CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE webinar, Featured Teacher: Marcie Hebert sharing her Web 2.0 adventure with amazing ideas and resources for Maker Spaces

October 31, 2015

00:35 - Peggy George
Thank you Tammy! Love being able to have closed captioning in our webinars!

00:55 - @bcdtech Maureen
Hi Peggy and Paula... no class today. Trying to get the leaves raked before the snow flies. Beautiful sunny day here- crisp

01:04 - Sharon Gullett
So happy to hear Marcie today. I met her at the Texas Computer Area 7 meeting in White Oak Tx last summer.

01:27 - Marcie Hebert
Hi Sharon! It was awesome to be in Texas! Hope to be there next summer.

01:38 - Annette Whitby
:) No worries. You're doing great!

01:39 - Peggy George
I'm so sorry you've been sick Paula!

01:42 - @bcdtech Maureen
Hi Paula! nice to hear your voice

02:06 - Peggy George
Marcie would be an incredible travel buddy!!!

02:46 - Susie @shighley
Hmm. I may have met Marcie! I've seen Paula at several events.

02:46 - Peggy George
I am really loving getting to know Marcie!!! She's such an inspiration and is doing great things with her students!

03:02 - Peggy George

03:14 - Peggy George
if you're not following her, you need to add her to your PLN!!!

03:25 - Peggy George (Google Educator Group Louisiana)

03:41 - Peggy George
great introduction Paula!!!!!

03:58 - Peggy George
Marcie's website:

04:14 - Peggy George
my journey with web 2.0 was very similar to Marcie's

04:21 - Peggy George
Hi Joanna! Welcome!

04:35 - Peggy George
Hi Harvey, Heather and Patti!

04:56 - Patti Ruffing
Hi Peggy and everyone!

05:26 - Peggy George
I think I was there when you took that organizer picture. That was at ISTE in Philly right?

05:52 - @plnaugle(Paula)
Even if we have hours to travel, the time flies by as Marcie and I share what we are doing.

06:31 - @plnaugle(Paula)
There's my good friend, Jerry

06:43 - Peggy George
wow! it's hard to believe Marcie's adventure just started at ISTE in 2013! Incredible inspiration when you hear about all she is doing!

06:55 - Susie @shighley
I think San Diego

06:58 - Peggy George
Hi Carolyn! So glad you could join us today!

07:09 - Carolyn Stanley
Happy Halloween!

07:23 - @plnaugle(Paula)
Peggy, she has soared like a rocket in the past two years. Proud to have helped her get started.

07:25 - Peggy George
Invent to Learn is an awesome book! I have it both as hard copy and Kindle :-) It's that good!

07:28 - Susie @shighley
No, the other San! San Antonio!

07:39 - Peggy George
hahaha Susie!

07:52 - Peggy George
3D printers are so amazing!

08:08 - Carolyn Stanley
So happy to have a show on robotics and 3D printers.

08:22 - Peggy George (Marcie's Symbaloo web mix for today)

08:41 - Annette Whitby
i love sewing!

08:55 - @bcdtech Maureen
I won a hummingbird basic kit at edcampCT late this summer. Sorry to say it's still in the box(grad classes will end and I can play again)

09:06 - Peggy George
sometimes we just need the opportunity to try these things and a little encouragement! Marcie is giving us all courage!

09:19 - Peggy George
that's awesome Maureen!

09:30 - Mr.Black
I understand Ms. Hebert. Im the techy teacher at my school too.

09:36 - Peggy George

09:57 - Peggy George
hahaha!!!! love that minion image!

10:01 - Mr.Black
It seems all of my other colleagues are apprehensive about tech too

10:02 - Carolyn Stanley
Yes - courage is what we need - as well as inspiration. I had given up on my wish for a programmable sewing machine - maybe I need to reconsider.

10:26 - Carolyn Stanley
I know so very little in this area.

10:37 - Peggy George
@MrBlack that is very common and why we love having these webinars to help people learn new things and get ideas for how to make them work

10:59 - Peggy George
that quote/poster is fantastic!

11:17 - Carolyn Stanley
@Peggy - Agreed!

11:49 - Carolyn Stanley
I've never programmed a 3D printer, but I've seen one in action. It's incredible.

11:55 - Peggy George
This Symbaloo by David is also in our Livebinder and has makerspace resources for ALL grade levels. (Makerspace Symbaloo web mix created by David Loertscher, Virtual Makerspaces)

12:10 - Mr.Black
Yes 3d printing is awesome

12:29 - Peggy George
I love hearing these stories!!

12:45 - Mr.Black
My goal would be to raise the money for this kind of equipment in my classroom.

13:01 - Sharon Henry
I like the meaning of FAIL

13:09 - @bcdtech Maureen
I just got an email from super last nite- my request for $ for Kibo robots has been granted. Can't wait! Love using hands on tools combined with tech- like osmoplay and kibo, and more. Would love to get makerspace happening.

13:19 - Peggy George
what a brilliant invention!!!

13:19 - Mr.Black
Perhaps Donors Choose. If any of you know of some national stipends or grants available please share!

13:38 - Peggy George
she created that with a 3D printer??? wow!

13:51 - Mr.Black
That FAIL Acronym was awesome

13:58 - Peggy George
Hi Tiziana! So glad you could be with us today! I was missing you :-) You're my webinar buddy!

14:21 - Peggy George
Welcome Lisa @thehomeworkdog! So glad you could join us!

14:29 - Sharon Gullett
You might Toyota grants

14:48 - Peggy George (Grant resources for creating makerspaces by Diana Rendina)

15:02 - Tiziana Angiolini from ITALY
Sorry I was late but I forgot we have the new hour, the timetable has changed

15:06 - Mr.Black
Wow. These were done while Mrs Hebert was learning along with them!

15:32 - Peggy George
no worries Tiziana! our US time change happens this Sunday.

16:00 - Peggy George
this is so interesting! I've never seen a 3D printer in action.

16:04 - Mr.Black
Thanks Peggy!

17:08 - @plnaugle(Paula)
The first time I saw Marcie's 3D printer in action, I just set there and watched it build for about 30 minutes. Fascinating!

17:10 - Mr.Black
5th Grade. Yes!!!

17:53 - @plnaugle(Paula)

17:55 - Mr.Black

18:14 - Mr.Black
I can see my kids coming up with all kinds of inventions.

18:36 - Sharon Henry

18:41 - Mr.Black
These kids are going to be running google or microsoft soon!

18:52 - Annette Whitby

19:11 - Peggy George
all of her links are in her Symbaloo inside our Livebinder today :-)

19:33 - Peggy George (Symbaloo web mix for today)

19:59 - Peggy George
such an important point! ask questions to make them think and they'll become more independent learners!

20:04 - Carolyn Stanley
This is awesome. I am going to insist that our tech teacher finds time to watch the archive.

20:22 - Peggy George
these inventions are so inspiring!!!

20:47 - Peggy George
hahaha! cardboard boxes have inspired many kids over the years!

20:48 - Carolyn Stanley
I want to be in Marcie's class.

20:54 - Peggy George
me too Carolyn!!!

21:31 - Peggy George
love that! they should be proud!

22:00 - Peggy George
such an amazing active learning environment for the kids!!

23:37 - @bcdtech Maureen
Ii love lightbot. Hard fun for my kids in 3rd

23:56 - Peggy George provides so many great resources and opportunities to learn coding for kids (and teachers)!

23:58 - aunttammie
One of my great embarassments...I never could figure out Scratch! 6 year olds can do it, but I can't!

24:02 - @plnaugle(Paula)
Hour of Code is December 7-13

24:12 - Peggy George
I remember Simon too!

24:16 - Carolyn Stanley
Thanks, Paula.

24:52 - @bcdtech Maureen
@aunttammie Try using the scratch cards- just learn how to do one thing at a time.

25:19 - Peggy George
Welcome Melva!

25:33 - Peggy George
that is so cute!!!! and so creative!

26:04 - Peggy George
so many great tips for recycling things! Thanks Marcie!

26:49 - @bcdtech Maureen
@Marcie Did you find that the Little Bits stood up to classroom use?

26:49 - Peggy George
Did you 3D print your badge for ISTE Marcie?

27:33 - Carolyn Stanley
Oh, my! This is sooooo very cool. I hope Marcie makes a video about the collaboration.

27:59 - @bcdtech Maureen
I have a sphero and I know that Aaron loves his, but with just one, I hadn't used it much in school

28:22 - @plnaugle(Paula)
I was at my local restaurant one nigh with my computer as Marcie, Marlon, and I did a GHO so he could give us a tour of Hong Kong. My friends were amazed that I could do that. :)

28:27 - Mr.Black
Ive heard of something similar to this where the kids can control the robot by code programming

30:39 - Mr.Black
That is powerful feedback. You know the kids are engaged.

30:52 - Mr.Black
They WILL figure it out. its true

31:01 - Mr.Black
Let them discover.

31:02 - Peggy George
Try this for funding ideas. (Grant resources for creating makerspaces by Diana Rendina)

32:25 - Peggy George
The K12 Online Conference has an entire strand on Maker Ed. Just ended yesterday but videos available forever! (K12 Online Conference 2015 Maker Ed strand presentations)

32:38 - Peggy George
so creative!!!

32:47 - Mr.Black
And you all are doing this with DELL computers. Our entire school has Apple computers and I-pads. We can go so far with this...

33:01 - @plnaugle(Paula)
Loved watching Marcie have a group of educators play with the MakeyMakeys at EdcampNOLA.

33:19 - Peggy George
I'll bet that was so much fun Paula! Sorry I missed that!

34:25 - @plnaugle(Paula)
Love that idea, roll a die!!!

34:38 - Sharon Henry
This is so creative!

35:06 - aunttammie
Wonder if she made the die out of plastic?

35:07 - Sharon Henry
I am learning so much here

35:25 - Lorie Moffat
She said card stock, aunttammie

35:38 - Lorie Moffat
and laminated it

35:59 - aunttammie
oh, but she needs to put it in the makerspace machine and make it out of plastic! That would be cool!

36:12 - Peggy George
If you have both a Symbaloo and SymbalooEDU account do you have to be logged into SymbalooEDU to see those web mixes?

36:51 - Carolyn Stanley
@aunttammie - really great idea.

37:35 - Peggy George
Periscope is such a great place to tune in when you have time! You never know what you will learn!

37:39 - @bcdtech Maureen
@Peggy I have both- and can see them regardless, but in order to edit them, I must be logged into the appropriate acct. Both are publicly shared- that can make a difference

38:23 - Guest 1
I will definitely be watching this again. Currently have no sound - due to a problem on my iPad.

38:35 - Mr.Black
Minecraft EDU?

38:39 - Peggy George
thanks Maureen! I need to explore why my Symbaloo accounts aren't connected.

38:44 - Mr.Black

39:03 - Lorie Moffat
in the LiveBinder, Mr. Black

39:06 - Mr.Black
Breakout EDU

39:08 - Peggy George
so sorry you can't hear @Guest 1 The recording will be posted later today.

39:14 - @bcdtech Maureen
I saw the breakout kits... would love to get one... but $$ are they still $100?

39:29 - Annette Whitby
Interesting concept.

39:39 - @plnaugle(Paula)
Awesome! Excited to be facilitating Breakut_EDU sessions at LaCUE in December with you and Brian.

39:47 - Peggy George
these ideas are amazing!!!! when you see things like this is makes you WANT to create something yourself!

40:11 - @plnaugle(Paula)
Yes, Maureen, but they are well worth the $$.

40:43 - Carolyn Stanley
Is there a store where we can try out Google Cardboard?

41:13 - Peggy George
this is so exciting! Hong Kong!!! amazing what can happen when you're connected globally!

41:15 - Guest 1
Thanks Peggy. Lisa @thehomeworkdog... :)

41:38 - @plnaugle(Paula)
I am so jealous. I'm trying to figure out how I can sneak into Marcie's luggage for her trip to Hong Kong.

41:48 - Peggy George
power sources are such an important thing in a tech classroom!

42:19 - Guest 1
I have a video link I will try to share later using Sphero for telling time

42:27 - Peggy George
hahaha! you shared so many great stories and ideas Marcie!!!

42:29 - Susie @shighley
So many things you've already shared!

42:34 - @bcdtech Maureen
I saw something online about getting free cardboard glasses on some date in november... didn't bookmark it... I will see if I can find it later

42:51 - Peggy George
that was such a cool 3D badge for ISTE!

43:09 - Peggy George
thanks Marcie. I need to explore that further.

43:40 - Peggy George
yes Marcie. Some of the student videos on your doc need to be made public so we can view them :-)

43:49 - Peggy George

43:58 - Susie @shighley

44:07 - Susie @shighley
NYT including google cardboard

44:33 - Peggy George
Marcie is living proof (if we needed it) that we can learn a lot through experimenting and making mistakes :-)

44:48 - Carolyn Stanley
@Marcie - thanks.

44:53 - Peggy George
thanks for that link Susie!!!

45:02 - Peggy George
fantastic presentation Marcie!!!!!

45:07 - Annette Whitby
an excellent session this morning

45:08 - Peggy George
anyone want to take the mic?

45:08 - @bcdtech Maureen and others are also free or very cheap- not an endorsement- just googling

45:12 - aunttammie
I think the old Viewmaster company makes a google cardboard thingy

45:30 - Peggy George
be brave!!! woo hoo Paula!!!

45:32 - Marcie Hebert
Tammie - Yes! Viewmaster is coming out with one.

46:01 - Peggy George
Marcie has come so far on her journey in such a short time!!!! Gives everyone hope and encouragement!

46:05 - Carolyn Stanley
I still have a couple of original Viewmaster devices with wheels that are nearly as old as I am.

46:12 - Carolyn Stanley
and that's OLD!

46:33 - @plnaugle(Paula)
LOL Carolyn.

46:43 - Heather
I saw a 3-D printer demonstration at thelocal community college where the assignment was to create a chess board set. There were some REALLY creative designs!

47:01 - Peggy George
Diana Rendina has so many amazing makerspace resources! (Makerspace Resources by Diana Rendina)

47:16 - Peggy George
trust!!!! that magic word that is so important!

47:22 - @plnaugle(Paula)
How did your parents react when you first started with your makerspace? Were they worried about the grades?

47:40 - Peggy George
More great resources (also in Livebinder) (Shamblesguru Maker Movement resources)

47:54 - Heather
How many of your students get the best grades? How many don't do enough work and get bad grades?

48:02 - Carolyn Stanley
Speaking of Fall Forward - remember, for most of us, it's Fall Back this weekend. I understand that Arizona does not do Daylight Savings Time?

48:14 - Peggy George (Grant Wood AEA’ Digital Learning Team is introducing our makerspace challenge show called Think, Make, Innovate. The idea behind a makerspace challenge is to spark ideas and innovation, by putting out a simple idea and seeing what can be created)

48:24 - @plnaugle(Paula)
How much does it cost you per year for materials to do your 3D printing?

48:44 - Peggy George
thanks for the reminder Carolyn! I'll mention it again in the closing :-)

49:10 - Peggy George
thanks for adding your questions to the chat!

49:13 - Sharon Henry
This certaining assist in developing their creativity

49:38 - @plnaugle(Paula)
Can you color/paint the 3D printed items?

49:49 - Peggy George
do you ever get over feeling like you're wasting money with your 3D printing mistakes???

49:53 - Sharon Henry
Some may think its time consuming. What do you think?

50:47 - Peggy George
I think it's my frugal upbringing! I hate to waste anything including food on my plate! (with obvious results)

51:10 - @plnaugle(Paula)
Loved the castles Emily Swenson had her students design and build via 3D printer.

51:10 - Peggy George
yes, GRIT!

51:33 - Peggy George
perseverance will lead to lots of new discoveries and solutions to problems

51:39 - Carolyn Stanley
@Peggy - you and I are so alike in our upbringing.

51:43 - @plnaugle(Paula)
Need to have a way to recycle the mistakes.

51:56 - Peggy George
I think so Carolyn!

52:06 - Sharon Henry
We have to remember we are taching children for life. I agree

52:21 - Peggy George
excellent point Sharon!

52:32 - Carolyn Stanley
"Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without." That was the slogan in my house. Today's built-in obsolescence really upsets me.

52:48 - Peggy George
love that Carolyn!

52:53 - @plnaugle(Paula)
A huge round of applause for Marcie. Maker extraordinaire! :)

52:58 - Carolyn Stanley
Your classroom is a great example of using it up.

53:01 - Peggy George
fabulous Marcie!!!!!

53:17 - Carolyn Stanley
This was one the the BEST webinars yet!!!!!!

53:20 - Sharon Henry
I hope I can transform my class. thanks!!!

53:22 - Marcie Hebert
Thank you everyone!!!! It was so much fun to share with you.

53:32 - Susie @shighley
She went on nonstop!

53:41 - Marcie Hebert
Sharon - you know where to find me if I can help!

54:05 - Marcie Hebert
Susie - so guilty of that ... I get passionate about their work.

54:25 - Sharon Henry

54:25 - Sharon Gullett
Thanks Marcie. I'm thinking today's preso would be good next summer in White Oak

54:45 - Melissa Getz
This has been very inspiring- Thank you!

55:15 - Marcie Hebert
Absolutely! I will keep that in mind. Sharon.

55:24 - Marcie Hebert
Melissa - thank you!

55:45 - @plnaugle(Paula)
Hi Sharon. I agree that Marcie should present this for TCEA Area 7 regional conference in White Oak. Hopefully we'll both be there.

55:54 - Peggy George
thank you all for joining us!

55:56 - Marcie Hebert
Paula - Road trip!!!

56:13 - @plnaugle(Paula)
Yeah, love our road trips!!!

56:19 - Marcie Hebert
Me too!

56:32 - Peggy George
The Global Education Conference is coming soon! Nov. 16-19!

56:55 - Peggy George

57:03 - Peggy George

57:15 - @plnaugle(Paula)
Have a great weekend eveeyone and have a Happy Halloween. Remember to reset your clocks. :)

57:31 - Peggy George
If you love these Featured Teacher sessions as much as I do, please nominate someone to present!!! We'll contact them.