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This is a list of possible sessions that you can add to, either because you'd like a session on the topic, or because you feel comfortable facilitating such a discussion. The sessions are intended to be group dialogs on a topic, and not formal presentations. You can add yourself as a potential facilitator to any topic.

At the start of the workshop (the actual day) we'll take a vote on all sessions and determine which sessions to add into the formal schedule. (You can vote as many times as you like!) If there is a session that you are interested in but doesn't get included in the formal schedule, you are encouraged to seek the volunteer facilitator out during the ample "break and breakout" times. You can even schedule your own meeting at any time during the day if you have folks who want to do that--remember, this is an "unconference!"

Session Offers

  • Social Networking for Professional Development
    Facilitator(s): Steve Hargadon
    Looking at the use of social networking tools for educational professional development. Steve Hargadon and/or any willing co-facilitators
  • Social Networking: A Beginners Guide (8)
    Facilitator(s): Steve Hargadon
    How to set up a social network using Ning, and tips and tricks for its use in education.
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Web 2.0 and Education
    Facilitator(s): Steve Hargadon
    Why Web 2.0 represents a dramatic and historic change in how we view learning and education because of the participatory nature of the technologies.
  • How to use Adobe Connect videoconferencing/collaboration tools for Education
    Facilitator(s): Barry Beattie (innovations unit, TAFE OnLine, Queensland, Australia)
    Transmitting from Brisbane Australia via Connect - an open discussion on how such tools can be used in the classroom - what works, what doesn't. All participants can join in via access to a computer (or many people in a room with a single computer and data projector and a webcam)


* UStream/broadcast some/all sessions so that there can be broader participation.
"Streaming Video"**
  • A look at the various online tools that are making streaming video so easy:, Elluminate,, Mogulus, etc.
  • "Online Photos"
    Various online photo applications for viewing/storing photos and creating slideshows, videos, etc. (Flickr, Flickr Toys, PicLens, Animoto, SlideShare with Slidecasts, etc.)
  • "Communicating with Parents and Others"
    Effective communications with 2.0 tools for Teacher / Student / Parent. Good online tools for sharing classroom/school newsletters with parents and extended community.
  • "Internet Safety"
    A discussion of Internet safety and strategies to overcoming barriers to blocked tools, with an emphasis on administrative and parental perspectives.

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