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Notes/updates from Saturday, May 3 lunch conversation:
Brief conversation over lunch with Peggy, Julia, Ann, and Brett. I shared the information posted below from Yahoo! for Teachers. Julia had some great news! CCS has agreed to sponsor lunch for all of the participants on Thursday! (Fantastic. - SteveHargadon SteveHargadon) Julia may add more detail to this and post it on the agenda once she has the final approval from CCS. Lunch will be on their own on Friday so people will have to leave the workshop to get their lunch (unless they choose to bring lunch. Julia also confirmed that she and Jennifer were taking care of snacks and water for the event. (Make sure to keep receipts for this if I'm going to use the limited sponsor funds. - SteveHargadon SteveHargadon) Rosy previously told us she would take care of the professional development certificates for the two days. Create a certificate for each day (7 hours) and leave name blank. Rosie said she would sign the certificates using AzTEA/CR20. Brett said he really wanted to facilitate a discussion about Twitter and he'll add more information here. We announced the event at both the beginning and end of the day at WOW and invited people to come and join us. Julia also posted a link directly to the CR20 event on the main AzTEA wikispace and I moved it up to the top so it could be easily located. What am I forgetting? WOW was a busy few days and my mind is a bit of a blur. Please add anything I'm missing or questions you want to raise for the group below.

Questions/additional information????
Jennifer, did you say you would make arrangements for coffee the first morning? Think we said we could get coffee with all of the stuff (cups, creamers, stir sticks) from Starbucks (40th St. & Greenway)?? Then we'll tell everyone to bring their own coffee/tea for Friday. Yes! Jennifer will bring coffee for Thursday morning with cups, etc..

Cherie, how are things going with getting some student participation from GenYes and involving Sylvia Martinez in the conversation via Skype? (11:30-12:30 on Thursday?) I think that you and Steve were going to communicate directly about those plans. Steve said he would interview them about ways they are helping teachers learn to use technology and a "peek" into their technology lives.
I added this to the Apr. 17th notes: Update:
I have a high school GenYes class available from 9:05 - 10:20 on Friday. We can video chat with them.
Someone (Steve I would guess), saw this and adjusted the proposed agenda accordingly:
9:05 - 9:30am
Student Panel (via Skype) (Yes, I put that in. Wahoo! - SteveHargadon SteveHargadon)

Equipment confirmation: Do we have the equipment we need to ustream our sessions for both strands A & B? I think Steve said he had enough equipment for his sessions (speaker & wireless mic). Cherie said we had projectors and speakers for both groups. Wondering if we need to bring DV cameras and/or mics for this?
I would suggest bringing DV cameras and mics. I am not sure I will have what is needed for this.- pgeorge pgeorgeI'll bring my DV camera and Logitech headset. (Steve taught me how to add a comment with a signature link. :-) Just had to try it out. You just type three tilde's "~" and then type your comment.)

Steve, can you update us on any arrangements you have made for Skype guests or are you just planning to take your chances with a Twitter all-call at certain times? (I'm going to take my chances! Actually, I'll send out an email right now... :) - SteveHargadon SteveHargadon)

Steve, did you find a hotel? Embassy Suites about 5 miles away? Are you staying with family friends or can we help with arrangements? (Thanks, I'm OK. I think I'll do Embassy Suites if I don't hear back from some family friends in the next day. - SteveHargadon SteveHargadon)

Did you all see the Welcome page that Steve posted on the home page for the wiki? It is the same information he sent out to everyone who had signed up for the event so it is available to anyone including those who have signed up since it was sent out.

I will add room locations on the proposed schedule. I was thinking of just doing a room location per column, not for every session, since those titles might change. - Cherie

Summary of communication since our last conference call:
Email from Peggy on April 30, 3:00pm.
To: Cherie, Julia, Ann, Brett, Rosy, Jennifer
Cc: Steve Hargadon, Chris Johnson
Hi everyone,
Our fantastic event is almost here...6 days away!!!! :-)

When we talked in our last conference call we agreed that we would try to get together over lunch at the WOW conference this Saturday,
May 3. If you are attending WOW, please plan to join us at the tables on the south side of the Faculty Administration Building (FAB) as
soon as you get your lunch. (12:25-1:15) The round tables are under the overhang along the south wall of the building, just directly up
the breezeway heading east from LaSala. Hopefully they won't all be filled by conference participants.

Looking forward to seeing any of you that can make it. If we have any new updates after our conversation, I'll post them on the Organizer
Notes on the CR20 page under the date of May 3, 2008.


April 30, 2008
Just checked the "attending" page for Phoenix and if I counted correctly we are up to 57 people. I'm sure some of those will not actually show up (based on previous experience). Do we need to close registration and begin a waiting list? I know of several ASU-West faculty who just indicated an interest in attending but they haven't registered yet. I sent them the information this morning. It is Heather Carter, Teresa Foulger, and Ann Ewbanks (ASUW Education Librarian). They are currently conducting research and a project on social networking and would be great resource people to have in attendance. I'm strongly encouraging them to participate! :-)

In our last conference call Cherie said we should cap the registration at 100 and hope that no more than 80 will show up. If that is still true, then we don't need to worry about the cap just yet.

Let me know what you think and if we need to start a waiting list, how to we stop allowing registration on the "I'm Attending" page? Do we just turn off editing for that page and add a link and new page for the waiting list?

I'm so excited about the people who will be participating and the great response we are getting. :-)

I can't see any reason to limit the attendance at this point, unless there's a logistical reason to do so. The more the merrier!

I agree. We are fine for now.

On May 1, 2008, at 9:44 PM, Gailene Nelson wrote:
Cherie / Peggy -
I’ll be working with Steve next week at the Phoenix event, and wanted to send some Yahoo! For Teachers computer bags (giveaways) to you before the event. It’s easier for me to ship them from work, so please let me know where to send them and to whom I should address them. Also, to confirm, Steve said we’d be limiting attendance to 100, but so far it seems we have 57 folks signed up. I’ll keep monitoring until Mon or Tue when I ship the bags.
I look forward to meeting you! Thx.

Gailene Nelson
Yahoo! for Teachers
(w) 408.349.5675; (m) 415.706.7231; (im) gailene_nelson