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Jenny Bradbury: Hey, Steve!

Jenny Bradbury: Yeah, I can hear you. Can you hear me?

Moderator: I didn't hear you.

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Moderator: Have I lost you?

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Hi, Joyce!

Moderator (Jenny Bradbury): Hi, Joyce!

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Moderator (Renee Hobbs): hi joyce

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Moderator (Renee Hobbs): joyce will you be the chat room princess?

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Moderator (Steve Hargadon):

Moderator (joycevalenza): i just washed my hair!

Moderator (Jenny Bradbury) to Steve Hargadon, Jenny Bradbury, Renee Hobbs, joycevalenza: lol

Kristin Hokanson: Hi everyone

Moderator (Jenny Bradbury) to Kristin Hokanson: Hey, so glad you could join us!

Moderator (Jenny Bradbury) to Steve Hargadon, Jenny Bradbury, Renee Hobbs, joycevalenza: Kristin, our Media Infusion blogger, just joined us.

Moderator (Renee Hobbs): wonderful!

Moderator (Renee Hobbs): thanks Kristen!

Moderator (joycevalenza): Darn, we are competing with Teachers Teaching Teachers

Moderator (Renee Hobbs): yikes will this affect our numbers?

Moderator (joycevalenza): hope not. but the moderator has tweeted several times

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): The classroom 2.0 crowd is often not the traditional edubloggers.

Moderator (joycevalenza): good

Moderator (Renee Hobbs): I'm in lovely Virginia right now

Moderator (Renee Hobbs): only minutes from Monticello

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Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Welcome to those joining

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mhutchison: Hi, Jenny

Jim Gates: D - adults

mhutchison: Just finished my other session, so I thought I'd drop in

Barbra: D

Moderator (Jenny Bradbury) to mhutchison: Excellent.

John Peters: Amarillo, Texas

rafael: new mexico

Andy: Michigan

Jim Gates: Lemoyne, PA

LucyGray: D

mhutchison: Michael Hutchison, Vincennes, Indiana

rafael: las cruces

rafael: nmsu

christyz: Kansas City

kohlmjl: Jada Kohlmeier: Auburn, Alabama

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson) to Jim Gates: Hey there Mr Gates... Haven't seen you post a comment to my pbs post about this stuff yet..

Jim Gates to Kristin Hokanson: Didin't read it yet.

John Peters: @rafael Where in New Mexico?

andresmh: Cambridge, MA

Rose: Hi everyone

pirategirl: I'm in Virginia Beach.

Moderator (Jenny Bradbury): Hi All!

John Peters: Good Evening Jenny!

Moderator (joycevalenza): hi all!

LindaN: Hi Kristin and Joyce!

John Peters: Hello Kristin

Ceyo: from Pittsburgh

kevin.carter: Weymouth, Massachusetts

TamL17: Tammy from Milwaukee

Moderator (joycevalenza): cool, michael!

guest: D

TamL17: Am a math/tech integration specialist in an elementary school

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson): Hi everyone!!!!

Moderator (Steve Hargadon):

sandraca: Sandra Carswell from Texas

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson): Don't forget to use the polling to let us know what you teach A: Elementary B Middle C High School D other

Derek: Derek Chirnside from Christchurch.

Beth from Canada: The US election is SO different from Canada's which was announced on Monday and will be totally over within 35 days...start to finish!

Kathleen Mc Carron: AP US History

LaNita Kirby: LaNita Kirby, from North Carolina Community College Faculty Association

TamL17: Beth, I am jealous of that!

Derek: Same here in New Zealand. We will be go to wo (or woe) in about 6 weeks.

Beth from Canada: We compare and contrast the Canadian version of democracy with the US version...results in very interesting discussions.

LindaN: Linda Nitsche, Elementery Gifted support teacher, Spring City, PA

Cathyjo: Cathy Nelson, middle school teacher librarian, media specialist, etc -- South Carolina

Moderator (joycevalenza): hey cathy!

Cathyjo: Hey there

LindaN: Hi CathyJo!

Cathyjo: Hey Linda

Beth from Canada: Beth Woof - Vice-Principal, Glendale Secondary School, Hamilton, ON, Canada

Derek: Reminds me of Kellers ARCS model for student motivation.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Pull down your Web Tour to see the slides if you can't see them.

Cathyjo: Clyde is so much better (no more kid stones)

Derek: Do kids know what a blue print is?

Derek: Are they still blue?

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson): interesting comment Derek...

Beth from Canada: maybe we need to call the 'blue print' and AutoCad plan

Moderator (joycevalenza): it makes a good discussion question

Moderator (Steve Hargadon) to Steve Hargadon, Jenny Bradbury, Renee Hobbs, joycevalenza, Kristin Hokanson: Renee--did you click the tour guide?

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson): It sure does joyce

Andy: Is she showing the lesson plans?

Derek: Hey, this is cool "Civic engagement'

Derek: some kids I know are just totally out of it.

Derek: I'm seeing something. The quiz . . .

DavidWeksler: poipolitical humming, please!

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson) to Steve Hargadon, Jenny Bradbury, Renee Hobbs, joycevalenza, Kristin Hokanson: RENEE don't forget your audio button

mhutchison: Hi, David

Lorraine: well designed polling interface

LaNita Kirby: I'm an activist! What are the rest of you guys?

Cathyjo: Ha Im an activist

mhutchison: My students are actually doing this lesson this week

Moderator (joycevalenza): explorer--i like the non judgmental descriptions

Brad W: Switched screens before I was done..

LindaN: I really liked that quiz- fun!

PeggyG: I'm an activist too--hmmm

John Peters: I went to a pdf file and can't get out of it

LindaN: Activist here too!

Lorraine: PDF here as well

LindaN: Hi Peggy!

Brad W: This is my first Elluminate experience. Very smooth!

Joe: Joe is here

PeggyG: Hi LindaN

Derek: Hi Joe. Where are you from?

Cathyjo: Students will get to see how DIFF everyone is

Andy: Students learn more about themselves

mhutchison: My kids are currently filling out the questionaire, so I can't give a completely valid answer yet, but...

DavidWeksler: understanding that some people will view the political process differently

Ceyo: realizing the different ways one might be involved

Joe: Pittsburgh

Cathyjo: lots of comaprisons

kevin.carter: They should learn that things may not change unless they are the changers.

Derek: This is cool - I like the slider rather than the text options

LaNita Kirby: I'm thinking when students take the quiz, they'll know how they compare with others, as well is whether they need to rethink (or start thinking) their views/positions.

Cathyjo: @Derek me too

mhutchison: I think they are learning a great deal about their actual level of civic involvement and how much they are involved (or would like to get involved in the process)

pirategirl: Joe--Yay Pittsburgh!!

Joe: i dont have audio

czautcke: Do you think that kids will think that some of the results are "good" or "bad?"

Derek: @joe Mac or PC?

Joe: pc

Michelle: will these resources be available on the web?

LindaN: My web tour crashed and I can't reboot it. Can you help?

Cathyjo: @Joe do you see colors moving on audio track?

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson) to Steve Hargadon, Jenny Bradbury, Renee Hobbs, joycevalenza, Kristin Hokanson: go ahead andy

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson): go ahead andy

Derek: I recall the old days when we had class teams/political parties and we had campaigns and votes

John Peters: Is there anyway to 're-send" the Web Tour, I am stuck in a pdf file and can't seem to navigate back

Derek: Protest marches

Derek: sit ins

Derek: join a party

czautcke: policy research

Derek: cake stalls

Ceyo to Steve Hargadon, Jenny Bradbury, Renee Hobbs, joycevalenza, Kristin Hokanson: stion

Derek to Steve Hargadon, Jenny Bradbury, Renee Hobbs, joycevalenza, Kristin Hokanson: or

Derek to Steve Hargadon, Jenny Bradbury, Renee Hobbs, joycevalenza, Kristin Hokanson: oops (sorry)

czautcke: SOme kids/people might think that they don't have a real choice, so why vote.

Brad W: It takes something personal that effects them or their family..

Moderator (Steve Hargadon):

Derek: to no choice comment - yes, agreed

Loch: Sketptics would rather not be critically engaged? Does not make sense. Skeptics are often more politically engaged.

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson) to Steve Hargadon, Jenny Bradbury, Renee Hobbs, joycevalenza, Kristin Hokanson: YEP

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson) to Steve Hargadon, Jenny Bradbury, Renee Hobbs, joycevalenza, Kristin Hokanson: looks good

John Peters: There we go

Derek: Will you read blogs as part of this?

elderbob: Hello all.

Derek: Hi elderbob

Derek: Now we have music

Moderator (Steve Hargadon) to Steve Hargadon, Jenny Bradbury, Renee Hobbs, joycevalenza, Kristin Hokanson: Click on the play button at the bottom left of the video.

LaNita Kirby: I'm going to have my students assume the role (personality) of a novel's character, and have that character address one or more of the socio-political hot buttons in this year's coming election. they'll hammer it out in a classroom blog. I'd be interested in having your views on the usefulness of these technologies to enhance this idea.

Glendale Rick Mc: Hi Beth!

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson): @Derek that is part of the objective

christyz to kohlmjl: Hello Jada -it's your long lost stats study buddy from KU!

Moderator (Renee Hobbs): joyce looks lovely in this video

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson): to establish blogs that the students can use during the election and beyond

PeggyG: Well how about that?? There's Joyce!!

Moderator (Renee Hobbs): analyzing sources of information

gailene to PeggyG: hi peggy!

Moderator (Renee Hobbs): understanding their positions

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): If you just joined, we're watching the intro to the video in the web tour. Click on the play icon under the video box.

PeggyG: Hi Gailene-great to see you!

Moderator (Renee Hobbs): comparing and conttrasting

gailene to PeggyG: you too!

LucyGray: Look at Joyce! Wow!

Derek: @laNita - blogging in role is cool. 1) less formal 2) interactive 3) real . . .

Moderator (Renee Hobbs): identifying genres of Presidential websites

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson): I think recognizing genre is not only important but CROSS CURRICULAR

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson):

LucyGray: What is the age range this curriculum designed for?

Whitney Hoffman: what's happening?

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson): how great is it to have kids doing this reading, writing, thinking across the curriculum

Moderator (Renee Hobbs): here we see students analyzing presidential websites to discover the different genres used within the site

Moderator (Jenny Bradbury): I totally agree, Kristin.

Derek: Compare and contrast.

Andy: Should I be hearing sound now?

Moderator (Renee Hobbs): you should be hearing sound

Moderator (Jenny Bradbury): LucyGray, it's for middle and high school students but could certainly be used with university students as well.

Maureen/bcdtech: Ugh- satellite is too slow- again. Steve, is this going to be archived?

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson) to LucyGray: Lucy...check out my PBS media infusion post

Moderator (joycevalenza): I love this one!

PeggyG: You will hear sound if you click on play on the video.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): If you clicked on the play button, you should be seeing the video.

Derek: THis is great guys, but unfortunately I need to go. THANKS!! (I wonder how I got an invite to this event??)

Moderator (Renee Hobbs): you can click on "You Decide" to see this site

LindaN: No sound here

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): There's no sound yet from Renee returning for discussion.

Mark Carls: Thank you.

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson): Linda you needed to hit play on your screen

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson): to see the video

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): You need to pause the videos on your own now.

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson): FOR THOSE WHO WANT TO VIEW 1 is located here

Moderator (Steve Hargadon):

LindaN: I lost the ability to see the web tour.

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson): Listening in on the election process

Maureen/bcdtech: Thanks Kristin

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): @LindaN: Is the window hidden?

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson): @lindan it will be in another window so try to search your open window / tabs

Lorraine: no

DavidWeksler: no

Mark Carls: Nothing yet

Lynn: nope

Bill Graziadei: no

Lorraine: reverb

elderbob: Im not seeing it.

mhutchison: I'm not seeing it either

PeggyG: we lost it when the pdf failed to load

DavidWeksler: hi, michael

gailene: not seeing it either


Moderator (joycevalenza): pdf finally loaded!

Maureen/bcdtech: just birds for me

mhutchison: hi, David

mhutchison: long time no see, David

Lorraine: I see PDF

Bill Graziadei: no

PeggyG: my web tour is grayed out

grdnldy: nothing here

DavidWeksler: just happened to see Steve's email

elderbob: No change

Lorraine: but saw web tour earlier

Bill Graziadei: I see pdf 2.3

Maureen/bcdtech: just pdf icon

John Peters: @Steve I'm not seeing it, the web tour is black

RockbridgeITRT: Pdf here

Kristie Shaw: I see the pdf

LaNita Kirby: seeing pdf

pirategirl: not seeing it

kevin.carter: still see PDF file

Safeschools: pdf loaded here... but i can't 'close it' =)

sandraca: I clicked on the link in the pdf and it is

mhutchison: saw the e-mail too


Safeschools: now it's blank

Lorraine: audio off

Safeschools: yes, audio off here too

DavidWeksler: is there a way to "Free" the web page so endusers can control it?

Safeschools: back on

Lorraine: okay on sound now

mhutchison: not yet

pirategirl: no

LaNita Kirby: webtour is going to about blank.

Moderator (joycevalenza): no

Bill Graziadei: Access Analyze Act:...

sandraca: connecting

Bill Graziadei: ok

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): That came right up

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson) to Steve Hargadon, Jenny Bradbury, Renee Hobbs, joycevalenza, Kristin Hokanson: I can't get to load in an external browswer either

PeggyG: great-web tour is back

LaNita Kirby: very WAY cool!

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): I think there was a problem with that page you were trying to go to.

Safeschools: wow, this is amazing

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson): It looks like may have had a little glitch

BarbInNebraska: very cool! Thanks for the Tweet Ellen!

Bill Graziadei: back to pdf

Bill Graziadei: now slide 9

Professorredbag: how do you spell the website name?

DavidWeksler: DOES seem to be down

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Lost the web tour again.

Moderator (joycevalenza): window vanished

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Now back.

Moderator (joycevalenza): ah!

LaNita Kirby: back now

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Great.

DavidWeksler: yes

Safeschools: yes

Bill Graziadei: web tour back

Moderator (joycevalenza): yes

elderbob: I wonder how many voting machines will act like this on election day.

PeggyG: yes

Moderator (Jenny Bradbury): yes.

mhutchison: yes

Hayden: yes

DavidWeksler: @elderbob Exactly!

Mark Carls: @elderbob Good one.

Safeschools: this is impressive... i wish more ppl were connected to these tools

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): You'll each have to scroll down on your own.

Bill Graziadei: no sccrolling.. I have to do it

Mark Carls: Wow, very neat stuff Steve, thanks for the too LucyGray, thanks for the Twitter reminder.

BarbInNebraska: Yes, Thanks Lucy for the invite!

Eric Grant: This is keeping me from dinner. In a good way.

DavidWeksler to mhutchison: When did you stop beating your wife?

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): We're still good seeing the screen...

elderbob: Eric, the answer is Burrito in one hand, and mouse in the other. The trick is to remember which one has the burrito.

Lorraine: Should we be seeing the questions?

Kristie Shaw: this is keeping me from writing my ed palns. In a good way

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): I think the Ask Your Lawmaker link doesn't pull up in the web tour.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Maybe is some kind of scripting.

Lorraine: thx.

Bill Graziadei: ok

elderbob: There are some really thouightful questions posted on that site

Safeschools: I need to log off now but would love to share this resource with my colleagues... what is the website?

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson): @safeschools if admin was approached with these relevent uses

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson): hold a sec

kevin.carter: Looks like great stuff but I wonder if teachers have time to "ramp up" on the content

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson): will get you some URLS

Safeschools: thank you

Moderator (Steve Hargadon):

mhutchison: Kevin, I'm using the PBS curriculum in conjunction to what I am normally doing with textbook, etc.

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson):

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson): and others at

mhutchison: so, it's basically an extension of what I would normally do

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson):

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson): YES YES YES

Moderator (joycevalenza): also as making an argument for the value of 2.0 in engagement

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson): and once they SEE it...they begin to understand WHY it is so powerful for students

Safeschools: Yes!

mhutchison: that's absolutely correct

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson): and how they can use what ENGAGES the kids to help them learn

PeggyG: can't see anything but gray on my web tour

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson): me either Peggy

kevin.carter: If this session is archived, it would help the uniformed get a taste of this program and power of 2.0

LaNita Kirby: any ideas for how to best use these tools in an "unconnected" way--meaning how to address students with digital divide issues?

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson): @kevin.carter they are all archieved on the classroom2.0 site

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): This session is being recorded and will be available at later tonight.

Maureen/bcdtech: This material would be great to embed on student ning- if I can get history teacher to buy into using it. Kids would like it.

mhutchison: LaNita, what I did was make a request for more technology in my classroom, then gave the kids more time to complete the assignments

Moderator (joycevalenza): you can embed them as widgets on your own computer

LaNita Kirby: any mobile technology functionalities with these goodies, for example.

kevin.carter: thanks - I'll try to pass along to ELA and history teachers in our high school

Moderator (joycevalenza): use the get my vote video to provoke discussion

mhutchison: although they still could do them at home as well. I created my own web page to go along with the activities. So, all the widgets, etc are available there as well

LaNita Kirby: i find many of the students at the cc I'm in have NO or limited internet access, but they can use their phones for some things.

MichaelReed: You've HIT THE MARK with this presentation, material and subject matter. Well done!

Moderator (joycevalenza): you still there renee?

Lorraine: audio lost...

Safeschools: I teach in a credential program... THIS is what we need to be teaching our students!! thank you, I will be back.. with lots of great questions about how to connect... thanks to all moderators for moving us forward, very exciting work!

mhutchison: hmmm.... I've never tried to access anything via my blackberry... might try that and see

Maureen/bcdtech: Hi Joyce, This is great material. I think I'll just embed, show the kids and have them pressure their other teachers to use it.

LaNita Kirby: LUV that GLOSSARY!

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson) to Steve Hargadon, Jenny Bradbury, Renee Hobbs, joycevalenza, Kristin Hokanson: sometimes if the audio will catch up in a "chipmunky" kind of way

Hayden: blackberry is too slow for this

LSheldon: this looks great!

Mark Carls: Wouldn't that be nice as a wiki that can be updated?

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson): sometimes if the audio will catch up in a "chipmunky" kind of way

Moderator (Steve Hargadon) to Jenny Bradbury: Some very positive comments coming in.

mhutchison: my bet is that my blackberry browser wouldn't handle the code for the widgets, anyway

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson): @Mark Carls Joyce has created a wiki pathfinder

MichaelReed: Many of you already know this site... b ut I found it very useful.

LaNita Kirby: @ Mark Carls: YES! I bet Steve is on that already.

Maureen/bcdtech: Love the glossary- was recently accused of speaking pig latin

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson): It is one of the resources I featured in the media infusion blog

Mark Carls: very nice, I always think wiki when someone says glossary, so that it is constantly changing and updated. Thanks.

Moderator (joycevalenza): I LOVE that one!

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson): ME TOO Joyce

Moderator (joycevalenza): videos are so different and compelling--personal stories talk to students

Moderator (Steve Hargadon):

Moderator (joycevalenza): deborah tennen

LaNita Kirby:

Moderator (joycevalenza): tannen

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): This is an amazing collection of resources.

Maureen/bcdtech: ? which one needs parent permission- ? get my vote?

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson): YES, YES...there WAS no youtube in 2004 campaign

Moderator (Steve Hargadon) to Steve Hargadon, Jenny Bradbury, Renee Hobbs, joycevalenza, Kristin Hokanson: I'm getting the sense that the amount of content is a little overwhelming. Would it make sense to give a quick tutorial on how to start easily?

Professorredbag: Steve, where can I learn how to use this program with my own content?

Moderator (Steve Hargadon) to Steve Hargadon, Jenny Bradbury, Renee Hobbs, joycevalenza, Kristin Hokanson:

Moderator (joycevalenza): hmmm, i think the interface is fairly easy

Moderator (Steve Hargadon):

Professorredbag: Thanks

Mark Carls: Check out the free version for educators willing to try Elluminate for a year...I think Elluminate still offers that? Is that right Steve?

PeggyG: the guidelines for telling their stories are excellent!

Professorredbag: This is William in Malaysia btw... don't know if the governemnt here would be happy with this!?

Lorraine: Content on this site was geared for middle/high school?

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): @Professorredbag--that would ve very interesting to students here to know.

Hayden: would block this

jpatten: too bad...but there are a ton of opensource social net tools

jpatten: build your own security in

mhutchison: that was one of my biggest challenges... getting our IT people to wise up and let me have access

Hayden: Our school blocks this user generated type of content

RockbridgeITRT: access in my district is an issue as well

Moderator (joycevalenza): that's why these things are widgetized!

LaNita Kirby: can we get this presentation to run inside the elluminate v room if we have it in an archived format? nothing else, I'm thinking we could share with a few colleagues at a time, etc.

mhutchison: I still have certain portions of the PBS materials that will not load

Professorredbag: seems quite teacher controllable

LSheldon: cross curricular while also being high on blooms

mhutchison: and it's all because of our firewall

Maureen/bcdtech: @Joyce so if you embed the widgets, you avoid the blocks?

Hayden: great tools....schools BLOCK THIS STUFF....!!!!!!!!!

Moderator (Steve Hargadon) to Steve Hargadon, Jenny Bradbury, Renee Hobbs, joycevalenza, Kristin Hokanson: 15 minutes left. Just FYI if you want to start a Q&A

Hayden: They are afraid of losing $$$$$ or access

PeggyG: That is such a great workaround, Joyce! embed them!

BarbInNebraska: Really anxious to check this out for use with my 3rd graders.

jpatten: caution - widgits often use the same internet protocols as browsers (that are blocked)

BarbInNebraska: Yesterday I encouraged my students, if they ever have a chance, to see a speech in person.

LaNita Kirby: will the widgets work inside word or ppt docs tht could be emailed to students, who could then access it from home, and maybe get parents involved in their learning more obviously?

Professorredbag: Entire countries block stuff like this... strange definitions of democracy.. part of the picture we have to change.... it will take generations in some places sad yes.. real...yes..

mhutchison: that's what I am finding on my web page... some of the widgets load fine, others won't load at all. On the other hand, they load on my home machine with no problem

jpatten: @LaNita that would work or just give them the link to view at home

Lorraine: reverb

jpatten: R2D2

LaNita Kirby: thanks for the answer, j

LaNita Kirby: c3po AND R2D2

Moderator (joycevalenza): the election is THE argument for opening 2.0 in our classrooms

Moderator (joycevalenza): we have to make it

Moderator (joycevalenza): we owe it to the kids

mhutchison: I concur with that, Joyce

Moderator (joycevalenza): it's an intellectual freedom issue

BarbInNebraska: I can't wait to share this with our 6th grade SS teacher!

Moderator (joycevalenza): and it's never ever looked like this before

mhutchison: The problem is that some of the people with the control of the filters, etc. have a pretty myopic view

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Go ahead and raise your "hands" if you want to ask a question with the microphone.

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson):

kevin.carter: a worthy topic and so much information - a lot of work by those involved - great job

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Great idea, Jenny.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): You can also ask a question here in the chat.

LaNita Kirby: I and my colleagues at the cc level are VERY appreciative of these resources. I'd like to see the resources marketed to a k-20 market, as well.

kevin.carter: Who will win?????

jpatten: i missed the beginning, these resources targeting secondary ed?

BarbInNebraska: Does the material go down to 3rd grade?

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Would be great to have some teachers who are really using the material post their successes.

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson): @jpatten Middle school and up

pirategirl: standardized testing is a huge obstacle

Maureen/bcdtech: Time, access, and teacher buy-in

RockbridgeITRT: Access

LaNita Kirby: could the qyestion be repeated? i was reading the chatline

LaNita Kirby: sorry

mhutchison: probably one of the biggest obstacles is getting some of our district people to open holes in the filtering system to provide us access

BarbInNebraska: I think having computers available with the right machine

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson): @barb...I think you can DEFINITELY bring it down to the kids you are working with

Sheri: Old computers, not enough ability to access, Its prevent access

John Nugent: filtering

Karen Guidry: Fear by administration of legal issues popping up.

BarbInNebraska: @Kristin, I'll check it out

Lorraine: I am trying to learn these tools myself...feel a little hesitant about using with students at this point.

mhutchison: I had to ask, and ask, and ask my district guy to unblock stuff. He told me I was "too impatient"

LaNita Kirby: i'm sure the firewall-guards are a major concern/prohibiter

mhutchison: This was after three weeks of asking, and generally not getting a reply from him

Karen Guidry: It hinders to the point they cannot do much.

RockbridgeITRT: I hear similiarcomments

Lorraine: may block some of the sites that we would like to access to try out.

Maureen/bcdtech: most social networking tools are blocked at many schools

Steve_Collis: I'm in Australia. It's the morning. Here - problem = teacher & parent perceptions of danger.

BarbInNebraska: The problem I have is that I hear my kids parrot, word for word, what their parents say about the election.

Sheri: a lot: every one is afraid to allow students access

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson): @mhutchison I go the the asst supt in charge of curriculum and instruction when that happens

Moderator (joycevalenza): i was frustrated today because blogspot is blocked and several of the site's blogs were inaccessible

Hayden: #1 challenge: Getting access to these tools in the classroom and stop blocking the tools the teachers know how to use and want to use.....THIS IS A BIG ISSUE in

jpatten: all tech has been designed to do one things...tell stories...Teachers and students need to tell stories to build bonds and create a better sense of community...learning and the fostering of knowledge is done through story least in my opinion

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson): I screen shot why I am TRYING to do...and share

mhutchison: Actually, my principal was my "go to" guy here

LaNita Kirby: the standardized testing routes our k-12's are tracking through may pre-empt the resources

kevin.carter: Our school has computer video access in all classes - but still filtering is a problem

LaNita Kirby: minimal bandwidth prohibiting functionality?

DavidWeksler: There MUST be administrative support to support the use of technology

mhutchison: he's young, and he's fairly tech savvy... and very supportive

kevin.carter: staff can download and show some choices from Discovery, etc.

BarbInNebraska: I don't think I"m blocked at my school, I can easily get it unblocked

John Nugent: They dMost are afraid because they dont understand

Maureen/bcdtech: We have no tech director- so lucky- very little is blocked, and I can unblock as needed- where as needed=what the teachers ask for

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson) to Hayden: just curious..PVSD (Perk Valley?) did you just get a new Tech Director or still looking

Karen Guidry: We have been able to convince our supt to let us use ePals to introduce some of these things in a safe environment.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Would be great to have some kind of video profile of some teachers using these tools and how engaging it was.

LaNita Kirby: DITTO! Kudos to Steve!

Karen Guidry: Hopefully successful use will open new doors.

BarbInNebraska: Thanks Steve!

mmylod: I believe we have to teach the students responsibility and to be able to desseminiate the information

BarbInNebraska: Thanks Lucy for tweeting!

kevin.carter: I think that is the secret - get them to try and it will grow

jpatten: TY!

BarbInNebraska: Thanks Renee!

Maureen/bcdtech: Thanks to Steve et al

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson) to Hayden: I want to share one more thing too

RockbridgeITRT: Thank you so much!! Awesome resources

Lorraine: You are developing the curriculum in the right direction. Thank you for inspiring us with the options available.

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson) to Steve Hargadon, Jenny Bradbury, Renee Hobbs, joycevalenza, Kristin Hokanson: I want to share one more thing too

DavidWeksler: and for schools focussing on getting students ready for "high-stakes test"?

kevin.carter: I am sure you all do great things but Steve has tied so many together in 2.0

Moderator (Steve Hargadon) to Steve Hargadon, Jenny Bradbury, Renee Hobbs, joycevalenza, Kristin Hokanson: Kristin, go ahead.

PeggyG: it's so exciting to see the web 2.0 tools totally integrated into this process. Awesome!

Maureen/bcdtech: Would love to have kids across the country interacting with this material. Living on the east coast we have no idea how the rest of the country thinks- last election was a shock

Hayden to Steve Hargadon, Jenny Bradbury, Renee Hobbs, joycevalenza, Kristin Hokanson: Fantastic job, thank you for the resources....this is all so exciting. It is a great time to be in education

PeggyG: it could easily be a year-long curriculum

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson): Peggy SO true

LaNita Kirby: agree this could be year long curriculum....

Maureen/bcdtech: Anyone have issues with parents who object to "political" discussions?

Moderator (Steve Hargadon) to Steve Hargadon, Jenny Bradbury, Renee Hobbs, joycevalenza, Kristin Hokanson:

Mark Carls: Thank you

Karen Guidry: We must tie this to curriculum standards to get a positive response from most classroom teachers and administrators.

Moderator (joycevalenza): thanks everyone!!!

Moderator (Jenny Bradbury): Thanks, All!

grdnldy: This was terrific. thx.

DavidWeksler: good job folks

Lorraine: Thank you for this presentation!

Hayden: Great work to ALL

LaNita Kirby: Thank you PBS!

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson): Please add things that you are the post on media infusion too

Lorraine: thank you.

PeggyG: I'm so excited to share this with others! Thanks!

LucyGray: Thank you!!!!

Sheri: thank you

mmylod: thanks muck

mhutchison: Thanks, it was great!

Steve_Collis: Cheers.

DavidWeksler: Michael, still here?

mhutchison: yes

Moderator (Steve Hargadon) to Steve Hargadon, Jenny Bradbury, Renee Hobbs, joycevalenza, Kristin Hokanson: Thanks everyone.

Moderator (joycevalenza): night all!

mhutchison: about bedtime for us old guys, though

RockbridgeITRT: Night and Thank you!

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): The archive will be posted later tonight.

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson): thanks everyone!

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Thanks to all who participated.

Moderator (Jenny Bradbury): Does someone still have his or her hand up?

DavidWeksler: Thanks, Steve - excellent session

Sheri: where will archive be posted?

Moderator (Steve Hargadon):

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): And I'm sure in Jenny's Classroom 2.0 discussion thread.

Sheri: thanks

Moderator (Steve Hargadon) to Steve Hargadon, Jenny Bradbury, Renee Hobbs, Kristin Hokanson: Great work, Renee. Like running a race!

Moderator (Steve Hargadon) to Steve Hargadon, Jenny Bradbury, Renee Hobbs, Kristin Hokanson: Well done.

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson) to Steve Hargadon, Jenny Bradbury, Renee Hobbs, Kristin Hokanson: Ok all, I am still at school so I am going ot take off....GREAT JOB...I think folks are REALLY excited about it

Moderator (Renee Hobbs): you can comment on the curriculum at

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson) to Steve Hargadon, Jenny Bradbury, Renee Hobbs, Kristin Hokanson: steve did you want me to stop the recording?

Moderator (Steve Hargadon) to Steve Hargadon, Jenny Bradbury, Renee Hobbs, Kristin Hokanson: It stops when the room is cleared.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon) to Steve Hargadon, Jenny Bradbury, Renee Hobbs, Kristin Hokanson: We'll let any final comments come in, then I'll ask folks to exit.

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson) to Steve Hargadon, Jenny Bradbury, Renee Hobbs, Kristin Hokanson: ok well then I will leave the room then

Moderator (Kristin Hokanson) to Steve Hargadon, Jenny Bradbury, Renee Hobbs, Kristin Hokanson: have a good night all

Moderator (Steve Hargadon) to Steve Hargadon, Jenny Bradbury, Renee Hobbs, Kristin Hokanson: Bye! Good work!

Moderator (Renee Hobbs): You are welcome to join us for a conference here in Philadelphia on news literacy, October 23-25. Google "Rebooting the News" for more information!

Hayden to Steve Hargadon, Jenny Bradbury, Renee Hobbs: Thank you...I will send all these links out to the 500 staff members in the AM

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Thanks for being a part of this Classroom 2.0 LIVE conversation. We will be closing the Elluminate room in a few minutes to allow the recording to process. Good night!

DavidWeksler: Steve, can one create a transcript of the text chat?

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): @DavidW Yes, you can when the recording is up. I'll also be posting the chat.

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): You'll find a link at

DavidWeksler: but I can't do it locally for me, right?

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Takes a couple of hours to get up.

DavidWeksler: understood

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): I think you can do it. Do you see a floppy disk icon?

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): Top left?

DavidWeksler: yup

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): The time delay is mostly me having to go pick up kids!


DavidWeksler: certainly!

Moderator (Steve Hargadon): If you have that icon, you can copy right now, I believe.

DavidWeksler: Was wondering if we might want to do this presentation in Tapped In - or mention more about Classroom 2.0 to the TI community

DavidWeksler: Then you'll have even less time to pick up the kids

Moderator: Let me know how I might help with that.

DavidWeksler: Michael Hutchison had a disussion looking at the My Two Cents for Change web site that began in the hour before this

Moderator: The whole session recording will also be available, so someone can replay the whole thing.

DavidWeksler: yes, I knew that one...

Moderator: I have to start kicking folks out to get the recording to go...

DavidWeksler: Sure

DavidWeksler: Here's the URL:


DavidWeksler: if you haven't seen that

Moderator: If you're still watching, I'll ask you to each log off.

Moderator: Thanks, David. I'll look at it.

DavidWeksler: take care

Moderator: Bye!