Name: Tom Hemingway

School / affiliation:
TED Ankara College Foundation High School. A large (5500+ students) private Turkish school (100% Turkish students); part of an association of 21 (& growing) TED schools across Turkey. "Kolej" (college) in Turkish means private school, not post-secondary.

City, state, & country:
Ankara, Turkey since 1999.
Houston (77009) since 1978.

My school's website: TED Ankara College


Favorite book(s):
Emergence, Fooled by Randomness, Deschooling Society (for free here ), LOTR+Silmarillion

Favorite movie(s):
Fargo, It's a Wonderful Life, Big Fish

Favorite TV show(s):
CSI, The Daily Show

Favorite Songs:

Your heroes:

Your hobbies:
guitar, walking, movies, travel

Your favorite Web 2.0 technologies:
Firefox, Flickr, blogging, VOIP (Skype) (but I'm slowly migrating to diigo),

How has Web 2.0 and social networking made a difference to you personally and/or professionally?
Living in Turkey, it's not practical to attend conferences or interact face to face with others interested in the idea of classroom 2.0. Web 2.0 and SN have helped us stay connected with family and friends. Our children are grown and living in Texas and Mississippi, other family and friends are in Texas, Michigan, other countries, so we make good use of Skype, Facebook and Flickr. Blogging has been a good medium for staying connected with people of common interests that I otherwise would have no contact with. RSS and social bookmarking have helped me manage my personal learning, do research and find my way into communities of practice.