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Concept: Multiple activities for creativity by creating animations and scenes and game design
Grade Level: Late Middle School to Early High School (depending on experience)
Detail: Free for students. Limited free Teacher accounts are available.

Itch adds learning management tools for Scratch (such as class signups, sharing class projects and much more) along with video lessons right inside the Scratch interface so students can easily follow along and teachers can share and manage their students projects all from a single area.

Submitted by:Jason Rukman - Seattle, WA

Concept: 10-Lessons Scratch Programming Series
Grade Level: Beginners to Intermediate
Detail: A site ( that provides Step-by-step instruction of building a Scratch cartoon animation and a platform Scratch game. Students will start from a simple sprite and progressively learn more advanced skills.

Submitted by: Jessica Chiang - San Diego, CA

Concept: Math
Grade Level: 4th and older
Detail: Teacher guide sheets for math explorations, made for Scratch drop-in lab at the Minnesota Council of Teachers of Mathematics conference
1. Drawing regular polygons
2. Using coordinate geometry
3. Introducing programming concepts
Submitted by: Karen Randall

Concept: Math
Grade Level: for teachers at MCTM conference
Detail: List of sample math project galleries on Scratch web site
Submitted by: Karen Randall

Concept: It's SCRATCH Time: Animation by Student Design
Grade Level: 6-12
Submitted by:Christie Jones - Springfield Public Schools - Springfield, Illinois

Concept: Directions for 10 Scratch projects
Grade Level: general
Detail: PDF file giving directions, source:

Submitted by: KRandall

Concept: Intro to programming 5-lesson outline
Grade Level: 7th grade math class
Uploaded there by: pwoessner (415)
Submitted by: KRandall

Concept: Storytelling with Scratch--rubric, self evaluation
Grade Level: all
Detail: Students do a storytelling project based on a school camp. The rubric and self evaluation can be used for any storytelling project.

Submitted by:

Concept: Scratch Tips and Techniques
Grade Level: all
Detail: The Scratch Design Team put together this list of actions/shortcuts that you might not find on your own.

Submitted by: KRandall

Concept: Name animations
Grade Level: Any reader
Detail: Two sixth grade girls wrote these directions for a name animation project.

Submitted by: KRandall, Expo Elementary

Concept: Animation Lesson Outline
Grade Level: Any
This is the sequence my students use in teaching others how to make an animation.
Submitted by: KRandall, Expo Elementary

Concept: Scratch Slideshows
Grade Level: Upper elementary and higher
Detail: Students made a narrated slideshow as part of a unit on culture. They had a digital camera for a couple days and
took pictures that documented their lives and interests. This is planner they used in writing a script for the show.

Submitted by: KRandall, Expo Elementary

Concept: Game Projects
Grade Level: Upper elementary and higher
Detail: These are questions to have students consider before they begin a game project.

An outline for the steps in making a game.

Directions for making a game.
(revised by Keith Braafladt)

Submitted by: KRandall, Expo Elementary

Concept: Geometry
Grade Level: Upper elementary
Detail: Directions for a geometry lesson/project regarding polygons and coordinate graphing.

Submitted by: KRandall, Expo Elementary

Concept: Scratch, Sensing
Grade Level: Upper elementary and higher
Detail: A lesson on how to using the "if touching" block.

Concept: Beginner Projects
Grade Level: all
Detail: Step-by-step directions for easy projects, such as making a square.

Submitted by: KRandall, Expo Elementary

Concept: Project ideas
Grade Level: all
Detail: This was posted in the Scratch forums by user Archmage.

Submitted by: KRandall

Concept: Scratch basics
Grade Level: beginners
Detail: A visual of the parts of the Scratch screen, labled. It was posted on the Scratch forum but I don't know the poster.

Submitted by:KRandall

Concept: Some Lessons on a Website
Grade Level: Beginners
Detail: Series of lessons to teach, thoroughly, how to make a game.
Submitted by: Dan Hawk - UW-Madison

Concept: Middle School Syllabus
Grade Level: Middle school
Detail: Example of a syllabus used for a group of students in middle school in a year long course using Science/Engineering Curriculum Standards

Submitted by: Charlotte Corbett, Horace Mann School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Boston, MA

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