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Tikatok is a free online community enabling children to write, illustrate, share, and publish their own picture books. Provides the ability for collaboration between members, including one child illustrating and the other writing. Includes a separate teacher registration process and Teacher Dashboard for management of class projects. Features a library of story prompts called "StorySparks" that provide minimal brainstorming help and inline writing hints. The book editor itself is web-based.

Uses of Tikatok in Education

Bookmaking is a popular activity in many primary school classrooms, usually as a handmade or kit-based process. Tikatok allows a digital alternative, with students creating a book online that can be shared at the teacher's discretion, or even allowing kids in different classrooms to collaborate on books asynchronously. Teacher accounts provide the ability to monitor student activity, and a private class forum or "book club" for discussions.

Examples of books created by teachers and their students:

What Tikatok Does for Students

Online publication opens up new facets to the creative writing and bookmaking process. Issues of privacy, ownership, and responsibility to an audience come to the fore. Providing a venue where a child's work is valued may also provide greater student self-motivation and self-confidence. This effect is further encouraged by publishing the online stories into "real" books with the site's Print on Demand services.

Tikatok may not be the choice for students who plan on publishing their books. The Tikatok user agreement states that any submissions to the site belong to Tikatok and the author loses all rights to their stories.

Lesson Plans & Ideas

Teachers First Visits Tikatok - A book created by to highlight some possible uses of Tikatok in the classroom.

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