Sorry-I forgot to add our special tag to my tweets tonight. Thought I'd share them here...Peggy George
    Huge thanks to Leigh Zeitz, David Jakes & Dean Shareski for fitting us in your busy schedules to video Skype for CR20.
    140 characters not enough! Didn't get to thank Chris Lehman for Skyping in today at CR20-Phx! Thanks Chris! You inspired us!
    CR20 participants incredibly impressed that several world-renowned tech leaders Skyped in to share wisdom & advice 2 us!
    @MariaK Yes :-) No ustream archives, but a great wiki and backchannel resource. Here's agenda & related links.
    MariaK @pgeorge CR@) LIVE sounds like a great day. Do you have any archives of the unconference sharing? Wiki? Blog?
    Kudos and appreciation to Jen Dorman & Maggie Tsai for our great Elluminate session on Diigo in the classroom. Fantastic!
    First day of our CR20 LIVE workshop in Phx was awesome--incredible learning and sharing all day long! "Unconference" concept is fantastic!