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Initial brainstorming prior to confirmation from Steve that we would be able to host the CR20 LIVE Workshop in Phoenix

Cherie wrote:
I investigated further and found we could get 3 rooms here on the 8th and 9th. One of the rooms might be needed at 3:30 on Thursday. Would 3 rooms
work? (2 are the adjoining rooms with folding wall)
All of these rooms have some space for food (counter or tables). All have tables and chairs, which can be configured in any pattern we want.
We can have a projector for each room. All have white boards for screens.
I was not sure what time it would be so I reserved the rooms for 7:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. I was guessing it would not be earlier than 8:00 and not past 4:00. There are fast food places nearby.

Peggy: Everyone on the planning team agreed that the dates and location would work for them. We are eager to have a conversation with you or to get some additional information about exactly what is expected from all of us. We have lots of questions. :-) How would you like to set up the communication?

Steve: I'd prefer to use the start page since I keep everything there, but if you've started somewhere else we can link to that.
How many do you think will want to attend? Phoenix was a popular request. How many could be accommodated? I've typically had one large room for all-group activities, and then an additional room which allowed us to break into two smaller groups for different sessions.
Just need to make sure there is a) power available so everyone can keep laptops charged :), b) wireless available that is also not too aggressively filtered to reach Web 2.0 sites, and c) local food/lodging available (food for lunch breaks, lodging depends on how much you want to open up the workshop).

From Cherie - answers to above: The rooms we have could accommodate 80-100 people. Two rooms open together for large group gatherings and then have a folding wall to close them off. a) We need to ask people to bring power strips, unless that can be purchased somehow. b) Our Director of Technology is highly supportive of hosting the conference and is already working to make sure we have enough wireless access for 100 people to hit the network. We have some filtering, but things like You Tube are not filtered - nor some social networks (MySpace and Facebook are blocked).c) Food is not a problem, but there is not really any lodging close by. PV Mall has some lodging around it - about 5 miles away.

Peggy: We're thinking of targeting the LIVE conference specifically for ed tech folks who would view it as "training of trainer" model. It is the close of the school year (beginning May 21 in some districts) and we felt that the ed tech people are more available while teachers are wrapping up their year and closing down their classrooms for the summer. Is this target appropriate for the Workshop? We anticipate up to 50 people attending. Is that a large enough audience for your purposes? We're thinking that it will reach the key tech trainers/facilitators in the valley and they can take the training back to their district teachers.