• Ballroom
  • "hotel" "civic"
  • Me, Andy
  • Sponsors (stand)
Love the ballroom
Collaborative Conference (history, Atlanta, etc.)
  • Rule/Law of "two feet"
  • Not really an unconference, but close
  • "Flexibility" & mirroring Web 2.0
  • Making sure you have time to learn from each other.
  • Inexpensive
  • Tagging
  • Back-channel chatting
Help Needed
  • lightning sessions - Twitter out that we are looking for help in speed round and "lunch" conversation
  • Big thanks for our sponsors, who want us to be doing everything on the cheap
  • Doing everything on the cheap to keep costs down, own personal projector, power cords, etc.
  • Have someone in charge of taking/adding photos to attending page
  • Will need ice in bucket later for soda and water
  • Brought power cords. Will have to have an ad hoc committee making sure everyone gets charged up
Web 2.0 / Read Write Web and education
  • Web 1. 0 and Web 2.0
  • My Titanic experience
  • Will Richardson and Chris Sessums and FETC last year
  • Classroom use / professional development, and how the two are related
  • Start of CR 2.0 and reason - The value of experiencing Web 2.0
  • Historic time: greater than printing press?
  • The answer to content overload - produce content. Changing our relationship with conent.
  • Laura: call wasn't very "web 2.0." No, it was. It's about connecting, communicating, and collaborating.
Introductory game - help build profiles (use template)
  • Create a template for interviewing someone - do by the end of the day
Schedule group photo