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Local Coordinator Contact Information:


4 - 6 months: Arrange venue, announce workshop, start marketing
  • Working on now.
  • Steve: shorten bio. Description of workshop from my perspective and overview.
  • Need to start marketing right away.
3 months: Set tentative agenda
  • Do our first meeting in January
2 months: Check signups, determine viability
  • Mid-January look at
6 weeks: Send organization letter to attendees--solicit help with wiki planning
  • Mid- to late-January
3 weeks: Semi-final organizing of agenda and final details
  • Early Febuary
2 weeks: Send reminder/welcome email to attendees
  • Early February

Venue Information:
  • First choice: Argosy University || Still waiting to hear.
  • Another option: Kamehameha Campus || Still waiting to hear
  • Another option: St. Louis School in Chaminade || Still waiting to hear

  • Margit working with some contacts about workshops in general. Todd from K12.
  • Local sponsors
    • Some local businesses that might help.

Outstanding Issues / To-dos:
  • Find out how much Lynne wants to be involved
  • Find a place for Steve to stay