CLASSROOM 2.0 LIVE webinar, "Livebinders as ePortfolios for Student Career Exploration" with

Special Guests: Karma Yantzie, Tina Schneider, Mike Fisher and some amazing 8th grade students: Caitlin, Jadyn, Jackson, Isaac, Josiah, and Caleb

Saturday, September 13, 2014

00:22 - Annette Whitby
@Stella I have used the Visual CV site for my virtual cv but am planning on exploring LiveBinders for a cv / portfolio. so many exciting opportunities / options.

00:25 - Peggy George
I included an awesome video from Chris Dede in the Livebinder today about preparing for careers that don't exist yet. :-)

00:43 - rplechner
Great Youtube Vid - Do You Know 3.0 - all about globalization and the advances in tech.

00:58 - roxanne clement
Such an important element Peggy, jobs that aren't in existence yet!

01:05 - @plnaugle (Paula)
My digital porfolio is housed on a Google site.

01:06 - Peggy George
I am so impressed that Karma and her students are giving us their time and expertise at school on a Saturday!!!! :-)

01:25 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Saturday school can be fun.

01:27 - kamani
Hi from sri Lanka

01:28 - Annette Whitby
@pnaugle Another great example. Thx for sharing : )

01:29 - Oronoque
I have changed careers more often than I can count...thank goodness for life long learning:)

01:32 - Peggy George
feel free to share links to any of your digital portfolio examples in the chat and I'll add them to the Livebinder after the show

02:37 - Peggy George
We are thrilled to have Tina Schneider (Livebinders co-developer with Barbara Tallent) and Mike Fisher here to share about digital portfolios!!

02:49 - Peggy George (Livebinders on Twitter)

02:51 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Just realized I need to update my eportfolio -

02:58 - Peggy George (Mike Fisher on Twitter)

03:13 - Peggy George (Mike Fisher’ blog)

03:25 - Sheri Edwards
Me too, Paula -- hard to keep up:

03:34 - Peggy George
look at all of those tools that can be embedded in Livebinders!!! Fantastic!

03:44 - roxanne clement
love live binders!

04:17 - Ben

04:17 - Peggy George
I asked Tina to give a quick intro to Livebinders because we often have people who are new to Livebinders and don't understand how to use them.

04:18 - Annette Whitby
In the past, I've attended some of the Livebinders webinars at their site and they were very informative.

04:37 - Peggy George
That's our Livebinder for today's show.

05:04 - Peggy George
Karma's Livebinder is the first tab in our Livebinder and all of her student career binders are also in subtabs

05:22 - Peggy George
You can learn all about the new features on Livebinders in their blog :-)

05:33 - Peggy George (Livebinders blog)

06:20 - roxanne clement

06:28 - Peggy George
how exciting!!! we'll be able to add photos directly from our iphones to a binder!

06:53 - Sheri Edwards
Awesome new features!

07:03 - Peggy George (2014 Top 10 Livebinders winners in competition for digital portfolios)

07:09 - Sheri Edwards
I appreciate all the livebinder users who share their binders!

07:39 - Peggy George
me too Sheri!!! When I need to search for teaching resources I don't start with Google--I start with Livebinders :-)

07:46 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Hi Mike Fisher. :)

08:00 - Peggy George (Mike Fisher: Digital Portfolios Livebinder)

08:12 - Sheri Edwards
Hi Mike Fisher; appreciate your sharing

08:20 - Peggy George
Their career exploration Livebinders are fantastic!!!

08:33 - Michael Fisher
Hi Sheri!

08:37 - Michael Fisher
Hi Paula!

08:57 - Peggy George
We'll be starting application sharing soon! Hang on to your hats!!! :-)

09:04 - Annette Whitby
: )

09:20 - kamani
Hi mike fisher

10:04 - Peggy George
These links are in the Livebinder and they provide some really valuable resources for learning about careers!

10:25 - Michael Fisher
Another great thing about this is the diverse nature of this type of assessment in a content area outside of the main core classes. What an awesome way to both demonstrate learning, create Mental Velcro, and create a product of value for creations and reflections!

10:29 - Michael Fisher
Hi Kamani!

10:45 - Peggy George
it's really good to know how to learn about careers because careers have a way of changing frequently throughout our lives!

11:10 - Peggy George
Watch this later: (Chris Dede: Preparing for Careers that Don’ Yet Exist)

11:18 - Annette Whitby
@Michael Fisher Love the "mental velcro" term!

12:10 - Peggy George (TinyURL for their binder) It's also in the show Livebinder for today.

12:16 - Michael Fisher
Annette, it's originally from Heidi Hayes Jacobs...and her Mapping the Big Picture book.

12:26 - Peggy George
I'm so excited we get to hear straight from the students today! :-)

12:36 - Peggy George
Welcome Caitlin!!

13:03 - Peggy George
application sharing is still loading

13:19 - Peggy George
stop it and try again

13:37 - Annette Whitby
Will check out the "Mapping the Big Picture". Thx.

13:53 - Peggy George
this worked perfectly when we practiced :-)

14:18 - Peggy George
I can share it for you

14:48 - Peggy George
Would you like me to do the application sharing?

15:13 - Peggy George
ok. Go ahead Caitlin

15:16 - kamani

15:16 - Lorie Moffat

15:17 - Peggy George
hearing you great!

16:34 - Rose-anne 1
I clicked the application sharing and can see the shared item

17:06 - Michael Fisher
How awesome that the kids are teaching!!! I LOVE THIS!!!

17:38 - Peggy George
Glogster takes awhile to load

17:49 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Glogsters with lots of animation take a while to load.

18:21 - roxanne clement
Caitlin, thank you for sharing your eportfolio with us!

18:53 - roxanne clement
We need great teachers so welcome aboard!

19:06 - Peggy George
can't play the video

19:15 - Peggy George
doesn't work in app sharing

19:24 - Peggy George
but everyone can view it in the Livebinder :-)

20:31 - Clarissa @careeson
Thanks Caitlin, I'm looking forward to looking into your livebinder!

20:53 - Peggy George
Pic Collage is a fantastic tool!

21:54 - roxanne clement
Thanks for sharing your portfolio. We use minis too and can't wait to try this with our students.

22:38 - Peggy George
if you have questions for the students or for any of the presenters please type them in the chat and we'll ask them during Q/A

23:56 - Peggy George
even if they change their minds many times it's great to learn how to explore careers!

24:08 - Tina Schneider
Cool - I've heard of it but never seen one!

24:13 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Love Thinglink!

24:37 - Peggy George
so exciting to see Thinglink here!

24:39 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Hi Jackson.

24:47 - Michael Fisher
That's awesome, baby! ~Dick Vitale

24:56 - Bobby Song
is this an app on iphone?

25:13 - Sava Kovacevic 2
Fantastic tool! thank you!

Great tools! I wish most of my students could have them

26:23 - roxanne clement
I really like the topics you chose for the Thing Link links Jackson! Which sport would be your preference?

26:34 - Rose-anne 1
So basically one Livebinder is created and then shared amongst the students by each having a web page?

26:36 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Thinglink allows you to turn any image into an interactive one. You can add nubbins (dots) and link to any site.

26:55 - Bobby Song

28:34 - Eileen
This is wonderful!

28:38 - roxanne clement
Love that they used a technology tool to present their information

29:07 - Sheri Edwards
Is that a google doc?

29:11 - roxanne clement
And such variety and personal voice

30:45 - Clarissa @careeson
This project is so engaging and meaningful for students. It's real life.

30:47 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Here is one of my former student's blog post which includes a Thinglink -

31:09 - Eileen
I agree the writing process is important before using the tecnology.

31:26 - roxanne clement
Writing for a variety of audiences and purposes is a major element of Common Core!

32:07 - Ben
My students created interactive maps using thinglink

32:09 - Tina Schneider
I need to use that tool!

32:40 - Clarissa @careeson
What was the name of that tool?

32:49 - Sheri Edwards
Thinglink edu:

33:16 - Michael Fisher
This is like speed dating for web tools. I am LOVING this...and loving it even more because the kids are involved! This is just awesome!

33:17 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Hi Isaac. We are so glad you are here sharing with us. :)

33:19 - Tina Schneider
peggy you can click on the dropbox link to see if it will load faster

34:32 - Duda
I like this

34:57 - Michael Fisher
Yes, Duda, that's a great binder. Mickie shares awesome resources!

35:12 - Peggy George
sorry--we didn't practice with a dropbox video--wasn't loading well

35:38 - Ben
Tellagami is very versatile. We tried using that as overlay for auras a app.

35:51 - Ben

36:02 - Sheri Edwards
Is the curriculum used online and available?

36:12 - Michael Fisher
Aurasma is completely cool...

36:15 - roxanne clement
Another awesome tool

36:23 - Annette Whitby
Explain everything:

36:33 - Michael Fisher
I'm going to use it for Augmented Reality Christmas Cards this year!

36:42 - roxanne clement
I have a first grade teacher using it with his class totell their illustrated stories

36:44 - Sheri Edwards
Explain Everything is awesome

37:46 - Ben
That would be a cool project, michael

37:47 - Bobby Song
It's been awhile since I used Voki... lol

37:54 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Josiah, my 4th graders love to make Vokis.

37:56 - Sheri Edwards
Thinglink, Voki, GoAnimate, Bitstrips4 kids are my favorite -- with planning in Google docs

38:09 - roxanne clement
VEry cool, Like that too Isaac

38:14 - Michael Fisher
I work with a lot of foreign language teachers that use Vokis for speaking and listening!

38:39 - Tina Schneider
good use of the word "formal"

38:54 - Sheri Edwards
Or sometimes you need to use phonetic spelling for correct reading -- read: red or reed

39:10 - Eileen
I like to use Voki to introduce a lesson in class. It really stimulates attention:)

39:26 - Tina Schneider
You guys are great presenters!

39:45 - Sheri Edwards
This has been awesome to listen to the students. Thanks

39:45 - Eileen
Love the Wordless.

39:58 - Sava Kovacevic 2
Voki is effective tool for teaching languages​​

40:04 - Annette Whitby

40:09 - Eileen
I meant Wordle

40:45 - Ben
Really cool, Tellagami

40:54 - @plnaugle (Paula)
It's a shame that Tellagami has changed their pricing structure.

41:30 - roxanne clement
I wonder for the students which was the most challenging tool to learn? Which did they think worked the best for their purpose

44:13 - Peggy George
We should do Q/A after Mike's slides :-)

44:41 - roxanne clement
Such meaningful work! Thank you so much for sharing it with us

45:00 - Peggy George

45:05 - Peggy George
take it away Mike!

Thanks a lot . It is inspiring and giving me a lot of help

45:41 - Peggy George
such exciting examples of digital portfolios! Thank you to all of the students who shared with us today!!

45:54 - Peggy George
teacher nirvana :-) totally agree!

46:02 - Tina Schneider
yes, students were authoritative and authentic

46:04 - Ben
Picked up some ideas for my tech classes!

46:14 - Tina Schneider
about their knowledge

46:27 - Peggy George (Mike Fisher: Digital Portfolios Livebinder)

46:31 - @plnaugle (Paula)
Virtual applause for all of the student presenters.

47:02 - Peggy George
so much learning took place in this process!

47:30 - Peggy George
we have included many examples of career Livebinders in our show Livebinder today with lots of great resources!!

47:44 - Annette Whitby
Thanks for teaching me some new things today. :)

47:45 - Peggy George

48:19 - Tina Schneider
yes - I will ask students about their knowledge about copyright and what steps they had to go thorugh

48:31 - Peggy George
love that Mike is pointing out this standard for digital media!!!

49:42 - Peggy George

50:11 - roxanne clement
I think it is often difficult for the general public to understand how deep the learning has to be and the research and writing that takes place in order for these presentations to happen.

50:28 - Peggy George (Lifehacker: Best Ways to be Sure You’e Legally Using Online Photos)

50:32 - roxanne clement
I so appreciate the hard work and wonderful examples we see today

50:35 - Peggy George (Infographic: Can I Use That Picture?)

50:47 - Peggy George
Both of those copyright resources are in the Livebinder today :-)

50:52 - Rose-anne 1
Great Mike I agree it's not just the technology but so much things happening before in the background such as the writing process

51:12 - Rose-anne 1

51:15 - Michael Fisher
Copyright flowchart from @langwitches:

51:18 - Peggy George
Lorie do we have a few more questions? Time to wrap up...

51:24 - Lorie Moffat
yes, we do

52:27 - Michael Fisher
This is hands down one of the best Classroom2.0 Live sessions I've been a part of. This has been fantastic!

52:40 - Peggy George
often the web based tools have more features (but not always) :-)

52:48 - Sheri Edwards
Thinglink does have an iPad app now

53:11 - roxanne clement
which sport does he want to broadcast

53:19 - Sheri Edwards

53:30 - Peggy George
Kudos to all of our presenters today!!! Goosebump time!!!

54:00 - roxanne clement
Me too Peggy...transformational

54:05 - Peggy George
so many great uses of digital media in this classroom!!!

54:07 - Rose-anne 1
About Livebinder - can it be constructed such as each child has a page?

54:28 - Michael Fisher
Rose-anne 1: Yes!

54:34 - Sheri Edwards
curriculum link:

54:44 - Peggy George
they have learned so many tech skills!!

55:06 - Tina Schneider
Rose-anne - yes - you can make the students collaborate on one binder or you can have one binder that links to the student's individual binders - that is better!

55:22 - @plnaugle (Paula)
This was such a fantastic session. Thank you everyone.

55:25 - Rose-anne 1
thanks great

55:43 - Sheri Edwards

55:47 - Duda
Thanks! Bravo for students! :)

56:06 - Goca

56:15 - Tina Schneider
Students - this was wonderful and your were great with your presentations!

56:19 - @plnaugle (Paula)
So excited that Pernille will be sharing about the #GRA.

56:35 - Sava Kovacevic 2
Thanks!!! :-) Bravo for students!

56:50 - Michael Fisher
Virtual Standing Ovation for the students! Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!

56:51 - Caleb Hendrickson #2
thanks for having us!!!

56:53 - Caitlin #2
Thank yiu for having us!

57:01 - Jackson Grote 1
Thanks for having us:)

57:04 - Ben
Thanks for your awesome presentation guys

57:07 - Michael Fisher
Pernille's had some great blog posts lately!

57:10 - Jadyn K. #2
Thank you all!! :)

57:11 - Mrs. Yantzie
Thanks for allowing my students to share their Career binders!

57:18 - Tina Schneider
Virtual ovation!!!

57:20 - Josiah Kamler #2
Thank you for inviting us, school on Saturday has never been this fun.(y)

57:34 - Tina Schneider
Wel said Josiah!

57:40 - Michael Fisher
Pernille's blog:

57:48 - Annette Whitby
edWeb is great.

58:07 - Tina Schneider
Great line up on classroom 2.0 live!!

58:12 - Annette Whitby
So excited about the upcoming Gaming in Ed!

58:20 - Peggy George
This Gaming in Ed Conference is next week and will be outstanding!!! All free!

58:21 - @plnaugle (Paula)
So great that Lisa will be sharing edWeb's awesomeness.

58:29 - Peggy George (Gaming in Education virtual Conference: Sept. 15-18)

58:40 - Peggy George (The Learning Revolution Network created by Steve Hargadon. We now have Host Your Own Webinars again! If you would like to schedule a free public webinar on Blackboard Collaborate sign up on this site.)

58:45 - Tina Schneider
Wow! nice!

58:47 - Peggy George (Host Your Own Webinar details)

58:56 - Peggy George

59:17 - Peggy George

59:35 - Peggy George
if the survey doesn't pop up you can always find it in the Livebinder under the Classroom 2.0 LIVE Resources tab

1:00:00 - Peggy George
if you have a typo in your email you won't receive your certificate... :-(

1:00:20 - Peggy George
Archives for all recordings:

1:00:28 - Peggy George

1:00:59 - Eileen
Thanks so much - great session!

1:01:15 - Peggy George
please submit your surveys right after the show today if you want a PD certificate. We'll send them out in a few hours.