Name: Peggy George

School / affiliation: Retired, but formerly faculty at Arizona State University-West Campus, College of Teacher Education and Leadership, and elementary school principal for 25 years in the Amherst, MA area and in Phoenix, AZ

City, state, & country: Phoenix, AZ, USA

Favorite book(s): The Secret//Rhonda Byrne; Crazy Busy/Edward Hallowell; Eat That Frog!/Brian Tracy; Younger Next Year for Women/Chris Crowley & Henry Lodge; How Full is Your Bucket/Tom Rath & Donald Clifton; Now Discover Your Strengths/Marcus Buckingham

Favorite movie(s): Game Plan, Fever Pitch, Harry Potter, Field of Dreams, To Sir with Love

Favorite TV show(s): CNN News, American Idol, Mythbusters, anything on PBS, Phoenix Suns basketball, AZ Diamondback baseball

Favorite Songs: The Power of the Dream/Celine Dion; Never Stop Learning; You Raise Me Up/Il Divo; Beeautiful Flower/India.Arie; Take Me Home, Country Roads/John Denver; This is My Now/Jordin Sparks; This is My Song/Englebert Humperdinck; My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys/Wilie Nelson; Only Time/Enya

Your heroes: My twitter network of educators who are advancing the cause of Web 2.0 on the front lines every day, especial WOW2 podcasters/bloggers (Sharon, Vicki, Jen and Cheryl), coolcatteacher, Terry Freedman, DEN, and everyone on EdTechTalk!

Your hobbies: digital photography, creating multimedia projects, attending live theater with friends, astrology

Your favorite Web 2.0 technologies:* Twittter, Skype,, Animoto, wikispaces, Google apps and my latest favorite that I am just discovering is Diigo!

How has Web 2.0 and social networking made a difference to you personally and/or professionally?
Reading, reflecting and responding to blogs written and shared by so many educational professionals has changed my life. The openness and willingness to share deep thinking and learning is something that is unprecedented in my educational experience. I am always impressed with the learning that is shared and especially the thought-provoking questions where people are willing to take risks to explore ideas "out of the box" and invite collaboration. I love all of the resources announced on Twitter about new blog posts, links and latest projects being shared on, etc. and I almost forget to go back and check my aggregator for new blog posts of those I follow. It IS the web 2.0 social network that is providing me with the tools and resources and inspiration to keep learning and growing professionally!!