Bucharest has seen the whole process of the birth of the new one championship of UEFA Europa League. The final match began ai 2:45, May 10, 2012, Beijing, held in Bucharest National Stadium. After 90 minutes of fierce competition, Atletico Madrid beat Athletic Bilbao and won the European Cup champion.This is the second time to win this cup in the last three years for Atletico Madrid. In this game, Falcao and Diego become hero for theit team. It was just because of these two men¡¯s excellent play that Atletico Madrid took this cup home.

Atletico Madrid is one of the two heroes for their city Madrid. The other one is Real Madrid which has beaten Barcelona to win the La Liga title. Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid both win, not only to defend the glory of the city of Madrid, but also makes the Madrid back into the football capital of Spain. In the past nearly four years time, and the crazy to take a 13 crown dream team, Barcelona became the Spanish and even world football, the most talked about football cities. This season, Barcelona may get 4 Cup champion, but missed the most important La Liga and the Champions League, Real Madrid has won a high gold content, the league title.

Now Madrid has become a happiness city since the residence are celebrating their holiday for victory. I notice that some one has made a super swf video about victory moment collection of these two teams and uploaded it onto internet. I download it with my swf to flv converter and convert it to mp4 for my iphone. After that I could watch it no matter where and when.