• Speakers and wireless mics, test all around
  • Room for 50 - 60 people
  • Wireless internet that can handle that many connections.
  • Tables and chairs for everyone,
  • The ability to break into at least two separate groups that won't compete with each other sound-wise, but also the ability to all be together at some points
  • It would be nice if the location was close to eating facilities so we don't have to worry about providing lunch.
  • We'll also have to arrange for at least one additional video projector (I have one), and screens or walls to project on.
  • Power strips / outlets
  • Screens (2 being provided)
  • Food: Steve picking up
    • bottled water
    • soda
    • juice
    • muffins / bagels
    • napkins
    • snacks
  • 7-minute fast presentations on things to learn/do