University of Minnesota Fair Use 4 Factor Analysis
Links from Back Channel Discussion
2009 NMC Horizon Report

Speed Demos for Friday - 3-4 Minutes demos
GoogleDocs Backup - Steve - 1 x per month
add GreaseMonkey download script + Firefox extension DownloadThemAll account (password option) - Steve's demos - albums, discussions
10 sites per account - for free includes "Made with Weebly" - Jeff - create an account, add files, allow comments, password option, chat option, email files to site, phone numbers to call to add mp3 files to site - for voicemail or posting - add Skype call ??? No account needed before using 100MB per space.

Alice - - Twitter Handbook for teachers
twitter4teachers includes links by areas; the web pitch > top 100 twitter tools and Alice likes Tweetlater to schedule tweets. and plurk for multiple social networking posts.

Youtube for documents > - upload presentations, upload audio and sync to slide - very powerful. add links to news, videos, sites can be shared - subscribe to Twitter feeds (good if you have multiple Twitter accounts). RSS feeds can be displayed from various sources. for news feeds - Blogger can show RSS for comments tied to a post.

GMail from Google

OpenOffice - use Impress for presentations (Steve) opensource. Syncs with GoogleDocs now.

VoiceThread - images that people can comment on by video, voice, pictures or text. Post video and students can leave voice comment on frames of video.

Audacity for audio recording and editing.

ADrive - for online storage and sharing.

Google Earth download a desktop application at