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Chat Log:

Joined on April 2, 2008 at 4:50 PM

James Walker: James is from Wester MA

EricR: Eric - NYC

James Walker: The Springfield area

EricR: No mic... I'm usually loud enough without

Moderator: Eric

Moderator: Don't know if that's going to work here!

Moderator: We'll start formally in 1 minute.

Moderator: Good conversation!

Moderator: Will you even need a resume?


Moderator: Will you get a job through your network?

Moderator: By that point.

Moderator: OK, time to start!

EricR: can I check both..?

RS: sometimes i think i know stuff... but don't really

Jay Bennett: My checkmark won't work, count me as a check

EricR: I have a certain awarenesss but no experience...

Judi: Eric, It's under the word Tools at the top.

Jay Bennett: I got it, duh!

Maureen/bcdtech: I've investigated a bunch of tools, but have a hard time integrating everything

Judi: How do you grab the mike?

Jay Bennett: ctrl+f2

RS: collaborative... that is the word that comes to mind for me... way too scared to take the mike

hshawjr: hello

hshawjr: lecture/drill/kill

Jay Bennett: i saw will richardson talk about it

hshawjr: and learning from each other

Maureen/bcdtech: yes, information overload, but the power balance is shifting away from experts/historians

Jay Bennett: just vicariously at this time

EricR: My school is actively pursuing development of 2.0 understanding and adoption.. The biggest impediment is time...

RS: our IT department discourages the use of web 2.0 tools

hshawjr: example is what was available yesterday was blocked today after the "techies" reviewed what we were actually using

Robert Caro: IT interference is my BIGGEST problem!!

EricR: We're a laptop independent school - the philosophy has always to be open

hshawjr: really crimped my classroom this morning and it was done arbitrarily

Maureen/bcdtech: Yes, 1st time today- couldn't open anything that was flash or streaming... worked this morning, not this afternoon..very frustrating

RS: I Agree - IT is stopping us in our tracks...

Robert Caro: Am I willing to put my job on the line to make that point?

Robert Caro: I will need much more than a support group

hshawjr: they say it is because of liability concerns and the current laws

EricR: No mic -

Robert: my it is so overworked I kept helping not they made me a member of the IT

RS: sorry - nope

RS: no mic

Maureen/bcdtech: @hshawr- was it something just today... seems like sonicwall did funky things today

metaweb(Frank): hello from Mexico

RS: I think that it increases teacher responsiblity... but we have teachers more than willing to take that on

hshawjr: @Maureen Maine dropped all our files

Maureen/bcdtech: our business office claims that it is a liability issue and our insurance co requires that no one has access to the firewall

Jay Bennett: blame it on the lwayers

EricR: We've had to manage that as part of the laptop program so there is nothing new in terms of dealing with 2.0. Teachers are hungry for pedagogically helpful tools - not just IT playthings.

Jay Bennett: or the lawyers

lisaharrison: I tried blogging with my second graders for the first time this year and it was great. Now, because of worried parents, all lower school blogs need to be password protected. I can't make the kinds of connections with other teachers and classes around the world like I was before. Frustrating.

Robert: how long does it take to ghost a broken computer

hshawjr: another thing is no differentiation between student and teachers, don't think that we are professional enough to not "hit" bad sites

Lorna: Parent education is a key element

James Walker: Yes parents and board od ed need to be involved

Maureen/bcdtech: I think it's funny that they trust teachers with the kids, go on field trips, etc... overnights- but can't trust them to monitor classroom use of computers

hshawjr: Change the laws to protect schools and teachers, but that won't happen in my lifetime.

Maureen/bcdtech: We need to teach the kids how to deal with the real world of the internet, not a bubble

hshawjr: Sometimes they need to have someone to blame and we happen to be in the crosshairs

hshawjr: Classroom 2.0 was blocked this afternoon and I have a request in to unblock

RS: I think the media scares parents...

Maureen/bcdtech: Did anyone see the VT on someone's blog for parents as partners... to help educate them

Robert Caro: I would be more willing to fight if I had better ammunition

EricR: We have a well developed acceptable use policy that has to be signed by students and parents

James Walker: Good for you Jay

Maureen/bcdtech: Oh- good!

Maureen/bcdtech: Great idea for the VT

Robert Caro: Eric - If a student violates the AU policy, do you kick them out of the course, and transfer them to another class?

Maureen/bcdtech: @Lorna- great pictures too!

hshawjr: When someone swears in class or brings a playboy to school what is the policy???

Robert Caro: The best I can do is to send them to the back of the room with a page of math problems and a pencil. That does slow it down a bit.

James Walker: Curse words in the bathroom

Maureen/bcdtech: It's a blame the media- do we ban all magazines because Playboy is a magazine?

EricR: No - depending on the violoation - they might be called on the carpet with their parents - they might be suspended..

James Walker: More childern are harmed by people they know than a stranger onlin

hshawjr: Bad news is great for the ratings

lisaharrison: Can you put the link up to Parents as Partners VT?

kstashuk: @Lorna - where is your blog/ voicethread?

Lorna: www.ourschool.ca

Judi: Thanks, Lorna

RS: thanks!

hshawjr: We are 10 years away from actually being able to use many of the things on a daily basis, just because the "mental shift" hasn't been made by this generation of parents

Maureen/bcdtech: I don't understand the connections that my 25 yr old daughter feels with her constant texting, etc...

minh: The parents are the challenge

hshawjr: the kids are normal, trying to see how far they can push the limits. I know I did when I was in school, that is why having a teacher there to "moderate" their actions online is a great thing, better than no supervision or having computer in bedroom.

Moderator: I'm living proof of that, jay

EricR: But these are risks that we have experienced and navigated - for most people "computer risk" is much more mysterious

Moderator: Robert, just jump in when Jay is done.

Maureen/bcdtech: The culture of supervision and the helicopter parents that I see at my school ( independent) are a big change since I grew up. A lot of it is just plain media hype and the new strange role of "parenting". Parenting was not a verb when I grew up

Lorna: students that engage in risky behaviour onoine usually are the studnents same thing in real time

Moderator: Oh, helicopter parents.

Moderator: Fascinating connection.

minh: So we need to take the parents with their children into the cybrspatial unknown & show them what they can do; show them how they can be part of it

Moderator: Yes, parents *used* to let kids ride their bikes. But now they mostly don't.

Lorna: yes we need to take parents down the road

Moderator: A Web 2.0 workshop for parents.

Lorna: have parents make the video's together and post online

Maureen/bcdtech: @Lorna- that's what is great about your VT- activley involving parents in the medium

Moderator: Could that be done on a broader scale.

minh: The parents need to be embraced as part of the pedagogy

Lorna: VT is web 2.0 parent workshop in the making

Robert Caro: Not dangerous, just more educational

hshawjr: Helicopter parents or the other extreme the "not at home" parent, sometimes I don't know which is worse?

Maureen/bcdtech: Yes, I teach that in 7th grade

Moderator: I don't know that I'd made the connection between the changes in physical safety concerns and online safety.

Moderator: It's never been safer to be a child, but most kids aren't allowed to be off on their own.

minh: Classroom blogging - parent input/comment/ contribution

Maureen/bcdtech: But I had a blog for them, they got both sides and one of the ? asked was is the media hyping this. Overwhelmingly the kids said yes, but that they felt that most of it was for their "own good"

Robert Caro: I have turned off student-to-student email within our system at my school

hshawjr: We had gaggle.net and have to really monitor it, cyberbullying was/is the issue.

Robert Caro: Judy's right - put Cyberbullying, and IT dept problems on another meetup

Maureen/bcdtech: I've had success with VT- works well with younger kids- parents love it as well

hshawjr: I have permission to setup an Edublog next week and start it - any suggestions

Jay Bennett: gcast

RS: we have had great success with podcasting... and voicethread

lisaharrison: Voice Thread is great for all ages! Reciting poetry, comments on photos taken on a fieldtrip, etc. Podcasting is also great and parents do love it!

shaun fletcher: digital storytelling would be my choice to begin with, Voicethread

srenatee: i like voicethread better--easier

lisaharrison: Voice Thread is simple.

Maureen/bcdtech: I've just started to use blogs and wikis this year with middle school kids... not really feeling successful yet

srenatee: also...puts a face with production

Jack: gcast.com

Jack: www.gcast.com

Maureen/bcdtech: No cell phone access from my house- in the sitcks

RS: we have "teachers on special assignemnt" - teachers that go into the classrooms and provide real time help to teachers trying these things

shaun fletcher: I started with my own wiki, student blog, then student wiki, voicethread

Jay Bennett: you can use your landline

Jay Bennett: any phone will do

Robert Caro: <I have to attend these meetings with two computers. the other one is for Googling all the new things I hear about>

srenatee: yes, and now vc has ed version....safer

Maureen/bcdtech: I meant on field trips, etc.. where it would be so much fun to post photos, podcasts etc right from the field

srenatee: i agree Steve

srenatee: wikis can get convouted. i prefer blogging.

hshawjr: I really have a difficult time with Wiki, due to small class sizes, it seems to work better with larger populations or major projects. As a special education teacher it is a difficult concept for them. at the high school level

Dan: I found commenting on blogs gave me the initial push and now it is blogging and wikis.

hshawjr: blogging is more reflective and how my mind works

Maureen/bcdtech: I'm doing one now with 8th... real split. Half are loving it, half don't. Great organizational tool, but not really a good communication/collaboration tool

Dan: @hshawr-I agree, wikis can be difficult in small groups.

Judi: Which free wiki site do you like best?

James Walker: wikispaces

Maureen/bcdtech: wikispaces

kstashuk: What sort of information are people putting in ther blogs/wiki's in a 'classroom' environment (not talking PD with others)

shaun fletcher: wikispaces

Maureen/bcdtech: Wiki on web tool evaluations, blog on internet safety

Dan: I teach AIS math, so I am using a wiki as a conversation tool around weekly problems.

srenatee: i am still level one...since i never fooled w/ webpages. as old english teacher i have the journaling mindset

Lorna: there is an issue with newbies understaning how a blog reads

Judi: This school has some wonderful podcasts by students http://www.mpsomaha.org/willow/radio/

shaun fletcher: http://science8fletch.wikispaces.com/

Maureen/bcdtech: In 7th grade

hshawjr: Rss difficult concept for students initially and non techie teachers really have a hard time wrapping head around it.

Moderator: srenatee, just goe ahead after Judy and James finish.

philmiller: hshawjy i agree with you

Moderator: srenatee--want to go ahead?

lisaharrison: RSS and twitter have been fantastic for my own professional development.

philmiller: seems to be a concept very foriegn to them

Maureen/bcdtech: I'll have 8th graders use visualisus for photos that they need for a project

Lorna: yes fantastic idea

hshawjr: @lisaharrison I agree have been twittering a week and before I would have attended these sessions

Lorna: count me in

RS: i think that would be great...

Maureen/bcdtech: I like the commoncraft explanations'

shaun fletcher: in plain english is a good place to start

srenatee: i would put that on my google calendar!!

shaun fletcher: yeah common craft

hshawjr: I would love that, you have the POWER Steve

philmiller: i send the common craft to any one who asks, first place to start

Lorna: do it in time for the Next P as P webcast

hshawjr: I went to a MEA/NEA conference Saturday and 3/4 of educators in workshop had not seen Did you Know yet - scary

srenatee: no, it doesn't

srenatee: on slideshare, there are great preso's on these topics

philmiller: i htink people hear about 2.0 wonder what it is and why do i need to know aout it. How will it help me. many times they are afraid of it, thinking that it will add to their work load

srenatee: vicki davis, david warlick, joyce valenza, et al

Lorna: when people do not know something they can be afriad

Robert Caro: I've found a youtube video on web 2.0 in the classroom by Mike mureau? Anybody Know him?

RS: it is so good...

Maureen/bcdtech: Matt Needleman

Jack: where is the video?

philmiller: it can be difficult to help them not be afraid

Judi: How do we find the Rip Van Wrinkle video?

Lorna: is this it http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=0LzQIUANnHc

Lorna: go for it

Jay Bennett: that would be sweet

philmiller: they just opend a stor today

philmiller: store

RS: i think ti would be excellent

Lorna: all geat ideas Steve

philmiller: to sell licenses for thier videos

Lorna: april 7th 8:00 PM EST (GMT-5)

James Walker: parent involvment is important

Lorna: next show

Lorna: yes

philmiller: http://www.commoncraft.com/store

RS: great resource

Maureen/bcdtech: OK.. How can we, as web 2.0 advocates help teachers get to know how to use web 2.0 without overwhelming them?

philmiller: can we get a link for that?

Lorna: type the link pls Steve

Moderator: www.learningevents.org

philmiller: yes maureen exactly

Moderator: or http://learningevents.wikispaces.com

James Walker: edtech talke is my favoite podcast

Maureen/bcdtech: I'm teaching a moodle class on web 2.0 and I am overwhelming my teachers

srenatee: amen bro.

hshawjr: edtech talk on in 8 min???

Jay Bennett: ya went chimpmunk on us there

James Walker: Maureen same here

RS: this has been excellent! THANKS!!!!

Robert Caro: I want to create a moodle course for teaching my teachers to use eChalk

hshawjr: Great job Steve!

shaun fletcher: steve the wiki looks excellent

lisaharrison: thanks! I always come away with new ideas.

Lorna: love elluminiate

philmiller: i love this, thanks.

Maureen/bcdtech: @Lorna- nice to put a "voice" to the VT I admired today

Judi: Look forward to more of these.

Lorna: Thanks Maureen

hshawjr: Have fun

Jay Bennett: steve rocks!

srenatee: very enjoyable.

Maureen/bcdtech: Thanks Steve!

RS: I will be bringing friends next time!

hshawjr: No longer on an island

Lorraine: thanks..

EricR: see you tomorrow for the Ning discussion

srenatee: nite. thanks all. heading to SL ISTE!!!

Robert Caro: exiting now...

srenatee: come on to second life

Left on April 2, 2008 at 5:55 PM