Here are some of our thoughts from today's sessions and the conference as a whole:

  • We're in the pioneer phase of the Web 2.0 frontier
  • We're in agreement on the significance of the role of Web 2.0 in education.....but it's messy...many different tools, but there's a common thread of teachers and students as collaborators
  • In education the conversation has to change. The colloborative tools work better if we frame the conversations around students developing real-world skills, rather than limited to core subject areas
  • What have learned today? Diigo; Voicethread;
  • Question?: How do we instill the passion that was present here in teachers who are content to keep teaching as they always have? Can we replicate the Web 2.0 Un-Conference environment when we get back to our sites/districts/jobs? How do we continue what we started here?
  • Answers?: Developing Team 2.0 for sites, similar to Google model.
  • Suggestions?: Offer pre-conference site, links, activities; have more break out groups from discussion sessions. With product presentations, do a 5-minute commercial preso with a breakout session.