NBA playoffs has been conducted into the second round. These eight teams have managed to defeat their rivals in the first round: San Antonio Spurs, Oklahoma City Thunder, L.A. Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers, Miami Heat, Philadelphia 76ers, Indiana Pacers and Boston Celtics. Now, I¡¯d like to make an analysis of the NBA championship for this season.

The situation of Eastern Conference is that Heat vs. Pacers and Celtics vs. 76ers while the western conference is that Spurs vs. Clippers and Lakers vs. Thurder. Based on the status and the strength of the teams, Heat, Spurs and Thurder should be the most poweful three teams.

The Clippers which is leaded by Paul and Griffin is lack of experience for the playoffs than Spurs. The strength of Lakers and Thunder are close. This serials might be determained not by their leaders such as Kobe and Durant, but by the X-factor, such as James Harden and Metta World Peace. Due to the excellent performance of Harden in this season, I think the winner of this serial should be Thender. Because the playoffs schedule is very close this season, the Spurs might lose the Western Conference Final with Thunder since the players of Spurs are a little older than their rival.Thus, the Champion of Western Conference should be Oklahoma City Thunder.

Let¡¯s talk about the situation in the east. Compared to Pacers, Heat is more powerful since it owns three important stars: LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. However, Bosh has suffered the troubles of the abdominal muscle strain recently. His absence will increase the burden of his teammates. But healthy LeBron James and Dwyane Wade will tell us what is the power of leaders and Heat will defeat Pacers in 6 matches. The winner between Celtics and 76ers is much easier to judge. The 76ers is much younger than its rival. In the meantime, a rising Rondo cannot make up for the loss of the Three Big. What is worse is that Celtics has not many availble players during this serials. And it will be defeated by the 76ers. As for the Eastern Conference Final, Heat will beat 76ers in 5 matches since they are natural enemies while the former is definitely the hunter.

After all these matches, these two teams left that would be very tired. Heat and Thunder have many stars, such as James, Wade, Bosh, Durant and Westbrook. However, the playoffs is determined by the post players expecially in the final serials. In contrast, the Thunder has more advantages. What is more, the first two matches will be held in Oklahoma City which increases the odds for Thunder. To get the most accurate predictions, I have downloaded many of the two teams¡¯ matches on the Internet, and trimmed these videos into segments in the purpose of getting the most wonderful parts and merged them into one file, then I converted it into a swf file to upload it to the Internet to share with my friends. With the help of a SWF Converter for Mac, I complete this work beatifully. Now I¡¯d like to exchange the views of my predictions with you.