.... now I have 2 accts, but sometimes tweet from the wrong one. oops...

18:08 - @shamblesguru [Thailand]
Everything about hashtagging and tagging try http://www.shambles.net/pages/learning/infolit/tagging/

18:13 - Bobby Song
I don't think I could remember that many passwords

18:14 - Peggy George
I have a couple but it's very easy to manage with Tweetdeck for me.

18:18 - Eileen
I still wonder about using Twitter with my elementary students

18:41 - @plnaugle (Paula)
I only have two Twitter accounts, my personal one and one for my classroom which I really can't use much since Twitter is blocked in my district. We tweet from my iPhone.

18:45 - @AnibalPachecoIT
Twitter for Teachers: Education Hashtags to Build PLN - http://bit.ly/11L8HU0

18:46 - Peggy George
that's so easy to do Melissa!!! I tweet for #liveclass20 and myself :-)

18:50 - andrew macrae
pupils love it in elementary!

18:57 - Melissa @getztech
I actually did not realize I should have two accounts until somebody told me.

19:10 - Peggy George
clicking on All is important

19:40 - Carolyn Stanley
I still don't have a Twitter management tool. Is Tweetdeck back in favor? Are there suggestions for setting up a Twitter management tool in Livebinder?

19:56 - Peggy George
#ntchat is a fantastic group! We had Lisa Dabbs on our show last year and she told us all about her many New Teacher sites and resources!

20:03 - Glenn Hervieux (@SISQITMAN)
Use Tweetdeck

20:07 - Alice Keeler 1
LISA DABBS is amazing

20:12 - Peggy George
Totally agree Glenn!!!

20:18 - Alice Keeler 1

20:30 - andrew macrae
Don't expect to read everything - Yes on Lisa

20:34 - Bryan
I didn't realize understand Twitter until I realized I didn't need to read every tweet. Once I understand the important stuff would come back around I started using it a lot more

20:46 - Peggy George
Be selective about who you follow (as Alice suggested)--you want to know you have common interests :-)

21:03 - @AnibalPachecoIT
Google Doc with 360+ classes active on Twitter and interested in connecting. http://bit.ly/11L9u7y

21:04 - @plnaugle (Paula)
If something great is tweeted it will be retweeted and you will see it eventually.

21:13 - Nenad Đpić
Using hashtags is similar to instant creation of group like on facebook. My students are on facebook. They are not on twitter. So am I.

21:24 - Peggy George
many people schedule their tweets in advance :-)

21:29 - @shamblesguru [Thailand]
Maybe we've taken this thing with #hashtags too far - VIDEO (watch after webinar) http://youtu.be/57dzaMaouXA

21:31 - andrew macrae
Tweetdeck has made it much easier to manage and focus on #conv I want

21:46 - @AnibalPachecoIT
6 Considerations When Launching a Class Twitter Account - http://bit.ly/11L9GDQ

21:56 - Peggy George
wow!!!! fantastic way to use Twitter)

22:21 - Peggy George
people who follow you are not only willing to share ideas and resources but to support your causes!!

22:27 - Sofia Segurola
Can you account be com promised Somes

22:32 - @shamblesguru [Thailand]
If someone is Tweeting at 2:00 in your afternoon they may be in a completley different time zone .... TWITTER is GLOBAL

22:39 - @AnibalPachecoIT
The Most Common Twitter Terms Explained - http://bit.ly/WSOXvC

22:41 - @shamblesguru [Thailand]
Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)

22:44 - Peggy George
excellent point Shambles!!!

22:45 - @plnaugle (Paula)
I find sessions at conferences that are being live streamed that I can attend for free from home.

23:06 - Melissa @getztech
But these are public conversations, right?

23:08 - Peggy George
I love all of the tweets that come through in the middle of the night for me from my friends in other countries :-)

23:24 - Melissa @getztech
OH, we're saying twitterCHATS. duh...

23:25 - @AnibalPachecoIT
Twitter Netiquette: Here's a great example of how Hashtags can get overused. http://youtu.be/57dzaMaouXA

23:44 - Peggy George
so glad you made that point Paula! I get so many resources by following the hashtags during a conference! Next best thing to being there :-)

23:47 - Alice Keeler 1

24:05 - Peggy George
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AiftIdjCeWSXdDRLRzNsVktUUGJpRWJhdUlWLS1Genc#gid=0 (Weekly Twitter Chat Schedule)

24:09 - andrew macrae
cybraryman has a great list of conversations

24:27 - Peggy George
it really helps to know when they are scheduled regularly

24:33 - Peggy George

24:33 - Alice Keeler 1

24:55 - andrew macrae
http://goo.gl/YPElr link to cybraryman

25:13 - Peggy George
if you have questions for Alice as we go along please type them in the chat and Lorie is capturing them to ask her later if she doesn't answer on the spot.

25:26 - @shamblesguru [Thailand]
Here are many Edu Hashtag Chats embedded in one page ALL LIVE ... http://www.shambles.net/pages/learning/ict/eduhashtag/

25:27 - @AnibalPachecoIT
Twitter Chats for Teachers by State - http://bit.ly/WSQX7c via @sjunkins

25:28 - Melissa @getztech
@Andrew- Now I'm overwhelmed. Thanks :-)

25:32 - Alice Keeler 1

26:00 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Cybraryman PLN Stars will help you find people to follow. http://bit.ly/1y3dL0C

26:04 - Peggy George
There are some awesome Livebinders on Twitter and related topics. http://www.livebinders.com/play/play?id=993899 (Jessica Allen: A Livebinder of Twitter Livebinders)

26:13 - Peggy George
that Livebinder is in our Livebinder today :-)

26:33 - Peggy George
it's one Livebinder with tons of links to other Livebinders about Twitter and Twitter Chats

26:53 - Peggy George
I love Tweetdeck!! Couldn't manage Twitter without it!

26:58 - Carolyn Stanley
A new learning curve!

27:32 - @AnibalPachecoIT
Using Tweetdeck - http://youtu.be/jAsN3cA9Qxs via @ashleyhhurley

27:58 - @plnaugle (Paula)
I have 15 active columns open on my Tweetdeck and love that I can move them around when I'm participating in a #edchat.

28:02 - @shamblesguru [Thailand]
If this is a new topic for you .... it should be about now in the webinar that you may feel completely overwhelmed .... take a deeeeeep breath and remember you can watch the recording later :-)

28:03 - Peggy George
I especially like to use Tweetchat during live Twitter Chats because it automatically adds the group hashtag and it's easy to reply or retweet during the conversation. http://tweetchat.com/

28:17 - Peggy George
awesome advice Shambles!!!!

28:38 - Alice Keeler 1

29:01 - Peggy George
I will add columns during a conference but then remove them a few weeks after the conference because people tend to stop using them.

29:06 - Alice Keeler 1
#profchat Tuesdays 8pm EST

29:07 - Carolyn Stanley
Thanks, Shambles!

29:14 - @AnibalPachecoIT
Organizing your TweetDeck w/ Lists & Collections - http://youtu.be/3MuBPONNzv0 via @tchrkonrad

29:29 - Melissa @getztech
#profchat was even nice to me and I was only there as a graduate student

29:39 - Peggy George
Moderators of Twitter Chats are so important to keep the conversation going and focused on the topic

30:13 - andrew macrae
great idea on the multiple columns - wouldn't have thought of that!

30:20 - Peggy George
pausing during a Twitter Chat is a great idea!

30:20 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
@AshyleyHurley Hi Connected Educator Voxer friend :)

30:23 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Twitter Tip - Spend 5-10 minutes a day following a hashtag that is your grade level or subject or state chat. Ex; #4thchat, #kinderchat, #IAedchat and see what you learn in one week. I think you'll be hooked.

30:39 - andrew macrae

30:40 - Glenn Hervieux (@SISQITMAN)
No way...

30:47 - Meg

30:50 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Almost never use Twitter.com I use TweetDeck.

30:59 - Glenn Hervieux (@SISQITMAN)
I use the two column method, as well.

30:59 - Peggy George
me too Paula

31:32 - Carolyn Stanley
Actually, I guess I do. That will change once I figure out Tweetdeck.

31:42 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Check out #edscape that is happening today in NJ. Great things being tweeted out.

31:43 - @AnibalPachecoIT
10 Terrific Twitter Chats for Teachers - http://bit.ly/11LcEbr via @edutopia

31:51 - @shamblesguru [Thailand]
I also use Twubs : Follow and Display Hashtags Streams

31:52 - Peggy George
Alice did you share the tip about adding a dot in front of an @ at the beginning of your tweet? I may have missed it.

32:10 - Lorie Moffat
She did

32:13 - Peggy George

32:19 - Peggy George
just wanted to clarify that point

32:26 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Hi Anibal. They forgot to add #4thchat to that list. LOL

32:38 - Peggy George
:-) oh no Paula!!!

32:44 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Yes, she did Peggy.

32:54 - Melissa @getztech
Thanks for saying that again- I missed it the first time and never knew that was a rule.

32:57 - Peggy George
many of the lists are crowdsourced which makes them so valuable!

33:02 - Melissa @getztech
still learning here

33:25 - @plnaugle (Paula)
There's my friend Marcie. A great Louisiana educator.

33:39 - Peggy George
That's a brilliant way to manage twitter chats! I just have to make sure when I reply that I'm not using the Q instead of the A :-)

33:53 - Kim Flack
this is invaluable!! :)

33:57 - @AnibalPachecoIT
Tips & Tricks: Why the Period Before @Mentions? http://bit.ly/11Ldo0c

34:06 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
On Sundays, I write a blogpost from my staff about topics we are discussion and embed tweets with links about those topics

34:07 - Patti R
I was following the #catholicedchat this morning when I was at the hair salon, i think i saw someone say at the beginning they were limiting responses to five minutes

34:20 - Peggy George
such great advice from Alice and ALL of you sharing in the chat!!!!

34:43 - Peggy George
Hi Susie! Welcome!

34:49 - @shamblesguru [Thailand]
Try http://twubs.com/ and follow the hashtag #earthquakes and you'll see people twittering about earthquakes that are happening right NOW ... works with any disater ...even political unrest... or sports event amazing live data for use in classrooms (apologes slightly off topic)

35:30 - @shamblesguru [Thailand]
50million and six

35:36 - Melissa @getztech
can never hear you say "hashtag" enough :-)

35:37 - Peggy George
I have noticed that some people who can't join the twitter chat when it's live will continue to tweet using the hashtag and the A1, A1 for their responses.

35:39 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Thanks to #4thchat my students got to do a Google Hangout with a family in South Korea to discuss their culture.

35:43 - Peggy George
Tweetdeck :-)

35:51 - Susie @shighley
sometimes hootsuite

35:51 - @AnibalPachecoIT
Hands down TweetDeck :)

35:56 - Suzana
nothing,up to now

35:58 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Definitely Tweetdeck.

35:59 - Susie @shighley
twubs sometimes for chats

36:02 - Peggy George
the famous eyeroll!!!

36:03 - Kim Flack
do you remind participants of your suggested response when you begin the chat? A1 + #?

36:11 - Alice Keeler 1

36:18 - Glenn Hervieux (@SISQITMAN)
I've used tweetchat some

36:18 - Peggy George
know about that but don't use it

36:34 - Susie @shighley
I just heard about nurph but haven't fully explored it

36:35 - Sofia Segurola

36:38 - Peggy George
I like tweetchat better than twubs--just personal preference

36:58 - @plnaugle (Paula)
I ran a #4thchat one time by scheduling all of the tweets for the hour since I couldn't participate in person during the appointed time.

37:08 - Alice Keeler 1

37:22 - Peggy George
I love the way many twitter chat moderators compile the tweets for each session in another place like Storify :-) So helpful!

37:25 - Melissa @getztech
How do you schedule tweets?

37:26 - @plnaugle (Paula)
We tired Nurph for #4thchat but weren't happy with it.

38:03 - Melissa @getztech
So as a normal person I would not want to do that?

38:04 - Carolyn Stanley
I'm on iPad, so I have to use iPhone for Twitter. No management tool yet.

38:05 - Glenn Hervieux (@SISQITMAN)
@alicekeeler I like how I can bounce in and out of Twitter #liveclass20

38:30 - Peggy George
you could Melissa :-) scheduling tweets may be very helpful outside of twitter chats

38:31 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Had to laugh because it took aobut 20 minutes for participants to realize I wasn't attending the chat live.

38:46 - Peggy George
what fun Paula!!!

38:53 - Melissa @getztech
OH, this explains why I get some routine tweets from some companies I follow.

38:58 - Peggy George
yes :-)

39:13 - @shamblesguru [Thailand]
QUESTION for the end : Spam in Twitter Hashtag Chats ... how to deal with it?

39:26 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
Alice, you probably have a blog post about that ?

39:28 - Peggy George
tweetdeck will give you notifications when you get tweet direct messages :-)

39:43 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Some people use IFTTT recipe to have tweets sent when they have a mention on Twitter.

39:49 - Peggy George
remember the hashtag and 140 characters :-)

39:52 - Alice Keeler 1
Welcome to #liveclass20 introduce yourself

40:01 - Alice Keeler 1
Hi, I am Alice Keeler, I am your moderator for this chat #liveclass20

40:03 - Stella Maris Berdaxagar
I have just used it about the session.

40:11 - @AnibalPachecoIT
Anibal Pacheco, Technology Integration Specialist, Nashville, Tennessee #liveclass20

40:22 - Bryan
Hi this is Bryan from Riyadh #liveclass20

40:23 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
Hello, Sheri Edwards from Coulee Dam, Wa Middle School LA educator #liveclass20

40:23 - Suzana
How to follow all this,needs much time!

40:27 - Peggy George
Hi! Great to be joining you on #liveclass20 chat today! My fav time of week.

40:28 - Sofia Segurola
Can not find the hash rag on ipad!

40:29 - Melissa @getztech
A1 #liveclass20 Melissa Getz, Albany CA, HS teacher

40:29 - Glenn Hervieux (@SISQITMAN)
This is Glenn Hervieux, Tech. Coordinator, Siskiyou Union HSD @#liveclass20

40:31 - Alice Keeler 1
Welcome @anibalpachecolIT glad you can join us for #liveclass20

40:36 - andrew macrae
Hi everyone, Andrew in Boston, #liveclass20

40:45 - Peggy George
I forgot the A1 already...

40:45 - Alice Keeler 1
Welcome Glenn glad to have you #liveclass20

41:03 - Sofia Segurola

41:21 - Peggy George
A1 #liveclass20 Peggy George, Phoenix,AZ,retired principal

41:26 - Sofia Segurola

41:29 - Alice Keeler 1
Q1: Have you ever joined a Twitter Chat? #liveclass20

41:34 - Bryan
A1 yes #liveclass20

41:37 - Peggy George
A1: yes

41:38 - Susie @shighley
Susie, Media Spec from Indy #liveclass20

41:42 - @plnaugle (Paula)
A1 I'm Paula from New Orleans, and I teach 4th grade ELA.

41:42 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
A1: Yes, several #clmooc #literacies #mschat #liveclass20

41:43 - Melissa @getztech
OH- introduction is not an A type of post. My goof!

41:44 - Eileen
A1 - yes

41:46 - Peggy George
do we need the colon after A1?

41:50 - Lorie Moffat
A1: no #liveclass20

41:52 - Patti R
A1: no, only observed but never joined in #liveclass20

41:52 - Suzana

41:53 - andrew macrae
A1: yes #liveclass20

41:56 - Linda 1

41:56 - @AnibalPachecoIT
A1: Yes, I participate in several chats weekly. #liveclass20

42:00 - Glenn Hervieux (@SISQITMAN)
A1: Yes, my fav is #caedchat #liveclass20

42:07 - Deniece White 1
Hello. Deniece White from Atlanta. #liveclass20

42:10 - Melissa @getztech
A1- yes, #liveclass20

42:13 - Peggy George
can you answer several times to each question?

42:30 - @plnaugle (Paula)
RT @alicekeeler: Q1: Have you ever joined a Twitter Chat? #liveclass2

42:31 - Susie @shighley
A1: I learn lots from twitter chats #liveclass20 Favs include #titletalk and now #bfc530

42:34 - @shamblesguru [Thailand]
A1 yes I've been a participant in edu twitter chats #liveclass20

42:34 - Nenad Đpić
A1: no

42:35 - Stella Maris Berdaxagar
A1 #liveclass20 Yes ,I have. many times.

42:43 - Eileen

42:45 - Sofia Segurola
A1 no, so #found it

42:47 - Glenn Hervieux (@SISQITMAN)
A1: Starting to do chats with educators in TX #liveclass20

42:53 - @plnaugle (Paula)
A1 Yes, I moderate #4thchat every Monday at 8ET/7CT.

42:59 - Kim Flack
A1: yes, PBS hosts some great ones for educators #liveclass20

43:06 - Peggy George
great idea to have the questions typed out in advance ready to drop into the chat

43:07 - Melissa @getztech
A1 #liveclass20 I will lurk, but rarely post

43:19 - Alice Keeler 1
@sofia why have you never joined a twitter chat? #liveclass20

43:37 - @plnaugle (Paula)
I put my chat questions in a Google Doc with hashtag adding and then copy and paste into Tweetdeck as needed.

43:42 - Glenn Hervieux (@SISQITMAN)
@kimflack I'll have to look at PBS chats. #liveclass20

43:48 - Suzana
A1 - No time #liveclass20

43:55 - @AnibalPachecoIT
How (and Why) Teachers use Twitter - http://bit.ly/Xp3yPf

44:01 - Peggy George
that's why the moderator is so important :-) everyone can get involved but it really helps when someone draws them into the conversation

44:06 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
@kimflac do you have alink to PBS chat list?

44:15 - Alice Keeler 1
Q2: What frustrations have you had with Twitter Chats? #liveclass20

44:29 - Bryan
A2 too many people and can't follow stream #liveclass20

44:31 - @plnaugle (Paula)
@getztech Lurking is a great way to start. You get to learn from the "collective brain". #liveclass20

44:34 - Susie @shighley
A2: some chats have many frivolous or redundant posts #liveclass20

44:35 - Glenn Hervieux (@SISQITMAN)
A2: Sometimes just the speed - they can go so fast! #liveclass20

44:37 - Suzana
A2 - Timezones #liveclass20

44:38 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
.@kimflack do you have a link to PBS chat list? #liveclass20

44:42 - andrew macrae
A2: Information overload #liveclass20

44:45 - Bryan
A2 when the moderators don't interact with the audience #liveclass20

44:49 - Peggy George
A2: may not have something to share on topic of chat that day

44:55 - Melissa @getztech
A2 - #liveclass20 Tweets go so fast some times- gets dizzy

44:59 - Sofia Segurola
A2 my first still a little lost sorry..

45:00 - Bryan
that's great advice

45:04 - Peggy George
oops! forgot my hashtag!

45:10 - Peggy George
so many things to remember!

45:14 - Nenad Đpić
A2: Did not use it I plan to give it a try. #liveclass20

45:16 - @plnaugle (Paula)
RT @alicekeeler: Q2: What frustrations have you had with Twitter Chats? #liveclass20

45:23 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
A2 #whatalicesays #liveclass20

45:23 - Stella Maris Berdaxagar
A2 #liveclass20 None thus far.

45:26 - @AnibalPachecoIT
How to Storify a Twitter Chat - http://youtu.be/pq69alBAiCs via @ashleyhhurley

45:28 - Peggy George
this practice time is awesome!!

45:51 - @shamblesguru [Thailand]
A2 : global hashtags so some twitter chats in inconvenient time zones (sleeping) #liveclass20

46:06 - Peggy George
trite questions :-) so true

46:10 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
A2 I try to retweet the question when I see confusion #liveclass20

46:24 - @plnaugle (Paula)
A2 My frustration as a moderator is I can't interact with every participant. That is why we have 3 moderators for #4thchat. #liveclass20

46:25 - @shamblesguru [Thailand]
I agree with you :-)

46:28 - Carolyn Stanley
On Twitter app on iPhone - #liveclass20 not refreshing - ?

46:30 - Glenn Hervieux (@SISQITMAN)
RT @grammasheri #whatalicesays #liveclass20 - good chats to folow!

46:37 - @AnibalPachecoIT
@alicekeeler you're too funny :)

46:44 - Peggy George
I don't want to leave ticked off though. If I take away one new resource, idea I'm happy. If I can share resources/ideas even happier.

47:01 - Susie @shighley
A2: I've seen chats where people are saying the same thing I know they've told each other in person #liveclass20

47:07 - Glenn Hervieux (@SISQITMAN)
@grammasheri - hashtags, I meant...LOL #liveclass20

47:10 - Suzana
Sharing is caring!

47:16 - Peggy George
so true Susie!

47:40 - @AnibalPachecoIT
Best Tip: Don't try to keep up... Follow the Hashtag :)

47:42 - Peggy George
a popular point/resource may get retweeted MANY times during the hour

47:42 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
@sisqutman :)

47:50 - Glenn Hervieux (@SISQITMAN)
@Suzana - Learn to share, share to learn #liveclass20

47:54 - Melissa @getztech
OH, the MT is modified tweet- do we have to put on a MT if we change it a little?

47:59 - @plnaugle (Paula)
I have had to copy tweets, then delete them, add the hashtag and send it out again. #liveclass20

48:04 - Peggy George
yes Melissa

48:06 - Alice Keeler 1
Be on the lookout Q3 is coming up! #liveclass20

48:15 - andrew macrae
A2: Dont like it when it becomes an advertising spot. Some people there to promote their 'brand' . Can usually see them coming

48:23 - Alice Keeler 1
Q3: What Twitter Chat advice do you have? #liveclass20

48:24 - Peggy George
I use MT when a tweet is too long I want to retweet and have to shorten it

48:31 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
RT: @SISQUITMAN @Suzana Learn to share, share to learn #liveclass20

48:32 - Melissa @getztech
So RT is a full re-tweet and MT is an abridged one.... cool

48:38 - Suzana
A3 -Edchat #liveclass20

48:41 - @plnaugle (Paula)
RT @alciekeeler: Be on the lookout Q3 is coming up! #liveclass20

48:44 - Peggy George
yes Melissa

48:45 - andrew macrae
ha ha ha

48:57 - Glenn Hervieux (@SISQITMAN)
A3: Don't be afraid to just read for awhile and get comfortable #liveclass20

48:59 - @plnaugle (Paula)
A3 Hate SPAMMERS. #liveclass20

49:14 - @AnibalPachecoIT
Take your time, don't try to keep up. Maximize the power of using Hashtags.

49:14 - Patti R
A3: I saw the Love It or List It approach in the #catholicedchat this morning as a way to say for or against and then add your thoughts

49:16 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
A3 What @alicekeeler said earlier: use tweetdeck #liveclass20

49:29 - Sofia Segurola
My account has been compromised ... It says I retweeted in Russian?

49:45 - Peggy George
agree Paula! but you don't really have control over the spammers. I always block them though so Twitter gets notified. Happens a lot in virtual conferences

49:50 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
@sofia change your password

49:58 - Carolyn Stanley
I am not seeing the tweets on #liveclass20 and I can't figure our why

50:03 - Stella Maris Berdaxagar
A3 #liveclass20 As a participant, enjoy it, be ready to learn and share.

50:04 - Susie @shighley
A3: Don't be afraid to just read for awhile and get comfortable #liveclass20

50:05 - @AnibalPachecoIT
The Most Common Twitter Terms Explained - http://bit.ly/1v0AicJ

50:06 - Peggy George
did that happen to you @Sofia??

50:29 - Melissa @getztech
I think that happened to me once- had to change the password

50:37 - Peggy George
wow!!! so many awesome tips!!!

50:40 - Susie @shighley
A3: check out some storify versions of a chat #liveclass20

50:56 - Suzana
Are the children under 13 allowed to use Twitter?

51:00 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
A3 Just enjoy the stream of tweets; reply to a few with hashtag #liveclass20

51:05 - Peggy George
Storify really helps to capture the essence of the chat quickly after it's over!

51:08 - Alice Keeler 1

51:29 - Kim Flack #2
sorry I lost connection :(

51:40 - @AnibalPachecoIT
Security Tip: Don't click on any unexpected links or DM; even from people you know or follow. This is the easiest way to get your account hacked. If you need to verify the DM e-mail the person and ask.

51:44 - Patti R
TOS is no for under 13

51:45 - Bryan
they can use it but can't have an account

51:45 - Peggy George
many primary teachers use twitter in their classrooms with their account

51:47 - Melissa @getztech
so if I emailed you at mrskeeler+foodtweets@gmail.com, would you receive the email?

51:48 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
Twitter is over 13

51:52 - Bryan
use and have an account are different

51:59 - Peggy George
the teacher account is used and the hashtag for the class

52:01 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Twitter TOS is for over 13.

52:06 - Bryan

52:08 - @AnibalPachecoIT
Age screening on Twitter http://bit.ly/11LiJVm

52:08 - Eileen
I asked Kathy Cassudy and she said she just uses her personal acct.

52:18 - @plnaugle (Paula)
I use my classroom account.

52:25 - Peggy George
yes! thanks Eileen!

52:43 - Eileen

52:50 - Stella Maris Berdaxagar
Enjoy this http://visibletweets.com/#query=%20%23liveclass20&animation=1

52:52 - @shamblesguru [Thailand]
QUESTION : Your views about using Twitter as a classroom or conference or staff meeting backchannel tool

52:57 - Sofia Segurola
How to erase the Russian tweets they say I made...

53:00 - Peggy George
Kathy did a fantastic presentation a few weeks ago about how she uses tech and social media in her classroom

53:17 - Susie @shighley
Just like we've sent an email to the wrong person

53:22 - Peggy George

53:33 - @AnibalPachecoIT
Twitter for Educators: The Ultimate Resources Repository - http://bit.ly/1bg9idd

53:35 - Kim Flack #2
THat is a good message for social media overall

53:43 - Glenn Hervieux (@SISQITMAN)
@alicekeeler - thanks for sharing with us and fun to hear your voice vs. just tweets - I have pine needles calling for me to rake them up ;) - Thanks to everyone here today, as well.

53:43 - Eileen
Yes, she did another live webinar on Connected Educators last Thursday night.

53:52 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
@sophie just tweet that your account was compromised; people will understand

53:56 - Patti R
I have found my account got hacked after I added a ribbon or even the DEN blue star

53:57 - @plnaugle (Paula)
I have a IFTTT recipe that sends my favorited tweets to a Google Doc.

54:01 - @AnibalPachecoIT
Block, Block, Block

54:18 - Melissa @getztech
so I decide that one of my accounts is strictly for the classroom- Twitter does not actually have a category called "classroom" that I could sign up for?

54:20 - Peggy George
you often get spam in Twitter during virtual conferences! They like an audience

54:21 - andrew macrae
What is the best way to share this whole experience today with my staff who are not on twitter?

54:37 - andrew macrae
Is there a recording?

54:37 - Peggy George
block them when you see them! it will slow them down!

54:48 - Eileen
How do we block ?

54:50 - Patti R
@andrew You can have them watch the recording

54:53 - Carolyn Stanley
@Paula - thanks for response - is BBC chat, this one? What is BBC?

55:01 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
@plnaugle that is awesome -- do have directions for that? I have a blog that I send my fave resource tweets to

55:03 - Sofia Segurola
How to delete a tweet please

55:20 - Stella Maris Berdaxagar
You can mute him or her.

55:21 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Blackboard Collaborate @Carolyn.

55:22 - Peggy George
Yes Andres. Everything is being recorded and will be posted later on youtube, our blog post, iTunesU :-) http://live.classroom20.com/archive-and-resources

55:26 - @AnibalPachecoIT
Blocking users on Twitter http://bit.ly/1tTM9r7

55:33 - Eileen

55:57 - @AnibalPachecoIT
Deleting a Tweet http://bit.ly/11LjUnz

56:08 - Peggy George
it's great to share a video recording of something like this in a teacher group and have conversations about it. Awesome PD!!!

56:09 - Sofia Segurola
Embed mute block or report are the ...

56:16 - Carolyn Stanley
@Paula -oh, of course. Duh! Thanks. Embarrassed.

56:33 - Peggy George
hahaha! they can't delete your screenshot!

56:55 - andrew macrae
is there a recording of this today?

57:02 - Peggy George
we'll close up the session now :-)

57:05 - Eileen
Thanks for sharing all of your expertise!

57:09 - Carolyn Stanley
Thanks, Alice. I guess I still have a lot to learn.

57:09 - Melissa @getztech
Twitter does not have categories- I decide how to use each of my accounts?

57:09 - Susie @shighley
Sorry I got in here late. Alice has many wonderful webpages that I bookmark and share and tweet!

57:10 - andrew macrae
How do i access it to share with staff

57:11 - Kim Flack #2
this was all really helpful! I can't wait to join one of your chats

57:15 - Alice Keeler 1
I hope this was helpful!

57:16 - @shamblesguru [Thailand]
Twitter related Apps on my iPad are ... Twitter ... Hootsuite .... Tweetie .... Twitterrific

57:17 - Patti R
thanks, Alice

57:18 - Suzana

57:22 - Doug Henry
Great, thanks!

57:23 - andrew macrae

57:26 - Alice Keeler 1
Oh good!!!!

57:28 - Bryan
Thanks everyone

57:33 - Sofia Segurola
Thank you!

57:34 - Stella Maris Berdaxagar
Thank you very much!

57:35 - Sheri Edwards @grammasheri
Thanks so much!

57:40 - Susie @shighley
It was so nice to see how to explain twitter to newbies and to practice the way you did

57:42 - Melissa @getztech
This was fantastic! Thank you everybody!

57:54 - Sofia Segurola

57:55 - Alice Keeler 1
Now everyone, join a chat!

58:02 - Alice Keeler 1
Follow everyone from this webinar!

58:07 - Alice Keeler 1
post your twitter link again!!!

58:15 - Alice Keeler 1

58:24 - Sofia Segurola
It says nov 1 tbd

58:28 - andrew macrae
BSU student too - switched me on to all this!

58:31 - @AnibalPachecoIT

58:35 - @plnaugle (Paula)
My IFTTT recipe to send favorite tweets to Google Doc. https://ifttt.com/myrecipes/personal/10429925

58:39 - Melissa @getztech

58:42 - Patti R

59:05 - Eileen

59:05 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Try this IFTTT Recipe: Save all your favorite tweets to a Google Doc https://ifttt.com/recipes/114919-save-all-your-favorite-tweets-to-a-google-doc

59:23 - @shamblesguru [Thailand]
May I be the first at #liveclass20 to say "Merry Christmas" to all :-)

1:00:03 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Goodbye everyone. Have a great weekend. I'm off to see the balloons at the Balloon Fest in Natchez, MS.

1:00:33 - @shamblesguru [Thailand]
What was that registration url just now?

1:00:44 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Virtual applause for Alice Keeler. Thanks for the great webinar.

1:00:47 - @shamblesguru [Thailand]
for next wek

1:00:53 - Carolyn Stanley
Connected Educator month has lots of resources, too..

1:00:58 - Peggy George
http://www.discoveryeducation.com/streamathon/ (DEN Streamathon Virtual Conference: October 25, 2014)

1:01:03 - Melissa @getztech
OK, so now is there a way to use Evernote and Twitter as a team? (j/k ?)

1:01:10 - Peggy George

1:01:16 - @shamblesguru [Thailand]
Thanks @peggy

1:01:20 - Peggy George
Nominate a featured teacher! WE love them!!!

1:01:34 - Peggy George

1:01:48 - Peggy George
the survey is also in the Livebinder if it doesn't pop up for you when you log out

1:02:04 - Peggy George

1:02:09 - @shamblesguru [Thailand]
'nite all ... midnight here in Thailand ... have fun.

1:02:22 - Kim Flack #2
nite Shambles :)

1:02:26 - Peggy George
subscribe to our itunesu video or audio to listen on your mobile devices :-)

1:02:38 - Alice Keeler 1
Steve Hargadon is the BEST!

1:02:39 - Peggy George
Good night Shambles!!! Thanks so much for joining and sharing!!!