Concept: Book Review Podcasting
Grade Level: K-8
Detail: I started the "Brookline Book Review Podcasting Project" at my school. I am working with students and teachers K-8 to write, record and post book review podcasts on our Website. Together with my librarian, we have been introducing the concept of both book reviews and podcasting to students. We play some of the podcasts we have written and recorded and some of the podcasts that other students have recorded. We have templates to help students write their own book reviews. They do this in the classroom. Once they have written their review and have practiced reading it aloud, they come to the lab and record their podcast. This takes 2-3 class sessions in the lab. Students spend one class session recording their review, one session adding music and sound effects and one editing their podcast.

The goal of this project is to create a database of book reviews that students can use when they are looking for a good book to read. I am hoping that students and teachers around the world will send me their book review podcasts so I can add them to our Website. I have included support materials that can be downloaded from our site. These materials include templates for students at different grade levels, video and written directions for how to use GarageBand software and links for more podcasting resources.

Submitted by: Elizabeth B. Davis, Instructional Technology Specialist
School/Organization: John D. Runkle School, Brookline, MA

Concept: A learning community!
Grade Level:5-12
Detail: I created a website to share the podcasts I have created for my secondary social studies classes. They are called "masterycasts" and provide a quick 5 minute review tool for the material I teach. I have been collecting data on the test results from this and so far the impact is amazing! It has been especially useful with the special education students, although all of my students use them. Please visit the site, use it, and contribute your podcasts and become part of the learning community! Listen to the short Launch podcast episode of MasteryCast for a brief explanation of the philosophy and features. Click here for a shortcut to the MasteryCast page!

Submitted by: Susan Palmer
School/Organization: Secondary Social Studies 7-12 and inclusion. Akron High School, New York State

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