Name: Stephanie Sandifer

School / affiliation: Houston ISD

City, state, & country: Houston, Texas, USA



Favorite book(s): I read lots of books -- but most favorite of all time include: The Little Prince and The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life (among many); A more recent favorite would be Wikinomics...

Favorite movie(s): Original Star Wars Trilogy, Breakfast Club, anything animated (especially Rankin & Bass Christmas shows)... I just gave away my age, didn't I?

Favorite TV show(s): LOST, CSI (nearly all of them), Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Favorite Songs: No favorites -- love lots of music

Your heroes:

Your hobbies:

Your favorite Web 2.0 technologies: blogs, wikis, social bookmarking, live video streaming

How has Web 2.0 and social networking made a difference to you personally and/or professionally?

"The noise this makes is very different from the scratch of a philosopher’s ink on paper. Paper drives thought into our heads. The Web releases thoughts before they’re ready so we can work on them together. And in those conversations we hear multiple understandings of the world, for conversation thrives on difference.”
From “Everything Is Miscellaneous: The Power of the New Digital Disorder” (David Weinberger)

This experience continues to be one of the most amazing learning experiences of my entire life. I have grown so much as an educator through my interactions with other bloggers and readers, through my interactions with an incredible network of educators who connect via online tools such as blogs, wikis, and other tools like Facebook, Twitter, Diigo, and Ning, and through my own reflective writing during the past two years. I can’t emphasize enough how powerful I think this blogging activity is for someone who is interested in being a learning professional.

I am overwhelmed at how my world-view has changed… (and this is just the “short list”)
  • I started blogging — I became part of the conversation in a much larger way than I ever imagined
  • I started using wikis for collaboration and knowledge management
  • I incorporated podcasts into my personal learning plan
  • I’ve made many new “critical” friends — people who encourage and expand my learning, people who inspire me and enlighten me, people who have become a part of my personal learning network
  • I’ve taken a new journey that has started to open new doors for me
  • I’ve encountered many more innovative visions for what our schools can (and should) become
  • My world has become flat
  • My world has become more dynamic
  • My world has become wall-less (or wall-neutral)
  • My world is now more about “learning anywhere at anytime and by any means necessary” (nod to Christian Long) — and this extends to my view about what school must become as well as my own learning

When I make my work public — when I make my commitments public — when I make my learning public…
I begin to hold myself accountable for acting on and implementing the things that I have learned… I hold myself accountable for putting my learning and my commitments into practice…

I open up myself — my practices, my thoughts, my questions, my mistakes (my “lessons learned”) — to others… and I open up the opportunity for others to call me on all of these things — to push my thinking — to hold me accountable for the changes that I say I will make in my practice…